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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-88133-030-4Charles WagleyWelcome of Tears: The Tapirape Indians of Central Brazil
1984978-0-88133-037-3James F. DownsThe Navajo
  ''978-0-88133-038-0William BascomThe Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria
  ''978-0-88133-041-0David E. JonesSanapia: Comanche Medicine Woman
1985978-0-88133-042-7Ruth Murray UnderhillPapago Woman: An Intimate Portrait of American Indian Culture
1984978-0-88133-048-9Richard BaumanVerbal Art As Performance
1983978-0-88133-051-9John C. MessengerInis Beag: Isle of Ireland
  ''978-0-88133-052-6Robert B. EkvallFields on the Hoof: Nexus of Tibetan Nomadic Pastoralism
  ''978-0-88133-056-4Merwyn S. GarbarinoSociocultural Theory in Anthropology: A Short History
1983978-0-88133-059-5Edward P. DozierThe Pueblo Indians of North America
  ''978-0-88133-060-1T. O. BeidelmanKaguru: A Matrilineal People of East Africa
1984978-0-88133-076-2Edward NorbeckChanging Japan
  ''978-0-88133-082-3Francis Mading DengThe Dinka of the Sudan
  ''978-0-88133-084-7Bronislaw MalinowskiArgonauts of the Western Pacific
  ''978-0-88133-093-9Marlene Dobkin de RiosVisionary Vine: Hallucinogenic Healing in the Peruvian Amazon
1985978-0-88133-119-6Jose Martel · Hymen Alpern · Leonard MadesDiez Comedias del Siglo de Oro (Spanish and English Edition)
1985978-0-88133-135-6James J. PrestonCult of the Goddess: Social and Religious Change in a Hindu Temple
  ''978-0-88133-143-1Joseph W. BastienMountain of the Condor: Metaphor and Ritual in an Andean Ayllu (Case Studies in Education and Culture)
  ''978-0-88133-158-5George GmelchThe Irish Tinkers: The Urbanization of an Itinerant People, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-88133-164-6Gerald L. GoldSaint-Pascal: Changing Leadership and Social Organization in a Quebec Town
  ''978-0-88133-180-6George J. KlimaThe Barabaig: East African Cattle-Herders
1985978-0-88133-183-7Pauline KolendaCaste in Contemporary India: Beyond Organic Solidarity
1986978-0-88133-204-9Robert M. NettingCultural Ecology
  ''978-0-88133-207-0Fredrik BarthNomads of South Persia: The Basseri Tribe of the Khamseh Confederacy
  ''978-0-88133-210-0Michael KearneyWinds of Ixtepeji: World View and Society in a Zapotec Town
  ''978-0-88133-214-8Keith H. BassoThe Cibecue Apache
  ''978-0-88133-218-6Amy KlobucharUncovering the Dome
1986978-0-88133-223-0David Hurst ThomasRefiguring Anthropology: First Principles of Probability & Statistics
  ''978-0-88133-225-4Ronald P. Rohner · Evelyn C. BettauerThe Kwakiutl: Indians of British Columbia
  ''978-0-88133-229-2Dorothy LeeValuing the Self: What We Can Learn from Other Cultures
  ''978-0-88133-235-3Anne SutherlandGypsies: The Hidden Americans
  ''978-0-88133-244-5Gregory G. ReckIn the Shadow of Tlaloc: Life in a Mexican Village
1986978-0-88133-247-6Louis C. FaronThe Mapuche Indians of Chile
  ''978-0-88133-267-4Paul Gerhard Hoel · Sidney C. Port · Charles J. StoneIntroduction to Stochastic Processes
1987978-0-88133-276-6Donald J. WilcoxIn Search of God and Self: Renaissance and Reformation Thought
  ''978-0-88133-285-8Hani FakhouriKafr El-Elow: Continuity and Change in an Egyptian Community
  ''978-0-88133-303-9Dorothy D. LeeFreedom and Culture
  ''978-0-88133-305-3Jan YoorsThe Gypsies
1988978-0-88133-312-1James W. LoewenThe Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White, Second Edition
1987978-0-88133-314-5Morton KlassEast Indians in Trinidad: A Study of Cultural Persistence
