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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-121-00006-3Dynamic Earth
2010978-1-121-00048-3RoseFin Institutions and Mkts Vol 1 & 2 (11th Edition)
1966978-1-121-00123-7T N GreeneGuerrilla & How To Fight Him
1959978-1-121-00158-9Donald WollheimHidden Planet
1968978-1-121-00164-0Seiichiro TakahashiMasterworks of Ukiyo-E: Harunobu
2010978-1-121-00174-9Ed O'DonnellAdvanced Auditing
  ''978-1-121-00179-4Operations Management OM323
  ''978-1-121-00244-9Gary Cook Bip BanerjiPrinciples of Microeconomics (ECON121) / Macroeconomics (ECON123) 3rd Edition
2000978-1-121-00266-1Jennifer YangOrganizational Behavior
2010978-1-121-00302-6Human Relations and Organizational Behavior, Man 225, Sinclair Community College
1967978-1-121-00306-4Imanuel GeissJuly 1914 the Outbreak of the First Worl
1990978-1-121-00310-1Center of Military HistoryGuam: Operations of the 77th Division 21 July - 10 August 1944
1996978-1-121-00316-3SothebysEstate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
2011978-1-121-00423-8General Biology Lab, BIOL 1013, University of Missouri-St. Louis
2010978-1-121-00425-2Denise RobsonInternational Economics (Univeristy of WI-Oshkosh)
2012978-1-121-00427-6Entrepreneurial Finance (University of Central Florida Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
2013978-1-121-00429-0University of Missouri - St. Louis · Very good conditions · UMSLStrategic Management (Department of Management)
2011978-1-121-00513-6International Marketing (Custom Edition for Penn State University | MKTG 445)
1949978-1-121-00553-2Harold BurrowsBiological Actions of Sex Hormones 1949
2012978-1-121-00590-7Strategic Management MGNT 4800 Custom for Auburn University College of Business
2010978-1-121-00593-8Michael MooreInternational Trade Theory and Policy (George Washington University)
  ''978-1-121-00686-7Leslea HluskoHuman Biological Variation IB35AC (Integrative Biology)
2011978-1-121-00706-2Law & Business (Saint Mary's College of California)
1967978-1-121-00726-0Edward GibbonDecline & Fall of the Roman Empire
2010978-1-121-00749-9SchillerSurvey of Economics, ECON 201, Eastern Mennonite University, Schiller 7th edition, Essentials of Economics
1952978-1-121-00753-6Joseph Henry JacksonThe Western Gate: A San Francisco Reader
2010978-1-121-00754-3Robert SliszDrug Use in American Society, H-318, Indiana University Bloomington, Health Phys Ed & Recreation
  ''978-1-121-00764-2McGraw-HillIntroduction to Probability and Statistics Vol. 2 Stat 221 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Statistics
2013978-1-121-00788-8W.B. & Kim, Y.Y GudykunstCross-cultural Communication: Theory and Research
2010978-1-121-00931-8Statistics for Engineers Vol 2 Stat 371 Unm
2011978-1-121-00949-3Anthropology: Culture and the Human Experience (Anthropology 1010)
1988978-1-121-01128-1Thomas MertonVow of Conversation Journals 1964 1965
1968978-1-121-01166-3John Middleto MurryKeats
2010978-1-121-01204-2Intro to Mass Comm Theory (MTMM 1011, Temple University School of Communications and theatre)
2012978-1-121-01257-8Stephen AdamsEntrepreneurship (Custom Edition for Salisbury University | Management 428)
2010978-1-121-01304-9Management As a System (Volume 2)
2010978-1-121-01385-8John IvancevichOrganizational Behavior and Management, 8th Edition Customed for Judson University
