Impact Christian Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-0-89228-001-8Frank D. HammondDemons and Deliverance: In The Ministry Of Jesus (Spiritual Warfare)
  ''978-0-89228-015-5Donald BashamCan a Christian Have a Demon?
1988978-0-89228-016-2Frank D. HammondSoul Ties: Frank Hammond Booklet Series
  ''978-0-89228-017-9Frank HammondConfronting Familiar Spirits: Counterfeits to the Holy Spirit
2014978-0-89228-027-8Frank Hammond · Ida Mae HammondPigs in the Parlor: A Practical Guide to Deliverance
1975978-0-89228-029-2H. Clay TrumbullThe Blood Covenant
2000978-0-89228-075-9H. Clay TrumbullThe Threshold Covenant
1994978-0-89228-077-3Frank Hammond · Ida Mae HammondComfort for the Wounded Spirit: A Message of Hope for Those how are Bruised, Crushed or Broken (Spiritual Warfare)
1996978-0-89228-078-0   ''Manual for Childrens Deliverance (Spiritual Warfare)
1999978-0-89228-079-7H. Clay TrumbullThe Salt Covenant
2002978-0-89228-098-8Stephen BanksThe Third Tower of Babel
1985978-0-89228-100-8Frank HammondKingdom Living for the Family: Restoring God's Peace, Joy and Righteousness in the Home
  ''978-0-89228-101-5William D. Banks · Bill BanksThe Heavens Declare
1987978-0-89228-104-6Frank D. HammondThe Saints at War: Spiritual Warfare over Families, Churches, Cities and Nations
  ''978-0-89228-105-3Frank HammondOvercoming Rejection (Spiritual Warfare Series)
1993978-0-89228-109-1   ''The Breaking of Curses (Spiritual Warfare, Vol. 5)
1994978-0-89228-110-7Ruth BrownDestroying the Works of Witchcraft through Fasting and Prayer
2002978-0-89228-136-7Bill BanksOvercoming the Blocks to Healing
2000978-0-89228-139-8Bill Banks · Susan Banks · Frank HammondBreaking Unhealthy Soul Ties: Do Your Relationships Produce Bondage or Joy?
2003978-0-89228-170-1Don DickermanSerpents in the Sanctuary: Breaking Bondage in Believers
2003978-0-89228-172-5Don DickermanTurmoil in the Temple: Breaking Bondage in Believers
  ''978-0-89228-174-9Peggy Joyce RuthThose Who Trust the Lord Shall Not Be Disappointed
2004978-0-89228-176-3Don DickermanProtected by Angels: God's Special Agents
  ''978-0-89228-177-0Peggy Joyce RuthTormented: 8 Years and Back
  ''978-0-89228-178-7   ''Psalm 91: God's Umbrella of Protection
2005978-0-89228-179-4Evelyn C. ParkeThe Power of Forgiveness
2003978-0-89228-181-7Peggy Joyce RuthPsalm 91 for Youth
2007978-0-89228-185-5   ''My Own Psalm 91 Book
2011978-0-89228-199-2Frank HammondSTUDY GUIDE: Pigs in the Parlor
2002978-0-89228-203-6Frank D. HammondObstacles to Deliverance: Why Deliverance Sometimes Fails (The Frank Hammond Booklet Series)
2014978-0-89228-204-3Bill BanksStudy Guide: Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties: A Companion Study to the Book "Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties"
2002978-0-89228-205-0Frank HammondRepercussions from Sexual Sins: The Sexual Revolution is wreaking havoc on the family, the Church, and the individual's relationship with Jesus Christ.
2014978-0-89228-368-2Frank HammondThe Discerning of Spirits