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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-87579-010-7Carlfred BroderickOne Flesh, One Heart: Putting Celestial Love into Your Temple Marriage
  ''978-0-87579-032-9Hugh NibleyOld Testament and Related Studies (The collected works of Hugh Nibley)
  ''978-0-87579-036-7Francis M GibbonsDavid O. McKay: Apostle to the world, prophet of God
  ''978-0-87579-047-3Hugh NibleyThe collected works of Hugh Nibley: Enoch the prophet, Volume 2
2008978-0-87579-067-1Ezra Taft BensonThe Constitution: A Heavenly Banner
1987978-0-87579-070-1Jack WeylandSara, Whenever I Hear Your Name
  ''978-0-87579-071-8Neal A. MaxwellMeek and Lowly
1988978-0-87579-076-3Avraham GileadiThe Book of Isaiah: A New Translation With Interpretive Keys from the Book of Mormon (English and Hebrew Edition)
1987978-0-87579-078-7Hugh NibleyThe World and the Prophets (The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Vol 3)
1987978-0-87579-091-6Jerrie W. HurdOur Sisters in the Latter-Day Scriptures
  ''978-0-87579-093-0Martin Berkeley HickmanDavid Matthew Kennedy: Banker, Statesman, Churchman (Monograph series of the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies at Brigham Young University)
  ''978-0-87579-098-5Gerald N LundThe freedom factor
  ''978-0-87579-100-5Deniece SchofieldSpringing the Time Trap: Time Management for Today's Busy Homemaker
1990978-0-87579-106-7Marvin AshtonBe of Good Cheer
1987978-0-87579-109-8J. Reuben ClarkJ. Reuben Clark: Selected Papers on Americanism and National Affairs Vol. 5
  ''978-0-87579-110-4Sheri L. DewEzra Taft Benson: A Biography
1988978-0-87579-115-9Francis M. GibbonsWilford Woodruff, Wondrous Worker, Prophet of God
1987978-0-87579-117-3Kent P. Jackson1 Nephi to Alma 29 (Studies in Scripture)
1987978-0-87579-121-0Jack WeylandCharly
  ''978-0-87579-122-7   ''Sam
1982978-0-87579-125-8Gerald N. LundOne in Thine Hand: A Novel Set in Modern Israel
1987978-0-87579-127-2Hugh NibleyMormonism and Early Christianity (Collected Works of Hugh Nibley)
1988978-0-87579-132-6   ''Lehi in the Desert, the World of the Jaredites, There Were Jaredites (Collected Works of Hugh Nibley)
  ''978-0-87579-137-1Karen Lynn DavidsonOur Latter-Day Hymns: The Stories and the Messages
  ''978-0-87579-138-8Hugh Nibley · John W. WelchAn Approach to the Book of Mormon (Collected Works of Hugh Nibley)
  ''978-0-87579-139-5Hugh Nibley · John W. WelchSince Cumorah (Collected Works of Hugh Nibley)
1988978-0-87579-153-1Ezra Taft BensonA Witness and a Warning: A Modern-Day Prophet Testifies of the Book of Mormon
2002978-0-87579-160-9Gerald N. LundAlliance
1988978-0-87579-171-5LeGrand RichardsA marvelous work and a wonder (Missionary reference library)
1989978-0-87579-179-1Hugh NibleyThe Prophetic Book of Mormon (The Collected works of Hugh Nibley)
1988978-0-87579-184-5Lowell Lindsay BennionThe Best of Lowell L. Bennion: Selected Writings, 1928-1988
1989978-0-87579-186-9Jeffrey R. Holland · Patricia T. HollandOn Earth As It Is in Heaven
2002978-0-87579-192-0Thomas MonsonLive the Good Life
1989978-0-87579-199-9Dean C. JesseeThe Papers of Joseph Smith: Autobiographical and Historical Writings - VOLUME 1
  ''978-0-87579-203-3Jack WeylandStephanie
  ''978-0-87579-206-4Neal A. MaxwellThings As They Really Are
  ''978-0-87579-216-3Ezra Taft BensonThe Constitution: A Heavenly Banner
  ''978-0-87579-217-0Sheri L DewEzra Taft Benson a Biography
1990978-0-87579-219-4George W. GivensIn Old Nauvoo: Everyday Life in the City of Joseph
1989978-0-87579-220-0Bruce C HafenBroken Heart Applying the Atonement
1989978-0-87579-242-2Richard L. AndersonInvestigating the Book of Mormon Witnesses
1977978-0-87579-243-9Joseph F. SmithTeachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith
1989978-0-87579-245-3Susan E. BlackDoctrines for exaltation
1990978-0-87579-251-4Derin Head RodriguezFrom Every Nation
1989978-0-87579-252-1Hugh NibleyApproaching Zion (The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Vol 9)
  ''978-0-87579-268-2Eugene EnglandConverted to Christ Through the Book of Mormon
  ''978-0-87579-270-5Gordon Bit HinckleyFaith the Essence of True Religion
  ''978-0-87579-275-0Ezra Taft BensonA Labor of Love: The Nineteen Forty-Six European Mission of Ezra Taft Benson
  ''978-0-87579-279-8Avraham GileadiThe Book of Isaiah: A New Translation with Interpretive Keys From the Book of Mormon
1990978-0-87579-285-9Francis M. GibbonsGeorge Albert Smith: Kind and Caring Christian, Prophet of God
1991978-0-87579-287-3Avraham GileadiThe Last Days: Types and Shadows from the Bible and the Book of Mormon
1990978-0-87579-290-3Martha Nibley Beck · John C. BeckBreaking the Cycle of Compulsive Behavior
