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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-85033-074-8Ambrose KeevilStory of Fitch Lovell
1975978-0-85033-109-7Edward WilsonEllesmere and Llangollen Canal
1973978-0-85033-113-4Anna SuttonStory of Sidmouth
1975978-0-85033-131-8John MorrisThe Domesday Book: Middlesex (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1992978-0-85033-132-5John MorrisDomesday Book: Surrey
1976978-0-85033-137-0   ''The Domesday Book: Hertfordshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-138-7   ''The Domesday Book: Hertfordshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1992978-0-85033-139-4   ''Domesday Book: Cheshire Domesday Book:Cheshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1978978-0-85033-140-0   ''Domesday book, 26: Cheshire
1976978-0-85033-141-7John MorrisThe Domesday Book: Warwickshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-143-1   ''The Domesday Book: Staffordshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-144-8   ''Domesday Book: Staffordshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1977978-0-85033-145-5   ''The Domesday Book: Sussex (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-148-6   ''The Domesday Book: Nottinghamshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1983978-0-85033-154-7John MorrisDomesday Book: Kent
1978978-0-85033-155-4Caroline Thorn · FrankThornThe Domesday Book 10: Cornwall
  ''978-0-85033-156-1John Morris · C. Thorn · F. ThornThe Domesday Book: Cornwall (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1982978-0-85033-157-8John MorrisThe Domesday Book: Hampshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-162-2   ''The Domesday Book: Worcestershire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1979978-0-85033-164-6   ''The Domesday Book: Northamptonshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1978978-0-85033-165-3   ''The Domesday Book: Derbyshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-167-7   ''The Domesday Book: Buckinghamshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1978978-0-85033-168-4John MorrisDomesday Book: Buckinghamshire (History from the sources)
  ''978-0-85033-170-7   ''Domesday Book: Oxfordshire
1974978-0-85033-191-2Barrie TrinderDarbys of Coalbrookdale
1976978-0-85033-198-1Anthony Richard WagnerPedigree and Progress: Essays in the Genealogical Interpretation of History
2005978-0-85033-219-3Antony DaleBrighton Town & Brighton People
1978978-0-85033-240-7Peter BrandonThe South Saxons
1976978-0-85033-242-1R. HiscockHistory of Gravesend
1979978-0-85033-269-8Joan StevensOld Jersey Houses (Vol 2)
1978978-0-85033-270-4Charles Frederick TebbuttSt. Neots: A History of a Huntingdonshire Town
1979978-0-85033-297-1John MorrisArthurian Period Sources: Nennius v. 8 (History from the sources)
  ''978-0-85033-298-8   ''Arthurian Period Sources: Nennius v. 8 (Arthurian Period Sources)
1978978-0-85033-299-5St. PatrickSt. Patrick: His Writings and Muirchiu's Life (Arthurian Period Sources Vol. 9)
1981978-0-85033-305-3Barrie TrinderThe Darbys of Coalbrookdale [Illustrated]
1978978-0-85033-306-0Martin HolmesShakespeare and Burbage: The Sound of Shakespeare as Devised to Suit the Voice and Talents of His Principal Player
1979978-0-85033-325-1Judy MiddletonA History of Hove
  ''978-0-85033-331-2John MorrisThe Domesday Book: Leicestershire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-332-9   ''The Domesday Book: Leicestershire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1979978-0-85033-341-1G. W. MeatesThe Roman Villa at Lullingstone, Kent, Volume I: the site: Vol.1
  ''978-0-85033-345-9Martin BrunnariusWindmills of Sussex
1980978-0-85033-354-1Cecil Alec HewettEnglish Historic Carpentry
  ''978-0-85033-360-2Douglas CoultA Prospect of Ashridge
  ''978-0-85033-361-9C. T. CracklowViews of Surrey Churches (Kent Records)
1983978-0-85033-364-0Roger W. SquiresThe New Navvies
1980978-0-85033-380-0John McCormackThe Guernsey House
  ''978-0-85033-381-7Richard MayneThe Battle of Jersey
1980978-0-85033-383-1Jane TollerBritish Samplers: A Concise History
  ''978-0-85033-384-8Dorothy SylvesterA History of Cheshire (The Darwen county history series)
1981978-0-85033-388-6Ian MorrisDomesday Book: Cambridgeshire
  ''978-0-85033-416-6Terry SlaterA History of Warwickshire (Darwen county histories)
1988978-0-85033-435-7Alec DownRoman Chichester
1982978-0-85033-444-9John WestVillage Records