1987978-0-88133-315-2George McClelland FosterTzintzuntzan: Mexican Peasants in a Changing World
  ''978-0-88133-320-6David HicksTetum Ghosts and Kin
1988978-0-88133-325-1Anton BlokThe Mafia of a Sicilian Village 1860-1960: A Study of Violent Peasant Entrepreneurs
1987978-0-88133-327-5Dominic A. InfanteArguing Constructively
1988978-0-88133-340-4Richard Biesanz · Karen Zubris Biesanz · Mavis Hiltunen BiesanzThe Costa Ricans
1985978-0-88133-348-0Merwyn GarbarinoNative American Heritage
1988978-0-88133-350-3Lois EllfeldtA Primer for Choreographers
  ''978-0-88133-351-0M. G. BicchieriHunters and Gatherers Today: A Socioeconomic Study of Eleven Such Cultures in the Twentieth Century
  ''978-0-88133-363-3Elias L. RiversRenaissance and Baroque Poetry of Spain: With English Prose Translations
  ''978-0-88133-367-1William H. RikerLiberalism Against Populism: A Confrontation Between the Theory of Democracy and the Theory of Social Choice
1972978-0-88133-373-2Pa ChinFamily
1988978-0-88133-393-0Joseph A. DeVitoThe Nonverbal Communication Workbook
1988978-0-88133-401-2Conrad M. ArensbergIrish Countryman: An Anthropological Study
  ''978-0-88133-404-3Elizabeth Warnock FerneaA Street in Marrakech
1989978-0-88133-405-0Martha C. WardNest in the Wind: Adventures in Anthropology on a Tropical Island
  ''978-0-88133-408-1John Cowan MessengerInis Beag Revisited: The Anthropologist As Observant Participator
  ''978-0-88133-412-8William Gustason · Dolph E. UlrichElementary Symbolic Logic
  ''978-0-88133-420-3N. David MerminSpace and Time in Special Relativity
1989978-0-88133-421-0Dennis BarnaalDigital and Microprocessor Electronics for Scientific Application
  ''978-0-88133-422-7   ''Analog Electronics for Scientific Application
  ''978-0-88133-432-6Peter Heller · Edith EhrlichDichter Denker Und Erzahler: A German Reader
  ''978-0-88133-435-7Asen BalikciNetsilik Eskimo
  ''978-0-88133-444-9Niccolo MachiavelliThe Prince
1989978-0-88133-457-9Lewis A. Coser · Bernard RosenbergSociological Theory: A Book of Readings
  ''978-0-88133-459-3Paul BohannanJustice and Judgment Among the Tiv
  ''978-0-88133-463-0Francelia ButlerSharing Literature With Children: A Thematic Anthology
  ''978-0-88133-468-5Gary Brana-ShuteOn the Corner: Male Social Life in a Paramaribo Creole Neighborhood
1990978-0-88133-477-7Peter T. FurstFlesh of the Gods: The Ritual Use of Hallucinogens
1989978-0-88133-478-4Norman K. BoothBasic Elements of Landscape Architectural Design
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1989978-0-88133-485-2Ronald FrankenbergVillage on the Border: A Social Study of Religion, Politics and Football in a North Wales Community
  ''978-0-88133-491-3Barbara Gallatin AndersonFirst Fieldwork: The Misadventures of an Anthropologist
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  ''978-0-88133-541-5Johann Wolfgang Von GoetheGotz Von Berlichingen: A Play
1990978-0-88133-543-9Alta JablowGassire's Lute: A West African Epic
1991978-0-88133-548-4Robert E. Ritzenthaler · Pat RitzenthalerThe Woodland Indians of the Western Great Lakes
1990978-0-88133-554-5John M. Wozencraft · Irwin Mark JacobsPrinciples of Communication Engineering
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1990978-0-88133-574-3NovalisHenry Von Ofterdingen: A Novel
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1993978-0-88133-628-3David DawleyA Nation of Lords: The Autobiography of the Vice Lords
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1992978-0-88133-677-1Charles Van RiperThe Nature of Stuttering
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