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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-85532-338-7Adrian HastingsWiriyamu
1999978-0-85532-354-7Frederick C. CoplestonArthur Schopenhauer: Philosopher of Pessimism
  ''978-0-85532-355-4International Committee of Jurists GenevaThe Trial of Beyers Naude: Christian Witness and the Rule of Law
1980978-0-85532-401-8Leslie WorthWorking with Watercolour (Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-85532-403-2Leslie WorthLaying a Watercolour Wash (Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-85532-406-3John BlockleyCreative Watercolour Techniques (Leisure Arts)
1979978-0-85532-426-1Jan MessentEmbroidery Design (Needlecraft)
1980978-0-85532-434-6Marie-Janine SolvitMagnificent Macrame
  ''978-0-85532-440-7Richard BoltonPainting Detail in Watercolour (Leisure Arts)
1980978-0-85532-441-4Jan BurridgePainting Landscapes in Watercolour (Leisure Arts 10)
1999978-0-85532-510-7Frederick CoplestonReligion and the One
1983978-0-85532-537-4Erna RathSplendid Soft Toy Book
1985978-0-85532-576-3Hannelore WernhardThe Knitted Farmyard
1999978-0-85532-577-0Frederick CoplestonPhilosophy in Russia: From Herzen to Lenin and Berdyaev
1987978-0-85532-584-8Jan MessentHave You Any Wool?: Creative Use of Yarn
1988978-0-85532-586-2Oliver Grard · Eric MillanPainting with Gouache (Leisure Arts)
1986978-0-85532-592-3Jan MessentKnitted Gnomes and Fairies (The Craft library)
1987978-0-85532-597-8Pam DawsonThe Art of Painting on Silk: v.1: Vol 1 (Art of Painting on Silk Vol 1)
  ''978-0-85532-600-5Jan MessentKnit an Enchanted Castle (The Craft library)
1989978-0-85532-612-8Peter CaldwellDrawing Light and Shade (Understand How to Draw)
  ''978-0-85532-614-2Jan MessentWool 'n' Magic
1998978-0-85532-619-7Heather Griffin · Margaret HoneIntroduction to Batik
1989978-0-85532-628-9Pam Dawson · K. HurganThe Art of Painting on Silk: Fashions v. 3
1988978-0-85532-632-6Kit PymanEvery Kind of Smocking
1989978-0-85532-642-5Patricia CarterIlluminated Calligraphy: Borders and Letters
1990978-0-85532-644-9Pamela PurvesDecorating Eggs in the Style of Fabergé
  ''978-0-85532-646-3Pam DawsonThe Art of Painting on Silk: A Pot Pourri v.4: A Pot Pourri Vol 4
  ''978-0-85532-647-0Guillem Ramos-PoquiThe Technique of Icon Painting
1990978-0-85532-650-0Cyril B. TurnerPainting Miniatures in Acrylics (Leisure Arts)
1991978-0-85532-653-1Mary WoodThe Craft of Temari
1990978-0-85532-654-8Alan Bridgewater · Gill BridgewaterTraditional and Folk Designs for embroidery, painting, pottery and all other crafts
1996978-0-85532-669-2Pam DawsonAmy Emms' Story of Durham Quilting
1990978-0-85532-670-8Malcolm ValentineHow to Make Your Own Recycled Paper
  ''978-0-85532-676-0Amy EmmsAmy Emms' Story of Durham Quilting
2001978-0-85532-678-4Renate HengeInspirational Silk Painting from Nature
1992978-0-85532-683-8David ConstableCandlemaking: Creative designs and techniques
1994978-0-85532-687-6Guillem Ramos-PoquiThe Technique of Icon Painting
1991978-0-85532-704-0Yvonne DeutchPainting in Watercolours
1992978-0-85532-709-5Anne ChambersMarbling on Paper
1991978-0-85532-710-1Patricia CarterIlluminated Alphabets: Over One Hundred Beautifully Illuminated Letters Including Parchment, Classical and Harlequin Designs
1992978-0-85532-718-7Susanne HahnA Complete Guide to Silk Painting
1993978-0-85532-727-9Sue NewhouseCreative Hand Embroidery
1992978-0-85532-728-6Stephanie Ipert · Florent RousseauSimple Decorative Paper Techniques
1991978-0-85532-730-9David WatsonCreative Handmade Paper
1992978-0-85532-732-3Jan MessentKnitted Gardens
1993978-0-85532-733-0   ''Knitted Historical Figures