  ''978-0-85033-448-7John MorrisBoldon Book: Northumberland and Durham (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-459-3L.James MarrHistory of the Bailiwick of Guernsey (A History of S)
1983978-0-85033-461-6R. W. DunningHistory of Somerset (Darwen County History)
1982978-0-85033-462-3Marie De GarisDictiounnaire Angllais-Guernesiais. English-Guernsey Dictionary
1982978-0-85033-465-4Charles Trice Martin · David IredaleThe Record Interpreter: A Collection of Abbreviations, Latin Words and Names Used in English Historical Manuscripts and Records
1983978-0-85033-475-3Barrie TrinderA History of Shropshire (Darwen County History)
1984978-0-85033-478-4John MorrisThe Domesday Book: Norfolk (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-479-1   ''Domesday Book: Norfolk (Part 1 and 2): 33
1985978-0-85033-481-4John MorrisThe Domesday Book: Suffolk (parts 1 and 2): 34
1986978-0-85033-482-1David Dymond · Peter NortheastHistory of Suffolk (Darwen County History)
1983978-0-85033-484-5John MorrisThe Domesday Book: Essex (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1985978-0-85033-492-0John Morris · Caroline Thorn · Frank ThornDomesday Book: Devon
1983978-0-85033-497-5Pamela Fletcher JonesRichmond Park: Portrait of a Royal Playground
  ''978-0-85033-503-3Roger BastableCrawley: A Pictorial History
  ''978-0-85033-507-1William Edward TateThe Parish Chest
1984978-0-85033-526-2John A. WhithamOttery St. Mary: A Devonshire Town
1985978-0-85033-527-9Jane HatcherIndustrial Architecture of Yorkshire
1984978-0-85033-534-7Aylwin GuilmantBygone Rye and Winchelsea (Bygone series)
1986978-0-85033-541-5John McCormackChannel Island Churches
1985978-0-85033-543-9Baron Max Von AufsessThe Von Aufsess Occupation Diary
1984978-0-85033-545-3Adelaide RideoutTreffry Family
  ''978-0-85033-549-1B Seymour · WarringtonBygone Cranleigh (Bygone series)
  ''978-0-85033-554-5Graham DowlerGloucestershire Clock and Watchmakers
1985978-0-85033-561-3David IredaleEnjoying Archives: What They are, Where to Find Them, How to Use Them
1984978-0-85033-576-7S.Mallory SmithA History of the Mallory Family
1986978-0-85033-582-8Ivar O'BrienO'Brien of Thomond
1986978-0-85033-584-2Vanadia HumphriesKirtlington: An Oxfordshire Village
1985978-0-85033-586-6John MorrisThe Domesday Book: Shropshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1986978-0-85033-588-0Moya Frenz St. LegerSt. Leger: The family and the race
1985978-0-85033-592-7Pamela D EdwardsRuislip and Uxbridge (Bygone Series)
  ''978-0-85033-598-9John MorrisThe Domesday Book: Lincolnshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
  ''978-0-85033-599-6   ''The Domesday Book: Lincolnshire (Domesday Books (Phillimore))
1990978-0-85033-603-0Paul RichardsKing's Lynn
1986978-0-85033-613-9Roger BastableCrawley: The Making of a New Town
1987978-0-85033-620-7Joy ChildsHistory of Derbyshire (Darwen county histories)
1986978-0-85033-622-1Patrick BeaverThe Crystal Palace
1988978-0-85033-650-4John McGregorThe Spirit of Angus: The War History of the County's Battalion of the Black Watch
  ''978-0-85033-655-9Peter de Figueiredo · Julian TreuherzCheshire Country Houses
  ''978-0-85033-669-6Aylwin GuilmantBygone Steyning, Bramber and Beeding (Bygone Series)
1988978-0-85033-672-6Frances MeeA History of Selsey
1989978-0-85033-677-1D Robert EllerayIsle of Man: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
1988978-0-85033-685-6Barrie Trinder"The Most Extraordinary District in the World: Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale
1989978-0-85033-699-3Derick DeakinWythenshawe: The Story of a Garden City
  ''978-0-85033-700-6E. W. TimminsRugby: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
1990978-0-85033-718-1Peter GwynneHistory of Crawley (A History of S)
1989978-0-85033-720-4Robert WoodhouseStockton-on-Tees: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
1990978-0-85033-750-1Roger FarthingRoyal Tunbridge Wells: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
1995978-0-85033-755-6John MorrisArthurian Period Sources: Introduction, Notes and Index v. 1
  ''978-0-85033-757-0   ''Arthurian Period Sources, Vol. 2: Annals and Charters (History from the Sources)
  ''978-0-85033-759-4   ''Arthurian Period Sources Volume 3: Persons (History from the Sources) (v. 3)
  ''978-0-85033-761-7   ''Arthurian Period Sources: Places and Peoples and Saxon Archaeology v. 4 (Arthurian Period Sources)
