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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1968978-0-405-08464-5John DownesRoscius Anglicanus
1988978-0-405-08496-6Henry George FarmerHistorical Facts for the Arabian Musical Influence
1964978-0-405-08597-0FouqueThomas Killigrew
1968978-0-405-08727-1Rodolfo LancianiNew Tales of Old Rome
1972978-0-405-08862-9Roger PrattThe Architecture of Sir Roger Pratt
1968978-0-405-08906-0Edwin SachsModern Opera Houses and Theatres
1928978-0-405-08963-3Thomas ShepherdMetropolitan Improvements; Or London in the Nineteenth Century
1976978-0-405-08966-4Frederic Fairchild ShermanEarly American Portraiture
1925978-0-405-08969-5Erroll ShersonLondon's Lost Theatres of the Nineteenth Century
1906978-0-405-08992-3Edgcumbe StaleyGuilds of Florence
1969978-0-405-09016-5Montague SummersThe Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger (English and Latin Edition)
1964978-0-405-09054-7Ronald WatkinsOn Producing Shakespeare
1976978-0-405-09339-5William A., Jr. Gudelunas · William G. ShadeBefore the Molly Maguires: The Emergence of the Ethno-Religious Factor in the Politics of the Lower Anthracite Region, 1844-1872 (Irish Americans)
  ''978-0-405-09354-8James Paul RodechkoPatrick Ford and his search for America: A case study of Irish-American journalism, 1870-1913 (The Irish-Americans)
  ''978-0-405-09370-8Bobby JonesBobby Jones on golf
1929978-0-405-09506-1Benjamin HayesPioneer Notes: Notes from the Diaries of Judge Benjamin Hayes 1849-1875 (Chicano Heritage Series)
1976978-0-405-09508-5Stuart JamiesonLabor Unionism in American Agriculture: United States Department of Labor, Bulletin No.836 (Chicano Heritage Series)
  ''978-0-405-09528-3Ralph Emerson TwitchellThe History of the Military Occupation of the Territory of New Mexico (The Chicano Heritage)
  ''978-0-405-09538-2Carlos E. CortesMexican California an Original Anthology (The Chicano heritage)
1977978-0-405-09561-0James Midgley Clark · Gotthold Ephraim LessingDeath and the Visual Arts (The Literature of Death and Dying)
1977978-0-405-09584-9C. L. SulzbergerMy Brother Death (The Literature of death and dying)
1979978-0-405-09607-5Josef Maria EderGeschichte Der Photographie/2 Vols in 1 (Sources of Modern Photography)
  ''978-0-405-09624-2Desire Van MonckhovenPhotographic Optics (The Sources of modern photography)
  ''978-0-405-09634-1Joseph Marie Bayard Lo Duca · Peter C. Bunnell · Robert A. SobieszekBayard (The Sources of Modern Photography Series)
  ''978-0-405-09636-5Gaspard F. Nadar · Robert A. DobieszekQuand J' Etais Photographie (The Sources of modern photography)
1977978-0-405-09686-0Herman KleinThe Reign of Patti (Opera biographies)
  ''978-0-405-09691-4Félia LitvinneMa vie et mon art (Opera biographies) (French Edition)
1977978-0-405-09698-3Grace MooreYou're Only Human Once (Opera biographies)
  ''978-0-405-09712-6Helen Traubel · Richard Gibson HublerSt. Louis Woman (Opera biographies)
  ''978-0-405-09714-0Charles L. WagnerSeeing Stars (Opera Biographies)
  ''978-0-405-09723-2Daniel ThornerInvestment in Empire: British Railway and Steam Shipping Enterprise in India, 1825-1849 (European Business Ser.)
