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1970978-0-87140-022-2Mason WilliamsThe Mason Williams F.C.C. Rapport
  ''978-0-87140-025-3Hart CraneThe Bridge
  ''978-0-87140-044-4George W CronynAmerican Indian poetry;: An anthology of songs and chants,
1971978-0-87140-045-1Wilhelm StekelImpotence in the Male
1972978-0-87140-062-8S. AnskyDybbuk
1983978-0-87140-082-6Gertrude SteinFernhurst, Q.E.D., and Other Early Writings
2014978-0-87140-100-7Edward O. WilsonThe Meaning of Human Existence
1975978-0-87140-101-4Joan MellenVoices from the Japanese cinema
  ''978-0-87140-102-1Linda PastanAspects of Eve: Poems
1976978-0-87140-107-6Wolfgang KohlerThe Place of Value in a World of Facts
  ''978-0-87140-108-3Wolfgang KohlerThe Mentality of Apes
1989978-0-87140-118-2Sigmund Freud · James StracheyIntroductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis
1982978-0-87140-131-1Alice B. ToklasStaying on Alone: Letters of Alice B. Toklas
1987978-0-87140-144-1Will CuppyHow to Be a Hermit or a Bachelor Keeps House
1992978-0-87140-146-5Dennis TedlockTeachings from the American Earth: Indian Religion and Philosophy: Indian Religion and Philosophy
1993978-0-87140-147-2Hart CraneComplete Poems of Hart Crane
2004978-0-87140-148-9Stendhal · Marie Henri 'Stendhal' BeyleThe Red and the Black: A Novel of Post-Napoleonic France
1994978-0-87140-150-2E. E. CummingsThe Enormous Room (The Cummings Typescript Editions)
1993978-0-87140-151-9Jean ToomerCane
1994978-0-87140-152-6E. E. CummingsE.E. Cummings: Complete Poems 1904-1962
2007978-0-87140-154-0   ''Selected Poems
1994978-0-87140-155-7Richard S. KennedyDreams in the Mirror: A Biography of E.E. Cummings (A Liveright Book)
1996978-0-87140-158-8Isadora DuncanMy Life
1997978-0-87140-159-5Robert HaydenCollected Poems
1996978-0-87140-160-1Gertrude SteinParis France
1996978-0-87140-161-8Gertrude SteinFernhurst
  ''978-0-87140-162-5Bertrand RussellThe Conquest of Happiness
  ''978-0-87140-163-2Gertrude SteinGertrude Stein's America
  ''978-0-87140-164-9E. E. CummingsIs 5
  ''978-0-87140-165-6   ''Tulips and Chimneys
1996978-0-87140-166-3William FaulknerSoldiers' Pay
  ''978-0-87140-167-0William FaulknerMosquitoes: A Novel
2003978-0-87140-168-7E. E. CummingsXAIPE
1997978-0-87140-169-4   ''ViVa
1998978-0-87140-170-0Anita LoosGentlemen Prefer Blondes
  ''978-0-87140-172-4E. E. CummingsNo Thanks
1999978-0-87140-173-1Ryunosuke AkutagawaRashomon and Other Stories
  ''978-0-87140-174-8E. E. Cummings · Richard KostelanetzAnOther E.E. Cummings
  ''978-0-87140-175-5John Merriman · Hendrik Willem van LoonThe Story of Mankind
2001978-0-87140-176-2E. E. CummingsEtcetera: The Unpublished Poems of E.E. Cummings, New Edition
2001978-0-87140-177-9E. E. Cummings22 and 50 Poems
  ''978-0-87140-178-6Hart CraneThe Complete Poems of Hart Crane (Centennial Edition)
  ''978-0-87140-179-3   ''White Buildings
2002978-0-87140-180-9E. E. CummingsOne Times One
2002978-0-87140-181-6E. E. Cummings95 Poems
2003978-0-87140-183-0E. E. Cummings · George Firmage73 Poems
2006978-0-87140-185-4Sherwood AndersonDeath in the Woods and Other Stories: And Other Stories
1980978-0-87140-189-2Artusi PellegrinoItalianissimo Italian Cking
2010978-0-87140-192-2Ryunosuke AkutagawaThe Beautiful and the Grotesque
1955978-0-87140-206-6Pierre La MureBeyond Desire
2011978-0-87140-210-3Jean ToomerCane (New Edition)
1970978-0-87140-211-0Bertrand RussellMarriage and Morals
  ''978-0-87140-218-9Wolfgang KohlerGestalt Psychology: An Introduction to New Concepts in Modern Psychology
1992978-0-87140-225-7Hart CraneThe Bridge (Paperback 1992)
1991978-0-87140-226-4- Fawcett BooksAmerican Indian Poetry
1970978-0-87140-238-7Robert BrusteinRevolution as Theatre: Notes on the New Radical Style
1971978-0-87140-243-1Ida Riley DuncanComplete Book of Progressive Knitting
  ''978-0-87140-244-8Bertrand RussellThe Conquest of Happiness
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  ''978-0-87140-248-6Ernest JonesOn the Nightmare
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2011978-0-87140-310-0William FaulknerSoldiers' Pay
  ''978-0-87140-311-7   ''Mosquitoes
2020978-0-87140-316-2Linda ColleyThe Gun, the Ship, and the Pen: Warfare, Constitutions, and the Making of the Modern World
