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1989978-0-8385-0052-1Sarah J. Sanford · Joanne M. DischStandards for Nursing Care of the Critically Ill
978-0-8385-0054-5WeissmanAcute Post Operative Pain Management
1993978-0-8385-0057-6Martin LorinAppleton and Lange's Review Of Pediatrics
1999978-0-8385-0109-2Robert S. ShepardAppleton & Lange's Review of Human Physiology
1989978-0-8385-0114-6Sydney S. Schochet · Jeannie NelsonAtlas of Clinical Neuropathology
1994978-0-8385-0172-6James S. T. Yao · William H. PearceAneurysms: New Findings and Treatments
1998978-0-8385-0181-8Ann Wolbert BurgessAdvanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing
1986978-0-8385-0207-5Anna M. DesharnaisAppleton's Review of Nursing for the New State Board Examination
1994978-0-8385-0244-0Edward J. Hanrahan · Gangadhur MadupuAppleton and Lange's Review of Epidemiology and Biostatistics for the USMLE
1995978-0-8385-0248-8Judith VitanzaAppleton & Lange's Review of Cardiovascular Interventional Technology Examination
1997978-0-8385-0257-0Linda Casser · Murray FingeretAtlas of Primary Eyecare Procedures
1998978-0-8385-0260-0Kent R. OlsonPoisoning & Drug Overdose (Lange Clinical Manual)
  ''978-0-8385-0270-9Nancy M., Rn Allmers · Joan Ann, Rn VerderameAppleton and Lange's Review for the Surgical Technology Examination
1999978-0-8385-0278-5Leon Shargel · Andrew B.C. YuApplied Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
1997978-0-8385-0279-2Anthony A. Miller · Albert F. Simon · Patrick J. Cafferty · MillerAppleton & Lange's Review for the Physician Assistant
2004978-0-8385-0303-4Sara ViessmanAppleton & Lange Review of Pediatrics (Appleton & Lange Review Book Series)
1997978-0-8385-0322-5Marianne Chulay · Cathie Guzzetta · Barbara DosseyAACN Pocket Handbook of Critical Care Nursing
2001978-0-8385-0331-7Jacqueline D. Bougie · A. Paige MorgenthalThe Aging Body: Conservative Management of Common Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions
  ''978-0-8385-0340-9Anna Ciulla · Georganne BuescherPrentice Hall Health's Question and Answer Review of Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science (3rd Edition) (Prentice Hall SUCCESS! Series)
1999978-0-8385-0341-6Carlyle ChanAppleton & Lange's Review for the USMLE Step 2
2001978-0-8385-0342-3Caren M. Barnes RDH MS · Michelle L. Sensat RDH MSPrentice Hall Health Question and Answer Review of Dental Hygiene (5th Edition)
1997978-0-8385-0346-1Marianne Chulay · Cathie Guzzetta · Barbara DosseyAACN Handbook of Critical Care Nursing
1998978-0-8385-0353-9Susan Pritchard Bailey · Michelle A. GreenAppleton & Lange's Quick Review: Health Information Management (7th Edition)
2000978-0-8385-0373-7Albert F. SimonAppleton and Lange's Outline Review for the Physician Assistant Examination
2003978-0-8385-0376-8Luiz C. Junqueira · Jose CarneiroBasic Histology, w. CD-ROM
1998978-0-8385-0381-2Appleton & Lange New MediaALERT USMLE Step 1 Deluxe CD-Rom, (Institution Version)
  ''978-0-8385-0383-6A · l New MediaALERT USMLE Step 2 Deluxe CD-Rom (Institutional Version)
  ''978-0-8385-0386-7Jeannete B. GibsonAppleton & Lange's Review for the Chiropractic Boards 3-4
2001978-0-8385-0394-2Richard R. Rahr · Salah Ayachi · Bruce R. NiebuhrAppleton & Lange's Quick Review: Physician Assistant
2000978-0-8385-0510-6Beth K. DawsonBasic & Clinical Biostatistics
1994978-0-8385-0542-7Beth Dawson-Saunders · Robert G. TrappBasic and Clinical Biostatistics (Lange Medical Books)
978-0-8385-0544-1UnknownBasic & Clinical Immunology
1994978-0-8385-0556-4Franklin A. Neva · Harold W. BrownBasic Clinical Parasitology
1993978-0-8385-0560-1Francis S. GreenspanBasic and Clinical Endocrinology
