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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-89586-003-3Ken SmithWestern Home Landscaping
1978978-0-89586-007-1Karine Eliason · Nevada Harward · Madeline WestoverMake-a-Mix Cookery: How to Make Your Own Mixes
  ''978-0-89586-008-8Karine EliasonMake-a-mix cookery: How to make your own mixes
  ''978-0-89586-012-5Ken SmithWestern home landscaping
1993978-0-89586-036-1Tom MonroeHow to Rebuild Ford V-8 Engines
1987978-0-89586-047-7Mike UrichHolly Carburetor Handbook 4150 & 4160 Hp473
  ''978-0-89586-051-4Ron SessionsTurbo Hydra-Matic 350 Handbook
1980978-0-89586-055-2Karine Eliason · Nevada Harward · Madeline WestoverMore Make-A-Mix Cookery
1987978-0-89586-059-0David BrooksHow to Control & Use Photographic Lighting
1989978-0-89586-070-5Steve ChristHow To Rebuild BIG-BLOCK FORD ENGINES
1987978-0-89586-103-0Roger HuntingtonDesign & Development of the INDY CAR
  ''978-0-89586-128-3Don TaylorHow to Rebuild Small-Block Mopar Engines
1984978-0-89586-135-1Hugh MacInnesTurbochargers HP49 (HP Books): Turbo Design, Sizing & Matching, Spark-Ignition & Diesel Engine Applications, Water Injection, Controls, Carburetion, Intercooling, ... Street & Race Cars, Boats, Motorc
1982978-0-89586-145-0Robert McQuilkinHow to Photograph Sports and Action (HP photobooks)
1987978-0-89586-155-9Rita DavenportThe Sourdough Cookbook
1980978-0-89586-159-7John BlockleyHow To Paint With Pastels
1987978-0-89586-161-0Cort A. SinnesSpas and Hot Tubs: How to Plan, Install and Enjoy
1982978-0-89586-163-4Janet PittmanPies and Pastries: Appetizers, Main Dishes & Desserts
1987978-0-89586-175-7Tom WilsonHow to Rebuild Big-Block Chevy Engines
1987978-0-89586-185-6William DeemingCanning
  ''978-0-89586-186-3Jeff HibbardBaja Bugs and Buggies: How to prepare VW-based cars for off-road fun and racing
  ''978-0-89586-194-8Rosalind CooperSpirits & Liquers
  ''978-0-89586-219-8Sharon HerbstBreads
  ''978-0-89586-220-4Don Taylor · Larry HoferPaint & Body Handbook (HP204)
1987978-0-89586-222-8Theodore James Jr.How to Select and Grow African Violets and Other Gesneriads
  ''978-0-89586-225-9Tom WilsonHow to Rebuild Your Volkswagen air-Cooled Engine (All models, 1961 and up)
  ''978-0-89586-232-7Fred PuhnBrake Handbook
1986978-0-89586-237-2Sharon HerbstSimply Sensational Desserts
1987978-0-89586-238-9Jim HornerAutomotive Electrical Handbook (HP 387)
  ''978-0-89586-257-0Richard FinchWelder's Handbook
  ''978-0-89586-272-3Marianna Olszewska HeberlePolish Cooking
1987978-0-89586-281-5Pam HarperPerennials
  ''978-0-89586-299-0Mildred & Colleen SeeleyDoll Costuming: How to Costume French & German Bisque Dolls
  ''978-0-89586-301-0Doug RoeRochester Carburetors, Revised Edition
  ''978-0-89586-307-2Ruth A. Kendrick · Pauline H. AtkinsonCandymaking
  ''978-0-89586-328-7Lydia RichterTreasury of German Dolls (Album 1)
1987978-0-89586-329-4Lydia RichterTreasury of French Dolls (Album 2)
  ''978-0-89586-330-0Ursula BrechtPrecious Dolls: A Treasury of Bisque Dolls
  ''978-0-89586-331-7Lydia RichterTreasury of Kathe Kruse Dolls (Album 3)
1989978-0-89586-334-8M.D. H. Winter GriffithComplete Guide to Symptoms, Illness & Surgery
1986978-0-89586-371-3Terry ThompsonCajun-Creole Cooking
1987978-0-89586-372-0Derek FellTrees and Shrubs
1990978-0-89586-375-1Ron SessionsCamaro Restoration Handbook HPBooks 758
1988978-0-89586-377-5Verlon P. BradenWeber Carburetors (HP Books 774)
1987978-0-89586-402-4Don TaylorMustang Restoration Handbook
1985978-0-89586-406-2Kenneth LoNew Chinese Cooking School: An Illustrated Course in Contemporary Chinese Cuisine
1989978-0-89586-416-1Maxine Tobias · Mary StewartStretch And Relax
1987978-0-89586-423-9Bergsma · BerwickRay Berwick's Complete Guide to Training Your Cat
  ''978-0-89586-425-3Mildred Seeley · Vernon SeeleyHow to Collect French Fashion Dolls
  ''978-0-89586-427-7Carl ShipmanSlr Photographer's Handbook Revised
1987978-0-89586-433-8Mike Urich · Bill FisherHolley Carburetors & Manifolds: HPBooks-339
1990978-0-89586-460-4Michael LammCamaro 3 Gen Hc Hp606
1987978-0-89586-476-5Francis T. LynchGarnishing: A Feast For Your Eyes
1989978-0-89586-479-6Larry ShepardHow to Hot Rod Small Block Mopar Engines: Covers All Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth LA Series Engines-1964 to Present-273-318-340-360 C.I.D.
