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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1968978-0-85315-000-8James KlugmannHistory of the Communist Party of Great Britain: Formation and Early Years, 1919-24 v.1
1958978-0-85315-018-3Maurice DobbCapitalism Yesterday and Today (Socialism Today S.)
1987978-0-85315-027-5Karl MarxCapital Volume 2: A Critique of Political Economy: v. 2
  ''978-0-85315-028-2Karl MarxCapital: Capitalist Production as a Whole v. 3
1955978-0-85315-044-2Christopher HillThe English Revolution, 1640
1987978-0-85315-091-6V. I. LeninCollected Works: v. 17
  ''978-0-85315-096-1V. I. LeninCollected Works: v. 22
  ''978-0-85315-097-8   ''Collected Works: v. 23
  ''978-0-85315-098-5   ''Collected Works: v. 24
1987978-0-85315-099-2V. I. LeninCollected Works: v. 25
  ''978-0-85315-100-5   ''Collected Works: v. 26
  ''978-0-85315-112-8   ''Collected Works: v. 38
  ''978-0-85315-152-4Robert TressellThe Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
1973978-0-85315-170-8William MorrisThree Works: News from Nowhere, Dream of John Ball AND Pilgrims of Hope
1969978-0-85315-175-3E. J. Hobsbawm · George Rude · Eric HobsbawnCaptain Swing
1970978-0-85315-210-1Karl MarxCapital: v. 1
1987978-0-85315-217-0Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsThe German Ideology: Introduction to a Critique of Political Economy
1971978-0-85315-219-4Thomas Alfred JacksonIreland Her Own: An Outline History of the Irish Struggle
1961978-0-85315-234-7C. Desmond GreavesThe Life and Times of James Connolly
1972978-0-85315-248-4Yvonne KappEleanor Marx: Family Life, 1855-83 v. 1
  ''978-0-85315-262-0John LewisThe Marxism of Marx
2005978-0-85315-280-4Antonio Fo Gramsci · Quintin Hoare · Geoffrey Nowell-SmithSelections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci
1973978-0-85315-281-1G.R.Sabri- Tabrizi"Heaven" and "Hell" of William Blake
1975978-0-85315-285-9Hanns Eisler · etc.Brecht as They Knew Him
1974978-0-85315-287-3Bertram EdwardsBurston School Strike
1987978-0-85315-293-4Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsCollected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Volume 3 Marx and Engels, 1843-1844: Marx, Engels, 1843-44 v. 3
1974978-0-85315-301-6Stanley HarrisonPoor Men's Guardians: Survey of the Democratic and Working-class Press
1975978-0-85315-331-3Frida KnightThe French Resistance
1976978-0-85315-337-5Jeffrey SkelleyGeneral Strike, 1926
1976978-0-85315-367-2Rodney MaceTrafalgar Square - Emblem of Empire
  ''978-0-85315-370-2Yvonne KappEleanor Marx: The Crowded Years, 1884-98 v. 2
1987978-0-85315-372-6James KlugmannHistory of the Communist Party of Great Britain Vol 1 1919-24: Formation and Early Years, 1919-24 Vol 1
1987978-0-85315-374-0James KlugmannHistory of the Communist Party of Great Britain, Volume 2: The General Strike, 1925-1926
1977978-0-85315-381-8Katharine ThomsonThe Masonic Thread in Mozart
1987978-0-85315-386-3Antonio Fo Gramsci · Amadeo Bordiga · Angelo TascaSelections from Political Writings 1910-1920
1977978-0-85315-408-2Santiago CarrilloEurocommunism and the State
1980978-0-85315-417-4Wal HanningtonMr Chairman !
1979978-0-85315-434-1Noreen BransonPoplarism, 1919-25: George Lansbury and the Councillors' Revolt
1987978-0-85315-459-4Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsCollected Works: Letters, 1844-51 v. 38
  ''978-0-85315-461-7   ''Collected Works: 1856-59 v. 40
1991978-0-85315-468-6Lewis JonesCwmardy
1980978-0-85315-514-0George RudeIdeology and Popular Protest
  ''978-0-85315-531-7Alan HuntMarxism and Democracy
1983978-0-85315-564-5Bill AlexanderBritish Volunteers for Liberty: Spain, 1936-39
  ''978-0-85315-579-9George RudeWilkes and Liberty
1989978-0-85315-587-4Colin ChambersThe Story of Unity Theatre
1985978-0-85315-612-3Noreen BransonHistory of the Communist Party of Great Britain Vol 3 1927-1941
  ''978-0-85315-635-2Brian SimonDoes Education Matter?
