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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-940279-00-1Carol J. BastMasters Guide to Sport Camps: National Edition
  ''978-0-940279-01-8   ''Masters Guide to Sport Camps: Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Edition
  ''978-0-940279-02-5MCGRAW-HILL SCHOOLMasters Guide to Sport Camps: Midwest
  ''978-0-940279-03-2Carol J. BastMasters Guide to Sport Camps: South
  ''978-0-940279-04-9Masters Guide to Sport Camps: West
1987978-0-940279-09-4Howard GarfinkelFive-Star basketball drills
1989978-0-940279-10-0Isiah Thomas · Matt DobekBad Boys!: An Inside Look at the Detriot Piston's 1988-89 Championship Season
1987978-0-940279-11-7Bob BertucciThe Avca Volleyball Handbook: The Official Handbook of the American Volleyball Coaches' Association
1988978-0-940279-12-4James A. Peterson · Mary Beth HorodyskiHow to Jump Higher (Masters Sports Performance Series)
1987978-0-940279-13-1Henry BastEager to preach: Selected sermons of Henry Bast
1992978-0-940279-14-8Steve AxmanA Football Coach's Guide to the Offensive Backfield
1990978-0-940279-15-5Jim YoungThe Ultimate Football Drill Book
  ''978-0-940279-16-2Kevin McNairHow to Run Faster: A Revolutionary Approach Shattering the Myth That Speed Cannot Be Taught
1988978-0-940279-17-9Cedric BryantHow to Develop Muscular Power
1989978-0-940279-18-6Robert Lasorsa · Remi KorchemnyThe Ultimate Track and Field Drill Book
1990978-0-940279-19-3Gordon Gillespie · James PetersonThe Ultimate Baseball Drill Book
1989978-0-940279-20-9James Peterson · James, M.D. WheelweThe Goodbye Back Pain Handbook: How to Treat and Prevent Back Injuries
1998978-0-940279-22-3Howard Garfinkle · Will KleinFive-Star Basketball Drills
1988978-0-940279-23-0Liam Mac Con IomaireIreland of the Proverb
  ''978-0-940279-24-7Chuck KrieseTotal Tennis Training
1989978-0-940279-25-4Steve Howe · Jim GreenfieldBetween the Lines: One Athlete's Struggle to Escape the Nightmare of Addiction
1990978-0-940279-26-1Matt BrzyckiA Practical Approach to Strength Training
1989978-0-940279-27-8Don SickoGus! the Story of the Original, Takin' to the Streets, All-World, Three-On-Three Gus Macker Basketball Tournament
1992978-0-940279-28-5Bob Bertucci · James PetersonVolleyball Drill Book: Individual Skills
1991978-0-940279-29-2Jerry KrauseCoaching basketball: The official centennial volume of the National Association of Basketball Coaches
1990978-0-940279-30-8Michael RyanFive-Star: Celebrating 25 Years of History, Legends, and Instruction Form the Nation's Premier Basketball Camp
1991978-0-940279-31-5Brad BatesCross Training: How to Improve Physical Fitness With a Variety of Exercise
  ''978-0-940279-32-2Jerry GreenSuper Bowl Chronicles: A Sportswriter Reflects on the First 25 Years of America's Game
1990978-0-940279-33-9Stu Whitney · Bob KourtakisBehind the Green Curtain: The Sacrifice of Ethics and Academics in Michigan State Football's Rise to National Prominence
  ''978-0-940279-34-6Chuck Daly · Joe FallsDaly Life "Every Step a Struggle": Memoirs of a World-Champion Coach
1991978-0-940279-35-3Michael M. Oleksak · Mary Adams OleksakBeisbol: Latin Americans and the Grand Old Game
1992978-0-940279-36-0Michael YessisKinesiology of Exercise
1992978-0-940279-37-7Paul BakerJohn Thompson and Georgetown Basketball
  ''978-0-940279-38-4Cody BartlettStaying Fit Past 50
1991978-0-940279-39-1Matt BrzyckiA Practical Approach to Strength Training
1992978-0-940279-41-4Bing BroidoSpalding Book of Rules and 1993 Sports Almanac
  ''978-0-940279-42-1Bob BertucciVolleyball Drill Book: Game Action Drills
