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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-0-7141-5066-6Bethan StevensPre-Raphaelites (Gift Books)
  ''978-0-7141-5067-3Catherine JohnsDogs: History . Myth . Art (Gift Books)
2009978-0-7141-5068-0J. D. Hill · Neil MacGregorMasterpieces of the British Museum
2008978-0-7141-5069-7Thorsten OpperHadrian: Empire and Conflict
  ''978-0-7141-5070-3Paul RobertsMummy Portraits from Roman Egypt
  ''978-0-7141-5074-1Thorsten OpperHadrian: Empire and Conflict
  ''978-0-7141-5075-8Sarah LongairElephants (Gift Books)
2012978-0-7141-5079-6John CurtisThe Oxus Treasure (Objects in Focus)
2012978-0-7141-5080-2Richard HobbsThe Mildenhall Treasure (Objects in Focus)
2011978-0-7141-5084-0Catherine JohnsCattle: History, Myth, Art
2012978-0-7141-5085-7Frances CareyThe Tree: Meaning and Myth
2010978-0-7141-5089-5Jennifer Harris5000 Years of Textiles
2012978-0-7141-5093-2Diane Waller · Shelagh Weir · Sheila Paine · Gina Corrigan · Ann Hecht · Chloë Sayer · Penelope Dransart · Helen WolfeWorld Textiles: A Sourcebook (Fabric Folios)
2011978-0-7141-5096-3Jenny Balfour-PaulIndigo: Egyptian Mummies to Blue Jeans
2013978-0-7141-5099-4Hans van Lemmen5000 Years of Tiles
  ''978-0-7141-5100-7R. B. Parkinson · Kate SmithA Little Gay History: Desire and Diversity across the World
  ''978-0-7141-5103-8John MackMasks: The Art of Expression
  ''978-0-7141-5104-5J. D. HillObras Maestras del Museo Británico
2014978-0-7141-5110-6David Thompson · Saul PeckhamWatches
2015978-0-7141-5111-3Delia PembertonCats
  ''978-0-7141-5114-4Elizabeth O'Connell · Caecilia FluckEgypt: faith after the pharaohs: Abraham's Legacy on the Nile
1978978-0-7141-8004-5Adele M. HolcombJohn Sell Cotman
1979978-0-7141-8006-9Reynold A. HigginsAegina Treasure (A Colonnade book)
1981978-0-7141-8016-8Michael ClarkeTempting Prospect: Social History of English Watercolours (A Colonnade book)
1984978-0-7141-8055-7Eva WilsonNorth American Indian Designs [British Museum Pattern Books]
1983978-0-7141-8056-4Eva WilsonEarly Medieval Designs (British Museum Pattern Books)
1987978-0-7141-8059-5WalkerCuneiform (Reading the Past - Cuneiform to the Alphabet)
1986978-0-7141-8061-8Eva WilsonAncient Egyptian Designs (British Museum Pattern Books)
1987978-0-7141-8063-2W. V. DaviesEgyptian Hieroglyphs (Reading the Past - Cuneiform to the Alphabet)
1987978-0-7141-8064-9CookGreek Inscriptions (Reading the Past - Cuneiform to the Alphabet)
  ''978-0-7141-8065-6R. I. PageRunes (Reading the Past)
1988978-0-7141-8066-3Eva WilsonIslamic Designs (British Museum Pattern Books)
1987978-0-7141-8068-7John ChadwickLinear B and Related Scripts (Reading the Past - Cuneiform to the Alphabet)
1989978-0-7141-8069-4S.D. HoustonMaya Glyphs (Reading the Past)
1994978-0-7141-8074-8Rebecca JewellAfrican Designs (British Museum Pattern Books)
1997978-0-7141-8075-5I. M. Stead · Karen HughesEarly Celtic Designs (British Museum Pattern Books)
1998978-0-7141-8076-2Rebecca Jewell · Jude LloydPacific Designs (British Museum Pattern Books)
1996978-0-7141-8077-9J. T. HookerReading the Past: Ancient Writing from Cuneiform to the Alphabet (Reading the Past - Cuneiform to the Alphabet)
1999978-0-7141-8078-6Eva WilsonRoman Designs (British Museum Pattern Books)
2005978-0-7141-8209-4Beatrix Potter · John F. NunnThe Tale of Peter Rabbit