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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-906899-12-0R.C. RileyColour of Steam: Somerset and Dorset Line v. 2
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  ''978-0-906899-17-5Nigel TrevenaSteam for Scrap Volume 2
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1992978-0-906899-46-5G.W. MorrisonColour of British Rail: East Coast Main Line v. 3 (The colour of British Rail)
1991978-0-906899-49-6Keith Parkin · Historical Model Railway SocietyBritish Railways Mark 1 Coaches (Pendragon Books)
1993978-0-906899-51-9Alan Earnshaw · Tony WakefieldSteam for Scrap: Complete Story
1995978-0-906899-53-3Jack. RayModel Railway and Their Builders: 50 Classic Layouts
1992978-0-906899-54-0Jack RayA Lifetime with 'O' Gauge: Crewchester and Others
1993978-0-906899-55-7E. Talbot · etc. · Historical Model Railway SocietyLNWR Liveries
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1993978-0-906899-57-1John SmartBranch Line Memories
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1986978-0-906899-60-1Jack N. Slinn · Bernard K. Clarke · Historical Model Railway SocietyGreat Western Railway Siphons: An Account of Vehicles Built for Milk Traffic on the Gwr (Pendragon Books)
1994978-0-906899-61-8John Van RiemsdijkCompound Locomotives (Pendragon Books)
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  ''978-0-906899-68-7G.A. Brown · etc.The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway
  ''978-0-906899-69-4Alan EarnshawTrains in Trouble: 1868-1968: Railway Accidents in Pictures
  ''978-0-906899-70-0John CoileyRocket to Eurostar: National Railway Museum in Camera
1997978-0-906899-75-5C.P. BoocockIrish Railways: 40 Years of Change, 1956-96
  ''978-0-906899-79-3Alan Earnshaw · David JenkinsonThe Last Years of the Big Four
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2000978-0-906899-99-1Alan JowettJowett's Nationalised Railway Atlas