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1993978-0-87006-031-1Lester G. DuenkImproving Vocational Curriculum
  ''978-0-87006-032-8John R. WalkerMachining Fundamentals: From Basic to Advanced Techniques
1994978-0-87006-044-1James E. DuffyModern Automotive Technology Workbook
1993978-0-87006-065-6Nancy WehlageGoals for Living: Managing Your Resources (The Goodheart-Willcox Home Economics Series)
  ''978-0-87006-075-5Leona JohnsonStrengthening Family and Self
1968978-0-87006-125-7Andrew D. Althouse · Carl H. Turnquist · Alfred F. BraccianoModern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Theory, Practice of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems
1974978-0-87006-180-6Willis H WagnerModern woodworking; tools, materials, and procedures,
1976978-0-87006-200-1Fred W ZimmermanExploring woodworking: Basic fundamentals
  ''978-0-87006-201-8Howard H GerrishGerrish's Technical dictionary: Technical terms simplified
  ''978-0-87006-202-5Jack M LandersConstruction: Materials, methods, careers
1976978-0-87006-203-2Velda L. LargenManufacturing Material Processing Management Careers
  ''978-0-87006-204-9Larry JohnsonFix your Volkswagon (repairing simplified, tune up made easy, boost gas mileage, Beetle, Super Beetle, Type 3, Rabbit, Type 4 Dasher, Scirocco)
978-0-87006-205-6Bill ToboldtFix Your Ford
1976978-0-87006-206-3Bill TolboldtFix Your Chevrolet: Chevrolet V8 and 6; 1976 to 1966 owners' and mechanics' handbook of repair and maintenance
  ''978-0-87006-207-0John R WalkerExploring power technology: Basic fundamentals
  ''978-0-87006-209-4Willis H WagnerModern carpentry workbook
2015978-0-87006-210-0Andrew Daniel AlthouseModern Welding: Complete Coverage of the Welding Field in One Easy-To-Use Volume
1981978-0-87006-314-5William K. ToboldtAutomotive Encyclopaedia
978-0-87006-422-7Modern Refrigeration Labratory Manual
1986978-0-87006-482-1Harvey N HolzmanModern residential wiring
1985978-0-87006-488-3Sally CampbellConfident Consumer Instructors Guide
  ''978-0-87006-509-5John R. WalkerModern Metalworking: Materials, Tools, and Procedures
1985978-0-87006-516-3Martin W StockelAuto mechanics fundamentals: How and why of the design, construction, and operation of automotive units
1988978-0-87006-644-3Andrew D. Althouse · Carl H. Turnquist · Alfred F. BraccianoAn Answer Key for Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
1987978-0-87006-648-1Willis H WagnerModern carpentry: Building construction details in easy-to-understand form
1989978-0-87006-710-5John R WalkerMachining fundamentals: From basic to advanced techniques
1990978-0-87006-770-9Martin T. StockelAuto Mechanics Fundamentals: How and Why of the Design, Construction, and Operation of Automotive Units
  ''978-0-87006-771-6Martin T. Stockel · James E. DuffyWorkbook for Auto Mechanics Fundamentals
1991978-0-87006-815-7John V. Althouse · Milton RabbittAuto Air Conditioning Technology
  ''978-0-87006-820-1Jack M. LandersHome Repair and Maintenance
  ''978-0-87006-834-8Joseph L. KaiserElectrical Power: Motors, Controls, Generators, Transformers
  ''978-0-87006-843-0Hi SibleyBirdhouses, Feeders You Can Make (Project Books)
1991978-0-87006-890-4John R. WalkerWelding Print Reading
1994978-0-87006-940-6E. Keith BlankenbakerModern Plumbing
1992978-0-87006-966-6Andrew Daniel AlthouseModern Welding: Complete Coverage of the Welding Field in One Easy to Use Volume