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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1985978-0-946888-04-7P.J. MoorsConservation of Island Birds: Case Studies for the Management of Threatened Island Birds (ICBP technical publication)
1991978-0-946888-19-1J.P. CroxallSeabird Status and Conservation: A Supplement: Suppt (ICBP/Birdlife Technical Publication Series)
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1992978-0-946888-24-5C. J. Bibby · etc. · International Council for Bird PreservationPutting Biodiversity on the Map: Priority Areas for Global Conservation
1994978-0-946888-29-0M. Tucker · M.F. Heath · L. Tomialojc · Richard GrimmettBirds in Europe: Their Conservation Status (Birdlife Conservation)
1998978-0-946888-33-7A.J. Stattersfield · Micheal J. Crosby · Adrian J. Long · David C. WegeEndemic Bird Areas of the World: Priorities for Conservation (Birdlife Conservation)
2000978-0-946888-39-9A. Stattersfield · D. CapperThreatened Birds of the World
2001978-0-946888-44-3N.J. Collar · A.V. Andreev · S. Chan · M.J. Crosby · S. Subramanya · J.A. TobiasThreatened Birds of Asia(2 volume set): The BirdLife International Red Data Book.
2003978-0-946888-47-4Saving Asia's Threatened Birds: A Guide for Government and Civil Society
2004978-0-946888-53-5Ian Burfield · Frans van BommelBirds in Europe: Population Estimates, Trends and Conservation Status (Birdlife Conservation)
  ''978-0-946888-55-9Tracking ocean wanderers: the global distribution of albatrosses and petrels: results from the Global Procellariiform Tracking Workshop, 1-5 September, 2003, Gordon's Bay, South Africa