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1975978-0-89130-066-3P. Kyle McCarterThe Antiquity of Greek Alphabet and Early Phoenician Scripts (Harvard Semitic Monographs)
1977978-0-89130-092-2ThalesTeles (the cynic teacher) (Graeco-Roman religion series)
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1977978-0-89130-151-6Abraham J. MalherbeThe Cynic Epistles: A Study Edition (Sources for Biblical Study) (English and Ancient Greek Edition)
  ''978-0-89130-190-5Joshua B SteinClaude Goldsmid Montefiore on the ancient Rabbis: The second generation of reform Judaism in Britain (Brown Judaic studies)
1978978-0-89130-202-51978 Bible. O. T. Apocryphal Books. Odes of Solomon. SyriacOdes of Solomon: The Syriac Texts (Texts and Translations) (English and Syriac Edition)
  ''978-0-89130-228-5George L. GoodwinOntological Argument of Charles Hartshorne (Dissertation Series (American Academy of Religion))
  ''978-0-89130-229-2Wayne A. Meeks · Robert Louis WilkenJews and Christians in Antioch in the First Four Centuries of the Common Era (Sources for Biblical study) (English and Ancient Greek Edition)
  ''978-0-89130-250-6Howard M. JacksonZosimos of Panopolis on the Letter of Omega (Graeco-Roman religion series)
1978978-0-89130-263-6Thomas Oden LambdinIntroduction to Classical Ethiopic (Ge'ez)
1980978-0-89130-343-5The Polish brethren: Documentation of the history and thought of Unitarianism in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and in the Diaspora 1601-1685 (Harvard theological studies)
1979978-0-89130-347-3John E. Stambaugh · David G. RiceSources for the Study of Greek Religion (Sources for Biblical Study #14)
1983978-0-89130-349-7Carl R. Holladay · Halladay · HOLLADAYFragments from Hellenistic Jewish Authors: Volume I: Historians
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1985978-0-89130-374-9Israel YeivinIntroduction to the Tiberian Masorah (Masoretic Studies) (English and Hebrew Edition)
1981978-0-89130-410-4David L. SmithSymbolism and Growth: Religious Thought of Horace Bushnell
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  ''978-0-89130-424-1John Dominic CrossanA Fragile Craft: The Work of Amos Niven Wilder
2000978-0-89130-446-3Martin NothA History of Pentateuchal Traditions
1981978-0-89130-472-2of Alexandria Philo · Abraham TerianPhilonis Alexandrini De Animalibus (Studies in Hellenistic Judaism, No. 1) (English, Armenian, Latin and Ancient Greek Edition)
  ''978-0-89130-494-4Stanley Kent StowersThe Diatribe and Paul's Letter to the Romans (Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series)
  ''978-0-89130-496-8Roger S. BagnallGreek Historical Documents: The Hellenistic Period
1981978-0-89130-505-7The Journey of Western spirituality (The Annual publication of the College Theology Society)
  ''978-0-89130-511-8Howard R GreensteinTurning point, Zionism and reform Judaism (Brown Judaic studies)
  ''978-0-89130-512-5Howard GreensteinTurning Point: Zionism and Reform Judaism (Brown Judaic Studies)
1989978-0-89130-537-8Guangming Wu · Kuang-Ming WuChuang Tzu: World Philosopher at Play (Aar Studies in Religion)
1981978-0-89130-544-6Wayne L. FehrBirth of the Catholic Tubingen School: The Dogmatics of Johann Sebastian Drey (American Academy of Religion Academy Series)
1985978-0-89130-558-3Lucius Annaeus SenecaSeneca: Moral Epistles (American Philological Association) (English and Latin Edition)
1984978-0-89130-560-6SallustSallust's Bellum Catilinae
1983978-0-89130-563-7David Winston · John DillonTwo Treatises of Philo of Alexandria: A Commentary on De Gigantibus and Quod Deus sit Immutabilis
  ''978-0-89130-568-2Lawrence H. SchiffmanSectarian Law in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Courts, Testimony, and the Penal Code (Brown Judaic Studies ; No. 33)
1982978-0-89130-572-9Martin OstwaldAutonomia, Its Genesis and Early History (Society for Classical Studies American Classical Studies)
  ''978-0-89130-583-5St. AugustineAugustine on Romans: Propositions from the Epistle to the Romans and Unfinished Commentary on the Epistles to the Romans
1983978-0-89130-592-7Kent P. JacksonThe Ammonite Language of the Iron Age (Harvard Semitic Monographs)
1983978-0-89130-615-3Michael A. MorganSepher Ha-Razim: The Book of Mysteries (Sssa Special Publication) (English and Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-0-89130-616-0David AnhagtDefinitions and Divisions of Philosophy by David the Invincible Philosopher: English Translation of the Old Armenian Version with Introduction and Notes
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1984978-0-89130-759-4Jacob NeusnerFrom Mishnah to Scripture: The Problem of the Unattributed Saying
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2000978-0-89130-763-1Susan NiditchChaos to Cosmos: Studies in Biblical Patterns of Creation (Scholars Press Studies in the Humanities)
1985978-0-89130-767-9Timaios of Locri, on the Nature of the World and the Soul
  ''978-0-89130-790-7Roger S. BagnallCurrency and Inflation in Fourth Century Egypt
1960978-0-89130-811-9T. Robert S. BroughtonSupplement to The Magistrates of the Roman Republic; Vol. 3, (Philological Monographs)
1985978-0-89130-812-6   ''The Magistrates of the Roman Republic 99 B.C.-31 B.C (PHILOLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS)
  ''978-0-89130-838-6Howard N. WallaceThe Eden Narrative (Harvard Semitic Monographs)
  ''978-0-89130-843-0Henry A. GreenThe Economic and Social Origins of Gnosticism (SBL Dissertation Series 77)
  ''978-0-89130-867-6Jacob NeusnerThe Memorized Torah
1985978-0-89130-871-3Lucius Annaeus SenecaSeneca's Thyestes (American Philological Association Textbook Series, No. 11) (Society for Classical Studies Textbooks) (Latin Edition)
  ''978-0-89130-878-2John Russiano MilesRetroversion and Text Criticism: The Predictability of Syntax in an Ancient Translation from Greek to Ethiopic (SEPTUAGINT AND COGNATE STUDIES SERIES)
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  ''978-0-89130-995-6Mary CallawaySing, O Barren One: A Study in Comparative Midrash

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