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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-0-7478-0740-7Andrew EmmersonDiscovering Subterranean London (Shire Discovering)
  ''978-0-7478-0741-4Peter DoyleThe British Soldier of the Second World War (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0744-5Richard HaymanChurch Misericords and Bench Ends (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0745-2Mike BrownEvacuees of the Second World War (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0746-9Sarah WhittinghamThe Victorian Fern Craze (Shire Library)
2009978-0-7478-0747-6Jon MountfortScalextric (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0748-3Kathryn FerryThe Victorian Home (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0750-6Pamela HornLife in the Victorian Country House (Shire History)
2009978-0-7478-0751-3Neilr R StoreyThe Home Guard (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0752-0Neil R Storey & Molly HousegoWomen in the First World War (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0753-7Peter WalterThe Felt Industry (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0754-4Nick BaldwinTractors 1880s to 1980s (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0755-1Nick BaldwinLorries (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0757-5David BrandonDiscovering Pub Names and Signs (Shire Discovering)
2009978-0-7478-0758-2Richard TamesIsambard Kingdom Brunel (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0759-9David SekersThe Potteries (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0760-5John WittichDiscovering London Curiosities (Shire Discovering)
2010978-0-7478-0761-2Twigs WayTopiary (Shire Library)
2009978-0-7478-0762-9Ray NewellThe Morris Minor (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0763-6Val PorterBritish Pigs (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0764-3Val PorterBritish Cattle (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0765-0Peter DoyleARP and Civil Defence in the Second World War (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0766-7Peter DoyleBritish Postcards of the First World War (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0767-4Sarah Jane DowningFashion in the Time of Jane Austen (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0768-1Jonathan WoodThe British Motor Industry (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0769-8Graham RobsonAustin-Healey (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0770-4Bob GwynneThe Flying Scotsman (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0771-1Janet SacksVictorian Childhood (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0772-8Claire MassetDepartment Stores (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0773-5Chris WoodcockThe Road Haulage Industry (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0774-2Will FarmerClarice Cliff (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0775-9Kathryn FerryHoliday Camps (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0777-3John SandonMeissen Porcelain (Shire Collections)
  ''978-0-7478-0778-0Richard Russell LawrenceRoman Britain (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0779-7Robert Pearce1930s Britain (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0780-3Derek WilsonTudor England (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0781-0Jonathan DownsThe Industrial Revolution (Shire Living Histories)
2010978-0-7478-0782-7Mary GreenstedThe Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain (Shire History)
2011978-0-7478-0783-4Nick ThomsonCorrugated Iron Buildings: Churches, Houses, Sheds and Huts (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0784-1Richard HaymanThe Green Man (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0785-8Julian StrayPost Offices (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0786-5John BlyEnglish Furniture (Shire Collections)
  ''978-0-7478-0788-9Tim BryanThe Great Western Railway (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0789-6Julie SummersBritish and Commonwealth War Cemeteries (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0790-2Andrew EmmersonThe London Underground (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0791-9Trevor PaskAirfix Kits (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0792-6John Shepherd1920s Britain (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0793-3Peter FurtadoRestoration England (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0794-0Claire MassetTea and Tea Drinking (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0796-4Jonathan FalconerRAF Bomber Crewman (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0797-1Chris Foster · Peter DoyleBritish Army Cap Badges of the First World War (Shire Collections)
2012978-0-7478-0798-8Peter MatthewsLondons Statues and Monuments (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0799-5Jacqueline RidingMid-Georgian Britain (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0800-8Trevor RowleyNorman England (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0801-5Tom PhelpsThe British Milkman (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0802-2Paul EvansThe 1960s Home (Shire Library)
