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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-0-8118-0004-4John HendricksonRaptors: Birds of Prey
  ''978-0-8118-0017-4Nancie McDermottReal Thai: The Best of Thailand's Regional Cooking
  ''978-0-8118-0018-1Charis ChanImperial China (Architectural Guides for Travelers)
1991978-0-8118-0019-8Jim HubbardShooting Back
  ''978-0-8118-0020-4Herb CaenThe Best of Herb Caen: 1960-1975
  ''978-0-8118-0029-7Emi KazukoLittle Japanese Cookbook 97 ed
1991978-0-8118-0033-4Leslie SingerZap! Ray Gun Classics
  ''978-0-8118-0036-5Graham MarshBlue Note: The Album Cover Art
  ''978-0-8118-0039-6Frida Kahlo Postcard Book (Collectible Postcards)
  ''978-0-8118-0043-3Jacqueline MartinetLittle Swiss Cookbook
  ''978-0-8118-0044-0Diego RiveraDiego Rivera: Postcards (Collectible Postcards)
1992978-0-8118-0060-0Herb CaenHerb Caen's San Francisco: 1976-1991
1992978-0-8118-0062-4J. Slattum · P. SchraubMasks of Bali
  ''978-0-8118-0073-0Marvin LiebmanComing Out Conservative
  ''978-0-8118-0077-8James McNairJames McNair's Stews & Casseroles
  ''978-0-8118-0078-5Beth HenspergerBaking Bread: Old and New Traditions
1994978-0-8118-0082-2Judith DunhamDetails of Frank Lloyd Wright: The California Work, 1909-1974
1992978-0-8118-0086-0Philip Collins · Sam SargentRadios Redux: Listening in Style
  ''978-0-8118-0095-2Lou SeibertBiscotti
1992978-0-8118-0096-9Stephen SansweetStar Wars: From Concept to Screen to Collectible
1993978-0-8118-0100-3James McNairJames McNair's Vegetarian Pizza
1992978-0-8118-0101-0Stephen SansweetStar Wars - From Concept to Screen to Collectible
  ''978-0-8118-0102-7Kandy RadzinskiThe Twelve Cats of Christmas
1993978-0-8118-0111-9Alan HessViva Las Vegas: After-Hours Architecture
1992978-0-8118-0113-3Betty JungThe Kopan Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes from a Tibetan Monastery
1999978-0-8118-0115-7James McNairJames McNair's Favorites
1992978-0-8118-0121-8Bob BlumerSurreal Gourmet: Real Food for Pretend Chefs
  ''978-0-8118-0123-2Clark TaylorThe House That Crack Built
  ''978-0-8118-0127-0Georgeanne BrennanPotager: Fresh Garden Cooking in the French Style
  ''978-0-8118-0133-1Clark TaylorThe House That Crack Built
1992978-0-8118-0134-8Georgeanne BrennanPotager
  ''978-0-8118-0138-6Donald Kuspit · Marcia TuckerHorses: The Art of Deborah Butterfield
  ''978-0-8118-0142-3Barbara AriaThe Spirit of the Chinese Character: Gifts from the Heart
  ''978-0-8118-0154-6Philip CollinsThe Art of the Cocktail: 100 Classic Cocktail Recipes
  ''978-0-8118-0159-1Celia KingSeven Modern Wonders Pop-Up
1992978-0-8118-0161-4Francisco X. AlarconSnake Poems
  ''978-0-8118-0163-8Laine ThomBecoming Brave: The Path to Native American Manhood
  ''978-0-8118-0165-2Laine Thom · C.J. BraffordDancing Colors: Paths of the Native American Woman
  ''978-0-8118-0168-3Karen SluitersLittle Dutch Cookbook
1993978-0-8118-0173-7Janet HazenMustard
1992978-0-8118-0180-5Nick BantockSabine's Notebook: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Continues
  ''978-0-8118-0200-0Wayne ThiebaudVision and Revision
1992978-0-8118-0202-4Barbara MayerIn the Arts & Crafts Style
  ''978-0-8118-0210-9William A. EwingBreaking Bounds: The Dance Photography of Lois Greenfield
