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1977978-0-8326-1416-3Howard Morris-Designer · Fritz Kredel-IlluminatorHoly Bible Authorized King James Version
1974978-0-8326-1418-7The Holy Bible: Authorized King James version
1975978-0-8326-1419-4EditorHoly Bible Authorized King James Version
  ''978-0-8326-1420-0The Holy Bible: Authorized King James version
1982978-0-8326-1425-5GodHoly Bible: Authorized King James Version
1973978-0-8326-1600-6hsHoly Scriptures Jewish Edition
1974978-0-8326-1800-0Joan WindhamStory Library of the Saints, Volume I, II & III
1973978-0-8326-1801-7La Prensa CatolicaCOMPLEMENTO ECUMENICO A LA SAGRADA BIBLIA
  ''978-0-8326-1802-4Catholic DigestMasterpieces of Biblical art
1978978-0-8326-1803-1Edward G. FinneganChildren's Bible Stories
1970978-0-8326-2000-3The Christian book of knowledge
1973978-0-8326-2001-0Edward G. FinneganThe New Catholic Peoples' encyclopedia (3 Volumes)
1981978-0-8326-2003-4Jesus ChristBeatitudes
  ''978-0-8326-2004-1Doctor LukeBirth of the Savior
  ''978-0-8326-2005-8King DavidThe Twenty-Third Psalm
1982978-0-8326-2006-5Inspiritional LibraryLove
1982978-0-8326-2007-2Inspiritional LibraryJoy of Easter
  ''978-0-8326-2008-9   ''Jewels from the Bible
1977978-0-8326-2202-1Inc The English Language Institute of AmPractical English and the Command of Words: An Eductional Service for Adults (Presented in Forty-Eig
1971978-0-8326-2203-8Hermese E RobertsThe third ear: A Black glossary,
1973978-0-8326-2204-5Occupational guide;: An illustrated guide to 143 occupations
1974978-0-8326-2205-2Hugo SonnenscheinLaw for the layman;: A concise encyclopedia,
1975978-0-8326-2207-6Charleen KinserPersonally yours, needlepoint
1977978-0-8326-2210-6Richard DemskePlumbing (Adventures in home repair series)
  ''978-0-8326-2212-0Richard DemskePainting, Paneling and Wallpapering (Adventures in home repair series)
1976978-0-8326-2213-7Illustrated family medical encyclopedia
1977978-0-8326-2214-4Archie BennettThe new color-picture dictionary for children
1979978-0-8326-2215-1Richard DemskeInterior Home Repairs (Adventures in home repair series)
  ''978-0-8326-2216-8Dick DemskeExterior Home Repairs (Adventures in home repair series)
1978978-0-8326-2217-5   ''Home comfort (Adventures in home repair series)
  ''978-0-8326-2220-5WEBSTER'SNew Webster's Secretary's - Student's Guide
1987978-0-8326-2221-2Edward FinneganCrossword Puzzle Dictionary
1978978-0-8326-2222-9Dick DemskeMcCall's Home Repair and Improvement Series, Wallpapering and Paneling
1978978-0-8326-2223-6McCall's Home Repair and Improvement Series, Electrical Repairs
  ''978-0-8326-2224-3Dick DemskeMcCall's Home Repair and Improvement Series, Plumbing Repairs and Installations
  ''978-0-8326-2225-0Basic Care and Emergency Repairs McCall's (Home Repair and Improvement Series)
  ''978-0-8326-2226-7Dick DemskeMcCall's Home Repair and Improvement Series, Interior Maintenance
  ''978-0-8326-2227-4   ''McCall's Home Repair and Improvement Series, Painting
1978978-0-8326-2228-1Dick DemskeRoofs, Walls, And Porches, McCall's Home Repair and Improvement Series
  ''978-0-8326-2229-8Electrical Installations McCall's (Home Repair and Improvement Series)
  ''978-0-8326-2230-4Dick DemskePlumbing and How It Works (McCall's Home Repair and Improvement Series: Step-by-Step Illustrated Instructions)
  ''978-0-8326-2231-1   ''Driveways, Patios, And Pools, McCall's Home Repair and Improvement Series
1979978-0-8326-2232-8Carola HalhuberSpeaking of Heart Attacks: Early Recognition, Rehabilitation, Prevention of Recurrence: Comprehensive Guide for Coronary Patients (The Medical adviser series) (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-8326-2233-5Renate ZaunerSpeaking of Back-Aches: Advice and Help on Disc Problems, Wear and Tear of the Spinal Column, Muscle Spasm, Sciatica, Headaches and Migraines (The Medical adviser series) (English and German Edition)
1979978-0-8326-2234-2Dietrich LangenSpeaking of: Sleeping Problems: Learning to Sleep Well Again, Including Directions for Making an Analysis of Your Sleep and Keeping a Sleep Diary (The ... Adviser Series) (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-8326-2235-9Hanns Peter WolffSpeaking of High Blood Pressure: A Comprehensive Guide for Hypertensives and Their Partners (The Medical adviser series) (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-8326-2236-6Walter NoderSpeaking of Fitness over 40: Keeping Active and Healthy Through Improved Circulation (The Medical adviser series) (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-8326-2237-3C. Murphy CombsIllustrated Medical Dictionary
1978978-0-8326-2238-0Dick DemskeThe home repair book
1978978-0-8326-2239-7Dick DemskeThe home repair book