1992978-0-85532-741-5Pauline Pears · Bob ShermanPests (Revised): How to Control Them on Fruit and Vegetables (HDRA Organic Gardening)
  ''978-0-85532-742-2"Zarza"Painting on Silk: Images of Africa ('zarza')
1994978-0-85532-744-6Jenny DeanThe Craft of Natural Dyeing: Glowing Colours from the Plant World
1993978-0-85532-747-7Jan MessentKnitted Historical Figures
1994978-0-85532-751-4Charlotte de la BedoyereHow to Grow Culinary Herbs & Spices the Natural Way
1993978-0-85532-752-1Beryl DeanDesigning Ecclesiastical Stitched Textiles
1994978-0-85532-754-5Rob ShepherdHand-made Books
  ''978-0-85532-755-2Susie VaughanHandmade Baskets from nature's colourful materials
1993978-0-85532-756-9Sue OrganSalt Dough Models
  ''978-0-85532-759-0Alan Bridgewater · Gill BridgewaterHow to Make Simple Wooden Puzzles and Jigsaws
1994978-0-85532-763-7David HumeMarquetry
1994978-0-85532-766-8Annick PerretPainting on Porcelain: Traditional and Contemporary Designs
  ''978-0-85532-767-5Maggy HowarthThe Art of Pebble Mosaics: Creative Designs and Techniques for Paths, Patios and Walls
1990978-0-85532-768-2Jan MessentHave you any Wool?: The creative use of yarn
1999978-0-85532-770-5Vivien LunnissCeltic Calligraphy
1994978-0-85532-772-9Gerry CoppPaper into Pots and Other Fun Objects: Using Papermaking, Papier Mache and Collage Techniques
  ''978-0-85532-777-4Patricia CarterIlluminated Designs
1995978-0-85532-778-1Valerie Campbell-Harding · Jane Lemon · Kit PymanGoldwork
  ''978-0-85532-783-5Patricia CarterThe Art of Illumination
  ''978-0-85532-787-3Bryan A. ThatcherWet-into-wet: Watercolour Technique (Leisure Arts)
1995978-0-85532-794-1Maggie WrightAll You Need to Know About Rubber Stamping
  ''978-0-85532-795-8Anne BelgraveHow to Make Felt
  ''978-0-85532-796-5Janet WilsonParchment Craft (Country Crafts)
1996978-0-85532-797-2Janet WilsonThe Craft of Quilling
1997978-0-85532-802-3Mandy SouthanBeginner's Guide to Silk Painting (Search Press Classics)
1995978-0-85532-803-0Veronique FolletFriendship Bracelets
1996978-0-85532-806-1Lesley BarnettBlackwork
  ''978-0-85532-807-8Ann DaviesHow to Make Hand-hooked Rag Rugs
  ''978-0-85532-808-5Vivien CrookThree-Dimensional Decoupage
1996978-0-85532-809-2Julia BottrellHow to Paint on Glass
1997978-0-85532-810-8Lois WalpoleCrafty Containers: From Recycled Materials (Leisure Arts)
1996978-0-85532-812-2Peter BaumgartnerMake your own Books and Boxes: Portfolios, Photograph Albums and Decorative Papers
1998978-0-85532-818-4Veronica BurninghamWeaving Without a Loom
1997978-0-85532-819-1Sue NewhouseHand Embroidered Country Scenes
1996978-0-85532-820-7Angelika HahnThe Craft of Paper Cutting: Over 100 Designs to Trace and Cut
1997978-0-85532-823-8Janet WilsonThe Art of Parchment Craft
  ''978-0-85532-826-9Michael BossomEncaustic Art: How to Paint with Wax
  ''978-0-85532-828-3Jacqui CareyBeginner's Guide to Braiding: The craft of Kumihimo (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
1998978-0-85532-830-6Brigitte CasagrandaThe Magic of Salt Dough
1997978-0-85532-831-3Petra BonibergerHow to Make Christmas Tree Decorations
  ''978-0-85532-832-0David ConstableBeginner's Guide to Candlemaking (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
  ''978-0-85532-833-7Wendy JelbertLine and Wash: Watercolour and Pen Techniques
2001978-0-85532-834-4Jon WarnesLiving Willow Sculpture
1998978-0-85532-835-1Ann CoxBeginner's Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
1998978-0-85532-836-8Debbie SellersCreative Three-dimensional Decoupage: Includes 6 Poppy Prints
  ''978-0-85532-837-5Margaret BlancheInspirations In Dough