2011978-1-121-01390-2Brian TurleyReligion in a Global Context (REL 110 | Elon University | Religious Studies)
978-1-121-01445-9Hubert How BancroftHistory of Central America 3vol
2010978-1-121-01479-4SaundersCustom > Financial Markets and Institutions (Custom version - 453 pages - Ch. 1 - 7, 11 - 14, 16, 20, 22 & 24, Includes index and endpapers)
1953978-1-121-01505-0John E FitchCommon Marine Bivalves of California
1962978-1-121-01532-6Edward GoreyWillowdale Handcar 1ST Edition
1970978-1-121-01535-7Jerzy KosinskiBeing There
1966978-1-121-01552-4Jack HewinsNever Far From Home :Herman Borleske
2010978-1-121-01611-8University of Massachusetts LowellExperimental Biology I (81.117)
1975978-1-121-01632-3Frank NelsonFrontiers of Knowledge
2011978-1-121-01693-4Fundamentals of International Business (3101 Fox School of Business)
2012978-1-121-01706-1Project Management (Simmons College)
2010978-1-121-01743-6Sonia SorrellWestern Culture 1 HUM 111 Seaver College Pepperdine UNiversity
  ''978-1-121-01780-1Supply Chain Management BUAD-6600, College of Business Administration University of Toledo
  ''978-1-121-01782-5Oregon State College of BusinessBusiness Process Management 2e (Oregon State University)
2014978-1-121-01783-2Introduction to Philosophy for Bryant University
2010978-1-121-01817-4John BuddLabor Relations: Striking a Balance, Budd 2nd Edition, Judson University
  ''978-1-121-01855-6Kevin McCarthyOperations Management & Information Systems
  ''978-1-121-01945-4Mu Xia · Michael BraunScience, IT, Business and Society (Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University)
2010978-1-121-01946-1Dr.McquittyIntroduction to Philosophical Thought
2011978-1-121-01966-9Introduction to Engineering Technology (Community College of Baltimore County)
2010978-1-121-02007-8Franklin InojosaIntroduction to Music Appreciation
1939978-1-121-02011-5George Bellows 1882 1925 Loan Exhibition
2010978-1-121-02018-4McGraw HillEnglish 101 (Custom) (American Public University)
  ''978-1-121-02028-3LehmanmStrategic Product and Brand Management (B/w Custom Edition)
  ''978-1-121-02064-1Introduction to Supervision, MAN 201 Sinclair Community College
2012978-1-121-02134-1John P. McallisterFinancial Accounting and Finance
  ''978-1-121-02140-2Kevin DeckerIntro to Philosology - PHIL 211 (Custom Edition for Eastern Washington University)
1946978-1-121-02236-2Daniel/ward DefoeRobinson Crusoe Illustrated Junior Libra
2010978-1-121-02243-0Introduction to Finance (Econ 25200 - University of Chicago)
  ''978-1-121-02253-9readings for ENGL101, CCBC Catonsville
1934978-1-121-02300-0Mary R RinehartState VS Elinor Norton Dell Mapback 203
2012978-1-121-02323-9Strategic Human Resource MGT International HRM Supplement Strayer University School of Business
2011978-1-121-02377-2UnknownNation of Nation: A Narrative History of American Republic Vol 1 and 2 6th Edition
2011978-1-121-02400-7Negotiation Skills
2010978-1-121-02438-0Margaret Martinez DonFourth Semester Spanish 202 Section 1 University of San Diego
  ''978-1-121-02629-2East Tennessee State UniversityPrinciples of Marketing MKTG 3200 (East Tennessee State University)
2014978-1-121-02724-4Luke NgIntroduction to International Business: INBS 250 Montclair State University
2010978-1-121-02893-7Business Analysis & Decision Making Vol. 2 (Florida International University)
