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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1973978-0-87666-092-8Herbert R. AxelrodKoi of the World: Japanese Colored Carp
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1958978-0-87666-232-8Sunny ShayHow to Raise and Train an Afghan (How to Raise & Train)
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1983978-0-87666-250-2Gail C. McRaeBorzoi (How to Raise & Train)
1965978-0-87666-256-4Mary Lou TingleyBriard (How to Raise & Train)
1974978-0-87666-262-5Erliss McCormackHow to Raise and Train a Cairn Terrier
1988978-0-87666-298-4William Hart Ernest H. · GoldbeckerThis is the German Shepherd
1974978-0-87666-321-9J. BairdIrish Setters
2000978-0-87666-324-0Westover FHow to Raise and Train an Irish Wolfhound
  ''978-0-87666-331-8F. G. BrewerLabrador Retrievers
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1980978-0-87666-348-6Anna Katherine Nicholas · Joan McDonald BrearleyBook of the Pekingese: From Palace Dog to the Present Day/H953
  ''978-0-87666-352-3Arthur LiebersHow to Raise and Train a Pomeranian
1965978-0-87666-354-7L. Z. SpirerThis Is the Pomeranian
1974978-0-87666-379-0J. M. BrearleyThis Is the Samoyed
1964978-0-87666-402-5G. W. StammDog Owner's Veterinary Guide
  ''978-0-87666-435-3Robert StroudDigest on the Diseases of Birds
1965978-0-87666-436-0Robert StroudDiseases of Canaries
1972978-0-87666-437-7Samuel ApplebaumThe Way They Play - Book 1
1973978-0-87666-438-4Samuel Applebaum · Sada ApplebaumThe Way They Play, Book 2
1974978-0-87666-447-6Samuel Applebaum · Sada Applebaum · Alan Grey BraniganThe Way They Play: Book 3
1976978-0-87666-451-3Herbert R. AxelrodBreeding Aquarium Fishes, Book 4 (Bk. 4)
1990978-0-87666-455-1Karel RatajAquarium Plants: Their Identification, Cultivation and Ecology/H-966
1977978-0-87666-458-2Jacques GeryCharacoids of the World
1984978-0-87666-487-2Dorothy HoweThe Labrador Retriever
1983978-0-87666-491-9Herbert R. Axelrod · Leonard P. SchultzHandbook of tropical aquarium fishes
1995978-0-87666-510-7Herbert R. AxelrodTropical Fish
1979978-0-87666-514-5Glen S. AxelrodRift Lake Cichilds
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  ''978-0-87666-543-5   ''Exotic Tropical Fishes
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1983978-0-87666-562-6Anna Katherine NicholasThe Book of the German Shepherd Dog
1984978-0-87666-566-4Carl SemencicThe world of fighting dogs
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  ''978-0-87666-569-5Anna Katherine NicholasThe Maltese
1981978-0-87666-575-6Louis Paul LochnerFritz Kreisler
  ''978-0-87666-590-9Lev GinsburgTartini: His Life and Times
1984978-0-87666-596-1Boris KotliarovEnesco
1978978-0-87666-615-9Samuel ApplebaumWay They Play - Book 6
1980978-0-87666-619-7Samuel Applebaum · Henry RothThe Way They Play: Book 7
  ''978-0-87666-620-3Lev Solomonovich GinzburgProfessor Lev Ginsburg's Ysaye
1982978-0-87666-621-0Stephen De'akDavid Popper
1980978-0-87666-622-7Samuel ApplebaumWay They Play: Book 8
1976978-0-87666-650-0Joan M. BrearleyThis Is the Alaskan Malamute
  ''978-0-87666-656-2Lew BurkeLew Burke's Dog Training
1976978-0-87666-660-9Richard F. StrattonThis Is The American Pit Bull Terrier
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1990978-0-87666-748-4   ''Book of the Labrador Retriever
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  ''978-0-87666-799-6   ''The Way They Play Book 11
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