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1989978-0-85965-014-4Lindsay AndersonAbout John Ford
1978978-0-85965-027-4Alberto Vargas · Reid AustinVargas
1989978-0-85965-035-9John ToblerThe Buddy Holly Story
  ''978-0-85965-038-0Jerry Hopkins · Danny SugarmanNo One Here Gets Out Alive
1980978-0-85965-039-7Jerry Hopkins · Danny SugarmanNo One Here Gets Out Alive
1982978-0-85965-041-0Gary HermanRock & Roll Babylon
1984978-0-85965-044-1Philip CoreCamp: The Lie That Tells The Truth
1989978-0-85965-052-6Nick ToschesHellfire: The Jerry Lee Lewis Story
2017978-0-85965-067-0David DaltonJames Dean: The Mutant King
1989978-0-85965-077-9Pete BestBEATLE! The Pete Best Story
1983978-0-85965-083-0Dave MarshBefore I Get Old: The Story of The Who
1985978-0-85965-088-5Pete Best"Beatle"!: The Pete Best Story
1989978-0-85965-095-3Myra FriedmanJanis Joplin: Buried Alive
1990978-0-85965-107-3Kim JohnsonThe First 20 Years of Monty Python
1989978-0-85965-111-0Iain JohnstonThe Man With No Name: The Biography of Clint Eastwood
2009978-0-85965-125-7Johnny StuartRockers! Kings of the Road
1990978-0-85965-126-4Jimmy DeanOn Jimmy Dean
1989978-0-85965-130-1Marianne SinclairHollywood Lolita: The Nymphette Syndrome In The Movies
1991978-0-85965-133-2Kevin Costner · Diana Landau · Ben Glass · etc.Dances With Wolves: Illustrated Screenplay
  ''978-0-85965-138-7Jerry Hopkins · Daniel SugermanNo One Here Gets Out Alive: The Biography of Jim Morrison
1989978-0-85965-140-0Dave ThompsonDavid Bowie: Moonage Daydream
2000978-0-85965-145-5Guus LuijtersMarilyn Monroe: a never-ending dream
1992978-0-85965-147-9Jerry HopkinsThe Lizard King: The Essential Jim Morrison
2017978-0-85965-149-3Mark LanePlausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the JFK Assassination?
1991978-0-85965-152-3Peter WardKitsch in Sync: A Consumer's Guide to Bad Taste
1989978-0-85965-156-1Michael WeldonThe Psychotronic Encyclopaedia of Film
  ''978-0-85965-161-5Vivian Vale · Andrea JunoIncredibly Strange Films
1993978-0-85965-162-2Frank LisciandroJim Morrison - An Hour for Magic: A Photojournal
  ''978-0-85965-164-6Mike WrennLou Reed: Between the Lines
1989978-0-85965-165-3Bill Evans · Andrew LawsonA Nation of Shopkeepers
1991978-0-85965-167-7Pennie SmithThe Clash: Before and After
1992978-0-85965-169-1Joel SelvinMonterey Pop
2009978-0-85965-173-8Richard BarnesMods!