2014978-1-121-02908-8George Ritzer · Kristin BakerSociological Theory (Sociology)
2010978-1-121-02980-4General Physics (Physics 201, Volume 1)
  ''978-1-121-03032-9Nancy WallinGenetics
  ''978-1-121-03048-0IMCAdvertising & Integrated Marketing Communications (MKTG-322, Drexel University)
2011978-1-121-03060-2Vishal GuptaGlobal Strategic Management
  ''978-1-121-03138-8Timothy DonahueEntre-Bus Start Up
2010978-1-121-03198-2FIN 301A Vol 2 Baker College
2010978-1-121-03255-2Survey of Mass Media, Com 1500, Communication, Wayne State University
2011978-1-121-03269-9Mcgraw Hill ConnectIntro to Philosophy Textbooks (Lonestar Cyfair Phil 1301)
1971978-1-121-03307-8Nobel Foundation and Swedish AcademyNobel Prize Library in 20 volumes
978-1-121-03319-1Foundations of Finance, The Ohio State University
2010978-1-121-03329-0Robert Marx · Linda Peters · Michele BurchUMASS AMHERST Principles of Management Management 301
  ''978-1-121-03453-2Tammy RittenourPlanet Earth USU 1360
1983978-1-121-03454-9Frederica M BungeIndonesia a Country Study 4TH Edition
2010978-1-121-03502-7Thomas Schafer and Timothy Doupnik Joe Jen HoyleFundamentals of Advanced Accountin
  ''978-1-121-03623-9David StenselDecentralized and Onsite wastewater Management and Reuse (Vol1 & Vol2)
  ''978-1-121-03689-5Professor Charles PetersenOperations Analysis OMIS 627
2012978-1-121-03875-2AECI Level 2 Reading/writing ESOL 0042 and 0052 Richland College
2013978-1-121-03880-6Various Case StudiesAccounting Case Analysis for NAU
2012978-1-121-03920-9Middle and Secondary Classroom Management MSIT 4305
  ''978-1-121-03967-4Global Business (BUS 331W Concordia University edition)
2010978-1-121-04025-0Business Communication, COMM 200, Columbus State Community College
2010978-1-121-04044-1McShane HillPrinciples of Management
  ''978-1-121-04089-2Charles W. HillHill: Global Business Today, Sixth Edition
2012978-1-121-04194-3VariousPractical Reasoning (Philosophy 105 for Brookdale Community College)
2010978-1-121-04200-1G.EGems Essentials American Professional Institute General Education Department
2013978-1-121-04238-4Intermediate Spanish (Tufts University)
2012978-1-121-04262-9General Chemistry II: 004:008 University of Iowa
1988978-1-121-04284-1Christie's [Auction Catalog] [Auction Catalogue]The Donald and Mary Hyde Collection of Fine and Important Japanese Books and Manuscripts (Friday, October 7, 1988, Christie's, New York)
1975978-1-121-04294-0Time LifeLife Goes to the Movies
2011978-1-121-04435-7SchultzDc Circuits Custom (CETT 1403)
  ''978-1-121-04492-0Introduction to International Business (Black Hawk College)
1955978-1-121-04533-0Toyoichiro NogamiZeami & His Theoris on Noh
2010978-1-121-04578-1System Dynamics & Electromechanics, ME482 (The Ohio State University)
  ''978-1-121-04622-1Brad HumeAncient and Medieval History HST 101 (Wright State University)
2011978-1-121-04649-8Creative Writing Empire State College - Saratoga Spring Edition
2010978-1-121-04679-5Microbiology: Systems Approach, Vol 1 & 2, MCB 2010C, Florida State College at Jacksonville
2012978-1-121-04692-4Development and Learning
1965978-1-121-04725-9John Stuart MillOn the Logic of the Moral Sciences
2011978-1-121-04727-3Strategic Marketing, MKT 475, Spalding University
2010978-1-121-04871-3David WalshLabor Relations & Conflict Management, MGT 405, Miami University
2012978-1-121-04893-5Roy J. Lewicki · David M. Saunders · Bruce BarryPersuation, Argumentation, and Negotiation
