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1977978-0-85646-026-5Peter LeviThe Noise Made by Poems (Poetica)
  ''978-0-85646-027-2George PavlopoulosThe Cellar
1978978-0-85646-036-4Peter LeviFive Ages
1981978-0-85646-073-9Thomas M. DischABCDEFG HIJKLM NPOQRST UVWXYZ
  ''978-0-85646-080-7Peter LeviPrivate Ground
1984978-0-85646-099-9Johann Wolfgang von GoetheGoethe: Poems and Epigrams
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1984978-0-85646-135-4   ''Collected Poems 1955-1975
  ''978-0-85646-140-8   ''The Lamentation of the Dead (Poetica)
1985978-0-85646-142-2   ''Shakespeare's Birthday
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1985978-0-85646-150-7Carol Ann DuffyStanding Female Nude
1986978-0-85646-161-3Alan MooreOpia
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1996978-0-85646-280-1Dante AlighieriThe Divine Comedy: Hell, Purgatory, Heaven
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2017978-0-85646-455-3Michael HamburgerA Michael Hamburger Reader