1979978-0-8326-2240-3   ''Home Repairs Made Easy
1980978-0-8326-2242-7Helmut HaidSpeaking of Vein Problems
  ''978-0-8326-2243-4Rudigar PetzoldtSpeaking of Diabetes
  ''978-0-8326-2244-1Renate ZaunerSpeaking of Children's Posture Problems and the Injuries They Cause
  ''978-0-8326-2245-8Rainer SchrageSpeaking of Family Planning
  ''978-0-8326-2246-51001 Helpful Family Hints
1981978-0-8326-2247-2Siegfried Heyden · Elen PittilloSensible Talk About Cancer: A Physician's Program for Prevention
1980978-0-8326-2248-9Rhonda PopkoThe book of basic sewing
1981978-0-8326-2249-6Siegfried HeydenThe Heart Book: A Program for Prevention of Heart Attack from Researchers at the Duke University Medical Center
1980978-0-8326-2250-2Dietrich NolteSpeaking of Asthma
1981978-0-8326-2253-3Arthur LiebersYour Guide to Free Medical Information
1981978-0-8326-2254-0Arthur LiebersYour Guide to Free Energy Information
1983978-0-8326-2255-7Joan HaskinsEverywoman's Must-Have Reference Book
1982978-0-8326-2256-4Jerome AronbergCaring for Your Skin With over the Counter Drugs
  ''978-0-8326-2257-1Ernest Zavisca · Gary BeltowskiBreak a Million at Pac Man
  ''978-0-8326-2259-5C. Murphy CombsIllustrated Family Medical Encyclopedia
1983978-0-8326-2260-1Seymour DiamondCoping With Your Headaches
1968978-0-8326-2261-8Leon HenryThe Home Office Guide
1983978-0-8326-2262-5Ernest Zavisca · Gary BeltowskiBe a Home Videogame Superstar: Secrets to the Best Games for Your Atari Vcs
  ''978-0-8326-2269-4New Webster's Medical Atlas
  ''978-0-8326-2270-0delair publishingOur Family Record
1992978-0-8326-2272-4Horticultural AssociatesAmerica's Regionalized Garden Book: Know What Will Really Grow in Your Garden
1992978-0-8326-2300-4Fruit Trees Fresh Berries: America's Regionalized Garden Books/Two Books in One!
  ''978-0-8326-2301-1Flowering Trees Flowering Shrubs: America's Regionalized Garden Books/Two Books in One!
  ''978-0-8326-2302-8Horticultural AssociatesPerennial Vines Trellis Gardening: America's Regionalized Garden Books/Two Books in One!
  ''978-0-8326-2303-5Horticulture AssociatesShade Gardening Azaleas & Rhododendrons: America's Regionalized Garden Books/Two Books in One!
1969978-0-8326-2401-8Fay-Cooper Cole · Harris Gaylord WarrenAn Illustrated Outline History Of Mankind, Volumes I and II [Set]
1977978-0-8326-2402-5Dick DemskeElectrical Installations and Repairs (Adventures in home repair series)
1980978-0-8326-2408-7Martin SharpHeart Attack (Timely Tips, 7004)
1983978-0-8326-2409-4Frederick StarkGerman for the Tourist
  ''978-0-8326-2410-0   ''Spanish for the Traveler
1983978-0-8326-2411-7Frederick StarkStark's French for the Traveler
  ''978-0-8326-2412-4Henry StarkStark's Italian for the Traveler
  ''978-0-8326-2413-1Frederick StarkGreek for the Tourist
  ''978-0-8326-2414-8Richard StarkStark's Russian for the Traveler
1981978-0-8326-2608-1Dawn RenoJenny's First Friend
  ''978-0-8326-2609-8   ''Jenny Moves
1981978-0-8326-2616-6Josep ParramonSpring (Four Seasons)
  ''978-0-8326-2617-3Josep M. ParramonSummer (Four Seasons)
  ''978-0-8326-2618-0Carme Sole Vendrell · J.M. ParramonWinter (Four Seasons) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-8326-2619-7Autumn (Four Seasons)
1983978-0-8326-2620-3Prayerful Thoughts for Little Children
1982978-0-8326-2621-0Judith F. NealFun Projects for Kids
1981978-0-8326-2622-7Jill KingdonThe ABC Dinosaur Book: A Dinosaur for Every Letter of the Alphabet
1998978-0-8326-2623-4Jerry Ballard · Kimberly BallardFour Seasons for Little People
1983978-0-8326-2624-1Jill KingdonThe Dinosaur Counting Book
  ''978-0-8326-2625-8   ''Dizzy Dinosaur Learns About Traffic
1983978-0-8326-2626-5Jill KingdonDizzy Dinosaur Gets Lost and Found
1983978-0-8326-2627-2Jill KingdonDizzy Dinosaur Minds His Manners
1994978-0-8326-2754-5Robert James WallerThe Bridges of Madison County
1982978-0-8326-3215-0Seymour DiamondCoping with Your Headaches
  ''978-0-8326-6062-7Ralph Pereida · Lester RossinBeginning Drawing for Young People, Group I Book 2: Grumbacher Art Library Series B502: Recommended for Ages 7 to 10 (Paperback 1982 Printing, 083266062425)
2007978-0-8326-6960-6Financial Intelligence: A Manager's Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean 1st (first) edition
2009978-0-8326-6963-7Avinash KaushikWeb Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity 1st (first) edition
2003978-0-8326-6964-4Working with Emotional Intelligence [Abridged, Audiobook, CD]
2000978-0-8326-6965-1Working with Emotional Intelligence Bantam Trade Ppbk Ed, Jan. 2000 edition
978-0-8326-6967-5Susan FowlerLeading at a Higher Level, Revised and Expanded Edition: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations 1st (first) edition