2013978-1-121-04902-4Joanne ScocciaAccounting Principles Acc111
2010978-1-121-04933-8Matthew Clark Coastal Carolina UniversityIntroduction to Philosophy PHIL 101 Philosophy & Religious Studies {CCU}
1956978-1-121-04983-3John F FultonTextbook of Physiology 17ed
2010978-1-121-05002-0Jeff ChristDiscourses
  ''978-1-121-05115-7Professor IsraelsenEquity and Fixed Income Investments
2010978-1-121-05123-2Business Organizations and Property Rights, Business Law II MGT 322, Catholic University of America
1968978-1-121-05135-5Cornell (editor) · Sagalyn, Robert · Friedberg, Judith CapaThe Concerned Photographer
2012978-1-121-05171-3Dan BarnettEastern Religions
  ''978-1-121-05179-9Personal Money Management (Genesee Community College)
2010978-1-121-05188-1Kelly Donahue-WallaceArt Appreciation For Non-Majors
  ''978-1-121-05355-7Michael LaverComparative Politics
2011978-1-121-05377-9David HinrichsMBA 402 Managing Financial and Physical Resources (MBA 402)
2013978-1-121-05447-9Christopher HoopleCircuits I Textbook - Electrical Engineering
1973978-1-121-05454-7P J CroftAutograph Poetry in the English Language
2013978-1-121-05463-9Health Education Methods / Montgomery College
2010978-1-121-05679-4Keiser University Graduate SchoolManagement Information Systems- Keiser University Graduate School
2011978-1-121-05744-9Project Management Leadership
2012978-1-121-05768-5Harford Community CollegeIntro to Special Education
  ''978-1-121-05818-7Vincent CannaliatoSpecial Topics: Investment Banking by Vincent Cannaliato Rutgers Business School Finance and Economic Department
2010978-1-121-05839-2Charles HarterAccounting for Managers (BUSA 3134)
2011978-1-121-05851-4Introductory Microeconomics (Suny Plattsburgh) (ECO 110 Department of Economics and Finance)
  ''978-1-121-05907-8CampbellAdvanced Financial Management (Advanced Financial Management)
2012978-1-121-05935-1Investments FIN 308, Chapters from Bodie, Kane, and Marcus Essentials of Investments, 8e, University of Michigan
2010978-1-121-05937-5Persuasion, COMM R321, IUPUI
2010978-1-121-05987-0Darren BaranyIntro to Sociology
1954978-1-121-05999-3Edmond RostandCyrano De Bergerac
2010978-1-121-06035-7Survey of Economics (Northwest University School of Business and Management)
2011978-1-121-06042-5Westerfield, Jaffe RossCaptial Budgeting - FIN 330 - Dr. Carver - The College of New Jersey
2012978-1-121-06043-2College of New Jersey Marketing DepartmentAdvertising MKT-380 The College of New Jersey Marketing Department
2011978-1-121-06088-3Introduction to Economics
2010978-1-121-06109-5DriscollOperations Management (Custom Edition for Stonehill College) (BA360)
  ''978-1-121-06110-1Operations Management Man4504
2011978-1-121-06112-5McGraw HillEssentials of Business Statistics, Third Edition, McGraw Hill for FIU Larry Smith QMB 3200
2010978-1-121-06215-3Patricia McArverBusiness Communications BADM216 Patricia McArver (The Citadel Business Administration)
2011978-1-121-06257-3ACIS 3314 Custom Booklet for Virginia Tech 2011
2012978-1-121-06272-6rasmuSconomics Vol 1 G123/eco1000 Rasmussen College
2010978-1-121-06304-4Millersville UniversityHuman Geography (GEOG 120)
2013978-1-121-06374-7Nature of Engineering Material, Vol. 2, ES 231, Lafayette College
2010978-1-121-06391-4John SantrockEarly Childhood Development