1994978-0-8385-0561-8Abba I. Terr, Tristram G. Parslow Daniel P. StitesBasic & Clinical Immunology
1997978-0-8385-0565-6Bertram G. KatzungBasic & Clinical Pharmacology
1996978-0-8385-0567-0Luiz Carlos Uchoa Junqueira · Jose Carneiro · Robert O. KelleyBasic Histology
1990978-0-8385-0572-4JunqueiraBasic Histology
1992978-0-8385-0579-3L.Carlos Junqueira · etc. · Jose Carneiro · Robert O. KellyBasic Histology
1995978-0-8385-0587-8L.Carlos Junqueira · etc. · Jose Carneiro · Robert O. KellyBasic Histology
1998978-0-8385-0590-8Luiz Carlos Junqueira · Jose Carneiro · Robert O KelleyBasic Histology
2000978-0-8385-0593-9Douglas PaulsenHistology and Cell Biology: Examination and Board Review
2000978-0-8385-0598-4Bertram G. KatzungBasic & Clinical Pharmacology
1996978-0-8385-0624-0Franklin A. Neva · Harold W. BrownBasic Clinical Parasitology
1998978-0-8385-0636-3Mitchell D. Feldman · John F. ChristensenBehavioral Medicine in Primary Care: A Practical Guide
1984978-0-8385-0660-8Alan M. NahumThe Biomechanics of Trauma
2000978-0-8385-0747-6Marian Wolfe DixonBody Mechanics and Self-Care Manual
1982978-0-8385-1062-9Care of the cardiac surgical patient
1999978-0-8385-1065-0Leslie Gross · Watkins, Mary P. PortneyFoundations of clinical research: applications to practice
1992978-0-8385-1098-8Tricia Lacy, M.D. GomellaNeonatology: Management, Procedures, On-Call Problems, Diseases, Drugs (A Lange Clinical Manual)
1982978-0-8385-1177-0Richard A. CholeColor Atlas of Ear Disease (Wolfe medical atlases)
1983978-0-8385-1207-4Stephen L CorsonConquering infertility
1990978-0-8385-1228-9CorsonConquering Infertility: Serono Edition
2000978-0-8385-1248-7Cindy A. Kief · Carol R. ScheererClinical Competencies in Occupational Therapy
1992978-0-8385-1259-3Harold H. LindnerClinical Anatomy
1988978-0-8385-1295-1Deshpande · Susan P. Pilbeam · Robin J. DixonComprehensive Review In Respiratory Care
1996978-0-8385-1319-4Nancy B. CarlsonClinical Procedures for Ocular Examination
1989978-0-8385-1322-4BRADLEYCommunication Nursing Context
1991978-0-8385-1334-7Roger Nelson · Dean CurrierClinical Electrotherapy, Second Edition
1996978-0-8385-1339-2Sullivan · Prudence D. MarkosClinical Procedures in Therapeutic Exercise (2nd Edition)
1995978-0-8385-1347-7Charles E. SaundersCurrent Emergency Diagnosis and Treatment
  ''978-0-8385-1351-4Richard H. Dean · James S. T. Yao · David C. BrewsterCurrent Diagnosis & Treatment in Vascular Surgery
1994978-0-8385-1367-5CordonClinical Calculations for Nurses With Basic Mathematics Review (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-8385-1374-3Elsie Bandman · Bertram BandmanCritical Thinking in Nursing (2nd Edition)
1996978-0-8385-1382-8Clara Milikowski · Irwin BermanColor Atlas of Basic Histopathology
2007978-0-8385-1385-9Melvin D. CheitlinClinical Cardiology
2002978-0-8385-1401-6Alan H. DeCherney · Lauren NathanCURRENT Obstetric & Gynecological Diagnosis & Treatment
2003978-0-8385-1450-4C. Keith Stone · Roger L. HumphriesCURRENT Emergency Diagnosis & Treatment (LANGE CURRENT Series)
2002978-0-8385-1454-2Frederic S. Bongard · Darryl Y. SueCURRENT Critical Care Diagnosis & Treatment
  ''978-0-8385-1456-6Lawrence W. Way · Gerard M. DohertyCurrent Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment
2000978-0-8385-1462-7Michael H. Ebert · Peter T. Loosen · Barry NurcombeCurrent Diagnosis & Treatment in Psychiatry
1996978-0-8385-1467-2Carol Vestal AllenNursing Process in Collaborative Practice (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-8385-1473-3Michael CrawfordCurrent Diagnosis & Treatment in Cardiology
1997978-0-8385-1474-0Thomas Ahrens · Donna PrenticeCritical Care Certification: Preparation, Review, and Practice Exams
