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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-007-05400-5ZHONG GUO REN MIN DA XUE SHU BAO ZI LIAO ZHONG XINCopy newspapers Civil and Commercial Law. 11. 2011(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-1-007-05509-5   ''Copy newspapers Criminal Law. 11. 2011(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-1-007-07700-4CENG XIAO DONGDigital Home (2011) (Total 267)
2013978-1-007-28804-2ZA ZHI SHEModern Advertising (2013 No. 16)
  ''978-1-007-36713-6ZA ZHI SHEHealth Health and Beauty (September 2013)
2012978-1-007-38400-3LUO HUI ZHUOGenuine YLI 12 + bound volume (Volume 10) (12-16 years old youth inspirational dazzle readers)
2014978-1-007-48814-5PENG ZHI QI ZHUInside and outside the classroom creative writing junior version of the exam out of writing templates 2014 78 month (Writing exam preparation state of emergency last spot to remind)(Chinese Edition)
2000978-1-007-48914-2JI YU HONGOutside the classroom High School Edition (1 to 6 monthly)
  ''978-1-007-50708-2BEN SHE[The genuine Special] Qing Tong AI novel(Chinese Edition)
2013978-1-007-70000-1XIN ZHOU KAN SHE BIAN JI CHU BANNew Weekly: China Passion List (2013 Supplement)
2013978-1-007-81413-5GUANG ZHOU XIAN DAI ZI XUN CHUAN BO YOU XIAN GONG SIMetropolis (Journal Women) (September 2013)
  ''978-1-007-90700-4JING SONG e ZUThriller e race series: three-shift Corpse Whisperer (Collector's Edition 12)
  ''978-1-007-90709-7QU ZHI RONGFolk legend (Volume 10 A total volume of the first 417-420 . bound volumes)

imprints found for this ISBN range: Folk legend magazine · Books and information center of the Chinese People's University · China Press · Liaoning Education Press · Chongqing Publishing House · Health and Beauty magazine · Modern Advertising magazine · People Illustrated magazine · New Weekly editorial published · Guangzhou Modern Consulting Communications Limited