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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-0-85308-028-2Rt Hon Lord Millett · Alistair Alcock · Michael ToddGore-Browne on Companies
1974978-0-85308-036-7J. R. LewisLaw for the Retailer and Distributor
1991978-0-85308-118-0David Hershman · Andrew McFarlaneHershman and McFarlane: Law and Practice
1999978-0-85308-224-8David BurrowsEvidence in Family Proceedings
1997978-0-85308-329-0Roger Bird · Nigel FrickerEmergency Remedies in the Family Courts
1996978-0-85308-381-8David Impey · Nick MontagueRunning a Limited Company
1997978-0-85308-420-4Ian Bollans · David PreeceJordans Health and Safety Management
1998978-0-85308-454-9Graham Beecher · Nick AdlemAdvanced Litigation: Commercial (Legal Practice Course Resource Books)
  ''978-0-85308-466-2Anne-Marie Hutchinson · Rachel Roberts · Henry SetrightInternational Parental Child Abduction
2001978-0-85308-494-5Denzil Lush · Helen Wood · David BishopCohabitation: Law, Practice and Precedents
2000978-0-85308-525-6Peter DuckworthDuckworth's Matrimonial Property and Finance
1999978-0-85308-566-9Adrian Fulford · Hugh SoutheyA Criminal Practitioner's Guide to Judicial Review and Case Stated
2010978-0-85308-572-0A. Mason · N. Sandells · M. Stacey · A. Hall-Taylor · W. MoffettLifetime Gifts
1999978-0-85308-573-7Heather SwindellsFamily Law and the Human Rights Act, 1998
2007978-0-85308-575-1Simon Oliver · Paula ClementsSpecial Educational Needs and the Law
2003978-0-85308-576-8Christina LyonChild Abuse
2002978-0-85308-598-0John GlassonThe International Trust
2005978-0-85308-603-1Denzil Lush · H. ClarkeElderly Clients: A Precedent Manual
2000978-0-85308-618-5Nicholas DobsonBest Value: Law and Management
2001978-0-85308-623-9Mark Harper · Camilla Baldwin · Andrea WoelkeModel Letters for Family Lawyers
2004978-0-85308-636-9J. KellyAsset Securitisation
2005978-0-85308-648-2E. HamiltonMatrimonial Home and Family Breakdown (Law Practice & Percedents)
  ''978-0-85308-662-8Anil Malhotra · Ranjit Malhotra · Rambert de MelloActing for Non-Resident Clients
2001978-0-85308-687-1Brigid E. Campbell · Ian CrossWelfare Benefits and Immigration Law (Legal Practice Course Resource Books)
  ''978-0-85308-690-1Heaven CrawleyRefugees and Gender: Law and Process
  ''978-0-85308-702-1J.A. Andrews · Michael HirstAndrews and Hirst on Criminal Evidence
2005978-0-85308-726-7Jason Fox · Nicholas TottThe PPP Handbook
978-0-85308-727-4Family Law Precedents Service
2001978-0-85308-729-8David Impey · Nick MontagueRunning a Limited Company
2002978-0-85308-730-4David Palfreyman · David WarnerHigher Education Law
2002978-0-85308-741-0Tim Sewell · C. Spencer · Alex LongshawCommercial Law and Practice (Legal Practice Course Resource Books)
  ''978-0-85308-755-7Joyanne BracewellThe Family Court Practice 2002
2008978-0-85308-756-4Stephen GlynnAPIL Guide to Evidence
2002978-0-85308-784-7Alison Harvey · etc.Business Law and Practice: Legislation Handbook (Legal practice course 2002/03)
  ''978-0-85308-802-8Peter Duckworth · Graham ReedsFamily Finance Toolkit 2002
2004978-0-85308-812-7Hugh Southey · Adrian FulfordJudicial Review: A Practical Guide
  ''978-0-85308-821-9N. Ubhi · Barry Denyer-GreenLaw of Commons, Town and Village Greens
2002978-0-85308-824-0David BrewerMagistrates' Courts Criminal Practice 2003
2003978-0-85308-828-8C. HartCommercial Dispute Resolution (Legal Practice Course Resource Books)
  ''978-0-85308-829-5Phil Rogers · Paul ButtCommercial Property (Legal Practice Course Resource Books)
2010978-0-85308-841-7P. O'Connor · Martin Huseyin · Peter Wilcock · Fiona MurphyCivil Claims Against the Police
2005978-0-85308-849-3D. Ashton · Peter C. ReidClub Law
2012978-0-85308-852-3Stephen Bickford-Smith · Taggart · OakesPrivate Rights of Way
2005978-0-85308-859-2Stephen Davies · Bethan Evans · David Impey · Nicholas BriggsModern Law of Meetings
2004978-0-85308-860-8Nigel G. CoxRunning a Flat Management Company
2004978-0-85308-861-5R. Verow · C. Lawrence · P. McCormickSports Business: Law, Practice, Precedents
2006978-0-85308-862-2Robert Upex · Michael RyleyTUPE: Law and Practice
2003978-0-85308-866-0Andrew BainhamThe International Survey of Family Law 2003
2006978-0-85308-870-7Russell Hewitson · Frances SilvermanConveyancing Searches and Enquiries
2005978-0-85308-873-8David BedingfieldAdvocacy in Family Proceedings
2003978-0-85308-882-0Richard CardSexual Offences: The New Law (Jordans New Law S.)
2004978-0-85308-890-5Charles Harpum · Janet BignellRegistered Land: Law and Practice Under the Land Registration Act 2002
  ''978-0-85308-916-2Brigid E. Campbell · Ian CrossWelfare Benefits and Immigration Law (LPC Resource Manuals)
  ''978-0-85308-922-3David Hershman · Andrew McFarlaneWorking with the Child Care Protocol
2005978-0-85308-930-8John McQuaterAPIL Guide to Personal Injury Claims Procedures
2004978-0-85308-934-6Anesh Pema · Sharon HeelsAnti-Social Behaviour Orders
  ''978-0-85308-938-4A. J. Boyle · Professor John BirdsBoyle and Birds' Company Law
2005978-0-85308-939-1Andrew BainhamChildren: The Modern Law (Legal Practice Course Resource)
2007978-0-85308-949-0Martin Bare · Dominic Hughes · Richard Copnall · Simon Thorp · Andrew Axonmodel pleadings and applications: A Guide for Entrepreneurs
2004978-0-85308-950-6David BrewerMagistrates' Courts Criminal Practice 2005
2005978-0-85308-951-3John Ford · Mary Hughs · David RuebainEducation Law and Practice
  ''978-0-85308-952-0Helen Carr · Stephen Cottle · Timothy T. BaldwinHousing Act 2004
2006978-0-85308-969-8C. Bridge · C. Heation · Heather SwindellsAdoption: The Modern Procedure
2005978-0-85308-970-4Roger BirdAncillary Relief Handbook
2006978-0-85308-972-8A. McFarlane · Madeleine ReardonChild Care and Adoption Law: A Practical Guide
2006978-0-85308-977-3Mark Harper · Camilla Baldwin · Andrea WoelkeModel Letters for Family Lawyers
2005978-0-85308-978-0Robert BlomfieldPractical Guide to Family Proceedings
  ''978-0-85308-980-3Joyanne BracewellThe Family Court Practice 2005
2006978-0-85308-995-7R. CalnanTaking Security: Law and Practice
  ''978-0-85308-997-1Jonathan MitchellChildren Act Private Law Proceedings: A Handbook