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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1978978-0-85950-092-0L Bostock · F S ChandlerPure Mathematics 1: v. 1
  ''978-0-85950-094-4Reinder P. MeijerLiterature of the Low Countries: A Short History of Dutch Literature in the Netherlands and Belgium
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1986978-0-85950-159-0Alex GreerNew Comprehensive Mathematics for 'O' Level 2nd Edition
1984978-0-85950-171-2Les MurrayProgress in Mathematics
  ''978-0-85950-174-3L. Bostock · S. Chandler · A. Shepherd · E. SmithS. T. (P) Mathematics: Bk. 2
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1987978-0-85950-221-4Valda ReynoldsA Practical Guide to Child Development: The Child v. 1
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1980978-0-85950-404-1Hilary CampbellDesigning Patterns - A Fresh Approach to Pattern Cutting (Fashion & Design)
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1987978-0-85950-544-4Robert MorrisBare Ruined Choirs: The Fate of a Welsh Abbey (World of Change)
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2004978-0-85950-547-5Richard TamesExploring Other Civilizations (World of Change)
  ''978-0-85950-567-3Peter ChilverSpotlight: English and Communication for the Certificate (Stanley Thornes English programme)
  ''978-0-85950-568-0   ''Spotlight: Tchrs': English and Communication for the Certificate
  ''978-0-85950-569-7   ''Insight (Stanley Thornes English programme)
  ''978-0-85950-570-3   ''Insight: Tchrs' (Stanley Thornes English programme)
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2004978-0-85950-687-8J.R.S. Whiting · Philip RyderTowns (Footprints: Discovering Local History)
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  ''978-0-85950-741-7   ''Progress in Mathematics: Ans Bk. 3E
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2004978-0-85950-828-5Stuart M. Archer · Nigel ShepleyWitnessing History
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1990978-0-85950-933-6Steve Rich · Anthony EdwardsPneumatics (GCSE Technology)