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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-1-002-00313-8Riddler BooksSudoku Puzzles Quenching Sudoku
  ''978-1-002-04300-4   ''The Best Ever Book of Sudoku Puzzles for Greta
2014978-1-002-21310-0ZHANG PEI YUAN . HUA CHENG CHANG BIANModern ships (total 475 * 487. bound volume)
2013978-1-002-21313-1ZHOU GUI YUYouth Writers: CCTV Oprah Behind the Legend (Suppl.)
  ''978-1-002-27000-4ZA ZHI SHElens Vision (April 2013)
1997978-1-002-31707-5Sarah AlbeeThe Quiz Show: CTW Sesame Street Abc's: A Sesame Street / Reader's Digest Young Families Book (1997 Printing, Italian Import)
2013978-1-002-39509-7ZA ZHI SHECaixin New Century Weekly (2013 No. 33)
  ''978-1-002-42013-3   ''Watches (2013 No. 2)
  ''978-1-002-50213-6CHEN GANGAppliance Repair (2013.8 total of 324)
2013978-1-002-65200-8ZA ZHI SHE YOU XIAN ZE REN GONG SIForeign Management (September 2013)
  ''978-1-002-67513-7BEI JING BO QU CHU BAN YOU XIAN ZE REN GONG SIMotorcycle (September 2013)
978-1-002-74542-7Sailor Boys Afloat 513pc Puzzle 15" X 21"
2000978-1-002-75600-3BIAN JI BUChinese Story Big History (Total 445.448 . files)
2013978-1-002-87110-2ZHONG GUO TI YU BAO YE ZONG SHECircle of Friends (September 2013)

imprints found for this ISBN range: Riddler · Buyenlarge · RDYF Books · Watch magazine · Lens Vision magazine · Modern Ships magazine · Youth Writers Magazine · Appliance Repair magazine · Beijing Bo Fun Publishing LLC · The New Century Weekly fiscal · Yangtze Newspaper Media Group Ltd. · Chinese sports newspaper headquarters · Foreign Management magazine. a limited liability company