1990978-0-87579-325-2James E. TalmageArticles of Faith (Missionary Reference Library)
2001978-0-87579-326-9James E. TalmageJesus the Christ
2000978-0-87579-327-6Legrand RichardsA Marvelous Work and a Wonder (Missionary Reference Library)
1990978-0-87579-338-2Alexander MorrisonThe Dawning of a Brighter Day: The Church In Black Africa
978-0-87579-344-3Our Sisters in the Bible
1990978-0-87579-351-1Ezra T. BensonCome, Listen to a Prophet's Voice
  ''978-0-87579-362-7Richard D. DraperA Witness of Jesus Christ: The 1989 Sperry Symposium on the Old Testament
  ''978-0-87579-369-6Jack WeylandMichelle and Debra
1991978-0-87579-375-7Hugh Nibley · Donald W. Parry · Stephen D. RicksAncient State: The Rulers & the Ruled (The Collected works of Hugh Nibley)
  ''978-0-87579-387-0John L. Sorenson · Melvin ThorneRediscovering the Book of Mormon
1990978-0-87579-401-3Bruce R. McConkieMessiah Series
  ''978-0-87579-409-9Blaine M YorgasonSpiritual Survival In the Last Days
1991978-0-87579-415-0Pat BagleyI Spy a Nephite
1990978-0-87579-416-7Janet Peterson · LaRene GauntElect Ladies - Presidents Of The Relief Society
978-0-87579-417-4One for the Money
1990978-0-87579-418-1James E. FaustReach Up for the Light
1990978-0-87579-419-8Bruce C. HafenBelieving Heart
  ''978-0-87579-424-2Ezra Taft BensonRepentance
1991978-0-87579-479-2Bruce A. Van OrdenThe Lord of the Gospels: The 1990 Sperry Symposium on the New Testament
2002978-0-87579-484-6Kenneth W. Godfrey · Audrey M. Godfrey · Jill Mulvay DerrWomen's Voices: An Untold History of the Latter-Day-Saints 1830-1900
1991978-0-87579-486-0Joseph SmithHistory of the Church
1980978-0-87579-490-7Joseph SmithHistory of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: Period 1 History of Joseph Smith , the Prophet, by Himself (History of the Church, Volume 4)
1991978-0-87579-499-0Neal A. MaxwellEven as I Am
  ''978-0-87579-516-4Hugh NibleyTinkling Cymbals and Sounding Brass: The Art of Telling Tales About Joseph Smith and Brigham Young (The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley)
1992978-0-87579-523-2   ''Temple and Cosmos: Beyond This Ignorant Present (The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Vol 12: Ancient History)
1991978-0-87579-525-6Gerald N. LundLeverage Point
  ''978-0-87579-536-2J. Reuben ClarkBehold the Lamb of God: Selections from the Sermons and Writings, Published and Unpublished, of J. Reuben Clark, Jr. on the Life of the Savior (Clas)
1992978-0-87579-537-9Francis M. GibbonsJoseph Fielding Smith: Gospel Scholar, Prophet of God
  ''978-0-87579-545-4Dean C. · Scott H. Faulring (signed) JesseePapers of Joseph Smith, Vol. 2
1991978-0-87579-547-8Richard D DraperOpening the Seven Seals John the Revelat
1991978-0-87579-564-5Marvin J. AshtonThe Measure of Our Hearts
1992978-0-87579-565-2James B. Allen · Glen M. LeonardThe Story of the Latter-Day Saints
1991978-0-87579-578-2Dallin H. OaksThe Lord's Way
978-0-87579-596-6Jack Weyland-Boxed Set
1992978-0-87579-599-7Jack WeylandKimberly
  ''978-0-87579-600-0John W. WelchReexploring the Book of Mormon
  ''978-0-87579-603-1Elaine L. JackEye to Eye Heart to Heart
  ''978-0-87579-605-5Alexander B. MorrisonFeed My Sheep: Leadership Ideas for Latter-Day Shepherds
  ''978-0-87579-609-3Bruce A. Van Orden · Brent L. TopDoctrines of the Book of Mormon: The 1991 Sperry Symposium
2007978-0-87579-613-0Neal A. MaxwellAll These Things Shall Give Thee Experience
1992978-0-87579-614-7   ''Even As I Am
1992978-0-87579-630-7Pat BagleyA Nephite in the works
  ''978-0-87579-634-5Stephen E RobinsonBelieving Christ the Parable of the Bicycle and Other Good News
  ''978-0-87579-639-0Rex E. LeeWhat Do Mormons Believe
1993978-0-87579-647-5Joseph Fielding Smith · Richard C. GalbraithScriptural Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith
1992978-0-87579-669-7Thomas S MonsonThe search for Jesus: A Christmas message
1993978-0-87579-678-9Hugh Nibley · Gary P. GillumOf All Things!: Classic Quotations from Hugh Nibley
  ''978-0-87579-681-9Stephen R. CoveyHow to Succeed With People
978-0-87579-694-9I Walk by Faith
1993978-0-87579-701-4Michaelene P. GrassliWhat I Have Learned from Children
  ''978-0-87579-705-2Stephen R. CoveySpiritual Roots of Human Relations
2001978-0-87579-707-6Spencer W. KimballFaith Precedes the Miracle
1993978-0-87579-713-7Gene R. CookRaising Up a Family to the Lord
1993978-0-87579-716-8Francis M. GibbonsHarold B. Lee: Man of Vision, Prophet of God
  ''978-0-87579-741-0Sperry Symposium 1992The Heavens Are Open: The 1992 Sperry Symposium on the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History
  ''978-0-87579-757-1Pat BagleyWhere have all the Nephites gone?
