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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-8133-9075-8Miguel ValentiMore Than A Movie: Ethics In Entertainment
  ''978-0-8133-9078-9C. G. PradoStarting With Foucault: An Introduction to Geneaology
  ''978-0-8133-9082-6Nicholas BurbulesWatch It: The Risks And Promises Of Information Technologies For Education
1997978-0-8133-9099-4Nina SuttonBettelheim: A Life And A Legacy
1999978-0-8133-9113-7Jeremy LipschultzFree Expression in the Age of the Internet: Social and Legal Boundaries
  ''978-0-8133-9118-2William B. Swann Jr.Resilient Identities: Self, Relationships, And The Construction Of Social Reality
2000978-0-8133-9126-7Elliott SoberPhilosophy of Biology, 2nd Edition (Dimensions of Philosophy)
1999978-0-8133-9127-4Elmer SpraguePersons And Their Minds: A Philosophical Investigation
  ''978-0-8133-9128-1   ''Persons And Their Minds: A Philosophical Investigation
1999978-0-8133-9131-1Paul DiesingHegel's Dialectical Political Economy: A Contemporary Application
2001978-0-8133-9139-7Alex MolnarGiving Kids The Business
1999978-0-8133-9141-0Joyce EvansCelluloid Mushroom Clouds: Hollywood And Atomic Bomb (Critical Studies in Communication and in the Cultural Industries)
2000978-0-8133-9143-4Philip WexlerMystical Society: An Emerging Social Vision
  ''978-0-8133-9148-9Raymond MartinThe Elusive Messiah: A Philosophical Overview Of The Quest For The Historical Jesus
2004978-0-8133-9152-6James Charles RoyThe Back Of Beyond: A Search For The Soul Of Ireland
  ''978-0-8133-9153-3Antonio SantosuossoBarbarians, Marauders, And Infidels: The Ways Of Medieval Warfare
  ''978-0-8133-9154-0Shirley R. Steinberg · Joe KincheloeKinderculture: The Corporate Construction Of Childhood
  ''978-0-8133-9156-4Barbara R. RossingThe Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation
2004978-0-8133-9157-1Norman MacAfeeThe Gospel According to RFK: Why It Matters Now
2000978-0-8133-9754-2Paul Diehl · Nils Petter GleditschEnvironmental Conflict: An Anthology
  ''978-0-8133-9756-6Jeff StonecashClass And Party In American Politics (Transforming American Politics)
  ''978-0-8133-9758-0Ralph TaylorBreaking Away from Broken Windows: Baltimore Neighborhoods and the Nationwide Fight Against Crime, Grime, Fear, and Decline
2001978-0-8133-9763-4Dick SimpsonRogues, Rebels, And Rubber Stamps (Urban Policy Challenges)
  ''978-0-8133-9764-1Mark Granovetter · Richard SwedbergThe Sociology Of Economic Life
  ''978-0-8133-9765-8Mark GottdienerThe Theming of America
2000978-0-8133-9766-5Jay M. Shafritz Jr.Defining Public Administration: Selections from the International Encyclopedia of Public Policy and Administration
2000978-0-8133-9767-2Thomas LippmanMadeleine Albright And The New American Diplomacy
  ''978-0-8133-9768-9Thomas MoylanScraps Of The Untainted Sky: Science Fiction, Utopia, Dystopia (Cultural Studies.)
2001978-0-8133-9769-6Cornelia Butler Flora · Jan L. Flora · Susan FeyRural Communities: Legacy and Change
  ''978-0-8133-9774-0Gerald MillerPerformance Based Budgeting (Aspa Classics)
2000978-0-8133-9775-7Keith B. BickelMars Learning: The Marine Corp's Development of Small Wars Doctrine, 1915-1940
2001978-0-8133-9776-4Nachman Ben-yehudaBetrayals and Treason: Violations of Trust and Loyalty
2000978-0-8133-9777-1James BowmanPublic Integrity: Volume Ii, No. 2 (v. 2, No. 2)
  ''978-0-8133-9780-1Brandon WelshCosts and Benefits of Preventing Crime (Crime & Society Series)
  ''978-0-8133-9784-9Elliot RichardsonReflections Of A Radical Moderate
2001978-0-8133-9793-1Kenneth F WarrenIn Defense Of Public Opinion Polling
2001978-0-8133-9794-8James Der DerianVirtuous War: Mapping The Military- Industrial-media-entertainment Network
  ''978-0-8133-9802-0Craig A. RimmermanThe New Citizenship: Unconventional Politics, Activism, and Service
2002978-0-8133-9803-7Jamil E. Jreisat · J. E. JreisatComparative Public Administration
2003978-0-8133-9804-4Kevin B Smith · H George Frederickson · H. George FredericksonPublic Administration Theory Primer (Essentials of Public Policy and Administration Series.)
  ''978-0-8133-9805-1David H RosenbloomAdministrative Law For Public Managers (Essentials of Public Policy and Administration Series)
2002978-0-8133-9807-5David MillerThe Regional Governing of Metropolitan America
2001978-0-8133-9809-9Camilla StiversDemocracy, Bureaucracy, And The Study Of Administration (Aspa Classics)
  ''978-0-8133-9811-2Willa Marie BruceClassics of Adminstrative Ethics
  ''978-0-8133-9813-6E. Dean KolbasCritical Theory and the Literary Canon
2001978-0-8133-9815-0Evan ManderyEyes On City Hall
  ''978-0-8133-9817-4Mart MartinThe Almanac of Women and Minorities in American Politics 2002
  ''978-0-8133-9818-1Harriett WoodsStepping Up to Power: The Political Journey of American Women
  ''978-0-8133-9819-8Matthew Robert KerbelIf It Bleeds, It Leads
  ''978-0-8133-9821-1Leo PanitchRenewing Socialism: Democracy, Strategy, and Imagination
2014978-0-8133-9825-9Michael FratantuonoDilemmas Of International Finance (Dilemmas in World Politics)
2002978-0-8133-9838-9Norma RiccucciManaging Diversity In Public Sector Workforces (Essentials of Public Policy and Administration Series)
2002978-0-8133-9839-6David Carnevale · David Carnevale Department of Human Relations at University of OklahomaOrganizational Development in the Public Sector
2000978-0-8133-9840-2Barbara Harff · Ted Robert Gurr · Ted Robert Gurr U. Maryland · Barbara Harff US Naval AcademyEthnic Conflict in World Politics
2003978-0-8133-9841-9Kathy DolanVoting For Women (Dilemmas in American Politics)
2002978-0-8133-9843-3Jeffrey M. StonecashDiverging Parties: Social Change, Realignment, and Party Polarization (Transforming American Politics)
2006978-0-8133-9844-0Samantha DurstEssentials Of Public Administration: Fourth Edition (Essentials of Political Science)
2002978-0-8133-9845-7Robert A Blecker · Peter J. Whitney · Stephen D Cohen · Stephen D. Cohen · Robert A. Blecker · Peter D. WhitneyFundamentals of U.S. Foreign Trade Policy, Second Edition: Economics, Politics, Laws, and Issues
  ''978-0-8133-9849-5Howard J. WiardaNew Directions In Comparative Politics
2010978-0-8133-9954-6Elizabeth C HansonGlobal Communication (Dilemmas in World Politics)
1997978-0-8133-9966-9Michael W. Doyle · G. John IkenberryNew Thinking In International Relations Theory
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  ''978-0-8133-9996-6Michael D ReaganThe Accidental System