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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-85263-095-2Arthur TaylorEnglish County Regiments (Discovering S.)
  ''978-0-85263-101-0Russell AshDiscovering Highwaymen
1971978-0-85263-103-4Denis GiffordStap Me!: History of the British Newspaper Strip
1972978-0-85263-131-7Arthur TaylorBritish Military Uniforms (Discovering)
2002978-0-85263-177-5James HodgeRichard Trevithick (Lifelines) (Lifelines Series)
1973978-0-85263-199-7William WatersBurne-Jones: An Illustrated Life of Sir Edward Burne-Jones 1833-1898 (Lifelines) (Lifelines Series)
2002978-0-85263-208-6John AnthonyJoseph Paxton (Lifelines) (Lifelines Series)
1975978-0-85263-209-3A.A.C. HedgesBottles and Bottle Collecting: 6 (Shire album) (Shire Library)
1973978-0-85263-235-2R.C. BellOld Board Games (Discovering S.)
  ''978-0-85263-236-9Walter StranzGeorge Cadbury (Lifelines Series)
  ''978-0-85263-237-6Russell AshAlma-Tadema (Lifelines Series)
1974978-0-85263-244-4John William PolidoriThe Vampyre
1975978-0-85263-263-5R.C. BellDiscovering Backgammon (Discovering S.)
  ''978-0-85263-265-9R.H. CunningtonFrom Antiquary to Archaeologist: Study of William Cunnington of Heytesbury ([The folk life library])
1974978-0-85263-273-4Kay N. SaneckiHumphry Repton (Lifelines Series)
1974978-0-85263-274-1Joan CliffordCapability Brown: An Illustrated Life of Lancelot Brown 1716-1783 (Lifelines Series)
  ''978-0-85263-283-3R. C. LambethDiscovering Corn Dollies (Shire Discovering)
2008978-0-85263-288-8Cecil A. MeadowsOil Lamps (Shire Discovering)
2006978-0-85263-304-5Betty MassinghamGertrude Jekyll (Lifelines) (Lifelines Series)
1975978-0-85263-318-2Harold BonnettTraction Engines (Discovering)
1998978-0-85263-328-1Mark ChildChurch Architecture: A Glossary of Terms (Discovering) (Discovering S.)
1977978-0-85263-394-6Jocelyn BaileyThe Village Wheelwright and Carpenter (Shire album)
2007978-0-85263-410-3Rhoda M. PearceThomas Telford: An Illustrated Life (Lifelines) (Lifelines Series)
1978978-0-85263-424-0David KennettAnglo-Saxon Pottery (Shire archaeology)
  ''978-0-85263-439-4D.E. WickhamDiscovering Kings and Queens (Discovering S.)
2008978-0-85263-445-5Primrose PeacockDiscovering Old Buttons (Shire Discovering)
2000978-0-85263-455-4T.W. WestEnglish Architecture (Discovering) (Discovering S.)
1979978-0-85263-458-5Richard W. BagshaweRoman Roads (Shire archaeology series)
2008978-0-85263-469-1Eliza LeadbeaterSpinning and Spinning Wheels (Shire Album) (Shire Library)
1996978-0-85263-480-6Daphne MoreCountry Winemaking (Discovering) (Discovering S.)
1999978-0-85263-485-1Harold BodeJames Brindley: An Illustrated Life of James Brindley, 1716-1772 (Lifelines) (Lifelines Series)
2008978-0-85263-501-8Philip WalkerWoodworking Tools (Shire Album)
2002978-0-85263-503-2Helen MullerJet Jewellery and Ornaments (Shire Album)
2004978-0-85263-516-2Peter NaylorDowsing and Divining (Discovering) (Discovering S.)
2010978-0-85263-519-3George MellWriting Antiques (Shire Library)
2008978-0-85263-533-9R.C. BellOld Board Games (Shire Discovering) (Discovering S.)
