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Being Evil Knievel, Issue No. 2
978-3-86588-250-92008Peter Hush · Evil Knievel · Ken T Evans
Broadband Networking ATM, Adh and SONET 978-0-89006-578-51997Mike Sexton
Create! Product Design Teacher's Resource Pack and CD-ROM 978-0-435-41302-62003
Peace and War: Discovering the Past for Y9: Pupils' Book 978-0-7195-4977-91993Colin Shepard · Keith Shepherd
Poor Law in Norfolk, 1700-1850: Tasks 978-0-86361-003-51983Jerry Crowley
Re-discovering Britain 1750-1900 Pupil's Book: Students' Book 978-0-7195-8546-32001Colin Shephard
Re-discovering Britain 1750-1900 Teacher's Book 978-0-7195-8547-02001   "
The Union Workhouse: A Study Guide for Teachers and Local Historians 978-0-85033-914-71994

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