2010978-0-7478-0803-9Richard GibbonStephensons Rocket and the Rainhill Trials (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0804-6Peter DoyleThe Blitz (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0805-3Mick WalkerBritish Motorcycles of the 1940s and 50s (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0806-0Oliver GreenDiscovering London Railway Stations (Shire Discovering)
  ''978-0-7478-0807-7Jonathan BrownThe Edwardian Farm (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-0809-1Vivien RolfBathing Houses and Plunge Pools (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-0810-7Sally BadhamMedieval Church and Churchyard Monuments (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0811-4Andy Guy & Jim ReesEarly Railways (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0812-1Neil R. Storey · Molly HousegoWomen in the Second World War (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0813-8Ivan DayIce Cream: A History (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0817-6Simon McKieMaking Craft Cider - A Ciderist's Guide (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-0818-3Twigs WayThe Cottage Garden (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0820-6John HannavyThe Victorians and Edwardians on the Move (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0822-0Janie HamptonLondon Olympics, 1908 and 1948
2015978-0-7478-0823-7Chris PickfordBellringing (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-0824-4Kenneth BrownThe British Toy Industry (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0825-1Paul RabbittsBandstands (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0827-5Kathryn FerryThe 1950s Kitchen (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-0828-2Eric KnowlesLalique (Shire Collections)
  ''978-0-7478-0829-9Mike BrownWartime Britain (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0830-5Christine GarwoodMid-victorian Britain (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0831-2Alex WoodcockGargoyles and Grotesques
  ''978-0-7478-0832-9David EveleighTown House Architecture: British Domestic Architecture, 1650-1980 (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-0835-0Will FarmerPoole Pottery (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0836-7Sally CrawfordAnglo-Saxon England (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-0837-4Lorna CoventryEarly Eighteenth-Century Britain (Shire Living Histories)
2012978-0-7478-0838-1Claire MassetOrchards (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0839-8Sarah Jane DowningBeauty and Cosmetics 1550-1950 (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0840-4Matthew SlocombeTraditional Building Materials (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-0841-1Paul Chrystal & Joe DickinsonChocolate (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-0843-5Peter DuckersBritish Campaign Medals of the First World War (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0844-2Jan DobrzynskiBritish Railway Tickets (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-0845-9Christopher FautleyDiscovering Londons Docklands (Shire Discovering)
2012978-0-7478-1042-1Brian R. EddyClassic Video Games (Shire Library) (Shire Library USA)
  ''978-0-7478-1043-8Carol Hayes & Allan HayesPottery of the Southwest (Shire Library USA)
2011978-0-7478-1046-9Susan CohenThe Womens Institute (Shire Library)
2012978-0-7478-1047-6Neil R. StoreyThe Battle of Britain (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-1049-0Laura MayerCapability Brown and the English Landscape Garden (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1050-6Tim BryanRailways in Wartime (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-1051-3Greg MorseJohn Betjeman (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1054-4Gaye Blake-RobertsWedgwood Jasper ware (Shire Library)
2012978-0-7478-1056-8Roger MarriottMeccano (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-1057-5Mick WalkerBritish Motorcycles of the 1960s and '70s (Shire Library)
2012978-0-7478-1080-3Pierre FrickeConfederate Currency (Shire Library USA)
  ''978-0-7478-1083-4Julian StrayMail Trains (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1084-1Lorna FrostRailway Posters (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1085-8Clint ThomsenGhost Towns of the Old West (Shire Library) (Shire Library USA)
2012978-0-7478-1087-2J. Kent LaytonTransatlantic Liners (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1091-9Chris Foster · Peter DoyleBritish Army Cap Badges of the Second World War (Shire Collections)
  ''978-0-7478-1092-6Peter Doyle & Paul EvansNational Service (Shire Library)
2011978-0-7478-1093-3Emily BrandRoyal Weddings (Shire Library)
2012978-0-7478-1094-0Jonathan BrownFarming in the 1920s and 30s (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1096-4Colin RomanickMuscle Cars: The First American Supercars (Shire Library USA)
  ''978-0-7478-1097-1Janet Shepherd & John Shepherd1970s Britain (Shire Living Histories)
2012978-0-7478-1098-8Peter DoyleFirst World War Britain (Shire Living Histories)
  ''978-0-7478-1100-8Val BayntonBeswick Pottery (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1101-5Sarah Rutherford & Jonathan LovieGeorgian Garden Buildings (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1133-6John HannavyThe Victorians and Edwardians at War (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1134-3Lee JacksonWalking Dickens' London (Shire General)