  ''978-0-8118-0220-8Pat Cody · Fred CodyCody's Books
1997978-0-8118-0224-6Marie BashkirtseffI Am the Most Interesting Book of All: The Diary of Marie Bashkirtseff, Vol. 1
1992978-0-8118-0225-3Wayne Thiebaud · Bill Berkson · Robert Flynn JohnsonVision and Revision: Hand Colored Prints by Wayne Thiebaud
  ''978-0-8118-0230-7Hans Christian AndersenFairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen: A Classic Illustrated Edition (Classics Illustrated)
  ''978-0-8118-0232-1William A. EwingBreaking Bounds: The Dance Photography of Lois Greenfield
1993978-0-8118-0249-9Georgeanne Brennan · Mimi LuebbermannLittle Herb Gardens: Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens - Indoors and Out (A Garden Style Book)
1993978-0-8118-0250-5Shepard BarbashOaxacan Woodcarving: The Magic in the Trees
1994978-0-8118-0258-1David LiittschwagerWitness: Endangered Species of North America
1992978-0-8118-0265-9Rafi FernandezLittle Indian Cookbook
1993978-0-8118-0268-0Peter KeetmanVolkswagen: A Week at the Factory
  ''978-0-8118-0269-7Atsushi Sakurai · Yohei Sakamoto · Fumitoshi MoriAquarium Fish of the World: The Comprehensive Guide to 650 Species
  ''978-0-8118-0271-0Roger Handy · Maureen Erbe · Aileen AntonierMade in Japan: Transistor Radios of the 1950s and 1960s
1992978-0-8118-0275-8Graham MarshCalifornia Cool
  ''978-0-8118-0276-5Dan PiraroBest of Bizarro (v. 1)
1993978-0-8118-0285-7Jonathan LondonThe Eyes of Gray Wolf
  ''978-0-8118-0287-1Steven Heller · Louise FiliItalian Art Deco: Graphic Design between the Wars
1993978-0-8118-0293-2Katharine KagelCafe Pasqual's Cookbook: Spirited Recipes from Santa Fe
  ''978-0-8118-0298-7Nick BantockThe Golden Mean: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Concludes
1994978-0-8118-0303-8Steven Heller · Louise FiliDutch Moderne: Graphic Design from De Stijl to Deco
1993978-0-8118-0321-2C. Marks · M. KimKorean Kitchen
  ''978-0-8118-0325-0Vladimir GuliayevThe Fine Art of Russian Lacquered Miniatures
  ''978-0-8118-0328-1Reed HearonSalsa
  ''978-0-8118-0329-8Pat MurphyBy Nature's Design: An Exploratorium Book
1993978-0-8118-0350-2Babette ColeMommy Laid An Egg: Or, Where Do Babies Come From?
  ''978-0-8118-0357-1Richard LorenzImogen Cunningham: Ideas without End A Life and Photographs
  ''978-0-8118-0359-5Alastair Hull · Jose Luczyc-WyhowskaKilim: The Complete Guide, History, Pattern , Technique , Identification
  ''978-0-8118-0362-5Claire CliftonLittle Book of Tropical Drinks D
  ''978-0-8118-0363-2the Chefs at Jake'sJake's Seafood Cookbook
1994978-0-8118-0366-3Paul GauguinNoa Noa: The Tahiti Journal of Paul Gauguin
1994978-0-8118-0378-6B. Gleeson · S. HopkinsWeekends for Two in the Pacific Northwest
1995978-0-8118-0396-0Steven Heller · Seymour ChwastJackets Required
1994978-0-8118-0402-8Glenn KeatorComplete Garden Guide to the Native Shrubs of California
1993978-0-8118-0408-0Evelyn GallardoAmong the Orangutans: The Birute Galdikas Story (The Great Naturalists)
  ''978-0-8118-0414-1George DeemArt School: An Homage to the Masters
  ''978-0-8118-0416-5G. Marsh · G. CallinghamNew York Hot
  ''978-0-8118-0422-6Chronicle Books6-Pak Bookcards: Dog Dreams (Prepack of 6)