1992978-0-85965-174-5Marc Eliot · Mike AppelDown Thunder Road: The Making of Bruce Springsteen
1986978-0-85965-175-2Dennis StockJames Dean Revisited
1991978-0-85965-178-3James RiordanBreak on Through: The Life and Death of Jim Morrison
1991978-0-85965-188-2Daniel KramerBob Dylan: A Portrait of the Artist - Early Years
1993978-0-85965-206-3Kim JohnsonLife Before and After Monty Python: The Solo Flights of the Flying Circus
  ''978-0-85965-208-7   ''And Now for Something Completely Trivial: Monty Python Trivia and Quiz Book
1994978-0-85965-211-7David J SkalThe Monster Show: A Cultural History of Horror
  ''978-0-85965-213-1Donald SpotoThe Dark Side of Genius: The Life of Alfred Hitchcock
  ''978-0-85965-214-8Brian J. RobbRiver Phoenix: A Short Life
  ''978-0-85965-216-2Levon HelmThis Wheel's on Fire: Levon Helm and the Story of the Band
1994978-0-85965-218-6Marshall CrenshawHollywood Rock: A Guide to Rock n' Roll in the Movies
1995978-0-85965-219-3Paul HoneyfordThe Jam: The Modern World By Numbers
1994978-0-85965-220-9Patti SmithEarly Work 1970-1979: Patti Smith
  ''978-0-85965-222-3Stephen DavisBob Marley: Conquering Lion of Reggae
1999978-0-85965-225-4Martin ClarkeKurt Cobain: The Cobain Dossier
1995978-0-85965-229-2Penelope DeningThe River Phoenix Album
  ''978-0-85965-231-5Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel
  ''978-0-85965-236-0Brian RobbJohnny Depp: A Modern Rebel
1996978-0-85965-239-1Kelvin CaddiesKevin Costner: Prince of Hollywood
1997978-0-85965-242-1Brian RobbThe Leonardo DiCaprio Album
  ''978-0-85965-243-8John HowlettJames Dean: A Biography
1997978-0-85965-244-5Robert GreenfieldDark Star: An Oral Biography of Jerry Garcia
  ''978-0-85965-245-2Brian RobbKeanu Reeves: An Excellent Adventure
1996978-0-85965-246-9Frank LisciandroJim Morrison: An Hour for Magic
  ''978-0-85965-247-6Louis ChunovicJodie Foster: A Biography
1997978-0-85965-254-4Malcolm ButtSpecial Agent Scully: The Gillian Anderson Files
  ''978-0-85965-256-8Glenn A. BakerMonkeemania: the True Story of the Monkees
1997978-0-85965-259-9Martin Clarke"Manic Street Preachers": Sweet Venom
1998978-0-85965-264-3Brian RobbNicolas Cage: Hollywood's Wild Talent
2009978-0-85965-268-1Dennis MorrisBob Marley: A Rebel Life
1998978-0-85965-269-8Martin ClarkeThe Verve: Crazed Highs and Horrible Lows
2009978-0-85965-270-4Paul A WoodsKing Pulp: The Wild World of Quentin Tarantino
1998978-0-85965-272-8Tom KummerSharon Stone (Megastars) (Megastars (Library))
1999978-0-85965-273-5Cathy ScottTHE KILLING OF TUPAC SHAKUR
  ''978-0-85965-276-6Brian RobbEwan McGregor From Junkie to Jedi
2009978-0-85965-277-3Neil StraussThe Long Hard Road Out of Hell
1997978-0-85965-279-7Editors of Vibe MagazineTupac Shakur
1999978-0-85965-280-3Gavin BaddeleyLucifer Rising: A Book of Sin, Devil Worship and Rock n' Roll
2000978-0-85965-281-0Brian RobbWill Smith: King of Cool
  ''978-0-85965-283-4Gavin BaddeleyDissecting Marilyn Manson
  ''978-0-85965-284-1Paul A WoodsQuentin Tarantino: The Film Geek Files (Ultra Screen Film Series)
  ''978-0-85965-285-8Paul A. WoodsThe Coen Brothers: Joel and Ethan Coen, Blood Siblings
2000978-0-85965-287-2Richard BarnesThe Who: Maximum R&B, A visual history
2001978-0-85965-288-9Brian J. RobbBrad Pitt: The Rise to Stardom
1999978-0-85965-290-2Alan LightVibe
2000978-0-85965-291-9Paul A. WoodsWeirdsville USA: Obsessive Universe of David Lynch
1999978-0-85965-292-6Glenn A. BakerThe Monkees: Monkeemania
2001978-0-85965-297-1Rick Wakeman · David WatkinsonYes Perpetual Change
  ''978-0-85965-301-5Pete BestBeatle: The Pete Best Story
  ''978-0-85965-304-6Leah Furman"Korn": Life in the Pit
1991978-0-85965-306-0Jerry Hopkins · Danny SugermanNo One Here Gets Out Alive
2001978-0-85965-307-7Cathy ScottMurder of Biggie Smalls
2002978-0-85965-308-4Gavin BaddeleyGoth Chic: A Connoisseur's Guide to Dark Culture
2004978-0-85965-309-1Paul A WoodsThe Very Breast of Russ Meyer (Ultra Screen)
2002978-0-85965-310-7   ''Tim Burton: A Child's Garden of Nightmares
2001978-0-85965-312-1   ''The Planet of the Apes Chronicles
2003978-0-85965-313-8Brian J. RobbKeanu Reeves: An Excellent Adventure
2009978-0-85965-314-5Jay SlaterEaten Alive: Italian Cannibal and Zombie Movies
2004978-0-85965-315-2Mike EvansThe Beatles Literary Anthology
2003978-0-85965-316-9Gavin WalshGod Save the "Sex Pistols": A Collector's Guide to the Priests of Punk
2004978-0-85965-317-6Lindsay Anderson · Paul RyanNever Apologise: The Collected Writings of Lindsay Anderson
2001978-0-85965-319-0Paul A. WoodsEd Gein: Psycho!