2012978-0-7478-1138-1Janet SacksVictorian Country Life (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1142-8Susannah WalkerHome Front Posters: of the Second World War (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1144-2Kenneth BrownTri-ang Toys (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1145-9Susannah Walker1950s Modern (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1146-6Roger RosewellMedieval Monasteries (Shire Library)
2012978-0-7478-1147-3Roger RosewellStained Glass (Shire Library)
1988978-0-7478-1148-0Barbara AdamsPredynastic Egypt (Shire Egyptology)
2012978-0-7478-1149-7James TaylorFamily Cars of the 1970s (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1152-7Caroline IkinThe Victorian Garden (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1153-4John HannavyThe Victorian and Edwardian Tourist (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1167-1Judith MillidgeRoyal Jubilees (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1168-8Greg MorseBritish Railways in the 1950s and '60s (Shire Library)
2012978-0-7478-1170-1Ruth Artmonsky &P&O (Shire Library)
2014978-0-7478-1196-1Christine GarwoodMuseums in Britain: A History (Shire Library)
2013978-0-7478-1200-5Kathleen YorkBridal Fashion 1900-1950 (Shire Library USA)
2012978-0-7478-1201-2Tim Bryan &Railway Workshops (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1211-1Julie SummersRowing in Britain (Shire Library)
2014978-0-7478-1212-8Jon CannonMedieval Church Architecture (Shire Library)
2013978-0-7478-1215-9Michael SmithBletchley Park: The Code-breakers of Station X (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1216-6Kevin MurrellEarly Home Computers (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1217-3Anthony A. McGoldrickTV Toys (Shire Library)
2019978-0-7478-1224-1Daniel Milford-CottamFashion in the 1950s (Shire Library)
2014978-0-7478-1225-8Emmanuelle DirixFashion in the 1940s (Shire Library)
2013978-0-7478-1226-5Jonathan BrownShepherds and Shepherding (Shire Library)
2012978-0-7478-1227-2Oliver GreenThe Tube: Station to Station on the London Underground (Shire General)
2014978-0-7478-1235-7Janet Shepherd · John Shepherd1950s Childhood (Shire Library)
2013978-0-7478-1236-4Janet Keet-BlackGypsies of Britain (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1239-5Rolf AchillesThe Chicago School of Architecture: Building the Modern City, 1880-1910 (Shire Library USA)
2013978-0-7478-1241-8Heather AudinPatchwork and Quilting in Britain (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1242-5Stephen BanksThe British Execution: 1500-1964 (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1244-9Michael CuddefordCoin Finds in Britain: A Collector's Guide (Shire Library)
2014978-0-7478-1248-7Mark ArmstrongSwinging Britain: Fashion in the 1960s (Shire Library)
2013978-0-7478-1249-4Jan Corey ArnettAmerican Barns (Shire Library USA)
  ''978-0-7478-1251-7Greg MorseBritish Railways in the 1970s and 80s (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1252-4Tara CoxAirstream: The Silver RV (Shire Library USA)
2013978-0-7478-1253-1Linda HoytPresidents' Gardens (Shire Library) (Shire Library USA)
  ''978-0-7478-1283-8Alan Moss · Keith SkinnerThe Victorian Detective (Shire Library)
2019978-0-7478-1286-9Shelley TobinWedding Dresses (Shire Library)
2014978-0-7478-1291-3David NashWitches and Witchcraft (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1293-7Roger RosewellMedieval Wall Paintings (Shire Library)
2013978-0-7478-1295-1Louise AllenWalking Jane Austen's London (Shire General)
2017978-0-7478-1296-8Peter MatthewsWho's Buried Where in London (Shire Library)
2013978-0-7478-1298-2Sarah RutherfordThe Arts and Crafts Garden (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1299-9LaLonnie LehmanFashion in the Time of the Great Gatsby (Shire Library USA)
2014978-0-7478-1342-2Sarah RutherfordGarden Cities (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1343-9Margie SiegalHarley-Davidson: A History of the Worlds Most Famous Motorcycle (Shire Library USA)
2014978-0-7478-1353-8Jayne ShrimptonFashion in the 1940s (Shire Library)
1998978-0-7478-1355-2I. C. Shaw · J. ChadwickPrinciples of Environmental Toxicology (Shire Library)
2014978-0-7478-1356-9Bernard LowryPillboxes and Tank Traps (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1372-9Pamela Church GibsonA Century of Hairstyles
  ''978-0-7478-1403-0Peter Doyle · Chris FosterWhat Tommy Took to War, 1914-1918 (Shire General)
  ''978-0-7478-1404-7Daniel Milford-CottamEdwardian Fashion (Shire Library)
978-0-7478-1405-4Tara CoxAirstream: The Silver RV
2013978-0-7478-1406-1   ''Airstream: The Silver RV (Shire Library USA)
  ''978-0-7478-1410-8Greg MorseBritish Railways in the 1970s and '80s (Shire Library)
978-0-7478-1411-5Gillan BardsleyMini
2013978-0-7478-1412-2Gillian BardsleyMini (Shire Library)
2013978-0-7478-1416-0Stephen BanksThe British Execution: 1500-1964 (Shire Library)
  ''978-0-7478-1417-7   ''The British Execution: 1500-1964 (Shire Library)
2014978-0-7478-1428-3David Bownes · Robert FlemingPosters of the First World War (Shire General)
  ''978-0-7478-1432-0James TaylorBritish Sports Cars of the 1950s and 60s (Shire Library)
2015978-0-7478-1448-1Susannah ParkinBritish Sheep Breeds (Shire Library)
2014978-0-7478-1452-8Robert Pripps · Andrew MorlandAmerican Tractors 1910-1990 (Shire Library USA)
2015978-0-7478-1462-7Lesley HerzbergThe Shakers: History, Culture and Craft (Shire Library USA)
  ''978-0-7478-1505-1Richard LoveysAston Martin (Shire Library)