  ''978-1-121-06401-0Sociology in Modules (Soc 120 From University of Tennessee)
1960978-1-121-06423-2Harlan. EllisonThe Man with 9 Lives / A Touch of Infinity
2012978-1-121-06525-3Quality Management (DS 624 San Francisco State Univeristy)
2010978-1-121-06566-6Hamilton GregoryPublic Speaking for College and Career (Anthem College Custom Edition)
2012978-1-121-06623-6Katz & GreenEntrepreneurial Marketing and Sales
2011978-1-121-06629-8General Economics, ECO 105, Sinclair Community College Business and Public Services
  ''978-1-121-06630-4Rick AndrewsCorporate Finance, FIN 215 Vol. 1 & 2, Sinclair Community College, Business and Public Services
1959978-1-121-06724-0Forest & Bird ProtecNew Zealand Birds 24 Coloured Illust 3ed
2013978-1-121-06749-3Bush, Ortinau HairAdvanced Market Research, Florida Institute of Technology, BUS 5657
1957978-1-121-06812-4clifford dowdeyThe Great Plantation: a Profile of Berkeley Hundred and Plantation Virginia From Jamestown to Appomattox
1933978-1-121-06830-8Jean GiraudouxIntermezzo
2010978-1-121-07009-7Harper/SutherlandHuman Impacts on Marine Ecosystems, BIO 106, Rollins College Biology Department
2011978-1-121-07141-4Compressible Flow (MAE 336) <WVU> (Mechanical Engineering MAE 336)
2010978-1-121-07236-7Physical Science (Brewton-Parker College)
1959978-1-121-07457-6Kant/abbottKants Critique of Practical Reason & 6ed
2013978-1-121-07461-3Ronald ButlerZoology Lab / Univ of Maine @ Farmington
2010978-1-121-07474-3Comparative Politics, POLS 230, Ohio University
1966978-1-121-07480-4Iona PlathDecorative Arts of Sweden
2011978-1-121-07489-7W. SmithUS History Since 1877 HIS 106 University of Mississippi
  ''978-1-121-07495-8politics of western europe Pol 147A univ of CA Davis
2011978-1-121-07526-9International Marketing 15th Edition by Cateora, Philip; Gilly, Mary; Graham, John published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin Paperback Custom Edition (Bentley University Edition)
1993978-1-121-07531-3Johanna SpyriHeidi Landoll Classic
2011978-1-121-07620-4Economics (Fashion Institute Technology-SUNY)
2013978-1-121-07634-1Ed WeemsMarketing Methods
1963978-1-121-07716-4Gene GurneyB 29 Story the Plane That Won the War
1936978-1-121-07752-2Fairfax DOWNEYPortrait of an Era as Drawn by C.D. Gibson
2010978-1-121-07756-0Business to Business Marketing (Mktg-353, Drexel University)
1946978-1-121-07829-1Michel MontaigneThe Essays of Michel de Montaigne: With an Introduction by Andre Gide and an Accompanying Handbook to the Essays Which Includes the Notes Upon the Text by the Translator 3 Volumes
2011978-1-121-07831-4Cultural Traditions: HUM 101 and 102 (Community College of Philadelphia)
2010978-1-121-07918-2Richard BuehrerRelationships Among Buyers and Sellers (MKTG 4554)
  ''978-1-121-07935-9Hartley, Rudelius KerinMarketing: The Core; Marketing Principles Business 155 Palomar College Edition
  ''978-1-121-08097-3Birth and Death of the Universe, Indiana University
  ''978-1-121-08099-7Yangsoon SongProduction and Operations Management, MNSC 390, Coppin State University
  ''978-1-121-08120-8Sean NighbertSMBA College English Short Fiction Poetry
2010978-1-121-08133-8Dr. G. R. WatersIntroduction to Entrepreneurship Mhr320
2011978-1-121-08145-1Product Management, Custom Edition for University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business
2010978-1-121-08346-2CanabalInternational Management