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1971978-0-8261-0003-0Rudolph SeidenLivestock Health Encyclopedia
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2013978-0-8261-0090-0Laura N. Gitlin · Kevin J. LyonsSuccessful Grant Writing, 4th Edition: Strategies for Health and Human Service Professionals (Gitlin, Successful Grant Writing)
2000978-0-8261-0091-7Richard SchulzHandbook on Dementia Caregiving: Evidence-Based Interventions for Family Caregivers
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  ''978-0-8261-0118-1Lawrence C. RubinPopular Culture in Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Play-Based Interventions
  ''978-0-8261-0120-4J. William WordenGrief Counseling and Grief Therapy, Fourth Edition: A Handbook for the Mental Health Practitioner
2008978-0-8261-0122-8Jerry C. Parker · Esther ThorsonHealth Communication in the New Media Landscape
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2007978-0-8261-0130-3Wendee M. Wechsberg · Jennifer J. Kasten · Nancy D. Berkman · Amy E. RousselMethadone Maintenance Treatment in the U.S.: A Practical Question and Answer Guide
1971978-0-8261-0149-5Drugs in Current Use and New Drugs
1977978-0-8261-0155-6Drugs in Current Use and New Drugs 1977
1980978-0-8261-0158-7Walter ModellDrugs in Current Use and New Drugs
1982978-0-8261-0160-0Drugs in Current Use and New Drugs 1982
978-0-8261-0162-4Drugs in Current Use & New Drugs 1983
978-0-8261-0163-1Drugs in Current Use & New Drugs 1984
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978-0-8261-0167-9Modell's Drugs in Current Use & New Drugs, 1989
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1977978-0-8261-0174-7   ''Handbook of Physical Therapy
1971978-0-8261-0185-3Solomon GarbLaboratory tests in common use
  ''978-0-8261-0186-0   ''Laboratory tests in common use
1976978-0-8261-0187-7   ''Laboratory Tests in Common Use
  ''978-0-8261-0188-4   ''Laboratory Tests in Common Use
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1980978-0-8261-0285-0Jackson William BaileyVeterinary Handbook for Cattlemen
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1991978-0-8261-0543-1   ''Affect, Imagery, Consciousness: The Negative Affects: Anger and Fear
1992978-0-8261-0544-8   ''Affect Imagery and Consciousness: Cognition: Duplication and Transformation of Information (AFFECT, IMAGERY, CONSCIOUSNESS)
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