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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-89862-000-9Aaron T. Beck · A. John Rush · Brian F. Shaw · Gary EmeryCognitive Therapy of Depression (The Guilford Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology Series)
1983978-0-89862-002-3Dennis C. Turk · Donald MeichenbaumPain and Behavioral Medicine: A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective
1994978-0-89862-004-7Michele ElliottFemale Sexual Abuse of Children
  ''978-0-89862-007-8Ellen F. WachtelTreating Troubled Children and Their Families
1985978-0-89862-009-2G. Alan Marlatt · Judith R. GordonRelapse Prevention: Maintenance Strategies in the Treatment of Addictive Behaviors
1986978-0-89862-010-8Leslie S. Greenberg · Jeremy D. SafranEmotion in Psychotherapy (The Guilford Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology Series)
1993978-0-89862-013-9Philip C. Kendall · Lauren BraswellCognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Impulsive Children, Second Edition
  ''978-0-89862-014-6Ellen Y. SiegelmanMetaphor and Meaning in Psychotherapy
  ''978-0-89862-015-3Matthew D. SelekmanPathways to Change: Brief Therapy Solutions with Difficult Adolescents
  ''978-0-89862-016-0Mardy S. IrelandReconceiving Women: Separating Motherhood from Female Identity
1992978-0-89862-018-4Frederick GrinnellThe Scientific Attitude: Second Edition (The Conduct of Science Series)
1992978-0-89862-019-1John StreetPolitics and Technology
  ''978-0-89862-020-7Steve FullerPhilosophy of Science and Its Discontents, Second Edition
1993978-0-89862-021-4William R. Shadish · Steve FullerThe Social Psychology of Science
  ''978-0-89862-022-1Agnes B. Hatfield · Harriet P. LefleySurviving Mental Illness: Stress, Coping, and Adaptation
1992978-0-89862-029-0Richard Chasin · Henry Grunebaum · Margaret HerzigOne Couple, Four Realities: Multiple Perspectives on Couple Therapy
  ''978-0-89862-030-6Donald G. JanelleGeographical Snapshots of North America
1993978-0-89862-034-4Marsha M. LinehanSkills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder
1982978-0-89862-037-5M. Duncan Stanton · Thomas C. Todd · and AssociatesFamily Therapy of Drug Abuse and Addiction
  ''978-0-89862-038-2Steve de ShazerPatterns of Brief Family Therapy: An Ecosystemic Approach
1982978-0-89862-040-5Monica McGoldrick · John W. Pearce · Joe GiordanoEthnicity and Family Therapy (The Guilford Family Therapy Series)
1983978-0-89862-042-9William R. McFarlaneFamily Therapy in Schizophrenia (The Guilford Family Therapy Series)
  ''978-0-89862-043-6Bradford P. KeeneyAesthetics of Change (The Guilford Family Therapy Series)
  ''978-0-89862-044-3Carol M. Anderson · Susan StewartMastering Resistance: A Practical Guide to Family Therapy (The Guilford Family Therapy Series)
1985978-0-89862-059-7Edwin H. FriedmanGeneration to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue
1986978-0-89862-065-8Carol M. Anderson · Douglas J. Reiss · Gerard E. HogartySchizophrenia and the Family: A Practitioner's Guide to Psychoeducation and Management
  ''978-0-89862-067-2Neil S. Jacobson · Alan S. GurmanClinical Handbook of Marital Therapy
1989978-0-89862-072-6Arthur L. Robin · Sharon L. FosterNegotiating Parent-Adolescent Conflict: A Behavioral-Family Systems Approach
1988978-0-89862-073-3Howard A. Liddle · Douglas C. Breunlin · Richard C. SchwartzHandbook of Family Therapy Training and Supervision (The Guilford Family Therapy Series)
1995978-0-89862-089-4Elizabeth J. Rave · Carolyn C. LarsenEthical Decision Making in Therapy: Feminist Perspectives
1993978-0-89862-090-0Froma WalshNormal Family Processes, Second Edition
1994978-0-89862-095-5Marsha Pravder Mirkin · Monica McGoldrickWomen in Context: Toward a Feminist Reconstruction of Psychotherapy
1993978-0-89862-096-2J. Scott Rutan · Walter N. StonePsychodynamic Group Psychotherapy, Second Edition
1995978-0-89862-099-3Russell A. BarkleyTaking Charge of ADHD: The Complete Authoritative Guide for Parents
1988978-0-89862-100-6Evan Imber-BlackFamilies and Larger Systems: A Family Therapist's Guide through the Labyrinth
  ''978-0-89862-102-0William C. NicholsMarital Therapy: An Integrative Approach
1991978-0-89862-106-8Donald S. WilliamsonThe Intimacy Paradox: Personal Authority in the Family System
1992978-0-89862-108-2Barry L. Duncan · Andrew D. Solovey · Gregory S. RuskChanging the Rules: A Client-Directed Approach to Therapy
1992978-0-89862-109-9Evan Imber-BlackFamilies and Larger Systems: A Family Therapist's Guide Through the Labyrinth (The Guilford Family Therapy Series)
1994978-0-89862-114-3David A. KennyInterpersonal Perception: A Social Relations Analysis (Distinguished Contributions in Psychology)
  ''978-0-89862-117-4Harold S. Bernard · K. Roy MacKenzieBasics of Group Psychotherapy
1993978-0-89862-120-4Howard E. Barbaree · William L. Marshall · Stephen M. HudsonThe Juvenile Sex Offender
  ''978-0-89862-121-1Herbert A. Schreier · Judith A. LibowHurting for Love: Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome
  ''978-0-89862-123-5Ireland. · Mardy S. IrelandReconceiving Women: Separating Motherhood from Female Identity
1982978-0-89862-125-9Tamara K. Hareven · Kathleen J. AdamsAging and Life Course Transitions: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
