year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-0-85941-042-7Robert Gibson-JarvieLondon Metal Exchange: A Commodity Market
1977978-0-85941-054-0W.Tofree ReayMoney: The Facts of Life
1982978-0-85941-189-9Judy RidgwayBreville Toasted Sandwich Book
1985978-0-85941-259-9Denys M. ForrestWorld Tea Trade
1986978-0-85941-332-9Neil CrockfordIntroduction to Risk Management
1981978-0-85941-356-5HamonEight New Commody Tech Trad Mt
1988978-0-85941-553-8RosierBoots Cookshop Microwave Book
1990978-0-85941-602-3C.J.J. Clay · B.S. Wheble · William KayClay and Wheble's Modern Merchant Banking
1991978-0-85941-662-7William KayThe City and the Single European Market
  ''978-0-85941-747-1Claudia RodenThe Cooking Of The Middle East (Sainsbury Cookbook Series)
978-0-85941-764-8Another CookThe Future Cooks Recipe Book - Selected Recipes from the Competition (Sainsbury Cookbook Series)
1993978-0-85941-790-7Hong Kong Directory Fin Servcs Stewart
1992978-0-85941-798-3Philippe ChalminInternational Commodity Markets Handbook 1993
  ''978-0-85941-809-6Elisabeth Scotto · Marianne Scotto · Michele ScottoLe Creuset's A Taste of Europe: over 150 authentic recipes
2002978-0-85941-823-2Wendy VealeLe Creuset's Fondue Cookery
978-0-85941-870-6GOOD SOUP BOOK _p
1993978-0-85941-900-0Foreign Exchange Manual Supp5 Weisweiller
978-0-85941-901-7Intl Commodity Mkt Hndbk 1994 Chalmin
1993978-0-85941-902-4Fin Reporting Accting Pub Sect Evans/Vass
  ''978-0-85941-903-1Intnl Issues in Accountancy Hussey Etal
1995978-0-85941-904-8Mark Fox-Andrews · Nicola MeadenDerivatives Markets and Investment Management
1994978-0-85941-907-9Benson · WhiteheadElements Of Transport & Logist (Elements of Overseas Trade)
  ''978-0-85941-908-6Abby Kadar · Geoffrey WhiteheadElements of Export Law (Elements of Overseas Trade)
1994978-0-85941-911-6Holmes · SugdenInterpreting Company Reports Accts
  ''978-0-85941-912-3Geoffrey Holmes · Alan SugdenInterpreting Company Reports and Accounts
  ''978-0-85941-913-0ButlerImporters Handbook
1995978-0-85941-915-4Sue AshworthSlim Essentials
1996978-0-85941-920-8Veale WendyWeight Watchers Slim and Trim
1997978-0-85941-921-5Lorna RhodesThe Oxo Book of Food and Cooking
1995978-0-85941-923-9Sue AshworthWeight Watchers Merry Christma
1996978-0-85941-924-6   ''Family Favourites
  ''978-0-85941-925-3Antony Worrall ThompsonQUICK EASY FISH _p
  ''978-0-85941-927-7Wendy GodfreyQUICK EASY RICE RISOTTOS _p
1996978-0-85941-928-4Cas ClarkeSainsbury's Quick and Easy Cooking for One
  ''978-0-85941-929-1Roz DennyQUICK EASY COOKING CHILDREN _p
1997978-0-85941-930-7Wendy VealeLOW CALORIE COOKING _p
1996978-0-85941-932-1Middleditch JoWeight Watchers Meals in Minut
  ''978-0-85941-933-8Godfrey WendyFour Seasons Cookbook
  ''978-0-85941-934-5Roz DennyWeight Watchers 1, 2, 3 Success
  ''978-0-85941-935-2Leslie WatersWeight Watchers Carefree Chris
1997978-0-85941-936-9Govindji AlminaWeight Watchers Feasts from Th
1996978-0-85941-938-3Wendy GodfreyQuick and Easy Beans and Pulse
1996978-0-85941-939-0Sophie BuchmannKenwood: The Complete Chef and Major Cookbook
