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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-915299-00-3Ryuji Fukuda · Barbara LeeManagerial Engineering: Techniques for Improving Quality and Productivity in the Workplace
1985978-0-915299-03-4Shigeo ShingoA Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System
1986978-0-915299-07-2Shigeo ShingoZero Quality Control: Source Inspection and the Poka-Yoke System
1988978-0-915299-14-0Taiichi OhnoToyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production
1987978-0-915299-15-7Shigeo ShingoThe Sayings of Shigeo Shingo: Key Strategies for Plant Improvement (Japanese Management)
1989978-0-915299-17-1Shigeo Shingo · Andrew P. DillonA Study of the Toyota Production System: From an Industrial Engineering Viewpoint (Produce What Is Needed, When It's Needed)
1988978-0-915299-19-5Taiichi OhnoWorkplace Management
  ''978-0-915299-20-1Taiichi Ohno · Setsuo MitoJust-In-Time for Today and Tomorrow (Japanese Management Series) (English and Japanese Edition)
  ''978-0-915299-23-2Seiichi NakajimaIntroduction to TPM: Total Productive Maintenance (Preventative Maintenance Series) (English and Japanese Edition)
1990978-0-915299-26-3Ryuji FukudaCedac: A Tool for Continuous Systematic Improvement
1988978-0-915299-30-0Shigeo ShingoNon-Stock Production: The Shingo System of Continuous Improvement (Most Detailed Examination of the Fundamentals of Jit)
1989978-0-915299-31-7Factory MagazinePoka-Yoke: Improving Product Quality by Preventing Defects
1992978-0-915299-33-1Kenichi SekineOne-Piece Flow (c): Cell Design for Transforming the Production Process
1990978-0-915299-34-8Productivity PressTraining for Tpm: A Manufacturing Success Story
1988978-0-915299-36-2Henry FordToday and Tomorrow - Special Edition of Ford's 1926 Classic
1989978-0-915299-37-9Seiichi NakajimaTpm Development Program: Implementing Total Productive Maintenance (Preventative Maintenance Series) (English and Japanese Edition)
1980978-0-915299-39-3Jorgen RandersElements of the Systems Dynamics Method
1990978-0-915299-41-6Yoji AkaoQuality Function Deployment (c): Integrating Customer Requirements into Product Design
1989978-0-915299-44-7Hiroyuki HiranoJIT Factory Revolution: A Pictorial Guide to Factory Design of the Future
  ''978-0-915299-48-5Japan Management Association · Japan Management Association · David J. LuKanban Just-in Time at Toyota: Management Begins at the Workplace
1992978-0-915299-52-2Shigeo Shingo · Andrew P. DillonThe Shingo Production Management System: Improving Process Functions (Manufacturing & Production)
1990978-0-915299-64-5Alan RobinsonModern Approaches to Manufacturing Improvement: The Shingo System (Manufacturing & Production)
1991978-0-915299-67-6Michel GreifThe Visual Factory: Building Participation Through Shared Information (See What's Happening in Your Key Processes--At a Glance, All)
1990978-0-915299-68-3Franco D'EgidioThe Service Era: Leadership in a Global Environment
1992978-0-915299-69-0Jeffrey L. FunkThe Teamwork Advantage: An Inside Look at Japanese Product and Technology Development
  ''978-0-915299-70-6Kikuo SuehiroEliminating Minor Stoppages on Automated Lines (Time-Tested Equipment Management Titles!)
1988978-0-915299-87-4Jay Wright ForresterPrinciples of Systems (System Dynamics Series)
1992978-0-915299-92-8Shirose KunioTpm for Workshop Leaders (The Shopfloor Series)
1991978-0-915299-98-0Will KaydosMeasuring, Managing, and Maximizing Performance: What Every Manager Needs to Know About Quality and Productivity to Make Real Improvements in Perfor
1991978-0-915299-99-7Brian H. MaskellPerformance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing: A Model for American Companies (Corporate Leadership)