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1937978-0-8369-0040-8J. G. CrowtherFamous American Men of Science (Essay index reprint series)
1964978-0-8369-0054-5Rinaldo C. SimoniniSouthern Writers: Appraisals in Our Time
1928978-0-8369-0102-3Thomas Charles BridgesKings of Commerce
1930978-0-8369-0156-6Rollo AppleyardPioneers of Electrical Communication
1931978-0-8369-0232-7George F. BowermanCensorship and the Public Library, With Other Papers
1947978-0-8369-0335-5Ananda CoomaraswamyAm I My Brothers Keeper
1977978-0-8369-0431-4Singer. C. · Henry E. SigeristEssays on the History of Medicine Presented to Karl Sudhoff on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1967978-0-8369-0481-9Arnold Wycombe GommeEssays in Greek History and Literature
  ''978-0-8369-0544-1George HodgesSaints and Heroes to the End of the Middle Ages
1936978-0-8369-0568-7Joseph JastrowStory of Human Error
1968978-0-8369-0620-2Robert LittellRead America First
1928978-0-8369-0852-7Edward L. SchaubPhilosophy Today: Essays on Recent Developments in the Field of Philosophy
1934978-0-8369-0875-6Margaret P. SherwoodUndercurrents of Influence in English Romantic Poetry (Essay Index Reprint Series)
  ''978-0-8369-0939-5Elsie Thornton-CookRoyal Line of France: The Story of the Kings and Queens of France
1968978-0-8369-0944-9W. A. TildenFamous Chemists
1939978-0-8369-1137-4J. B. S. HaldaneMarxist Philosophy and the Sciences (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1951978-0-8369-1138-1Seymour E. HarrisSchumpeter, Social Scientist (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1969978-0-8369-1196-1Studies in honor of Hermann Collitz: Presented by a group of his pupils and friends on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday, February 4, 1930 (Essay index reprint series)
1928978-0-8369-1217-3Arthur Edward Pearse Brome WeigallPersonalities of Antiquity (Essay index reprint series)
1950978-0-8369-1242-5Paul M. AngleAbraham Lincoln by Some Men Who Knew Him (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1931978-0-8369-1256-2Foster Rhea DullesEastward Ho (Essay index reprint series)
1969978-0-8369-1266-1Beckles WillsonFriendly relations;: A narrative of Britain's ministers and ambassadors to America, 1791-1930 (Essay index reprint series)
  ''978-0-8369-1296-8Charles Spencer HartGeneral Washington's son of Israel and other forgotten heroes of history (Essay index reprint series)
  ''978-0-8369-1304-0H. F. B MackayFollowers in the way (Essay index reprint series)
1969978-0-8369-1309-5Bruce MintonMen who lead labor, (Essay index reprint series)
1978978-0-8369-1313-2Felix RiesenbergYankee Skippers to the Rescue (Essay index reprint series)
1939978-0-8369-1315-6Booth TarkingtonSome Old Portraits: A Book About Art and Human Beings (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1969978-0-8369-1326-2Edmund Kemper BroadusThe Laureateshp: A Study of the Office of Poet Laureate in England With Some Account of the Poets (Essay Index Reprint Series)
  ''978-0-8369-1344-6Daniel J. BronsteinApproaches to the Philosophy of Religion: A Book of Readings (Essay index reprint series)
  ''978-0-8369-1359-0Charlton Grant LairdThe world through literature, (Essay index reprint series)
1990978-0-8369-1365-1A. Edward NewtonDerby Day and Other Adventures (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1937978-0-8369-1397-2Stanley Vestal · Walter S. CampbellMountain Men (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1933978-0-8369-1529-7Desmond L. Morse-BoycottLead, Kindly Light (Essay index reprint series)
1970978-0-8369-1542-6American Association for the Advancement of ScienceThe present state of physics;: A symposium presented on December 30, 1949 at the New York meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (Essay index reprint series)
1958978-0-8369-1554-9Neville CardusComposers Eleven (Essay index reprint series)
1970978-0-8369-1614-0Philipp LenardGreat men of science;: A history of scientific progress (Essay index reprint series)
  ''978-0-8369-1628-7Lorado TaftModern Tendencies in Sculpture (Essay index reprint series)