1997978-0-85941-941-3SUE ASHWORTHWeight Watchers More Meals Minu _p
  ''978-0-85941-942-0Sue AshworthWeight Watchers Vegetarian Cooking
  ''978-0-85941-943-7Denny RozWeight Watchers Suppers and Sn
  ''978-0-85941-944-4Weight WatchersWeight Watchers New Christmas
  ''978-0-85941-945-1Isobel McKenzie- PriceSavlon Baby Skincare Book
1997978-0-85941-946-8Lesley WatersWeight Watchers Storecupboard Cooking
  ''978-0-85941-947-5EVERYDAY MEALS DIABETES _p
  ''978-0-85941-948-2Carla CapalboLe Creuset Mediterranean Cooking
  ''978-0-85941-949-9Sue LawrenceLe Creuset French Baking
1998978-0-85941-950-5Sue. KreitzmanLOW FAT COOKING _p
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  ''978-0-85941-955-0Trigg LizWeight Watchers Pasta Sauces,
1997978-0-85941-956-7Sophie BraimbridgeQuick and Easy Dairy Cooking
1998978-0-85941-957-4TYLER LOUISEWeight Watchers Fast Fabulous _p
  ''978-0-85941-958-1GODFREY WENDYWeight Watchers Great Grills P
1997978-0-85941-959-8Weight WatchersWeight Watchers Four Seasons Cookbook
  ''978-0-85941-960-4   ''Weight Watchers 123 Success Co
  ''978-0-85941-961-1ANNE CAINNew Stanley Cookbook C2
1997978-0-85941-962-8Weight WatchersStep by Step Healthy Classics
1998978-0-85941-963-5DENNY ROZWeight Watchers More Feasts East _p
  ''978-0-85941-964-2Karen TaylorBraun Combimax
  ''978-0-85941-965-9SUE ASHWORTHWeight Watchers Easy Meals Meat _c
1997978-0-85941-966-6Weight WatchersWeight Watchers 123 Success
  ''978-0-85941-967-3   ''Weight Watchers Suppers & Snac
1998978-0-85941-968-0Julie ArkellBoots: Enjoying Homemade Wines
1999978-0-85941-969-7GODFREY WENDYWeight Watchers Low Cost Cooking _p
  ''978-0-85941-970-3VEALE WENDY`Weight Watchers 123 2000 Cookbo _p
1997978-0-85941-971-0Weight WatchersWw Storecupboard Helsinki Medi
1999978-0-85941-972-7Lesley WatersWeight Watchers: One Pot Meals
1998978-0-85941-973-4Weight Watchers1-2-3 Success Plus (Helsinki M
1999978-0-85941-974-1Ashworth SueOriginal Low Point Recipes
1998978-0-85941-975-8Pampers Guide to Baby Skincare
2000978-0-85941-984-0Victoria Lloyd-DaviesMmm Mushrooms
2000978-0-85941-985-7Becky JohnsonWeight Watchers Low Point Pasta: 0ver 60 Recipes Low In Points
2001978-0-85941-986-4Virginia BurkeWalkerswood Caribbean Kitchen
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2000978-0-85941-988-8Clarke CWw Low Point Family Meals p/B
2001978-0-85941-989-5Roz DennyModern German Food: Over 70 Contemporary Recipes
  ''978-0-85941-990-1SUE ASHWORTHWw Members and Leaders Recipe Bk
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  ''978-0-85941-993-2Becky JohnsonWeight Watchers Low Point Mediterranean Cooking: Over 60 Recipes Low in Points
2001978-0-85941-995-6Sue CuttsThe Cast Iron Way to Cook
  ''978-0-85941-996-3Safe Home, Safe Baby: A Practical Guide To Cleaning for a Childsafe Home
2002978-0-85941-998-7Becky. JohnsonWeight Watchers - pure points 2002 cookbook - Over 300 recipes low in points
1900978-0-85941-999-4WOODHEAD FAULKMisc Items

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