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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-0-86292-000-5VirgilVirgil: Aeneid V: Bk. 5 (Latin Texts)
1991978-0-86292-002-9Richard C. Jebb · R. C. Jebb · SophoclesOedipus Tyrannus (BCP Greek Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-004-3HerodotusHistories: Bk.VIII (BCP Greek Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-008-1David A. CampbellGreek Lyric Poetry (BCP Greek Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-014-2Marcus Tullius Cicero · CiceroIn Catilinam: Bks.I-II (BCP Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-023-4HomerHomer: Iliad I: Bk.1 (BCP Greek Texts)
2001978-0-86292-025-8J. And a. M. Adam · PlatoProtagoras (Greek Texts)
1991978-0-86292-026-5SuetoniusDivus Julius (BCP Latin Texts)
1991978-0-86292-027-2E. C. Marchant · T. Weidemann · ThucydidesThucydides: Bk.1 (BCP Greek Texts)
1998978-0-86292-038-8EuripidesEuripides: Iphigenia in Tauris
  ''978-0-86292-039-5A. S. Owen · EuripidesIon (Euripides)
2013978-0-86292-042-5E. WoodcockNew Latin Syntax (Latin Language)
  ''978-0-86292-044-9R. D. WilliamsThe Aeneid of Virgil (Classical Studies Series)
1994978-0-86292-051-7Elizabeth RawsonCicero: A Portrait (Bristol Classical Paperbacks.)
1991978-0-86292-053-1D. M. MacDowell · GorgiasEncomium of Helen (BCP Greek Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-063-0PlautusRudens (BCP Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-070-8A. Bowen · AeschylusChoephoroe (Aeschylus)
1998978-0-86292-073-9DemosthenesOlynthiacs (Bristol Classical Paperbacks.)
1991978-0-86292-074-6EuripidesHippolytus (BCP Greek Texts)
1988978-0-86292-076-0Titus Lucretius Carus · P. Michael BrownDe Rerum Natura I: Bk.1
1991978-0-86292-079-1M. R. WrightPresocratics: Selection of the Main Fragments (BCP Greek Texts)
1998978-0-86292-085-2E. Mary SmallwoodDocuments Illustrating the Principates of Gaius, Claudius and Nero
1991978-0-86292-088-3Julius CaesarCaesar: Gallic War: Bk.6 (BCP Latin Texts)
1991978-0-86292-089-0M. Willcock · PlautusPseudolus (BCP Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-091-3G. S. Farnell · HerodotusTales from Herodotus (BCP Greek Texts)
1998978-0-86292-092-0CiceroDe Amicitia (Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-101-9E. Kennedy · Julius CaesarGallic War: Bk.2 (BCP Latin Texts)
1991978-0-86292-115-6AristophanesAristophanes: Frogs (BCP Greek Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-128-6J. Richardson · John RichardsonRoman Provincial Administration (Inside the ancient world)
  ''978-0-86292-136-1Julius CaesarCaesar: De Bello Gallico V: Bk. 5
1991978-0-86292-139-2Anthony MundayThrasymachus (Greek Language)
  ''978-0-86292-144-6OvidOvid: Metamorphoses I: Bk.1 (BCP Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-147-7TheocritusTheocritus: Select Poems (Greek Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-149-1J. A. Harrison · HomerIliad: Bk.6 (BCP Greek Texts)
1998978-0-86292-150-7James MountfordLatin Prose Composition (Latin language)
1991978-0-86292-167-5VirgilAeneid: Bk. 1 (Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-171-2   ''Aeneid: Bks.7-8 (Latin Texts)
1998978-0-86292-173-6G. NussbaumVirgil's Metre: Practical Guide to Reading Latin Hexameter Poetry
1991978-0-86292-177-4Julius CaesarDe Bello Gallico (The Gallic War): Book.1 (BCP Latin Texts): Bk.1
1991978-0-86292-178-1LivyLivy, Book XXI: Bk.21
1998978-0-86292-182-8C. MacDonaldDe Imperio (Bristol Classical Paperbacks.)
1991978-0-86292-184-2Marcus Tullius Cicero · CiceroPro Sexto Roscio Amerino (BCP Latin Texts)
  ''978-0-86292-192-7CiceroThought of Cicero: Philosophical Selections (BCP Latin Texts)
1986978-0-86292-193-4J.H. Betts · J.T. HookerStudies in Honour of T.B.L.Webster: v. 1
1988978-0-86292-194-1J. H. Betts · J. T. HookerStudies in Honour of T.B.L.Webster: Volume 2
1991978-0-86292-198-9Emily FrenkelAeneas: Virgil's Epic Retold for Young Readers
1984978-0-86292-200-9Don CarletonUniversity for Bristol: A History in Text and Pictures
1987978-0-86292-238-2TacitusTacitus: Annals XIV - A Companion to the Penguin Translation (Classics Companions): "Annals" XIV - A Companion to the Penguin Translation
1991978-0-86292-240-5Moris Farhi · Matthew MacLeod · John WilkinsSophocles: "Antigone" and "Oedipus the King" - A Companion to the Penguin Translation (Classics Companions): "Antigone" and "Oedipus the King" - A Companion to the Penguin Translation
  ''978-0-86292-241-2Martin ThorpeHomer (Inside the ancient world)
  ''978-0-86292-244-3Leonard R. PalmerThe Latin Language
  ''978-0-86292-258-0SallustSallust: Catiline (BCP Latin Texts)
1987978-0-86292-265-8R. ColebournLatin Sentence and Idiom: A Composition Course (Latin Language) (English and Latin Edition)
1991978-0-86292-268-9J. Ferguson · John Ferguson · EuripidesEuripides' "Medea" and "Electra": A Companion to the Penguin Translation (Classics Companions)
1991978-0-86292-280-1Julius Caesar · CaesarGallic War: Caesar's Expedition to Britain, 55 & 54 Bk.4 (BCP Latin Texts)
2004978-0-86292-296-2Titus LiviusLivy: Book 1(BCP Latin Texts): Bk. 1
1994978-0-86292-386-0John H. Crook · Henry OsmastonHimalayan Buddhist Villages: Environment, Resources, Society and Religious Life in Zangskar, Ladakh
1992978-0-86292-396-9David H. HigginsDante and the Bible: An Introduction
1994978-0-86292-421-8M. J Crossley EvansA history of Wills Hall, University of Bristol
1999978-0-86292-488-1Tina BeattieGod's Mother, Eve's Advocate: A Gynocentric Refiguration of Marian Symbolism in Engagement with Luce Irigaray (CCSRG Monograph)
2003978-0-86292-534-518th International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Conference, Bristol, UK 31 March-2 April 2003 (Bristol UAV Conferences)
  ''978-0-86292-541-3Sarah WhittinghamWills Memorial Building (University of Bristol Buildings series)