  ''978-0-85532-838-2Judy BalchinDecorative Painting on Glass, Ceramics & Metal
1999978-0-85532-839-9Gisela BanburyChristian Cross-stitch
2000978-0-85532-840-5Wendy JelbertPainting with Acrylics (SBSLA03): Learn How to Create Beautiful Paintings (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-85532-841-2Janet WilsonThe Art of Stencil Embossing
  ''978-0-85532-842-9Richard BoxBasic Drawing Techniques (Leisure Arts) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2001978-0-85532-843-6Janet Mehigan · Mary NobleIllumination for Calligraphy
2001978-0-85532-845-0Joe Francis DowdenWater in Watercolour (SBSLA17): Learn How to Create Beautiful Pictures (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-85532-846-7Ronald SwanwickDrawing Landscapes (Leisure Arts) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2000978-0-85532-847-4Richard BoltonCreative Watercolour Techniques (SBSLA07) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2002978-0-85532-848-1Wendy JelbertCreative Acrylic Techniques (SBSLA09) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2000978-0-85532-849-8Ray Campbell SmithLandscapes in Watercolour (Leisure Arts) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2003978-0-85532-850-4Michael SandersLandscapes in Oils (SBSLA16) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2002978-0-85532-851-1Margaret EvansFlowers in Pastel (SBSLA12) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2001978-0-85532-852-8Noel GregoryFlowers in Oils (SBSLA13) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2005978-0-85532-853-5Carole MasseyFlowers in Acrylics (SBSLA14) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2001978-0-85532-854-2Sally MichelAnimals in Watercolour (SBSLA15) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-85532-857-3Julia D GrayBeginner's Guide to Traditional Japanese Embroidery (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
2000978-0-85532-861-0Elisabeth HardenThe Watercolour Flower Painter's Pocket Palette: Instant visual reference on colours and shapes
1998978-0-85532-862-7Clive StevensFun with Paper Sculpture
  ''978-0-85532-863-4Jane Gordon SmithRestyling Junk: Using Decoupage with Crackling, Distressing, Antiquing and Gilding Techniques
1990978-0-85532-864-1Geneviève PloquinPainting on Stones
1998978-0-85532-865-8Gabriella SzutorThe Art of Decorating Eggs
1997978-0-85532-867-2Janet WilsonThe Art of Decorative Paper Pricking
1999978-0-85532-868-9Pauline PearsAll About Compost: Recycling household and garden waste (HDRA Organic Gardening)
  ''978-0-85532-869-6Jane RainbowBeginner's Guide to Crewel Embroidery (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
2001978-0-85532-870-2Kay DennisBeginner's Guide to Stumpwork
1999978-0-85532-871-9Lynda MillsTrompe L'Oeil using Stencils: A Step-by-step Guide To Creating Three-Dimensional Effects For The Home
1998978-0-85532-874-0Wanda SuttonCreative China Painting
1998978-0-85532-876-4Glenn McDeanThe Gilding Book
1999978-0-85532-879-5Judy BalchinClassic Glass Painting: Inspirations from the past
1998978-0-85532-881-8Jan MessentKnit the Christmas Story
1999978-0-85532-883-2Julia BottrellGreat New Ways to Paint on Glass
1998978-0-85532-884-9Lin WellfordPainting Animals on Stones
  ''978-0-85532-886-3Moira ClinchWatercolour Painter's Pocket Palette
2000978-0-85532-887-0Polly PinderHandmade Cards
2001978-0-85532-888-7Nicola JenkinsThe Aromatherapy Kitchen: Recipes for Health and Beauty Using Essential Oils
1999978-0-85532-889-4Alison PeterBeginner's Guide to Mosaic (Search Press Classics)
