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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1998978-0-932664-03-7   ''Favorite Recipes of California Winemakers
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  ''978-0-932664-05-1Wine Advisory BoardEasy Recipes of California Winemakers
1996978-0-932664-06-8Wine Cellar Record Book
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1980978-0-932664-12-9Richard B LambIn celebration of wine and life: The fascinating story of wine and civilization: with art reproductions from the Wine Museum of San Francisco, the Christian Brothers collection
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978-0-932664-22-8Pocket Encyclopedia of California Wine
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1988978-0-932664-37-2Vintage ImageCalifornia Wine Tour
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  ''978-0-932664-41-9   ''William I. Kaufman's Pocket Encyclopedia of American Wine: East of the Rockies
1988978-0-932664-42-6   ''Pocket Encyclopedia of California Wine and Other Western States
1982978-0-932664-43-3Malcolm R. HebertThe Odyssey Cookbook: A Culinary Cruise
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978-0-932664-61-7The Benefits of Moderate Drinking: Alcohol, Health, and Society
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1993978-0-932664-86-0Wine Advisory BoardFavorite Recipes of California Winemakers
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