1988978-0-89586-480-2June BudgenThe Book of Garnishes
1989978-0-89586-481-9Beverly Sutherland-SmithThe Book of Chocolates and Petits Fours
1988978-0-89586-482-6June BudgenThe Book of Appetizers
1987978-0-89586-502-1Jon LittmanOnce Upon a Time in Computerland
1989978-0-89586-504-5Gordon GrimsdaleThe Book of Sauces
1988978-0-89586-507-6Mary NorwakThe Book of Preserves: Jams, Chutneys, Pickles, Jellies
1987978-0-89586-579-3Angela HynesThe Pleasures of Afternoon Tea
  ''978-0-89586-597-7Bob GoldmanDeath In The Locker Room
  ''978-0-89586-639-4Henry HoltGet Published
1989978-0-89586-641-7Lesley MackleyThe Book of Pasta
  ''978-0-89586-642-4Louise SteeleThe Book of Hot and Spicy Foods
1987978-0-89586-655-4Milton KamenA Grandparent's Book
1989978-0-89586-659-2Jerold J. Kreisman · Hal StrausI Hate You - Don't Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality
  ''978-0-89586-667-7Lorna RhodesThe Book of Fondues
1989978-0-89586-669-1Mary NorwakThe Book of Crepes and Omelets
  ''978-0-89586-678-3Edward Goldsmith · Nicholas HildyardEarth Report
1988978-0-89586-689-9Marty SeldmanDr. Marty Seldman's Super Selling Through Self-Talk: The Ultimate Edge in Sales Success.
  ''978-0-89586-733-9Robert and Sheila HurthSecrets of Boudoir Photography
  ''978-0-89586-747-6J. Wesley SmithThe Doctor Book: A Nuts and Bolts Guide to Patient Power
1991978-0-89586-754-4H. Winter GriffithComp gde presc 6hc
1989978-0-89586-757-5Ron Fournier · Sue FournierSheet Metal Handbook: How to Form and Shape Sheet Metal for Competition, Custom and Restoration Use
  ''978-0-89586-788-9Sarah BushThe Book of Pizzas and Italian Breads
1989978-0-89586-789-6Louise SteeleThe Book of Sandwiches
  ''978-0-89586-790-2Cecilia NormanThe Book of Grilling and Barbecuing
  ''978-0-89586-791-9Lorna RhodesThe Book of Salads
  ''978-0-89586-795-7Wesley J. SmithThe Senior Citizens' Handbook
1990978-0-89586-802-2Carl ShipmanHow to Select & Use Olympus SLR Cameras
1989978-0-89586-803-9   ''How To Use/sel Nikon
  ''978-0-89586-818-3Lorna RhodesThe Book of Soups
1993978-0-89586-819-0Janice MurfittThe Book of Dressings and Marinades
1989978-0-89586-820-6Linda FraserThe Book of Curries and Indian Foods
1990978-0-89586-822-0Sally TaylorThe Book of Desserts
1990978-0-89586-823-7Kerenza HarriesThe Book of Breakfasts and Brunches
1989978-0-89586-844-2Leslie ThomasGoodnight & Loving
1990978-0-89586-848-0Carol TimperleyGourmet Guide to Cheese (Gourmet's Guide)
  ''978-0-89586-864-0Charles Metcalfe · Kathryn McWhirterThe Wines of Spain & Portugal
  ''978-0-89586-870-1Ron FournierMetal Fabricator's Handbook