1995978-0-89862-128-0Dennis Greenberger · Christine PadeskyMind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think
1993978-0-89862-129-7David H. BarlowClinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders: A Step-by-Step Treatment Manual, Second Edition
  ''978-0-89862-130-3Nancy Boyd WebbHelping Bereaved Children: A Handbook for Practitioners
1992978-0-89862-138-9Simon H. Budman · Michael F. Hoyt · Steven FriedmanThe First Session in Brief Therapy
1995978-0-89862-148-8David C. RoweThe Limits of Family Influence: Genes, Experience, and Behavior
1994978-0-89862-152-5Roy F. Baumeister · Sara R. WotmanBreaking Hearts: The Two Sides of Unrequited Love (Emotions and Social Behavior)
1992978-0-89862-157-0Patrick CasementLearning from the Patient
1993978-0-89862-159-4Ian Burton · Robert W. Kates · Gilbert F. WhiteThe Environment As Hazard, Second Edition
1990978-0-89862-172-3Edward J. Khantzian · Kurt S. Halliday · William E. McAuliffeAddiction and the Vulnerable Self: Modified Dynamic Group Therapy for Substance Abusers (The Guilford Substance Abuse Series)
1989978-0-89862-177-8Frank W. PutnamDiagnosis and Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder (Foundations of Modern Psychiatry)
1994978-0-89862-178-5Richard C. Bedrosian · George D. BozicasTreating Family of Origin Problems: A Cognitive Approach
1995978-0-89862-179-2Christopher FairburnOvercoming Binge Eating, First Edition
1993978-0-89862-183-9Marsha LinehanCognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder
1994978-0-89862-185-3Gerard BleandonuWilfred Bion: His Life and Works 1897-1979
1994978-0-89862-186-0Steven Jay Lynn · Judith W. RhueDissociation: Clinical and Theoretical Perspectives
  ''978-0-89862-188-4Scott L. MontgomeryMinds for the Making: The Role of Science in American Education, 1750-1990
1992978-0-89862-192-1Thomas R. Kosten · Herbert D. KleberClinician's Guide to Cocaine Addiction: Theory, Research, and Treatment
1994978-0-89862-196-9Ester R. ShapiroGrief as a Family Process: A Developmental Approach to Clinical Practice
  ''978-0-89862-198-3Robert O. Hansson · Bruce N. CarpenterRelationships in Old Age: Coping with the Challenge of Transition
  ''978-0-89862-199-0Nancy McWilliamsPsychoanalytic Diagnosis: Understanding Personality Structure in the Clinical Process
  ''978-0-89862-201-0Dean Keith SimontonGreatness: Who Makes History and Why
1990978-0-89862-217-1V. Mark DurandSevere Behavior Problems: A Functional Communication Training Approach (Treatment Manuals for Practitioners)
1994978-0-89862-223-2Daniel M. WegnerWhite Bears and Other Unwanted Thoughts: Suppression, Obsession, and the Psychology of Mental Control
1994978-0-89862-224-9Margaret A. CaudillManaging Pain Before It Manages You
1987978-0-89862-227-0E. James Anthony · Bertram J. CohlerThe Invulnerable Child (Guilford Psychiatry Series)
1989978-0-89862-234-8Stewart Ehly · Richard DustinIndividual and Group Counseling in Schools (The Guilford School Practitioner Series)
1990978-0-89862-235-5Mary Lou KelleySchool-Home Notes: Promoting Children's Classroom Success
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  ''978-0-89862-267-6Michael P. NicholsThe Lost Art of Listening: How Learning to Listen Can Improve Relationships
2004978-0-89862-272-0Robert C. Ostergren · John G. RiceThe Europeans: A Geography of People, Culture, and Environment (Texts in Regional Geography)
1994978-0-89862-273-7Richard C. SchwartzInternal Family Systems Therapy (The Guilford Family Therapy Series)
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1993978-0-89862-284-3William M. CzanderThe Psychodynamics of Work and Organizations: Theory and Application
1990978-0-89862-287-4Beverly DavenportCase Studies in Organizational Communication 1 (The Guilford Communication Series) (Volume 1)
1991978-0-89862-289-8Robert K. Avery · David EasonCritical Perspectives on Media and Society
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1993978-0-89862-308-6James B. StiffPersuasive Communication
1994978-0-89862-324-6Katie Evans · J. Michael SullivanTreating Addicted Survivors of Trauma
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1989978-0-89862-379-6James S. Uleman · John A. BarghUnintended Thought
  ''978-0-89862-381-9D. Richard LawsRelapse Prevention With Sex Offenders
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  ''978-0-89862-418-2Steven Best · Douglas KellnerPostmodern Theory
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1994978-0-89862-480-9Ann Howard · and AssociatesDiagnosis for Organizational Change: Methods and Models (The Professional Practice Series)
1991978-0-89862-481-6Jay FolbergJoint Custody and Shared Parenting: Second Edition
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1998978-0-89862-595-0Robert StockAfrica South of the Sahara: A Geographical Interpretation
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1989978-0-89862-735-0Nancy Boyd-FranklinBlack Families in Therapy: A Multisystems Approach
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  ''978-0-89862-864-7Sara DiamondRoads to Dominion: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States
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