1944978-0-8369-1677-5East-West Philosophers' Conference Honolulu 1939 1st · University of HawaiiPhilosophy: East and West (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1970978-0-8369-1751-2Robert GravesThe Crowning Privilege; Collected Essays on Poetry (Essay index reprint series)
1963978-0-8369-1781-9American AssemblyUnited States and Africa (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1928978-0-8369-1828-1Emile FaguetPoliticians and Moralists of the Nineteenth Century (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1970978-0-8369-1847-2John RothensteinA pot of paint; the artists of the 1890's, (Essay index reprint series)
1965978-0-8369-1880-9Moses HadasHeroes and Gods: Spiritual Biographies in Antiquity. (Essay index reprint series)
1952978-0-8369-1909-7Archibald Clow · Nan L. ClowChemical Revolution (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1970978-0-8369-1919-6Carl EngelAlla breve;: From Bach to Debussy (Essay index reprint series)
1934978-0-8369-1942-4Alfred B. BronwGreat Democrats (Essay index reprint series)
1951978-0-8369-1976-9Amandus William LoosReligious Faith and World Culture (Essay index reprint series)
1971978-0-8369-2005-5Aubrey NoakesSportsmen in a landscape (Essay index reprint series)
1977978-0-8369-2010-9Lewis Bernstein NamierEssays Presented to Sir Lewis Namier (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1944978-0-8369-2018-5Herbert V. ProchnowGreat Stories from Great Lives (Essay index reprint series)
1939978-0-8369-2062-8Dumas MaloneSaints in Action (Essay index reprint series)
1940978-0-8369-2125-0Felix RiesenbergPacific Ocean (Oceans of the World)
1959978-0-8369-2127-4Harold RosenbergTradition of the New
1933978-0-8369-2161-8J. B. S. HaldaneScience and Human Life (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1977978-0-8369-2167-0Rhys JenkinsLinks in the History of Engineering and Technology from Tudor Times (Essay index reprint series)
1971978-0-8369-2192-2William Ralph IngeA pacifist in trouble (Essay index reprint series)
1949978-0-8369-2205-9George MacAulay TrevelyanAutobiography and Other Essays (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1977978-0-8369-2206-6Oswald Garrison VillardSome Newspapers and Newspapermen (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1971978-0-8369-2237-0Marion Florence LansingLiberators and Heroes of Mexico and Central America (Essay index reprint series)
1940978-0-8369-2319-3W. O. BlanchardAmerican Empire: A Study of the Outlying Territories of the United States (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1972978-0-8369-2482-4Carl L. BeckerHow New Will the Better World Be? a Discussion of Post-War Reconstruction (Essay index reprint series)
  ''978-0-8369-2573-9Henry Thomas · Dana Lee ThomasLiving Adventures in Science (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1989978-0-8369-2604-0A. D. LindsayReligion, Science, and Society in the Modern World (Terry Lectures, Yale University.)
1946978-0-8369-2652-1Joseph Kinsey HowardMontana Margins: A State Anthology (Essay Index Reprint Series)
1976978-0-8369-2697-2Aline M. KilmerHunting A Hair Shirt and Other Spiritual Adventures
1972978-0-8369-2774-0William Ralph IngeTalks in a free country (Essay index reprint series)
1972978-0-8369-2846-4William Ralph IngeOur present discontents (Essay index reprint series)
  ''978-0-8369-2943-0Morris FishbeinDoctors at War (Essay index reprint series)
1969978-0-8369-3013-9John Kendrick BangsMr. Munchausen;: Being a true account of some of the recent adventures beyond the Styx of the late Hieronymus Carl Friedrich, sometime Baron ... (Short story index reprint series)
1939978-0-8369-3186-0Mazo De LA RocheThe Sacred Bullock, and Other Stories (Short Story Index Reprint Series)
1958978-0-8369-3608-7Steve AllenThe Girls on the 10th Floor and Other Stories (Short Story Index Reprint Series)
1970978-0-8369-3628-5Arthur MachenThe Great God Pan
1999978-0-8369-3680-3Max Pemberton · Max PembletonThe Signors of the Night: The Story of Fra Giovanni, the Soldier-Monk of Venice; And of Others in the "Silent City" (Short Story Index Reprint Series)
