Bloomsbury 3PL

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-0-906515-02-0OvidMetamorphoses: Bk. 3 (Ovid - Metamorphoses)
  ''978-0-906515-03-7JuvenalSatires: Bk. 1, 3, 10 (Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-906515-08-2CiceroCicero: Philippics I-II: 1-2 (Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-906515-11-2Stephen Usher · ThucydidesXenophon: "Persian Expedition" (BCP Greek Texts)
  ''978-0-906515-12-9XenophonThe fall of Athens: Selections from the Hellenica of Xenophon, Books 1 and 2
1991978-0-906515-14-3HomerHomer: Iliad III: Bk.3 (BCP Greek Texts)
  ''978-0-906515-19-8P. McGushin · SallustBellum Catilinae (Latin Texts)
1998978-0-906515-37-2H. D. CurrieSilver Latin Epic (Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-906515-39-6Virgil · J. WhiteleyAeneid: Bk. 8 (Latin Texts)
1991978-0-906515-40-2OvidOvid: Metamorphoses Xi: Bk.11 (BCP Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-906515-45-7   ''Amores: Bk. 1 (BCP Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-906515-47-1Anthony Bowen · Anne BowenAdvanced Greek Unseens (Greek Language)
1991978-0-906515-50-1F. H. ColsonCicero: "Pro Milone"
  ''978-0-906515-57-0J. A. HarrisHorace in His Odes (Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-906515-59-4PlatoThe Atlantis Story: Timaeus 17-27 and Critias
  ''978-0-906515-61-7HomerHomer: Odyssey IX: Bk.9 (BCP Greek Texts)
  ''978-0-906515-62-4J. HookerLinear B: An Introduction
1989978-0-906515-67-9Peter Warren · Vronwy HankeyAegean Bronze Age Chronology
1980978-0-906515-69-3J.T. HookerLinear B: An Introduction
1992978-0-906515-93-8VergilAeneid IV: Bk.4
1991978-0-906515-96-9F. Doherty · Lillian E. Doherty · PlatoMartyrdom of Socrates (BCP Greek Texts)
1991978-0-906515-97-6EuripidesScenes From Iphigenia in Aulis & Iphigenia in Taurus (BCP Greek Texts)
1996978-0-906515-98-3EuripidesHelen (Euripides)