2000978-0-85263-538-4   ''Board and Table Game Antiques (Shire Album)
2003978-0-85263-545-2Chris AspinThe Cotton Industry (Shire Album)
1981978-0-85263-547-6J.T. GrahamScales and Balances: A Guide to Collecting (Shire album)
  ''978-0-85263-555-1Trevor WhiteheadFire Engines (Shire album)
  ''978-0-85263-556-8J. E. C. PetersDiscovering Traditional Farm Buildings (Discovering S.)
2008978-0-85263-561-2Charles FoggChains and Chainmaking (Shire Library)
2000978-0-85263-562-9Ivan G. SparkesEnglish Windsor Chairs (Shire Album)
2008978-0-85263-563-6John G. RollinsNeedle Making (Shire Library)
2000978-0-85263-564-3David SekersThe Potteries (Shire Album) (Shire Library)
2005978-0-85263-583-4W.A. JacksonThe Victorian Chemist and Druggist (Shire Album)
1982978-0-85263-589-6Margaret SwainAyrshire and Other Whitework (Shire Album)
2004978-0-85263-591-9Carol HeadOld Sewing Machines (Shire Album)
1982978-0-85263-593-3Trevor Rowley · John WoodDeserted Villages (Shire Archaeology)
2009978-0-85263-596-4Lynn WilliesLead and Leadmining (Shire Library)
2006978-0-85263-598-8Chris AspinThe Woollen Industry (Shire Album)
2010978-0-85263-599-5David HallMedieval Fields (Shire Archaeology)
1982978-0-85263-602-2Pat EarnshawDictionary of Lace
2008978-0-85263-606-0Hugh BodeyNailmaking (Shire Library)
2008978-0-85263-607-7David G. HalfordOld Lawnmowers (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-85263-614-5Michael B. QuinionCider Making (Shire Library)
2011978-0-85263-617-6Richard FilmerHops and Hop Picking (Shire Library)
1983978-0-85263-621-3Aubrey BurlPrehistoric Astronomy and Ritual (Shire archaeology series)
  ''978-0-85263-626-8Sean McGrailAncient Boats (Shire archaeology series)
  ''978-0-85263-629-9David E. EveleighFiregrates and Kitchen Ranges (Shire Album)
  ''978-0-85263-630-5Roy BrigdenAgricultural Hand Tools (Shire Album)
2003978-0-85263-634-3Miranda J. GreenThe Gods of Roman Britain (Shire Archaeology Series)
2002978-0-85263-647-3Anna P. BensonTextile Machines (Shire Album)
1983978-0-85263-648-0Pamela SambrookLaundry Bygones (Shire Album)
1983978-0-85263-650-3M.K. StammersShips' Figureheads (Shire album)
2011978-0-85263-652-7G. HayesStationary Steam Engines (Shire Library)
1983978-0-85263-654-1David J. BreezeRoman Forts in Britain (Shire archaeology series)
2003978-0-85263-658-9Michael E. WareVeteran Motor Cars (Shire Album)
2009978-0-85263-661-9L.M. BickertonEnglish Drinking Glasses 16751825 (Shire Library)
1984978-0-85263-662-6Nicholas PineGoss and Other Crested China (Shire album)
2008978-0-85263-664-0D.J. SmithHorse Drawn Farm Machinery (Shire Discovering)
1984978-0-85263-665-7J. AtkinsonClogs and Clogmaking (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-85263-666-4Lawrence GarnerDry Stone Walls (Shire album)
  ''978-0-85263-667-1Emma FordFalconry (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-85263-673-2Christopher PowellDiscovering Cottage Architecture (Discovering S.)
2001978-0-85263-681-7Jo DraperPost-mediaeval Pottery, 1650-1800 (Shire Archaeology Series)
  ''978-0-85263-692-3Richard TamesJosiah Wedgwood: An Illustrated Life (Lifelines) (Lifelines Series)
1984978-0-85263-700-5Pat EarnshawA Dictionary of Lace
1987978-0-85263-706-7Sarah BushThe Silk Industry (Shire album)
2008978-0-85263-710-4J.Kenneth MajorAnimal-powered Machines (Shire Library)
2010978-0-85263-711-1Llyn E. MorrisThe Country Garage (Shire Library)
1985978-0-85263-713-5David MarcombeThe Victorian Sailor (Shire album)
1985978-0-85263-714-2W.F. Ritchie · J. N. G. RitchieCeltic Warriors (Shire Archaeology Series)
2003978-0-85263-727-2Patricia BainesFlax and Linen (Shire Album) (Shire Album S.)