1994978-0-8118-0423-3Jim CrainCalifornia in Depth: A Stereoscopic History
  ''978-0-8118-0426-4Lou Seibert PappasPesto: Fresh Herb Sauces and Spreads
1993978-0-8118-0451-6Chantal CoadyChocolate: Food of the Gods
1996978-0-8118-0453-0James McNairJames McNair Cooks Southeast Asian
1994978-0-8118-0454-7Anne RichterArts & Crafts of Indonesia
1994978-0-8118-0458-5Julia Della CroceThe Vegetarian Table: Italy
  ''978-0-8118-0462-2David FontanaThe Secret Language of Symbols: A Visual Key to Symbols Their Meanings
1993978-0-8118-0466-0Sigrid Wortmann WeltgeWomen's Work: Textile Art from the Bauhaus
1995978-0-8118-0467-7Jeannette Ferrary · Louise FiszerGood Day for Soup: Over 200 Recipes for Any Occasion
1993978-0-8118-0468-4Judi FreemanMark Tansey
1996978-0-8118-0469-1Kathan BrownInk, Paper, Metal, Wood: Painters and Sculptors at Crown Point Press
1994978-0-8118-0472-1Catherine BindmanDesigner's Guide to French Patterns
1995978-0-8118-0474-5Georgeanne BrennanThe Vegetarian Table: France
  ''978-0-8118-0475-2Victoria WiseThe Vegetarian Table: Mexico
1993978-0-8118-0485-1Martha ZamoraFrida Kahlo: Brush of Anguish
1994978-0-8118-0489-9David FontanaSecret Language of Symbols: A Visual Key to Symbols and Their Meaning
  ''978-0-8118-0495-0Thomas ParsonsDesigner's Guide to Scandinavian Patterns
1993978-0-8118-0500-1D. Guravich · D MatthewsPolar Bear
  ''978-0-8118-0502-5Mildred ConstantineTina Modotti: A Fragile Life
1993978-0-8118-0506-3David HockneyThat's the Way I See It
1995978-0-8118-0510-0Dunstan A. HarrisIsland Barbecue: Spirited Recipes from the Caribbean
1993978-0-8118-0512-4Howard SchatzHomeless
1994978-0-8118-0513-1Annika Maria Nelson · Gary Soto · Jeff M. SellersFolk Wisdom of Mexico / Proverbios y dichos mexicanos
1993978-0-8118-0521-6B. & Lavallee B. JoosseMama, Do You Love Me? Doll
1994978-0-8118-0526-1Constance W. McGeorgeBoomer's Big Day
1993978-0-8118-0527-8Frans LantingOkavango Africa's Last Eden
  ''978-0-8118-0544-5Malcolm BirdSchool in Murky Wood
1994978-0-8118-0560-5John S. SnyderHockey
1995978-0-8118-0567-4Janet FletcherPasta Harvest: Delicious Recipes Using Vegetables at Their Seasonal Best
  ''978-0-8118-0570-4Don McQuiston · Debra McQuistonDolls & Toys of Native America
1994978-0-8118-0575-9Jennifer T. ThompsonHot Licks
1995978-0-8118-0577-3Marlene McLoughlinRoad to Rome: An Artist's Year in Italy
1994978-0-8118-0578-0Robert O'BrienThis Is San Francisco: A Classic Portrait of the City
  ''978-0-8118-0604-6Carol FieldFocaccia: Simple Breads from the Italian Oven
  ''978-0-8118-0607-7Beatrice WoodPlaying Chess With the Heart: Beatrice Wood at 100
1994978-0-8118-0615-2Jonathan D. Solomon · William CumpianoGuitarmaking Tradition and Technology: A Complete Reference for the Design & Construction of the Steel-String Folk Guitar & the Classical Guitar
  ''978-0-8118-0619-0Mariana CookFathers and Daughters: In Their Own Words
1995978-0-8118-0620-6Timothy C. ElyFlight into Egypt
1994978-0-8118-0634-3Tobin FraleyGreat American Carousel
  ''978-0-8118-0640-4Jonathan Natelson · William CumpianoGuitarmaking: Tradition and Technology (Guitar Reference)
  ''978-0-8118-0647-3Nina LadenThe Night I Followed the Dog