  ''978-0-405-09775-1Vera AnsteyThe Economic Development of India (European Business Ser)
1977978-0-405-09801-7John A SpenderWeetman Pearson, First Viscount Cowdray, 1856-1927 (European business)
  ''978-0-405-09814-7Louis I. Dublin · Alfred J. LotkaThe Money Value of a Man (Public Health in America Series)
  ''978-0-405-09827-7Ellen H. RichardsEuthenics: The Science of Controllable Environment: A Plea for Better Conditions As a First Step Toward Higher Human Efficiency (Public health in America)
1976978-0-405-09855-0Heinrich SchliemannTroy and its remains: A narrative of researches and discoveries made on the site of Ilium, and in the Trojan Plain
1975978-0-405-09890-1Mark H. GosserSelected Attempts at Stereoscopic Moving Pictures and Their Relationship to the Motion Pictures Technology 1852-1903 (The Arno Press cinema program)
1977978-0-405-09941-0Lyman BeecherA plea for the West (Anti-movements in America)
1935978-0-405-09946-5Elizabeth Dilling Stokes · Elizabeth K. DillingRed Network: A "Who's Who" and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots (Anti-Movements in America)
1977978-0-405-09960-1Joeseph R. McCarthyMcCarthyism: The Fight for America (Anti-movements in America)
  ''978-0-405-09962-5Maria Monk · Theodore Dwight · John J. Slocum · William K. HoyteAwful Disclosures of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal (Anti-Movements in America)
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1977978-0-405-10036-9Alexander BuschDie Geschichte des Privatdozenten (The Academic profession) (German Edition)
  ''978-0-405-10062-8Great Moments of the Century As Reported by the New York Times
1976978-0-405-10097-0Jacob GrimmDeutsche Sagen: German Legends (Two in One)
1977978-0-405-10105-2Hector LeeThree Nephites: Substance and Significance of the Legend of Folklore (International folklore)
  ''978-0-405-10128-1Richard Carnac, Sir TempleLegends of the Panjab (International folklore) (English and Punjabi Edition)
  ''978-0-405-10158-8Lowell Juilliard Carr · James Edson StermerWillow Run (Work, Its Rewards and Discontents)
  ''978-0-405-10263-9Louis LipskyThirty years of American Zionism (America and the Holy Land)
1977978-0-405-10281-3Edward RobinsonBiblical researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai, and Arabia Petraea (America and the Holy Land)
  ''978-0-405-10296-7Bertha Spafford VesterOur Jerusalem: An American Family in the Holy City 1881-1949 (America and the Holy Land)
  ''978-0-405-10403-9Anton Kerner von MarilaunThe background of plant ecology (History of ecology)
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  ''978-0-405-10417-6Roscoe PoundThe phytogeography of Nebraska (History of ecology)
1934978-0-405-10418-3Christen Raunkiaer · Frank N. Egerton · FausbollLife Forms of Plants and Statistical Plants Geography (History of Ecology Series) (English and Danish Edition)
1978978-0-405-10540-1Angelo De Gubernatis · Angelo De GuberatisZoological Mythology or the Legends of Animals/2 Volumes in 1
1978978-0-405-10544-9Adolf E JensenMyth, Mensch und Umwelt (Mythology) (German Edition)
  ''978-0-405-10551-7Wilhelm MannhardtMythologische Forschungen aus dem Nachlasse and Die Korndämonen (Mythology) (German Edition)
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  ''978-0-405-10566-1Jan De VriesHeroic Song and Heroic Legend (Mythology)
1979978-0-405-10575-3Arturo CastiglioniThe renaissance of medicine in Italy (Johns Hopkins University Press reprints)
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1980978-0-405-10840-2Patricia F. McNealThe American Catholic Peace Movement, 1928-1972 (The American Catholic tradition)
1978978-0-405-10933-1Basil S YameyEssays on the history of accounting (The Development of contemporary accounting thought)
1978978-0-405-10995-9David LindsayDevil's Tor (Lost Race and Adult Fantasy Fiction)
  ''978-0-405-11090-0Robert Whitney PeeblesLeonard Covello: A study of an immigrant's contribution to New York City (Bilingual-bicultural education in the United States)
  ''978-0-405-11123-5Century MagazineThe Century war book: The famous history of the Civil War by the people who actually fought it
  ''978-0-405-11199-0JERUSALEM POSTFront Page Israel: Major Events 1932-1978 As Reflected in the Front Page of the Herusalem Post
  ''978-0-405-11235-5League of Nations Sec. Econ Fin & Transit Dept.International Currency Experience (International Finance)
1978978-0-405-11247-8Ellen SchreckerThe hired money: The French debt to the United States, 1917-1929 (International finance)
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1979978-0-405-11272-0Otis GibsonThe Chinese in America (The Asian Experience in North America)
1978978-0-405-11275-1Kiyoshi Karl KawakamiThe real Japanese question (The Asian experience in North America)
1979978-0-405-11320-8Herbert Oliver BrayerPueblo Indian land grants of the "Rio Abajo," New Mexico (The Management of public lands in the United States)
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1979978-0-405-11477-9William ProxmireCan Small Business Survive? (Small business enterprise in America)
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1979978-0-405-11758-9Gary Newton HessAn Historical Study of the Du Mont Television Network (Dissertations in broadcasting)
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