1985978-0-85263-728-9Peter StanierQuarries and Quarrying (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-85263-729-6Hazel ClarkTextile Printing (Shire album)
2010978-0-85263-733-3R L AtkinsonTin and Tin Mining (Shire Library)
1985978-0-85263-743-2Michael EasterbrookHawk-moths of the British Isles (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-744-9Jim FleggThe Puffin (Shire Natural History)
  ''978-0-85263-748-7T.W. WestDiscovering Scottish Architecture (Discovering)
  ''978-0-85263-749-4Mike SalterScottish Castles (Discovering S.)
1985978-0-85263-752-4Ian DeanIndustrial Narrow Gauge Railways (Shire Album)
2000978-0-85263-753-1Anna P. Benson · Neil WarburtonLooms and Weaving (Shire Album)
2010978-0-85263-758-6Jeremy HaslamEarly Medieval Towns in Britain (Shire Archaeology)
1985978-0-85263-763-0Stephen BlackmoreButtercups (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-764-7Chris FeareThe Starling (Shire natural history)
2010978-0-85263-768-5Brian KempChurch Monuments (Shire Library)
1985978-0-85263-775-3Bob GordonToy Steam Engines (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-85263-776-0Bill BoddyVintage Motor Cars (Shire Album)
1986978-0-85263-778-4June SwannShoemaking (Shire Album)
  ''978-0-85263-779-1Elizabeth HensonBritish Sheep Breeds (Shire Library)
2010978-0-85263-781-4Andrew EmmersonOld Telephones (Shire Library)
1986978-0-85263-782-1Raymond NotleyPressed Flint Glass (Shire Album)
  ''978-0-85263-783-8Lyndon R. ShearmanPortable Steam Engines (Shire album)
2001978-0-85263-788-3Angela P. ThomasEgyptian Gods and Myths (Shire Egyptology)
2008978-0-85263-789-0Gay RobinsEgyptian Painting and Relief (Shire Egyptology)
2010978-0-85263-792-0R.C. BellMaling and other Tyneside Pottery (Shire Library)
2001978-0-85263-800-2Rosalind HallEgyptian Textiles (Shire Egyptology)
1986978-0-85263-808-8Christopher St.J.H. DanielSundials (Shire album)
1987978-0-85263-810-1C.J. Humphries · E. ShaughnessyGorse (Shire natural history)
1986978-0-85263-811-8Jack R. LaundonLichens (Shire natural history)
2010978-0-85263-812-5David J. EveleighOld Cooking Utensils (Shire Library)
1986978-0-85263-832-3Peter TateThe Swallow (Shire natural history)
1986978-0-85263-839-2Avril LansdellWedding Fashions, 1860-1980 (History in camera)
2010978-0-85263-841-5Andrew LaneAusterity Motoring 19391950 (Shire Library)
1987978-0-85263-847-7Donald BatesonScottish Coins (Shire album)
  ''978-0-85263-848-4Tim BuxbaumScottish Doocots (Shire Album)
  ''978-0-85263-852-1Colin HopeEgyptian Pottery (Shire Egyptology)
2008978-0-85263-853-8Philip J. WatsonEgyptian Pyramids and Mastaba Tombs (Shire Egyptology)
1987978-0-85263-854-5David William SnowThe Blackbird (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-855-2Peter WeaverThe Lapwing (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-857-6Ian NewtonThe Sparrowhawk (Poyser Monographs)
1990978-0-85263-863-7Eric G. AytoClay Tobacco Pipes (Shire album)
2011978-0-85263-868-2Nigel HarveyFields, Hedges and Ditches (Shire Library)
1987978-0-85263-869-9Kay N. SaneckiOld Garden Tools (SHIRE/SA)
1997978-0-85263-874-3Lloyd LaingLater Celtic Art (Shire Archaeology Series)
2011978-0-85263-876-7Peter J. ReynoldsAncient Farming (Shire Archaeology)
1987978-0-85263-878-1Michael E. WareCanals and Waterways (History in Camera)