  ''978-0-8118-0661-9Lynn Gordon52 Silly Things to Do When You Are Blue/Cards (52 Series)
1995978-0-8118-0662-6S. Heller · L. FiliStreamline: American Art Deco
1994978-0-8118-0665-7Susan Synarski52 Tokens of Affection (52 Series)
1995978-0-8118-0666-4John MillerWhite Rabbit: A Psychedelic Reader
1994978-0-8118-0676-3Lynn Gordon52 Rainy Day Activities (52 Series)
1994978-0-8118-0678-7Hans SilvesterCats in the Sun
  ''978-0-8118-0679-4Lynn Gordon52 Fun Things to Do in the Car/Cards (1 Deck)
1996978-0-8118-0694-7Kitty MorseThe Vegetarian Table: North Africa (Vegetarian Table Series , Vol 4)
1994978-0-8118-0696-1Nick BantockGriffin & Sabine Trilogy - Box Set
1996978-0-8118-0698-5Cassandra LightWay of the Doll: The Art and Craft of Personal Transformation
  ''978-0-8118-0707-4Gideon Bosker · Carl HammerFreak Show: Sideshow Banner Art
1994978-0-8118-0715-9William KotzwinkleSwimmer in the Secret Sea
1995978-0-8118-0717-3Barnaby Conrad IIIThe Martini: An Illustrated History of an American Classic
1996978-0-8118-0718-0Barbara M. JoosseI Love You the Purplest
1995978-0-8118-0724-1Cary HazlegroveNantucket: Seasons on the Island
1994978-0-8118-0728-9David FontanaThe Secret Language of Dreams: A Visual Key to Dreams and Their Meanings
  ''978-0-8118-0750-0Fermo Galbiati · Nino CiravegnaBicycles: Le Biciclette (Bella Cosa series)
1996978-0-8118-0751-7Steven Heller · Louise FiliFrench Modern: Art Deco Graphic Design (Chronicle's Art Deco Design Series)
1994978-0-8118-0754-8John MillerDream Catcher: A Nighttime Journal
1995978-0-8118-0758-6Gary SotoGary Soto: New and Selected Poems
1994978-0-8118-0762-3William A. EwingThe Body: Photographs of the Human Form
  ''978-0-8118-0766-1Janet FitchThe Art and Craft of Jewelry
2000978-0-8118-0767-8Raymond Faulkner · Ogden Goelet · Carol Andrews · James WassermanThe Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day
1994978-0-8118-0768-5William MatthewsCowboys & Images: The Watercolors of William Matthews
1994978-0-8118-0771-5Dan PiraroBest of Bizarro: Vol 2 (Best of Bizarro Vol. II)
  ''978-0-8118-0784-5Sara Nickles · Bob ShacochisDrinking, Smoking and Screwing: Great Writers on Good Times
  ''978-0-8118-0792-0Eva von DassowEgyptian Book of the Dead
1995978-0-8118-0796-8Adrienne SalingerIn My Room
1994978-0-8118-0801-9Margaretta MitchellRuth Bernhard:The Eternal Body: A Collection of Fifty Nudes: The Eternal Body - A Collection of 50 Nudes
  ''978-0-8118-0802-6Jim McGuganJosepha: A Prairie Boy's Story
1995978-0-8118-0804-0Bob BlumerThe Surreal Gourmet EnterTains: High-Fun, Low-Stress Dinner Parties for 6 to 12 People
  ''978-0-8118-0805-7Juliet BawdenThe Art and Craft of Papier Mache
1995978-0-8118-0806-4Simon LarbalestierThe Art and Craft of Collage
  ''978-0-8118-0811-8Ruth Lechuga · Chloe SayerMask Arts of Mexico
1996978-0-8118-0816-3Steven Heller · Louise FiliCover Story
1995978-0-8118-0817-0Barbara HodgsonThe Tattooed Map: A Novel
1996978-0-8118-0820-0Beth HenspergerBeth's Basic Bread Book
1995978-0-8118-0823-1John Miller · Kristen MillerIstanbul (Chronicle Abroad)
1994978-0-8118-0826-2Margaretta MitchellRuth Bernhard: The Eternal Body: A Collection of Fifty Nudes
1996978-0-8118-0827-9Bob BarnerDem Bones (Avenues)
