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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-936894-00-3David H. BangsPersonnel Planning Guide: Successful Management of Your Most Important Asset
1987978-0-936894-02-7David H. BangsThe Cash Flow Control Guide: Methods to Understand and Control the Small Business' Number One Problem
1989978-0-936894-03-4David H., Jr. BangsThe Market Planning Guide: Gaining and Maintaining the Competitive Edge
1988978-0-936894-10-2David H BangsBusiness planning guide: Creating a plan for success in your own business: a handbook to help you design, write, and use a business plan and a ... tailored to your specific business needs
1989978-0-936894-14-0   ''The start up guide: A one-year plan for entrepreneurs
1990978-0-936894-15-7Laurie ZuckermanOn your own: A woman's guide to building a business
1989978-0-936894-16-4Roger C. ParkerMarket Planning Guide: A Handbook to Help You Design, Write, and Use a Marketing Plan Tailored to Your Specific Business Needs
1991978-0-936894-17-1Brian KnightBuy the Right Business: At the Right Price: The Guide to Small Business Acquisition
1992978-0-936894-18-8Jack S. WolfExport Profits: A Guide for Small Business
1989978-0-936894-19-5David H. Bangs · William R. OsgoodLA Guia Del Plan De Negocios: Spanish Edition of Business Planning Guide
1992978-0-936894-26-3David H. BangsManaging by the Numbers: Financial Essentials for the Growing Business
  ''978-0-936894-27-0David H BangsCreating Customers: An Action Plan for Maximising Sales, Promotion and Publicity for the Small Businesss
1991978-0-936894-28-7Dale L. GilbertComplete Guide to Starting a Used Bookstore: Old Books into Gold
  ''978-0-936894-29-4Peter Wylie · Mardy GrotheProblem Employees: How to Improve Their Performance
  ''978-0-936894-30-0George M DawsonBorrowing for Your Business: Winning the Battle for the Banker's Yes
1992978-0-936894-31-7Paul S. Sperry · Beatrice H. MitchellThe Complete Guide to Selling Your Business
  ''978-0-936894-32-4Pete FryeThe Complete Selling System: Sales Management Techniques That Can Help Anyone Succeed
1992978-0-936894-33-1Jr. Thomas E. MosleyMarketing Your Invention
  ''978-0-936894-34-8Stephen F. HallFrom Kitchen to Market: Selling Your Gourmet Food Specialty
1993978-0-936894-35-5Peter RainsfordThe Restaurant Planning Guide: Starting and Managing a Successful Restaurant
  ''978-0-936894-36-2David H. BangsBuilding Wealth: Personal Finance for Business Owners
1992978-0-936894-37-9David H. Bangs · Michael PellecchiaFinancial Troubleshooting
  ''978-0-936894-38-6Declan TreacyClear Your Desk: The Definitive Guide to Conquering Your Paper Workload - Forever!
  ''978-0-936894-39-3David H. BangsThe Business Planning Guide: Creating a Plan for Success in Your Own Business
1993978-0-936894-40-9Paula WardellSuccessful retailing: Your step-by-step guide to avoiding pitfalls and finding profit as an independent retailer
1993978-0-936894-41-6David H. BangsCustomer Focus: Connecting Your Small Business to Your Customers
  ''978-0-936894-42-3Peter Wylie · Mardy GrotheCan This Partnership Be Saved?: Improving (Or Salvaging Your Key Business Relationships)
  ''978-0-936894-43-0D. Howard Doster · Donald F. Connelly · William Henry HamiltonSmall Business: Planning and Management for the First-Time Entrepreneur
  ''978-0-936894-44-7Robert A. MoskowitzThe Small Business Computer Book: A Guide in Plain English
1994978-0-936894-45-4Joseph Tabet · Jeffrey SlaterFinancial Essentials for Small Business Success: Accounting, Planning and Recordkeeping Techniques for a Healthy Bottom Line
1993978-0-936894-46-1Linda Pinson · Jerry JinnettThe Home-Based Entrepreneur: The Complete Guide to Working at Home
  ''978-0-936894-47-8Linda Pinson · Jerry JinnettKeeping the Books: Basic Recordkeeping and Accounting for the Small Business (2nd Edition)
