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1980978-0-86531-029-2John P RoseThe Evolution of U. S. Army Nuclear Doctrine, 1945-1980 (A Westview replica edition)
1981978-0-86531-042-1Richard Falk · Samuel S Kim · Editors *The War System: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Westview Special Studies in Peace, Conflict, and Conflict Re)
  ''978-0-86531-089-6John GullickMalaysia: Economic Expansion And National Unity (Nations of the Modern World)
  ''978-0-86531-094-0Ludwig Von Bertalanffy · Paul A. LavioletteA Systems View Of Man
  ''978-0-86531-102-2Alexander DallinGerman Rule in Russia: 1941-1945
  ''978-0-86531-140-4Erich JantschThe Evolutionary Vision: Toward A Unifying Paradigm Of Physical, Biological And Sociocultural Evolution (Aaas Selected Symposium)
1981978-0-86531-157-2Kenneth W Rea · John C. BrewerThe Forgotten Ambassador: The Reports Of John Leighton Stuart, 1946-1949 (Westview Replica Edition)
  ''978-0-86531-159-6Terry SanfordA Danger of Democracy: The Presidential Nominating Process
1982978-0-86531-242-5Richard Falk · Samuel S Kim · Saul H. Mendlovitz · Editors *Toward A Just World Order (Studies on a Just World Order)
1991978-0-86531-250-0Richard Falk · Samuel S Kim · Saul H. Mendlovitz · Editors * · Donald McnemarThe United Nations And A Just World Order (STUDIES ON A JUST WORLD ORDER)
1982978-0-86531-259-3Impact of Oil Import Price Shocks on Domestic Prices
  ''978-0-86531-275-3Malcolm H. Kerr · El Sayed Yassin · Jeswald Salacuse · Ismail SerageldinRich and Poor States in the Middle East: Egypt and the New Arab Order (Westview Special Studies on the Middle East)
1984978-0-86531-293-7Jonathan R Adelman · Walter BaconTerror and Communist Politics: The Role of the Secret Police in Communist States (Westview Special Study)
1993978-0-86531-298-2Winsome J LeslieZaire: Continuity And Political Change In An Oppressive State (Westview Profiles. Nations of Contemporary Africa)
1982978-0-86531-333-0Howard J. Wiarda · Michael J KryzanekThe Dominican Republic: A Caribbean Crucible
  ''978-0-86531-357-6Haldore Hanson · Norman E. Borlaug · R. Glenn AndersonWheat In The Third World (Iads Development-Oriented Literature)
1986978-0-86531-369-9Deborah Pellow · Naomi ChazanGhana: Coping With Uncertainty
1982978-0-86531-403-0Walter J Levy · Melvin A ConantOil Strategy And Politics, 1941-1981
1983978-0-86531-439-9Naomi ChazanAn Anatomy of Ghanaian Politics: Managing Political Recession, 1969-1982 (Westview Special Studies on Africa)
1984978-0-86531-444-3Thomas T HammondRed Flag Over Afghanistan: The Communist Coup, The Soviet Invasion, And The Consequences
1983978-0-86531-445-0   ''Red Flag Over Afghanistan: The Communist Coup, The Soviet Invasion, And The Consequences
  ''978-0-86531-446-7Joseph P. Riva Jr.World Petroleum Resources and Reserves
1986978-0-86531-470-2John P EntelisAlgeria: The Revolution Institutionalized (Nations of the Contemporary Middle East)
1997978-0-86531-513-6Ralph H Magnus · Eden NabyAfghanistan: Mullah, Marx, And Mujahid (Nations of the Contemporary Middle East)
1986978-0-86531-522-8A. Doyne Horsley · A D HorsleyIllinois: A Geography (Geographies of the United States)
1984978-0-86531-524-2Tawfic E FarahPolitical Behavior In The Arab States
1983978-0-86531-548-8Harold BrownThinking About National Security: Defense And Foreign Policy In A Dangerous World