2006978-0-85532-891-7Elizabeth R. AndersonBeginner's Guide to Miniature Embroidery (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
2001978-0-85532-892-4Rosi RobinsonCreative Batik (Search Press Classics)
1999978-0-85532-893-1Kath RussonHandmade Silk Paper
  ''978-0-85532-894-8Annette Ralle · Roger RalleShell Craft
  ''978-0-85532-895-5Elfriede MollerShibori: The Art of Fabric Folding, Pleating and Dyeing
  ''978-0-85532-896-2Katia Feder · Huguette KirbyTransfer Designs from Around the World
1999978-0-85532-898-6William NewtonPainting with Watercolours (SBSLA01) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-85532-899-3Peter CoombsPainting with Pastels (SBSLA04) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2000978-0-85532-900-6Noel GregoryPainting with Oils (SBSLA02): Learn How to Create Beautiful Paintings (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-85532-901-3Mandy SouthanPainting Flowers on Silk
1999978-0-85532-902-0Frank HallidayLaying a Watercolour Wash (SBSLA06) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-85532-903-7Wendy TaitFlowers in Watercolour (SBSLA05) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2000978-0-85532-906-8Jackie BarrassLight in Watercolour (SBSLA18) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2001978-0-85532-908-2Clive StevensPaperfolding (Step-by-step Children's Crafts)
  ''978-0-85532-909-9Michelle PowellMosaics (Step-by-Step Children's Crafts)
2001978-0-85532-910-5Judy BalchinDecorative Painting (Step-by-Step Children's Crafts)
2000978-0-85532-911-2Michelle PowellPrinting - Step-by-Step - Children's Craft Series
  ''978-0-85532-914-3Greta SpeechleyClay Modelling (Step-by-Step Children's Crafts)
2001978-0-85532-917-4Alison HoltBeginner's Guide to Machine Embroidered Landscapes (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
  ''978-0-85532-918-1Paul HardyLandscapes in Pastel (SBSLA20) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2002978-0-85532-919-8Pat TrottBeginner's Guide to Mountmellick Embroidery
2001978-0-85532-920-4Arnold LowreySea and Sky in Watercolour (Leisure Arts) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2000978-0-85532-927-3Judy BalchinCeltic Glass Painting
  ''978-0-85532-928-0Janet WilsonThe Search Press Book of Traditional Papercrafts: Inspirations from the Past
2002978-0-85532-929-7Janet EdmondsBeginner's Guide to Embroidered Boxes (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
2000978-0-85532-930-3Adelene FletcherThe Watercolour Flower Painter's Pocket Palette, Book 2: Practical Visual Advice on How to Create Flower Portraits Using Watercolours v. 2
  ''978-0-85532-933-4Clémence KirbyFloral Transfers: 405 patterns to embroider or paint
2000978-0-85532-934-1Jo ReadmanControlling Weeds: Without Using Chemicals (Organic Handbook) (HDRA Organic Gardening)
2003978-0-85532-936-5Jane AlfordBeginner's Guide to Berlin Woolwork (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
2002978-0-85532-937-2Lesley WilkinsBeginner's Guide to Blackwork (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
  ''978-0-85532-938-9Kirsten GlasbrookTapestry Weaving (Search Press Classics)
2001978-0-85532-939-6Ray Campbell SmithPerspective (Leisure Arts) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2000978-0-85532-941-9Rosalind CuthbertOil Painter's Pocket Palette: Practical visual guidance to over 600 colour mixes (Pocket Palette Series)
2002978-0-85532-948-8Ann CoxSilk Ribbon Embroidery: Designs and Techniques
2001978-0-85532-949-5Kaï andFloral Year in Cross Stitch
2000978-0-85532-950-1Lin WellfordPainting Pets on Rocks