  ''978-0-85965-320-6Vibe" · MagazineHip Hop Divas
2002978-0-85965-321-3Dick PorterRapcore: The Nu-metal Rap Fusion
  ''978-0-85965-322-0Michael DysonHoller If You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur
2001978-0-85965-323-7Mark Hoppus"Blink 182": Tales from Beneath Your Mom - The Official Biography
2003978-0-85965-325-1Martin ClarkePearl Jam & Eddie Vedder: NONE TOO FRAGILE
2003978-0-85965-326-8Dick PorterRamones: The Complete Twisted History
  ''978-0-85965-327-5Tim FootmanAaliyah
2002978-0-85965-329-9Gavin BaddeleyDissecting Marilyn Manson
  ''978-0-85965-330-5Richard BarnesThe Who: Maximum R & B: A Visual History
2003978-0-85965-331-2Dennis MorrisBob Marley: A Rebel Life
  ''978-0-85965-332-9Martin Clarke"Radiohead": Hysterical and Useless
  ''978-0-85965-333-6Michael GrayMother: The Frank Zappa Story (Frank Zappa Story 2nd Ed)
2002978-0-85965-334-3Earl Simmons · Smokey D. FontaineThe E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX
2002978-0-85965-335-0Gene Simmons · Paul Stanley"Kiss": The Early Years
2003978-0-85965-336-7Joe Bob BriggsProfoundly Disturbing
2006978-0-85965-337-4David KonowBang Your Head: The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal
2003978-0-85965-338-1Kris NeedsThe Scream: The Music, Myths and Misbehaviour of "Primal Scream"
  ''978-0-85965-339-8Paul A WoodsCoen Brothers: Joel and Ethan Coen, Blood Siblings
  ''978-0-85965-340-4Malcolm ButtSid Vicious: Rock and Roll Star: Sid Vicious - Rock'n'roll Star
  ''978-0-85965-341-1John LydonRotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs
2004978-0-85965-343-5Tupac Shakur · 2PAC ShakurTupac - A Thug Life
  ''978-0-85965-344-2Kris NeedsKeith Richards: Before They Make Me Run
2004978-0-85965-348-0Kris NeedsJoe Strummer and the Legend of the Clash
  ''978-0-85965-349-7Phil O'BrienColdplay: Look at the Stars
  ''978-0-85965-350-3Dick PorterThe White Stripes: 21st Century Blues
  ''978-0-85965-351-0Richard BarnesThe "Who": Maximum R & B - A Visual History
2003978-0-85965-352-7Dick PorterThe "Darkness": Permission to Rock
2004978-0-85965-353-4Brian RobbJohnny Depp: A Modern Rebel
  ''978-0-85965-354-1Robert SteeleOrlando Bloom Wherever It May Lead
2005978-0-85965-355-8Paul A WoodsMartin Scorsese: A Journey Through the American Psyche (Ultra Screen)
2005978-0-85965-356-5Paul A WoodsPeter Jackson: From Gore to Mordor (Ultra Screen Series)
2004978-0-85965-358-9Cheo Hodari CokerUnbelievable: The Life, Death and Afterlife of the Notorious B.I.G.