1995978-0-8118-0828-6Miles BellerHey Skinny! Great Advertisements from the Golden Age of Comic Books
1994978-0-8118-0830-9Anne EhrenkranzA Singular Elegance: The Photographs of Baron Adolph de Meyer
1995978-0-8118-0841-5Gladys HansenSan Francisco Album: Photographs 1854-1856 (San Francisco Almanac)
1996978-0-8118-0842-2Frances MayesUnder the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy
1995978-0-8118-0846-0Jerry Ditto · Lanning SternEichler Homes: Design for Living
1996978-0-8118-0855-2Peggy Thompson · Saeko UsukawaHard Boiled: Great Lines from Classic Noir Films
  ''978-0-8118-0862-0Marlene McLoughlinAcross the Aegean: An Artist's Journey From Athens to Istanbul
1995978-0-8118-0863-7Paul TrynkaThe Electric Guitar: An Illustrated History Edited
  ''978-0-8118-0868-2Joan SweeneyOnce Upon A Lily Pad: Froggy Love in Monet's Garden
  ''978-0-8118-0869-9Diane Dorrans SaeksSan Francisco Interiors
1996978-0-8118-0871-2Gideon Bosker · Karen Brooks · Leland Payton · Crystal PaytonPatio Daddy-O: '50S Recipes With a Modern Twist
1996978-0-8118-0872-9Michael Chiarello · Penelope WisnerFlavored Vinegars
  ''978-0-8118-0888-0Deborah MadisonThe Vegetarian Table: America
1995978-0-8118-0895-8Catherine Chermayeff · Jonathan David · Nan RichardsonDrag Diaries
  ''978-0-8118-0898-9Michael Chiarello · Penelope WisnerFlavored Oils: 50 Recipes for Cooking with Infused Oils
  ''978-0-8118-0901-6Mitch TuchmanBauer: Classic American Pottery
1996978-0-8118-0904-7Pat WelshAll My Edens: a Gardener's Memoir
1995978-0-8118-0911-5Susan Synarski52 Ways to Mend a Broken Heart (52 Series)
  ''978-0-8118-0912-2Celia KingSeven Great Inventions
1995978-0-8118-0920-7Martha ZamoraFrida Kahlo ArtBox (Artboxes)
1996978-0-8118-0926-9Katherine Grace EndicottNorthern California Gardening: A Month-by-Month Guide
1998978-0-8118-0935-1Jean-Henri FabreThe Passionate Observer
1996978-0-8118-0936-8Warren Dotz · Jim Morton · John William LundWhat a Character!: 20th Century American Advertising Icons
  ''978-0-8118-0941-2Robert PeacockParadise Garden
  ''978-0-8118-0969-6Karen Elizabeth GordonParis Out of Hand: A Wayward Guide
1995978-0-8118-0972-6Mark Cotta Vaz · Shinji HataFrom Star Wars to Indiana Jones: The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives
  ''978-0-8118-0997-9Mark Cotta Vaz · Shinji HataFrom Star Wars to Indiana Jones: The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives
1996978-0-8118-1000-5Julie MammanoRhinos Who Surf
2005978-0-8118-1003-6Anne Gatti · Peter MaloneThe Magic Flute
1996978-0-8118-1007-4Joel SelvinSan Francisco: The Musical History Tour: A Guide to Over 200 of the Bay Area's Most Memorable Music Sites
  ''978-0-8118-1019-7Jill O'ConnorPhyllo: Easy Recipes for Sweet and Savory Treats
1995978-0-8118-1023-4Sharon BealsWhat Dogs Do
1995978-0-8118-1032-6Elizabeth WilhideThe Mackintosh Style
1996978-0-8118-1034-0Reed HearonLa Parilla: The Mexican Grill
1995978-0-8118-1046-3David ByrneStrange Ritual
1996978-0-8118-1049-4Mani NiallSweet and Natural Baking: Sugar-free, Flavorful Recipes from Mani's Bakery
2004978-0-8118-1051-7Arlo GuthrieMooses Come Walking
1995978-0-8118-1054-8Herb CaenThe Cable Car and the Dragon
  ''978-0-8118-1057-9Virginia GrossmanTen Little Rabbits