  ''978-0-940279-43-8Rik FeeneyGymnastics
  ''978-0-940279-44-5James A. Peterson · Cedric X. BryantThe Stairmaster Fitness Handbook: A User's Guide to Exercise Testing and Prescription
1992978-0-940279-45-2Press MastersThe Stairmaster 1993 Dailey Planner
  ''978-0-940279-46-9Paul E. HarrisSpalding Soccer Handbook (Spalding Sports Library: Soccer, 1)
  ''978-0-940279-47-6Paul HarrisYouth Soccer
  ''978-0-940279-48-3Jerry YeagleySpalding Soccer Skills
  ''978-0-940279-49-0Jerry YeagleySpalding Soccer Strategies (Spalding Sports Library Soccer, No 4)
1992978-0-940279-51-3U S Gymnastics FederationI Can Do Gymnastics: Essential Skills for Beginning Gymnasts (Spalding Sports Library)
1993978-0-940279-53-7Al SecundaUltimate Tennis: The Pleasure Game
  ''978-0-940279-54-4USA GymnasticsI Can Do Gymnastics
  ''978-0-940279-55-1Mark RoszkowskiBaseball crosswords (Spalding sports library)
  ''978-0-940279-56-8Matt BryzckiConditioning for Basketball
  ''978-0-940279-57-5Mike DouchantTourney time (Spalding sports library)
1993978-0-940279-58-2Ed Schilling · Howard GarfinkelFive-Star Basketball
  ''978-0-940279-59-9Gordon Gillespie · James PetersonBaseball Drill Book (Spalding Sports Library)
  ''978-0-940279-60-5Tom ReiterBasketball Inbound Attack
  ''978-0-940279-61-2Chuck KrieseWinning Tennis
  ''978-0-940279-67-4Milwaukee Journal SentinelYouth League Soccer: Coaching and Playing (Spalding Sports Library)
1993978-0-940279-68-1Skip BertmanYouth League Baseball: Coaching and Playing (Spalding Sports Library)
  ''978-0-940279-69-8Tom Flores · Bob O'ConnorYouth League Football: Coaching and Playing (Spalding Sports Library)
  ''978-0-940279-70-4Joe Williams · Stan WilsonYouth League Basketball: Coaching and Playing (Spalding Sports Library)
1998978-0-940279-71-1Tom Flores · Bob O'ConnorCoaching Football
  ''978-0-940279-72-8Doug MalloryFootball Drill Book
1993978-0-940279-73-5Dusty Baker · Jeff Mercer · Marv BittingerYou Can Teach Hitting: A Systematic Approach for Parents, Coaches, and Players
978-0-940279-74-2Spalding Football Crosswords (Spalding Sports Library)
978-0-940279-75-9Basketball Crosswords (Spalding Sports Library)
1993978-0-940279-76-6Del HarrisWinning Defense
1994978-0-940279-77-3Tom ZupancicConditioning for Football...and Then Some
1993978-0-940279-78-0Gerald A. Walford · Walford Gerald E.Spalding Hockey Skills (Spalding Sports Library)
  ''978-0-940279-79-7Gerald WalfordCoaching Hockey
1993978-0-940279-80-3Darrell J. BurnettYouth Sports and Self Esteem: A Guide for Parents (Spalding Sports Library)
  ''978-0-940279-81-0William F. Axton · Wendy MartinField Hockey (Spalding Sports Library)
  ''978-0-940279-82-7Bing BroidoSpalding Book of Rules
1994978-0-940279-83-4Mark RoszkowskiBaseball Crosswords (Spalding Sports Library)
1993978-0-940279-84-1Dick Vitale · Mike DouchantTourney Time: It's Awesome Baby!
1994978-0-940279-85-8Bob AlleyBaseball Trivia: So You Think You Know Baseball? (Spalding Sports Library)
1998978-0-940279-86-5Jerry KrauseCoaching Basketball
1994978-0-940279-87-2Cliff SchrockYouth Golf: For Parents and Players (Spalding Youth)
  ''978-0-940279-88-9Chuck KrieseYouth Tennis (Spalding Youth Series)
  ''978-0-940279-89-6Gerald A. WalfordYouth Hockey: For Parents and Players (Spalding)
1994978-0-940279-90-2Lin DunnGirls Basketball (Spalding Youth Series)
1995978-0-940279-91-9Bill TierneyLacrosse (Spalding Sports Library)
1994978-0-940279-92-6Sven Nater · James PetersonSpalding Rebounding Drill Book (Spalding Sports Library)
  ''978-0-940279-96-4Jerry YeagleyWinning Soccer (Spalding Sports Library)