2011978-0-85315-648-2Steve Williams · Bob FryerLeadership and Democracy: 1928-1993 Vol 2: The History of the National Union of Public Employees
1986978-0-85315-652-9Alan WinningtonBreakfast with Mao: Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent
1986978-0-85315-664-2Gwyn ThomasAll Things Betray Thee
1989978-0-85315-703-8Stuart Hall · Martin JacquesNew Times: Changing Face of Politics in the 1990's
1988978-0-85315-706-9Will ThorneMy Life's Battles
1989978-0-85315-714-4Lord Paul Anthony Elliot Bew · etc. · Henry Patterson · Ellen HazelkornThe Dynamics of Irish Politics
1990978-0-85315-735-9T. a. JacksonIreland Her Own
  ''978-0-85315-738-0Roger SimonGramsci's Political Thought: An Introduction
  ''978-0-85315-739-7Dambudzo MarecheraThe Black Insider
1991978-0-85315-742-7Gillian Rodgerson · Elizabeth Wilson · Gillian RogersonPornography and Feminism: The Case Against Censorship
  ''978-0-85315-743-4Ben Bousquet · Colin DouglasWest Indian Women at War: British Racism in World War II
1992978-0-85315-752-6Christopher NorrisUncritical Theory: Postmodernism, Intellectuals and the Gulf War
1994978-0-85315-764-9Renata SaleclLacan and Love (New Formations)
1997978-0-85315-771-7Lord Paul Anthony Elliot Bew · etc.Between War and Peace: Political Future of Northern Ireland
1993978-0-85315-781-6Clyde Chitty · Brian SimonEducation Answers Back: Critical Responses to Government Policy
  ''978-0-85315-791-5Victoria Harwood · David Oswell · Kay Parkinson · Anna WardPleasure Principles: Politics, Sexuality and Ethics
1994978-0-85315-806-6Brian SimonThe State and Educational Change: Essays in the History of Education and Pedagogy
1995978-0-85315-823-3Peter HainThe Peking Connection
1997978-0-85315-827-1Mike WayneTheorising Video Practice
1995978-0-85315-832-5Peter HainAyes to the Left***: Future for Socialism
1997978-0-85315-833-2Maggie AndrewsThe Acceptable Face of Feminism: The Women's Institute as a Social Movement
1998978-0-85315-859-2Adam LentNew Political Thought
1997978-0-85315-862-2Noreen BransonHistory of the Communist Party of Great Britain Vol 4 1941-51 (The history of Communist Party of Great Britain)
1998978-0-85315-864-6David Foden · Peter MorrisThe Search for Equity: Welfare and Security in the Global Economy
1997978-0-85315-867-7Jonathan RutherfordYoung Britain
1998978-0-85315-874-5Anne Coddington · Perryman MarThe Moderniser's Dilemma: Radical Politics in the Age of Blair
2000978-0-85315-882-0Marika SherwoodClaudia Jones: A Life in Exile: A Biography
2000978-0-85315-892-9Antonio GramsciA Gramsci Reader
2002978-0-85315-909-4Dave Renton · David RentonMarx on Globalization
2000978-0-85315-917-9Timothy Bewes · Gilbert JCultural Capitalism: Politics After New Labour
2002978-0-85315-946-9Cynthia Cockburn · Dubravka ZarkovThe Postwar Moment: Militaries, Masculinities, and International Peacekeeping
2003978-0-85315-956-8Alan FinlaysonMaking Sense of New Labour
  ''978-0-85315-957-5Paulette GoudgeThe Whiteness of Power: Racism in Third World Development and Aid
2004978-0-85315-958-2John CallaghanCold War, Crisis and Conflict: The CPGB 1951-68: Cold War, Crisis and Conflict: The CPGB 1951-68 Vol 5
2003978-0-85315-974-2Philip Tew · Wendy WheelerComplex Figures (New Formations)
2011978-0-85315-985-8Nina FishmanArthur Horner: A Political Biography
2004978-0-85315-991-9Geoff AndrewsEndgames and New Times: The Final Years of British Communism 1964-1991