  ''978-0-87579-766-3M. Russell BallardSuicide: Some Things We Know and Some We Don't
  ''978-0-87579-787-8Jack WeylandNicole
1993978-0-87579-788-5Alexander B. MorrisonVisions of Zion
1994978-0-87579-818-9Hugh Nibley · Don E. NortonBrother Brigham Challenges the Saints (The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Vol 13)
  ''978-0-87579-827-1Bruce C. Hafen · Marie K. HafenThe Belonging Heart: The Atonement and Relationships with God and Family
  ''978-0-87579-831-8PAUL Y EDT HOSKISSONThy People Shall Be My People and Thy God My God: The 1993 Sperry Symposium on the Old Testament
2001978-0-87579-843-1James E. TalmageThe Great Apostasy
1994978-0-87579-847-9Warren P. Aston · Michaela Knoth AstonIn the Footsteps of Lehi: New Evidence for Lehi's Journey Across Arabia to Bountiful
  ''978-0-87579-848-6Susan Arrington MadsenI Walked to Zion: True Stories of Young Pioneers on the Mormon Trail
  ''978-0-87579-862-2Eleanor KnowlesHoward W Hunter
1994978-0-87579-864-6Jack WeylandWeyland: Five complete novels
  ''978-0-87579-866-0Lloyd D. NewellMay Peace Be with You: Messages from "The Spoken Word"
1995978-0-87579-871-4A. Dean ByrdWillpower Is Not Enough: Why We Don't Succeed at Change
1994978-0-87579-876-9Howard W HunterThat we might have joy
1995978-0-87579-878-3Chris HeimerdingerBen Franklin and the Chamber of Time
1994978-0-87579-887-5Not AvailableThe Apostle Paul, His Life and His Testimony: The 23rd Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium
  ''978-0-87579-901-8Thomas S. MonsonInspiring Experiences That Build Faith: From the Life and Ministry of Thomas S. Monson
1995978-0-87579-906-3Pat BagleyNorman the Nephite's & Larry the Lamanite's Book of Mormon Time Line
1994978-0-87579-913-1Blaine M. YorgasonSpiritual Progression in the Last Days
2001978-0-87579-917-9M Russell BallardOur Search for Happiness
1994978-0-87579-922-3Daniel H. LudlowJesus Christ and His Gospel: Selections from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism
1995978-0-87579-923-0Daniel H. LudlowScriptures of the Church: Selections from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism
1995978-0-87579-924-7Daniel H. LudlowChurch History: Selections from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism
  ''978-0-87579-925-4   ''The Church and Society: Selections from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism
  ''978-0-87579-926-1   ''Priesthood and Church Organization: Selections for the Encyclopedia of Mormonism
1994978-0-87579-945-2Neal A. MaxwellMeek and Lowly
2002978-0-87579-961-2Gerald N. LundThe Freedom Factor
1995978-0-87579-968-1Robert L. MilletWithin Reach
  ''978-0-87579-969-8Bernard E PoduskaFor Love and Money: How to Share the Same Checkbook and Still Love Each Other
  ''978-0-87579-970-4S. Michael WilcoxHouse of Glory: Finding Personal Meaning in the Temple
1998978-0-87579-974-2Hugh B. BrownGod Is the Gardener and Profile of a Prophet (Classic Talks Series)
1998978-0-87579-975-9J. Reuben ClarkTo Them of the Last Wagon: Who Was This Jesus (Classic Talks Series)
  ''978-0-87579-983-4Marvin J AshtonThe tongue can be a sharp sword and While they are waiting and "Be of good cheer" (Classic talk series)
1995978-0-87579-994-0Francis M. GibbonsSpencer W. Kimball: Resolute Disciple, Prophet of God