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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-946014-02-6CensorDon't: Manual of Mistakes and Improprieties More or Less Prevalent in Conduct and Speech (Mistakes & Improprieties)
1988978-0-946014-07-1George Woodman · Greta WoodmanWe Remember Whitstable
1990978-0-946014-08-8Portraits of the Parliamentary Officers of the Great Civil War
  ''978-0-946014-09-5Pedro CarolinoEnglish As She Is Spoke: or A Jest in Sober Earnest
1992978-0-946014-12-5Vincent M. HoltWhy Not Eat Insects?
2001978-0-946014-13-2Eric TreuilléBooks for Cooks: Number 5 (Books for Cooks): v. 5
1993978-0-946014-15-6Charles Elme FrancatelliA Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes
  ''978-0-946014-17-0Mrs. HumphreyManners for Women
1994978-0-946014-18-7St. Katharine Dock: A Short History
1993978-0-946014-19-4J.G. CuckowOur Native England: Being the History of England Made Easy
  ''978-0-946014-23-1Mrs. HumphreyManners for Men
  ''978-0-946014-24-8Henry BursillHand Shadows to be Thrown Upon the Wall: A Series of Novel and Amusing Figures Formed by the Hand
1994978-0-946014-28-6Lorna SassTo the King's Taste: Richard II's Book of Feasts and Recipes Adapted for Modern Cooking
1995978-0-946014-37-8M.CEverybody's Book of Correct Conduct, Being the Etiquette of Every-day Life
1995978-0-946014-38-5W.H. HoweEverybody's Book of Epitaphs: Being for the Most Part What the Living Think of the Dead
  ''978-0-946014-39-2Albert SmithThe Natural History of Stuck Up People
2004978-0-946014-44-6Albert SmithThe Natural History of the Flirt
1996978-0-946014-47-7Vere FosterPlain and Ornamental Lettering (Vere Foster's Copy Books)
  ''978-0-946014-48-4Ike MatthewsFull Revelations of a Professional Ratcatcher: After 25 Years' Experience
1998978-0-946014-49-1Jean HarrowvenOrigins of Rhymes, Songs and Sayings: A Companion to Jean Harrowvens' "Origins of Festivals and Feasts"
1996978-0-946014-58-3John WittichExploring Cathedrals: A Short Guide
1997978-0-946014-59-0Barkers Autumn Book 1938
1998978-0-946014-68-2J TaylorA Brief History of Witchcraft
  ''978-0-946014-69-9Violet BiddleSmall Gardens: And How to Make the Best of Them
2000978-0-946014-77-4Richard InwardsWeather Lore
1999978-0-946014-78-1Captain WebbThe Art of Swimming
  ''978-0-946014-79-8Winifred WilsonPlayground and Indoor Games for Boys and Girls
1999978-0-946014-80-4Wyndham ChildsJohn Bull's Book of Pitfalls
  ''978-0-946014-83-5Alexis SoyerSoyers Shilling Cookery Book for the People
2000978-0-946014-87-3David SebbornYour Faithful Servant
  ''978-0-946014-88-0Joseph CrawhallOld Aunt Elspa's ABC
  ''978-0-946014-89-7H G Wells · D H LawrenceThe Book of the Kiss
1998978-0-946014-98-9Pryor PublicationsThe Prophecies of Mother Shipton
2001978-0-946014-99-6Victoria Blashford-SnellFavourite Recipes from 'Books for Cooks' Books 1, 2 & 3