2014978-0-87140-317-9Anita LoosGentlemen Prefer Blondes
2013978-0-87140-318-6Isadora DuncanMy Life (Revised and Updated)
  ''978-0-87140-319-3J. G. BallardKingdom Come: A Novel
2014978-0-87140-326-1Evelyn BarishThe Double Life of Paul De Man
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2013978-0-87140-358-2Bryan SykesDNA USA: A Genetic Portrait of America
  ''978-0-87140-359-9Jim HoltWhy Does the World Exist?: An Existential Detective Story
  ''978-0-87140-362-9J. G. BallardThe Drowned World: A Novel (50th Anniversary)
2013978-0-87140-363-6Edward O. WilsonThe Social Conquest of Earth
2014978-0-87140-375-9Terry GolwayMachine Made: Tammany Hall and the Creation of Modern American Politics
2013978-0-87140-377-3Edward O. WilsonLetters to a Young Scientist
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2013978-0-87140-424-4Max BootInvisible Armies: An Epic History of Guerrilla Warfare from Ancient Times to the Present
2015978-0-87140-432-9Morris DicksteinGates of Eden: American Culture in the Sixties
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2016978-0-87140-442-8Annette Gordon-Reed · Peter S. Onuf"Most Blessed of the Patriarchs": Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination
  ''978-0-87140-443-5Anthony GottliebThe Dream of Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Philosophy
2019978-0-87140-446-6Amy Gutmann · Jonathan D. MorenoEverybody Wants to Go to Heaven but Nobody Wants to Die: Bioethics and the Transformation of Health Care in America
2018978-0-87140-447-3Yunte HuangInseparable: The Original Siamese Twins and Their Rendezvous with American History
2013978-0-87140-448-0Dante AlighieriThe Divine Comedy
  ''978-0-87140-450-3Ira KatznelsonFear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time
2014978-0-87140-451-0Walter KirnBlood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade
  ''978-0-87140-453-4H.P. LovecraftThe New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft (Annotated Books)
  ''978-0-87140-454-1Frances LarsonSevered: A History of Heads Lost and Heads Found
2015978-0-87140-456-5Primo LeviThe Complete Works of Primo Levi
2018978-0-87140-457-2David Levering LewisThe Improbable Wendell Willkie: The Businessman Who Saved the Republican Party and His Country, and Conceived a New World Order
2012978-0-87140-465-7Alan RyanOn Politics: A History of Political Thought: From Herodotus to the Present (2 Vol. Set)
2020978-0-87140-466-4Helmut Walser SmithGermany: A Nation in Its Time: Before, During, and After Nationalism, 1500-2000
2013978-0-87140-467-1Jonathan SperberKarl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life
2015978-0-87140-468-8John Stauffer · Zoe Trodd · Celeste-Marie BernierPicturing Frederick Douglass: An Illustrated Biography of the Nineteenth Century's Most Photographed American
2017978-0-87140-469-5Geoffrey R. StoneSex and the Constitution: Sex, Religion, and Law from America's Origins to the Twenty-First Century
2014978-0-87140-485-5Ruth GoodmanHow to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life
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1971978-0-87140-532-6Gertrude SteinFernhurst, Q.E.D., and other early writings
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  ''978-0-87140-565-4Ernest GrueningMany Battles: The Autobiography of Ernest Gruening
  ''978-0-87140-569-2Alice B. ToklasStaying on Alone: The Letters of Alice B Toklas
1976978-0-87140-590-6Oriana FallaciInterview with History
1975978-0-87140-604-0Joan MellenVoices from the Japanese Cinema (Cloth)
1976978-0-87140-612-5Judith ForbisThe Classic Arabian Horse
1980978-0-87140-638-5Richard S KennedyDreams in the mirror: A biography of E. E. Cummings
2007978-0-87140-652-1E. E. CummingsEIMI: A Journey Through Soviet Russia
2018978-0-87140-653-8   ''A Miscellany (Revised)
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2010978-0-87140-659-0E. E. CummingsErotic Poems
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2013978-0-87140-688-0Max BootInvisible Armies: An Epic History of Guerrilla Warfare from Ancient Times to the Present
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