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2001978-0-85532-956-3Ray Campbell SmithWorking with Watercolour (Step By Step Leisure Arts 22)
  ''978-0-85532-959-4Judy MartinThe Encyclopedia of Pastel Techniques: A Unique A-Z Directory of Pastel Painting Techniques Plus Guidance on How Best to Use Them
  ''978-0-85532-960-0Jeremy GaltonThe Encyclopedia of Oil Painting Techniques: A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Directory of all the Key Oil-Paitning Techniques: A Unique Step-by-step ... of All the Key Oil Painting Techniques
  ''978-0-85532-961-7Hazel HarrisonThe Encyclopedia of Acrylic Techniques: A Unique A-Z Directory of Acrylic Techniques with Step-by-step Guidance on Their Use
2001978-0-85532-963-1Carole MasseyWater Soluble Pencils (Leisure Arts) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-85532-966-2Robert JenningsPen and Wash (SBSLA22) (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts)
2003978-0-85532-968-6Suzen MillodotChinese Knots for Beaded Jewellery
2001978-0-85532-969-3Janet Wilson · Tiny van der PlasTea Bag Folding: Designs and Techniques
2003978-0-85532-970-9Terry HarrisonBrush with Watercolour: Painting landscapes the Easy Way
2001978-0-85532-971-6Mandy SouthanDesign Source Book 04: Flower Designs (DSB04) (Design Source Books)
  ''978-0-85532-972-3Courtney DavisDesign Source Book 03: Celtic Designs (DSB03) (Design Source Books)
  ''978-0-85532-973-0Judy BalchinDesign Source Book 01: Art Nouveau Designs (DSB01) (Design Source Books)
  ''978-0-85532-974-7Polly PinderDesign Source Book 02: Traditional Japanese Designs (DSB02) (Design Source Books)
2001978-0-85532-975-4Carolyn SchulzBeads and Wire
2003978-0-85532-976-1Vivien PrideauxA Handbook of Indigo Dyeing
2001978-0-85532-977-8Annemieke MeinThe Art of Annemieke Mein: Wildlife Artist in Textiles
  ''978-0-85532-978-5Adelene FletcherThe Watercolour Flower Painter's A to Z: An illustrated directory of techniques, from backruns to wet-in-wet
2002978-0-85532-979-2Michelle PowellBeadwork (Step-by-Step Children's Crafts)
  ''978-0-85532-981-5Tamsin CarterHandmade Cards (Step-by-Step Children's Crafts)
2001978-0-85532-984-6Katharine GuerrierThe Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques
  ''978-0-85532-985-3Pauline BrownThe Encyclopedia of Embroidery Techniques
  ''978-0-85532-986-0Michael LeekThe New Encyclopedia of Airbrush Techniques
2001978-0-85532-987-7Judy MartinThe Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques
2002978-0-85532-988-4Judy BalchinGlass Painted Greetings Cards
  ''978-0-85532-989-1Richard BoltonPainting Landscapes and Nature (Watercolour Tips and Techniques)
2003978-0-85532-990-7Jane JenkinsQuilling: Techniques and Inspiration
2002978-0-85532-991-4Elaine HillVictorian Designs (Design Source Books): 5
2007978-0-85532-992-1Michael BossomThe Encaustic Art Project Book
2003978-0-85532-993-8Pamela WattsBeginner's Guide to Machine Embroidery (Beginner's Guide to Needlecrafts)
2002978-0-85532-994-5Candida WoolhousePolymer Clay Greetings Cards
2003978-0-85532-995-2Wendy JelbertFrom Sketch to Painting (Watercolour Tips and Techniques)
2002978-0-85532-996-9Polly PinderDesign Source Book 06: Traditional Indian Designs (DSB06) (Design Source Books)
  ''978-0-85532-997-6Ian SidawayAcrylic Painter's Pocket Palette
  ''978-0-85532-998-3Diana Hardy WilsonEncyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques: A comprehensive A-Z directory of calligraphy techniques and a step-by-step guide to their use
2001978-0-85532-999-0Hazel SoanThe Encyclopedia of Watercolour Landscape Techniques: A comprehensive A-Z directory of techniques, with an inspirational gallery of finished works