1993978-0-936894-48-5Patricia A. DoyleSit and Grow Rich: Petsitting and Housesitting for Profit
1994978-0-936894-50-8Linda Pinson · Jerry JinnettSteps to Small Business Start-Up: Everything You Need to Know to Turn Your Idea into a Successful Business
1993978-0-936894-51-5   ''Target Marketing for the Small Business: Researching, Reaching and Retaining Your Target Market
  ''978-0-936894-52-2Laurie ZuckermanOn Your Own Edition
1994978-0-936894-54-6Lisa Agnowski Rogak100 Best Retirement Businesses
1993978-0-936894-56-0Paula WardellSuccessful Retailing: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Avoiding Pitfalls and Finding Profit As an Independent Retailer
1994978-0-936894-57-7David H. BangsThe Start Up Guide: A One-Year Plan for Entrepreneurs
  ''978-0-936894-58-4James B. Arkebauer · Ron SchultzThe Entrepreneur's Guide to Going Public
  ''978-0-936894-59-1Carl O TrautmannLanguage of Small Business a Complete
  ''978-0-936894-60-7John Edward De YoungCases in Small Business Management: A Strategic Problems Approach
1993978-0-936894-64-5David H. BangsBusiness Planning Guide Worksheet
1994978-0-936894-65-2Lisa Angowski RogakUpstart Guide Owning & Managing a Bed & Breakfast
1994978-0-936894-66-9Lisa RogakThe Upstart Guide to Owning and Managing an Antique Business
1995978-0-936894-67-6Roy S. AlonzoThe Upstart Guide to Owning and Managing a Bar or Tavern
1994978-0-936894-68-3Dan RamseyThe Upstart Guide to Owning and Managing a Desktop Publishing Service
  ''978-0-936894-69-0Dan RamseyThe Upstart Guide to Owning and Managing a Resume Service
  ''978-0-936894-70-6Will DavisStart Your Own Business for $1,000 or Less
1995978-0-936894-71-3To Be AnnouncedProblems & Solutions in Small Business Management
  ''978-0-936894-72-0David H BangsMarket Planning Guide 4ED
  ''978-0-936894-73-7Kathleen R. AllenLaunching New Ventures: An Entrepreneurial Approach
1995978-0-936894-79-9Gustav BerleEntrepreneurship 101: A Business of Your Own in 20 Practical Steps
  ''978-0-936894-80-5Herman HoltzThe Complete Guide to Being an Independent Contractor
  ''978-0-936894-81-2Dan RamseyThe Upstart Guide to Owning and Managing a Consulting Service
  ''978-0-936894-82-9   ''Upstart Guide to Owning and Managing a Florist Service
  ''978-0-936894-83-6   ''The Upstart Guide to Owning and Managing a Travel Service
1995978-0-936894-85-0Fred L. Fry · Charles R. StonerStrategic Planning for the New and Small Business
  ''978-0-936894-87-4Lisa Angowski RogakThe Upstart Guide to Owning and Managing a Newsletter Business
  ''978-0-936894-89-8Roy S. AlonzoUpstart Guide Owning & Managing a Restaurant
  ''978-0-936894-90-4Ted NicholasThe Business Agreement Kit/How to Legally Protect Your Business With More Than 110 Contracts, Letters, Agreements and Forms/Book and Disk: Contains ... Protect Your Corporate Status/Book and Disk
  ''978-0-936894-91-1Ted NicholasThe Corporate Forms Kit/Book and Disk
1996978-0-936894-92-8Herman HoltzPriced to Sell: The Complete Guide to More Profitable Pricing
1995978-0-936894-93-5Scott E. FriedmanHow To Profit by Forming Your Own Limited Liability Company
1995978-0-936894-94-2Ted NicholasHow to Form Your Own "S" Corporation and Avoid Double Taxation
  ''978-0-936894-95-9Michael E. CafferkyLet Your Customers Do the Talking: 301 + Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Tactics Guaranteed to Boost Profits
  ''978-0-936894-96-6David H., Jr BangsThe Business Planning Guide: Creating a Plan for Success in Your Own Business (7th ed)
  ''978-0-936894-97-3Dan RamseyThe Upstart Guide to Owning and Managing a Mail Order Business
  ''978-0-936894-99-7Craig DaugardHow to Make Big Money on TV: Accessing the Home Shopping Explosion Behind the Screens