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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1954978-0-87747-066-3Brigham YoungDiscourses of Brigham Young: Second President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
1973978-0-87747-081-6Joseph Fielding SmithEssentials in church history;: A history of the church from the birth of Joseph Smith to the present time,
1986978-0-87747-148-6George Q. CannonLife of Joseph Smith the Prophet (Classics in Mormon literature)
1976978-0-87747-161-5Le Grand RichardsA Marvelous Work and a Wonder
978-0-87747-167-7Matthew Cowley speaks
1980978-0-87747-245-2J. Spencer CornwallStories of Our Mormon Hymns
1986978-0-87747-247-6   ''Stories of Our Mormon Hymns
1981978-0-87747-298-8Neal A. MaxwellOf One Heart: The Glory of the City of Enoch
1988978-0-87747-315-2Stephen R. CoveySpiritual Roots of Human Relations
1970978-0-87747-348-0Harold B. LeeYouth and the Church,
1971978-0-87747-414-2Preston NibleyThe Presidents of the Church
1972978-0-87747-484-5Joseph Fielding SmithThe life of Joseph Fielding Smith, tenth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints
  ''978-0-87747-490-6Spencer W KimballFaith precedes the miracle;: Based on discourses of Spencer W. Kimball
1976978-0-87747-505-7Neal a. MaxwellThe Smallest Part
1973978-0-87747-511-8Thomas S MonsonPathways to perfection;: Discourses of Thomas S. Monson
1974978-0-87747-519-4George Q CannonGospel Truth; Discourses and Writings of President George Q. Cannon
  ''978-0-87747-520-0George Q. CannonGospel Truth: Volume 2 Discourses and Writings of President George Q. Canon (Discourses and Writings of President George Q. Cannon, 2)
1984978-0-87747-523-1Boyd K PackerOur Father's Plan
1974978-0-87747-538-5Neal A MaxwellThat my family should partake
  ''978-0-87747-541-5Esra Taft BensonGod Family Country: Our Three Great Loyalties
1975978-0-87747-558-3Boyd K PackerTeach ye diligently
1976978-0-87747-592-7Mark E PetersenAdam, who is he?
  ''978-0-87747-594-1Harold B., et al, committee member LeeThe Story of the Latter-Day Saints
1975978-0-87747-604-7Neal A MaxwellOf one heart: The glory of the City of Enoch
1985978-0-87747-608-5John L. SorensonAn Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon
1976978-0-87747-610-8Daniel LudlowCompanion to Your Study of the Book of Mormon
1977978-0-87747-626-9Joseph SmithTeachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith
1977978-0-87747-637-5Francis M. GibbonsJoseph Smith: Martyr-Prophet of God
  ''978-0-87747-651-1Mark E. PetersenMoses: Man of Miracles
  ''978-0-87747-655-9Elaine Cannon · Ed J. PinegarThe Mighty Change
  ''978-0-87747-658-0Ezra Taft BensonThis nation shall endure
1939978-0-87747-663-4Joseph Fielding SmithGospel Doctrine: Selections from the Sermons and Writings of Joseph F. Smith
1984978-0-87747-664-1Richard TiceInside Track
1977978-0-87747-665-8Joseph F SmithTeachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith
1978978-0-87747-674-0Parley P PrattKey to the science of theology ; A voice of warning (Classics in Mormon literature)
  ''978-0-87747-675-7Spencer W KimballMarriage
1977978-0-87747-682-5Robert O'BrienMarriott
1977978-0-87747-685-6Neal A MaxwellWherefore Ye Must Press Forward
1985978-0-87747-714-3Francis M. GibbonsJohn Taylor: Mormon Philosopher, Prophet of God
1978978-0-87747-719-8Marvin J AshtonWhat is Your Destination?
  ''978-0-87747-722-8Daniel H. LudlowA Companion To Your Study of the Doctrine and Covenants
  ''978-0-87747-729-7Daniel H. LudlowA Companion to Your Study of the Doctrine and Covenants, Vol. 2 Appendixes
  ''978-0-87747-730-3Neal A MaxwellThings as they really are
2000978-0-87747-749-5Thomas S. MonsonFavorite Quotations from the Collection of Thomas S. Monson
1979978-0-87747-755-6Francis M GibbonsHeber J. Grant, Man of Steel, Prophet of God
1984978-0-87747-759-4Heidi LopezJesus wants me for a sunbeam-- and other counted cross-stitch designs for children's rooms
  ''978-0-87747-762-4Neal A MaxwellWe talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ
1985978-0-87747-771-6Charles A. CoonradtThe Game of Work: How to Enjoy Work As Much As Play
1979978-0-87747-773-0J. Reuben ClarkWhy the King James version: A series of study notes, neither treatises nor essays, dealing with certain elementary problems and specific scriptural passages (Classics in Mormon literature)
1979978-0-87747-780-8Mark E PetersenAbraham: Friend of God
  ''978-0-87747-787-7Thomas S MonsonBe your best self
  ''978-0-87747-796-9Neal A MaxwellAll these things shall give thee experience
1980978-0-87747-807-2James E FaustTo reach even unto you
1981978-0-87747-846-1Richard Lloyd AndersonInvestigating the Book of Mormon Witnesses
1993978-0-87747-853-9Daniel H. LudlowA Companion to Your Study of the Old Testament
1981978-0-87747-854-6Jack WeylandSam
  ''978-0-87747-855-3Neal A MaxwellNotwithstanding My Weakness
  ''978-0-87747-858-4Francis M. GibbonsBrigham Young: Modern Moses, Prophet of God
1985978-0-87747-872-0Bruce R. McConkieA New Witness For the Articles Of Faith
1985978-0-87747-897-3Joseph SmithLectures on Faith
1984978-0-87747-899-7Gordon B. HinckleyBe Thou an Example
1982978-0-87747-903-1James E. TalmageJesus the Christ: A Study of the Messiah and His Mission (Classics in Mormon Literature Series)
  ''978-0-87747-912-3Neal A MaxwellWe will prove them herewith
  ''978-0-87747-926-0Staff of PublisherA Legacy remembered: The Relief Society magazine, 1914-1970
  ''978-0-87747-934-5Marvin J AshtonYe are my friends
  ''978-0-87747-936-9Francis M GibbonsLorenzo Snow: Spiritual giant, prophet of God
1982978-0-87747-942-0Thomas M. MumfordHorizontal Harmony of the Four Gospels in Parallel Columns: King James Version
  ''978-0-87747-943-7Neal A MaxwellEven as I am
  ''978-0-87747-945-1Daniel H LudlowA companion to your study of the New Testament: The four Gospels
1983978-0-87747-959-8Mark E PetersenAlma and Abinadi
  ''978-0-87747-973-4Milton Vaughn BackmanThe Heavens Resound: A History of the Latter-Day Saints in Ohio, 1830-1838
  ''978-0-87747-976-5Thomas S MonsonChristmas gifts, Christmas blessings
1983978-0-87747-979-6Neal A. MaxwellPlain and Precious Things
1984978-0-87747-988-8Francis M. GibbonsJoseph F. Smith: Patriarch and Preacher, Prophet of God
  ''978-0-87747-990-1Joseph Fielding McConkieSpirit of Revelation
1983978-0-87747-997-0Ezra Taft BensonCome Unto Christ