1970978-0-8369-3695-7Sam HellmanLow bridge and punk pungs (Short story index reprint series)
1922978-0-8369-3731-2Vita Sackville-West · Victoria Sackville-WestHeir: A Love Story (Short Story Index Reprint Series)
1998978-0-8369-3777-0George MeredithShort Stories (Short story index reprint series)
1932978-0-8369-3895-1Margery LatimerGuardian Angel and Other Stories (Short Story Index Reprint Series)
1971978-0-8369-3957-6Clare Boothe LuceStuffed Shirts
1942978-0-8369-4003-9Isak DinesenWinter's Tales (English and Danish Edition)
1926978-0-8369-4018-3Herminie Templeton KavanaghAshes of Old Wishes and Other Darby O'Gill Tales (Short Story Index Reprint Series)
1976978-0-8369-5006-9John DyeHistory of the Plots and Crimes of the Great Conspiracy to Overthrow Liberty in America
1969978-0-8369-5021-2John Quincy AdamsMemoirs of John Quincy Adams, comprising portions of his diary from 1795 to 1848 (Select bibliographies reprint series)
  ''978-0-8369-5031-1Bayard TuckermanLife of General Philip Schuyler, 1733-1804 (Select bibliographies reprint series)
  ''978-0-8369-5089-2I. T FraryThey built the Capitol (Select bibliographies reprint series)
1973978-0-8369-5134-9Henri LichtenbergerThird Reich (Select bibliographies reprint series)
1969978-0-8369-5135-6J. A. R MarriottSecond chambers;: An inductive study in political science (Select bibliographies reprint series)
  ''978-0-8369-5146-2Joseph Edgar ChamberlinThe Boston Transcript: A History of Its First Hundred Years
1953978-0-8369-5162-2Gertrude SteinBee Time Vine And Other Pieces (1913 to 1927)
1970978-0-8369-5299-5Ernest Henry ShortRing up the curtain;: Being a pageant of English entertainment covering half a century,
1948978-0-8369-5302-2Stanley Mease ToyneScandinavians in History (Select Bibliographies Reprint Ser)
1956978-0-8369-5303-9John T. TrowbridgeThe Desolate South, 1865-1866: A Picture of the Battlefields and of the Devastated Confederacy
1929978-0-8369-5312-1Gordon Hall GerouldOld English and Medieval Literature (Library of Old English and Medieval Literature)
1970978-0-8369-5333-6Louis HowJames B. Eads
1911978-0-8369-5376-3Kathleen O. Hoover · John CageVirgil Thomson: His Life and Music
1977978-0-8369-5407-4Philip, Sir SidneyThe Complete Poems of Sir Philip Sidney (Library of English Renaissance literature)
1970978-0-8369-5418-0Rudolph W ChamberlainThere is no truce;: A life of Thomas Mott Osborne,
1977978-0-8369-5446-3Rixey Smith · Norman BeaselyCarter Glass: A Biography
1988978-0-8369-5532-3Alexander K. McClureOur Presidents and How We Make Them (Select Bibliographies Reprint Series)
1970978-0-8369-5535-4Frederick PalmerBliss, Peacemaker: The Life & Letters of General Tasker Howard Bliss (Select Bibliographies Reprint)
1975978-0-8369-5557-6H. H. McConnellFive Years a Cavalryman
1959978-0-8369-5608-5William Miller MacMillanRoad to Self-Rule: A Study in Colonial Evolution
1971978-0-8369-5646-7Arthur Charles ColeThe era of the Civil War, 1848-1870
1971978-0-8369-5647-4R. D. W ConnorCornelius Harnett;: An essay in North Carolina history
  ''978-0-8369-5708-2Henry ParkesFifty years in the making of Australian history
1939978-0-8369-5742-6Blanche KingUnder Your Feet: The Story of the American Mound Builders
1977978-0-8369-5769-3A. H. L. HeerenManual of the History of the Political System of Europe and Its Colonies: From Its Formation at the Close of the Fifteenth Century to Its Re-Establishment upon the Fall of Napoleon
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1978978-0-8369-5862-1Friedrich StieveIsvolsky and the World War, Based on the Documents Recently Published by the German Foreign Office. (English and German Edition)
1971978-0-8369-5882-9Clara (Longworth) ChambrunThe making of Nicholas Longworth;: Annals of an American family
1930978-0-8369-5886-7Susa Young Gates · Leah D. WidtsoeLife Story of Brigham Young: Mormon Leader, Founder of Salt Lake City, and Builder of an Empire in the Uncharted Wastes of Western America (Select Bibliographies Reprint Series)
1971978-0-8369-5912-3Ion Smeaton MunroThrough fascism to world power;: A history of the revolution in Italy,