1987978-0-86531-555-6David D. Laitin · Said S SamatarSomalia: Nation In Search Of A State (Nations of Contemporary Africa)
1983978-0-86531-586-0Thomas J KerrCivil Defense In The United States: Bandaid For A Holocaust? (Westview Special Studies in National Security and Defense Policy)
1984978-0-86531-606-5Marc F PlattnerHuman Rights In Our Time: Essays In Memory Of Victor Baras
1986978-0-86531-625-6Kenneth WhitingSoviet Air Power
1985978-0-86531-633-1Erik Cohen · Moshe A Lissak · Uri AlmagorComparative Social Dynamics: Essays In Honor Of S. N. Eisenstadt
1986978-0-86531-649-2Peter MeierEnergy Planning In Developing Countries: An Introduction To Analytical Methods (Energy Management Training Program Monograph Series)
1984978-0-86531-650-8Craig C EtchesonThe Rise and Demise of Democratic Kampuchea
1983978-0-86531-651-5Jae Kyu ParkNuclear Proliferation In Developing Countries
1984978-0-86531-716-1Robert P Haffa JrThe Half War: Planning U.s. Rapid Deployment Forces To Meet A Limited Contingency 1960-1983 (Westview Replica Edition)
1985978-0-86531-718-5Franklin C SpinneyDefense Facts Of Life: The Plans/reality Mismatch
1985978-0-86531-719-2Franklin SpinneyDefense Facts of Life: The Plans/Reality Mismatch
1986978-0-86531-725-3Franz MichaelChina Through The Ages: History Of A Civilization
  ''978-0-86531-726-0Franz MichaelChina Through The Ages: History Of A Civilization
1984978-0-86531-728-4William E Rosenbach · Robert L Taylor · Editors *Contemporary Issues In Leadership
  ''978-0-86531-744-4John EricksonThe Road to Stalingrad: Stalin's War with Germany
  ''978-0-86531-745-1Henry A KissingerNuclear Weapons And Foreign Policy
1985978-0-86531-746-8Hugh Seton-watsonThe East European Revolution
  ''978-0-86531-763-5Mohan MunasingheEnergy Pricing And Demand Management (Energy Mgt. Train. Prog. Monograph)
1984978-0-86531-779-6Robert S. Ozaki · Walter ArnoldJapan's Foreign Relations: A Global Search For Economic Security (Westview Special Studies on East Asia)
1987978-0-86531-823-6Karel Kaplan · Fred H EidlinThe Communist Party In Power: A Profile Of Party Politics In Czechoslovakia (Westview Special Studies on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe)
1984978-0-86531-827-4C. Fred Judson · C Fred JudsonCuba And The Revolutionary Myth: The Political Education Of The Cuban Rebel Army, 1953-1963 (Westview Replica Edition)
1984978-0-86531-843-4Israel W CharnyToward The Understanding And Prevention Of Genocide: Proceedings Of The International Conference On The Holocaust And Genocide (Westview Replica Edition)
  ''978-0-86531-854-0Ruhollah (ayatollah) KhomeiniA Clarification of Questions: An Unabridged Translation of Resaleh Towzih Al-Masael
  ''978-0-86531-860-1Robert L Hardgrave JrIndia Under Pressure: Prospects For Political Stability (A Westview replica edition)
1985978-0-86531-862-5William S LindManeuver Warfare Handbook (Westview Special Studies in Military Affairs)
  ''978-0-86531-863-2Helmut SonnenfeldtSoviet Politics In The 1980s (Westview Replica Edition)
1983978-0-86531-944-8Robert E BedeskiThe Fragile Entente: The 1978 Japan-china Peace Treaty In A Global Context (Westview Replica Edition)
1984978-0-86531-961-5Jacob BercovitchSocial Conflicts And Third Parties: Strategies Of Conflict Resolution (Westview Replica Edition)