1996978-0-8385-1489-4Lawrence M. TierneyCurrent Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 1997 (36th ed)
1999978-0-8385-1491-7Roger M. Nelson · Dean P. Currier · Karen W. HayesClinical Electrotherapy (3rd Edition)
1997978-0-8385-1492-4Nancy Shobe Karst · Sarah K. SmithDental Anatomy: A Self-Instructional Program (10th Edition)
2001978-0-8385-1494-8Walter Wilson · Merle SandeCurrent Diagnosis & Treatment in Infectious Diseases
1997978-0-8385-1499-3Parakrama Chandrasoma · Clive R. TaylorConcise Pathology
1996978-0-8385-1506-8Stephen G. WaxmanCorrelative Neuroanatomy
1997978-0-8385-1516-7Sandra SmithContent Review for the NCLEX-PN CAT (6th Edition)
2005978-0-8385-1535-8Joseph C. SegenConcise Dictionary of Modern Medicine (Segen, Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine)
1999978-0-8385-1539-6Bradi B. Granger · Marianne ChulayResearch Strategies for Clinicians
1997978-0-8385-1545-7Chest Xray Interp CDROM Win MAC Site Lic
2000978-0-8385-1548-8R. Lawrence MossCase Studies In Pediatric Surgery
1998978-0-8385-1550-1Lawrence M. Tierney · Maxine A. Papadakis · Stephen J. McPheeCURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 1999
2002978-0-8385-1551-8Scott Friedman · Kenneth McQuaid · James GrendellCurrent Diagnosis & Treatment in Gastroenterology
2001978-0-8385-1553-2G. Edward Morgan · Maged S. Mikhail · Michael J. MurrayClinical Anesthesiology
1999978-0-8385-1566-2Sandra Fucci Smith · Donna J. Duell · Barbara C. Martin · Sandra Smith · Donna DuellClinical Nursing Skills: Basic to Advanced Skills (5th Edition)
1992978-0-8385-1575-4Anastasios GeorgotasDepression and Mania
2000978-0-8385-1577-8Patrick M. Malone · Kristen W. Mosdell · Karen L. Kier · John StanovichDrug Information: A Guide for Pharmacists
1998978-0-8385-1589-1Hay · HaywardCurrent Pediatric Diagnosis and Treatment (Ise)
1997978-0-8385-1601-0Daniel H. Connor · David A. Schwartz · Ernest E. Lack · Herbert Manz · Ernest LackPathology of Infectious Diseases (2 Volume Set)
2000978-0-8385-1624-9William W. Hay · Anthony R. Hayward · Judith M. SondheimerCurrent Pediatric Diagnosis & Treatment
  ''978-0-8385-1723-9Erma L. Coty · Jeffrey L. Davis · Lisa AngellDocumentation: The Language of Nursing
2000978-0-8385-2187-8Robert G. MayerEmbalming: History, Theory & Practice
  ''978-0-8385-2210-3Robert R. Simon · Steven J. KoenigsknechtEmergency Orthopedics: the Extremities
1997978-0-8385-2221-9CalabreseEssentials of Neural Science and Behavior Study Guide & Practice Problems
1998978-0-8385-2227-1Barbara ValanisEpidemiology in Health Care (3rd Edition)
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2011978-0-8385-2250-9Kandel Eric R.Essential Neural Science And Behavior
1992978-0-8385-2265-3Rudolf WernerEssential Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: A Comprehensive Review
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1995978-0-8385-2474-9Hal B. JensonPediatric Infectious Diseases: Principles and Practice
1998978-0-8385-2476-3Daniel FriedlandEvidence-Based Medicine: A Framework for Clinical Practice
  ''978-0-8385-2525-8Marilyn M., Ph.D. FriedmanFamily Nursing: Research, Theory, and Practice (4th Edition)
1986978-0-8385-2533-3Marilyn M FriedmanFamily nursing: Theory and assessment
1992978-0-8385-2543-2Marilyn M. FriedmanFamily Nursing: Theory and Practice
2000978-0-8385-2570-8Diana W. Bianchi · Timothy M. Crombleholme · Mary E. D'AltonFetology: Diagnosis and Management of the Fetal Patient
2002978-0-8385-2578-4Tao Le · Vikas Bhushan · Chirag AminFirst Aid for the Wards: Insider Advice for the Clinical Years
1994978-0-8385-2593-7Bhushan1995 First Aid for Usmle Step 1 A Student-To-Student Guide
1996978-0-8385-2597-5Vikas, MD BhushanFirst Aid for the Usmle Step 1 1996: A Student to Student Guide