1961978-0-8369-5914-7Hugo ValentinAntisemitism: Historically and Critically Examined
1977978-0-8369-5932-1Joseph DenikerRaces of Man: Outline of Anthropology and Ethnography
1972978-0-8369-5956-7Erich LudendorffLudendorff's Own Story, August 1914-November 1918: The Great War from the Siege of Liege to the Signing of the Armistice as Viewed from the Grand Headquarters of the German Army
1970978-0-8369-5958-1George Frederick ParkerRecollections of Grover Cleveland
1971978-0-8369-5985-7Gaillard HuntIsrael, Elihu and Cadwallader Washburn;: A chapter in American biography
1947978-0-8369-6056-3August William DerlethDark of the Moon: Poems of Fantasy and the Macabre (Granger Index Reprint Series)
1969978-0-8369-6097-6Katharine ComanEnglish History Told by English Poets (Granger index reprint series)
1971978-0-8369-6296-3Mary Elizabeth BurtPoems That Every Child Should Know: A Selection of the Best Poems of All Times for Young People
  ''978-0-8369-6657-2Harper LeechArmour and his times,
  ''978-0-8369-6669-5Charles Stelzle · Charles StelzieSon of the Bowery: The Life Story of an East Side American
1977978-0-8369-6712-8F. Spencer ChapmanLhasa the Holy City
1975978-0-8369-6720-3Alice Stopford GreenMaking of Ireland and Its Undoing 1200-1600 (Select Bibliographies Reprint Series)
1930978-0-8369-6744-9Christina PhelpsThe Anglo American Peace Movement in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
1991978-0-8369-6786-9James Monroe TaylorBefore Vassar Opened: A Contribution to the History of the Higher Education of Women in America (Select Bibliographies Reprint Series)
1972978-0-8369-6817-0Paul E ZinnerRevolution in Hungary,
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1922978-0-8369-6963-4William Henry BabcockLegendary Islands of the Atlantic; A Study in Medieval Geography.
1989978-0-8369-6970-2Emma ColemanNew England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677 & 1760 During the French & Indian Wars
1971978-0-8369-7031-9J. William Van Namee · William Van NameeHopedale Tavern and What It Wrought (American Fiction Reprint Series)
1973978-0-8369-7132-3Nan BrittonPresident's Daughter
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1971978-0-8369-8102-5Robert MenginNo Laurels for De Gaulie (Biography index reprint series) (English and French Edition)
1975978-0-8369-8182-7Worthy women of our first century (Essay index reprint series)
1971978-0-8369-8528-3James Theodore BentThe Ruined Cities of Mashonaland (The Black Heritage Library Collection)
  ''978-0-8369-8782-9Sarah H. BradfordScenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman (The Black Heritage Library Collection)
  ''978-0-8369-8807-9Alexander GrahamRoman Africa (The Black heritage library collection)
1977978-0-8369-8865-9John BrownSlave Life in Georgia (The Black heritage library collection)
1928978-0-8369-8910-6Marshall W. TaylorFastest Bicycle Rider in the World: The Story of a Colored Boy's Indomitable Courage and Success Against Great Odds (Black Heritage Library Collection)
1937978-0-8369-8920-5Frank M. DavisI Am the American Negro (The Black Heritage Library Collection)
1971978-0-8369-8946-5Howard UniversityHoward University Medical Department, Washington, D.C.;: A historical biographical and statistical souvenir (The Black heritage library collection)
1916978-0-8369-8953-3Charles V. RomanAmerican Civilization and the Negro (Black Heritage Library Collection)
1997978-0-8369-9000-3Virginia BoyleBrokenburne: A Southern Auntie's War Tale (The Black Heritage Library Collection)
1972978-0-8369-9006-5C. L. MEbon and gold;: A novel, (The Black heritage library collection)
1956978-0-8369-9007-2Matthew EstesTit for Tat: A Novel (The Black Heritage Library Collection)
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1980978-0-8369-9265-6Philip Khuri HittiThe World of Islam
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1929978-0-8369-9306-6Arnold GentheIsadora Duncan (Dance)
1972978-0-8369-9915-0Harold Whetstone JohnstonPrivate Life of the Romans
  ''978-0-8369-9919-8W. R. MorfillPoland