1995978-0-85033-763-1John MorrisArthurian Period Sources: Genealogies and Texts v. 5 (Arthurian Period Sources)
1995978-0-85033-765-5John MorrisArthurian Period Sources Vol. 6: Studies in Dark-Age History (Arthurian Period Sources)
1990978-0-85033-773-0Sally JenkinsonAsh and Ash Vale: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
  ''978-0-85033-775-4Kenneth CooperLuton: Scene Again
1991978-0-85033-783-9Carel TomsGuernsey: Pictures from the Past
1992978-0-85033-791-4Barrie Trinder · Ironbridge Gorge Museum TrustThe Darbys of Coalbrookdale
1991978-0-85033-795-2Brian EvansBygone Barking (Bygone Series)
  ''978-0-85033-802-7Arthur Rudermam · Richard Filmer · Arthur RudermanAshford: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
1992978-0-85033-814-0Tony ScraseWells: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
  ''978-0-85033-818-8Gwen Jones · John BellOasthouses in Sussex and Kent: Their History and Development
  ''978-0-85033-827-0Stephen J. RobertsHoylake and Meols Past
1992978-0-85033-831-7Brian EvansDagenham and Rainham (Bygone Series)
  ''978-0-85033-835-5Hugh PihlensHungerford: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
  ''978-0-85033-846-1Geoff BarsbyCanvey Island: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
  ''978-0-85033-848-5Colin WatersWhitby: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
1993978-0-85033-856-0Mike Langham · Colin WellsBuxton: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
  ''978-0-85033-863-8N W AlcockPeople at Home: Living in a Warwickshire Village, 1500-1800
1993978-0-85033-866-9Brian Hall · Ken SpencerBurnley: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
2003978-0-85033-870-6Chris UptonA History of Birmingham
1993978-0-85033-872-0Terry J. BabbingtonThundersley: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
  ''978-0-85033-875-1Stewart GilliesHendon, Child's Hill, Golders Green and Mill Hill (Pictorial History Series)
  ''978-0-85033-876-8Stephen PewseyStratford: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
  ''978-0-85033-879-9Frank BurgessCheam, Belmont and Worcester Park: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
1994978-0-85033-883-6Anthea JonesThe Cotswolds
  ''978-0-85033-895-9Cecil Humphery-SmithHugh Revel: Master of the Hospital of St.John of Jerusalem 1258-1277
1994978-0-85033-899-7Robert BrownBasingstoke, 1935-65: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
  ''978-0-85033-902-4Lyn Blewitt · Bob FieldDroitwich: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
  ''978-0-85033-904-8John Martin RobinsonArundel Castle: A Short History and Guide - A Seat of the Duke of Norfolk E.M.
  ''978-0-85033-909-3John MarriageBraintree and Bocking: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
  ''978-0-85033-914-7Andy ReidThe Union Workhouse: A Study Guide for Teachers and Local Historians (Learning Local History S.)
1994978-0-85033-915-4A.C. EdwardsHistory of Essex (Darwen County History)
1995978-0-85033-927-7Anne TarverChurch Court Records: An Introduction for Family and Local Historians
1996978-0-85033-928-4G. GoddenCollecting Picture Postcards
1994978-0-85033-929-1Robert Chancellor NesbittNisbet of that Ilk
1996978-0-85033-932-1Alan CrosbyHistory of Cheshire (Darwen County History)
1998978-0-85033-934-5Paul HindleMaps for Historians
1994978-0-85033-940-6Dennis C. Mynard · Julian HuntMilton Keynes and District: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
1995978-0-85033-947-5Georgia Smith · Tony CrossBygone Alton (Bygone series)
  ''978-0-85033-954-3Richard James PercyScarborough: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
  ''978-0-85033-961-1Anthony MitchellEsher: A Pictorial History
1998978-0-85033-962-8Elizabeth EdwardsBournemouth Past
1995978-0-85033-964-2D Robert EllerayEastbourne: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
  ''978-0-85033-966-6Harry FosterSouthport: A Pictorial history (Pictorial History Series)
  ''978-0-85033-970-3Margaret AshbyStevenage Past
1995978-0-85033-973-4John Martin RobinsonThe Dukes of Norfolk
  ''978-0-85033-974-1G W ShawAcademical Dress of British and Irish Universities
  ''978-0-85033-978-9Martin D. W. JonesBrighton College: 1845-1995
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  ''978-0-85033-987-1Mary PreslandSt. Helens: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
1993978-0-85033-999-4Maureen ScollanSworn to Serve: History of Essex Police, 1840-1990