2000978-0-8385-2607-1Tao · Md Le · Vikas · Md Bhushan · Chirag · MD AminFirst Aid for the Match: Insider Advice From Students and Residency Directors
1999978-0-8385-2612-5Vikas BhushanFirst Aid for the USMLE Step 1: A Student to Student Guide
2000978-0-8385-2670-5Scott B. Steinman · Barbara A. Steinman · Ralph Philip GarziaFoundations of Binocular Vision: A Clinical Perspective
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1970978-0-8385-2707-8Leonard HersherFour Psychotherapies
1998978-0-8385-3132-7Andrew J. RodicanGetting Into the PA School of Your Choice
1976978-0-8385-3150-1Hermann PinkusA guide to dermatohistopathology
2001978-0-8385-3532-5Joseph T. Santoso · Robert L. ColemanHandbook of GYN Oncology
1995978-0-8385-3557-8Cynthia G. Carmichael · J. Kevin Carmichael · Margaret A. FischlHIV/Aids Primary Care Handbook
1991978-0-8385-3592-9D. Reid Woodard · R. Blair WoodardHandbook of Drugs in Primary Eyecare
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1996978-0-8385-6319-9Richard H. HartMEPC: Preventive Medicine and Public Health: A USMLE Step 2 Review
  ''978-0-8385-6329-8Denise F. PolitData Analysis and Statistics for Nursing Research
  ''978-0-8385-6334-2Denise F. PolitData Analysis and Statistics Nursing Research Applications Manual
1997978-0-8385-6339-7Carlyle H. ChanUSMLE Step 3 Review: 225 Questions & Answers
  ''978-0-8385-6342-7Joyce A. Generali · Michele A. Danish · Robert J. GerraughtyAppleton & Lange's Quick Review: Pharmacy 11th Edition (APPLETON & LANGE'S QUICK REVIEW PHARMACY: QUESTIONS & ANSWERS)
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1993978-0-8385-6360-1Scott HaldemanPrinciples and Practice of Chiropractic
1998978-0-8385-6367-0Victory TechnologyMedART: EMS: Emergency Medical Images - CD-ROM
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1999978-0-8385-6386-1Donald R. MurphyConservative Management of Cervical Spine Syndromes
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1996978-0-8385-6694-7John H. MartinNeuroanatomy: Text and Atlas
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978-0-8385-7047-0Nurses Drug Guide
1999978-0-8385-7056-2Julia GeorgeNursing Theories: The Base for Professional Nursing Practice (4th Edition)
1995978-0-8385-7093-7Elaine R. ZimblerNursing Care of the Childbearing Family: Review a nd Study Guide
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2003978-0-8385-7219-1Joseph LaDouCurrent Occupational & Environmental Medicine (Lange Medical Books)
2002978-0-8385-7387-7Larry Gilstrap · F. Cunningham · J. Peter VanDorstenOperative Obstetrics
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2003978-0-8385-7405-8Moritz Ziegler · Richard Azizkhan · Thomas Weber · Ziegler · Andrea Trigg Stevens · Medascend · MedicodeOperative Pediatric Surgery
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1986978-0-8385-7665-6Harry OxornOxorn-Foote Human Labor and Birth
2006978-0-8385-7682-3Mark EvansPrenatal Diagnosis
1997978-0-8385-7689-2Robert M. Hurwitz · Antoinette F. HoodPathology of the Skin: Atlas of Clinical-Pathological Correlation
2005978-0-8385-7690-8Stacy A. Matsuda · Gordon L. Pattison DDSPeriodontal Instrumentation Clinical Manual
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1995978-0-8385-7705-9Susan J. KelleyPediatric Emergency Nursing
1976978-0-8385-7845-2Stanley HoppenfeldPhysical Examination of the Spine and Extremities
1976978-0-8385-7853-7Stanley HoppenfeldPhysical Examination of the Spine and Extremities
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978-0-8385-8425-5Review of Infectious Disease
2000978-0-8385-8434-7Howard GoldmanReview of General Psychiatry, 5th edition
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