  ''978-0-85965-359-6Brittany KentO.C Undercover
2005978-0-85965-360-2Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel
  ''978-0-85965-361-9Jerry HopkinsThe Lizard King: The Essential Jim Morrison
2017978-0-85965-362-6Paul A WoodsKing Kong Cometh:: The Evolution of the Great Ape
2005978-0-85965-363-3John HowlettJames Dean: A Biography
  ''978-0-85965-364-0Paul A. WoodsQuentin Tarantino: The Film Geek Files (Ultrascreen)
  ''978-0-85965-365-7Nancy KilpatrickThe Goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined
2005978-0-85965-367-1The RZAThe Wu-Tang Manual
  ''978-0-85965-369-5Kris Needs · Dick PorterTrash: The Complete New York Dolls
  ''978-0-85965-370-1Gavin WalshPunk on 45: Revolutions on Vinyl 1976-79
  ''978-0-85965-371-8Martin ClarkePearl Jam & Eddie Vedder: Eddie Vedder None Too Fragile
  ''978-0-85965-372-5Gavin BaddeleyDissecting Marilyn Manson
2005978-0-85965-373-2Malcolm ButtSid Vicious Rock and Roll Star: Rock 'n' Roll Star
  ''978-0-85965-375-6VariousTupac: A Thug Life
  ''978-0-85965-376-3David CronenbergDavid Cronenberg: Interviews With Serge Grünberg
2017978-0-85965-377-0Tori Amos · Ann PowersTori Amos: Piece by Piece - A Portait
2005978-0-85965-378-7Gavin BaddeleyLucifer Rising: A Book of Sin, Devil Worship and Rock 'n' Roll
  ''978-0-85965-379-4Jay SlaterEaten Alive!: Italian Cannibal and Zombie Movies
2006978-0-85965-381-7Derrick Parker · Matt DiehlNotorious C O P: The True Story of the NYPD "Hip Hop Cop" Who Uncovered the Shocking Truth Behind the Murders of Tupac, Biggie and Jam Master Jay
2017978-0-85965-382-4Gavin BaddeleyGoth Chic: A Connoisseur's Guide To Dark Culture
2006978-0-85965-383-1Martin ClarkeRadiohead: Hysterical and Useless
  ''978-0-85965-384-8Kurt CobainThe Cobain Dossier The Cobain Dossier
2006978-0-85965-385-5Brian J RobbJohnny Depp: A Modern Rebel
  ''978-0-85965-386-2Christopher HeardMicky Rourke: High and Low
2007978-0-85965-387-9Iain JohnstonThe Man with No Name - Clint Eastwood
2006978-0-85965-388-6Robert SellersCult TV: The Golden Age of ITC
  ''978-0-85965-389-3Jessica Hundley · Polly ParsonsGrievous Angel: An Intimate Biography of Gram Parsons
2007978-0-85965-390-9Ethan BrownFat Cat, 50 Cent and the Rise of the Hip-hop Hustler
  ''978-0-85965-391-6Jerry HopkinsElvis: The Biography
  ''978-0-85965-392-3Reinhardt HaydnH.I.M.: His Infernal Majesty
2007978-0-85965-394-7Paul A. WoodsMorrissey in Conversation: The Essential Interviews
2006978-0-85965-395-4Lewis WilliamsScott Walker: The Rhymes of Goodbye
2007978-0-85965-396-1Roberta BayleyBlondie: Unseen 1976 - 1980
2008978-0-85965-397-8David FlintZombie Holocaust: How the Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture
2006978-0-85965-398-5Dick PorterThe "Cramps": A Short History of Rock' N' Roll Psychosis
2009978-0-85965-399-2Gavin BaddeleyGoth: Vamps and Dandies:
2007978-0-85965-400-5Gary HermanRock 'n' Roll Babylon: 50 Years of Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
  ''978-0-85965-401-2Paul A WoodsTim Burton: A Child's Garden of Nightmares (Ultrascreen)
  ''978-0-85965-404-3Paul MorleyJoy Division: Piece by Piece: Writing About Joy Division 1977-2007
2008978-0-85965-406-7Anthony ReynoldsJeff Buckley: Mystery White Boy Blues
  ''978-0-85965-410-4Mick FarrenThe Black Leather Jacket