1987978-0-85263-879-8Peter StaffordThe Adder (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-880-4Michael EasterbrookButterflies of the British Isles: Nymphalidae: The Nymphalidae (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-881-1Stephen TapperThe Brown Hare (Shire natural history)
2002978-0-85263-891-0Peter JohnsonRomano-British Mosaics (Shire Archaeology Series)
1987978-0-85263-896-5Gary J. SkinnerAnts of the British Isles (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-897-2Norman Ernest HickinLonghorn Beetles of the British Isles (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-898-9Ian WyllieThe Cuckoo (Shire natural history)
2010978-0-85263-903-0A M FosterBee Boles and Bee Houses (Shire Library)
1987978-0-85263-904-7Eve Eckstein · J. and G. FirkinsGentlemen's Dress Accessories (Shire album) (Shire Library)
1987978-0-85263-905-4Leigh ChapmanChurch Memorial Brasses and Brass Rubbing (Shire album)
2010978-0-85263-906-1Bob GordonModel Steam Engines (Shire Library)
1988978-0-85263-908-5E. BartholomewEarly Armoured Cars (Shire Album) (Shire Album S.)
2002978-0-85263-909-2Alexandra WalkerScent Bottles (Shire Album) (Shire Album S.)
2008978-0-85263-911-5Trevor S. JenningsBellfounding
  ''978-0-85263-918-4Anthony SanctuaryRope, Twine and Net Making (Shire Album) (Shire Library)
1988978-0-85263-919-1Miles HadfieldThe English Landscape Garden (Shire Garden History S.)
  ''978-0-85263-920-7Peter Hansell · Jean HansellDovecotes (Shire album)
2011978-0-85263-922-1David KayeOld Trolleybuses (Shire album 215)
2003978-0-85263-931-3John Peter WildTextiles in Archaeology (Shire Archaeology Series)
1988978-0-85263-938-2Barbara AdamsPredynastic Egypt (Shire Egyptology)
2001978-0-85263-939-9Eric UphillEgyptian Towns and Cities (Shire Egyptology)
1988978-0-85263-940-5David GidmarkThe Algonquin Birchbark Canoe (Shire ethnography)
  ''978-0-85263-941-2Barry CraigArt and Decoration of Central New Guinea (Shire ethnography)
1998978-0-85263-944-3Barbara AdamsEgyptian Mummies (Shire Egyptology)
1988978-0-85263-945-0Michael EasterbrookButterflies of the British Isles: Lycaenidae (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-946-7Andrew MahonGrasshoppers and Bush Crickets of the British Isles (Shire natural history)
1988978-0-85263-947-4Sheila AndersonThe Grey Seal (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-948-1Janet KearThe Mute Swan (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-949-8Desmond Nethersole-ThompsonThe Oystercatcher (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-951-1Sara ChurchfieldShrews of the British Isles (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-953-5Ruth DuthieFlorists' Flowers and Societies (Shire garden history)
1988978-0-85263-955-9Stephanie J. Tyler · Stephen J. OrmerodThe Dipper (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-959-7W. G. HaleThe Redshank (Shire natural history)
  ''978-0-85263-962-7Aubrey BurlPrehistoric Stone Circles (Shire archaeology series)
  ''978-0-85263-966-5Simon MoorePenknives and Other Folding Knives (Shire Album)
2001978-0-85263-972-6Hilary WilsonEgyptian Food and Drink (Shire Egyptology)
1988978-0-85263-973-3Angela P. ThomasAkhenaten's Egypt (Shire Egyptology)
1989978-0-85263-979-5Roy BrigdenHarvesting Machinery (Shire Album)
2001978-0-85263-981-8Ian DussekMotor Cars of the 1930's (Shire Album)
2005978-0-85263-996-2Richard HaymanChurch Misericords and Bench Ends (Shire Album) (Shire Library)