  ''978-0-85965-411-1Chris Welch · Simon Napier BellMarc Bolan: Born to Boogie
2007978-0-85965-412-8Christopher HeardJohnny Depp Photo Album
2008978-0-85965-413-5Gavin BaddeleyDissecting Marilyn Manson
2008978-0-85965-414-2Martin ClarkePearl Jam and Eddie Vedder None Too Fragile
2007978-0-85965-416-6Reinhardt HaydnMy Chemical Romance: This Band Will Save Your Life
  ''978-0-85965-417-3Mick RockPsychedelic Renegades: Photos of Syd Barrett
  ''978-0-85965-418-0Astrid Kirchherr · Max SchelerYesterday: The "Beatles" Once Upon a Time
2017978-0-85965-420-3Steven SavileFantastic TV: 50 Years of Cult Fantasy and Science Fiction - From "Doctor Who" to "Heroes"
2008978-0-85965-422-7Jean-Marie PotiezABBA The Scrapbook
  ''978-0-85965-425-8Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel
2009978-0-85965-426-5Mike EvansBeatles: 40 Years of Classic Writing
2008978-0-85965-427-2Brian J. RobbHeath Ledger: Hollywood's Dark Star
2009978-0-85965-428-9Martin ClarkeManic Street Preachers: Sweet Venon
2008978-0-85965-430-2Christopher HeardJohnny Depp Photo Album
2010978-0-85965-431-9Julian PalaciosSyd Barrett and Pink Floyd: Dark Globe
2017978-0-85965-433-3Gavin BaddeleyGoth: The Dark Subculture
2010978-0-85965-435-7Paul StenningMetallica: All That Matters
2009978-0-85965-437-1Cathy ScottThe Killing of Tupac Shakur
  ''978-0-85965-438-8Paul StenningRobert Pattinson Album
2010978-0-85965-439-5Martin ClarkeRadiohead: Hysterical and Useless
2010978-0-85965-440-1Jerry HopkinsThe Lizard King
  ''978-0-85965-443-2Paul A. WoodsMorrissey in Conversation: The Essential Interviews
2009978-0-85965-444-9Martin Clarke"Pearl Jam" and Eddie Vedder: None Too Fragile
2010978-0-85965-448-7Mat SnowNick Cave Sinner Saint: The True Confessions
  ''978-0-85965-450-0Gavin BaddeleyVampire Lovers
2009978-0-85965-452-4Paul StenningRobert Pattinson Album
  ''978-0-85965-453-1Amy CarpenterTaylor Lautner Album
2010978-0-85965-454-8Jerry HopkinsElvis
  ''978-0-85965-455-5Gavin BaddeleyLucifer Rising: A Book of Sin, Devil Worship and Rock'n'roll
2010978-0-85965-456-2Lindsay ReadeMr Manchester and the Factory Girl: The Story of Tony and Lindsay Wilson
  ''978-0-85965-459-3Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel
  ''978-0-85965-460-9Christian Sellers · Gary SmartThe Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead
  ''978-0-85965-464-7Garrett BaldwinJustin Bieber Album
2011978-0-85965-466-1Jean-Marie PotiezABBA: The Scrapbook
  ''978-0-85965-470-8Christopher HeardJohnny Depp Photo Album
2011978-0-85965-472-2Laura CoulmanLady Gaga: Strange and Beautiful
  ''978-0-85965-476-0Alisande OrmeKate Style
  ''978-0-85965-479-1Pauline ButcherFreak Out: My Life With Frank Zappa
  ''978-0-85965-482-1Mick O'SheaAmy Winehouse
2013978-0-85965-484-5Josiah HowardCher
2012978-0-85965-486-9Caroline CarpenterGuide to the Hunger Games (Hunger Games Film Tie in)
  ''978-0-85965-487-6Mick O'SheaBeyond District 12 (Hunger Games Film Tie in)
2011978-0-85965-488-3Jerry HopkinsNo One Here Gets Out Alive
2013978-0-85965-511-8Balthazar CohenTotes Ridictionary
2014978-0-85965-518-7Lee Karr · Greg NicoteroThe Making of George A. Romero's Day of the Dead (Making of the Film)
2018978-0-85965-519-4Mike EvansLeonard Cohen: An Illustrated Record
2020978-0-85965-554-5PlexusWes Anderson