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2009978-0-8117-3547-6Brian ButkoLincoln Highway Companion: A Guide to America's First Coast-to-Coast Road
  ''978-0-8117-3548-3Michael DiGiorgio · John HimmelmanGuide to Night-Singing Insects of the Northeast
2011978-0-8117-3551-3Dave Anderson · Molly AbsolonNOLS Expedition Planning (NOLS Library)
2008978-0-8117-3552-0Bruce Condell · David T. Major General ZabeckiOn the German Art of War: Truppenf++hrung: German Army Manual for Unit Command in World War II (Military History)
2009978-0-8117-3553-7Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.Panzers in Normandy: General Hans Eberbach and the German Defense of France, 1944 (Stackpole Military History Series)
2008978-0-8117-3554-4Mike McCarthyPhantom Reflections: An American Fighter Pilot in Vietnam (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3555-1Joseph K. LangePhotographer's Guide to Yellowstone & the Tetons
2009978-0-8117-3556-8Viktor KorzhRed Star Under the Baltic: A Soviet Submariner in World War II (Stackpole Military History Series)
2008978-0-8117-3557-5Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.Rommel's Lieutenants: The Men Who Served the Desert Fox, France, 1940 (Stackpole Military History Series)
2009978-0-8117-3558-2Christopher NyergesThe Self-Sufficient Home: Going Green and Saving Money
2008978-0-8117-3559-9Roman JarymowyczTank Tactics: From Normandy to Lorraine (Stackpole Military History Series)
2009978-0-8117-3560-5Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.Triumphant Fox: Erwin Rommel and the Rise of the Afrika Korps (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3561-2Bryan EthierTrue Crime: Connecticut: The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases
  ''978-0-8117-3562-9Troy TaylorTrue Crime: Illinois, The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases (True Crime (Stackpole))
2009978-0-8117-3563-6Eric EthierTrue Crime: Massachusetts: The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases
  ''978-0-8117-3564-3Ralph PetersWars of Blood and Faith: The Conflicts That Will Shape the Twenty-First Century
2008978-0-8117-3566-7Kirsten HolmstedtBand of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq
2009978-0-8117-3568-1Susan Leigh TomlinsonHow to Keep a Naturalist's Notebook
  ''978-0-8117-3569-8Phillip Thomas TuckerCathy Williams: From Slave to Buffalo Soldier
  ''978-0-8117-3570-4George BradfordAllied Armored Fighting Vehicles: 1:72 Scale (World War II AFV Plans)
2010978-0-8117-3571-1Tim Zurick USARArmy Dictionary and Desk Reference (Army Dictionary & Desk Reference)
2009978-0-8117-3572-8George BradfordAxis Armored Fighting Vehicles: 1:72 Scale (World War II AFV Plans)
  ''978-0-8117-3573-5Elizabeth LetcavageBasic Soap Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics)
2009978-0-8117-3574-2Dana V. SadaranandaBeyond Stalingrad: Manstein and the Operations of Army Group Don (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3576-6John A. EnglishThe Canadian Army & Normandy Campaign (Stackpole Military History Series)
2010978-0-8117-3579-7Alan WycheckConcrete Crafts: Making Modern Accessories for the Home and Garden
  ''978-0-8117-3580-3Tony SweetFine Art Nature Photography: Advanced Techniques and the Creative Process
  ''978-0-8117-3581-0Robert ForbesFor Europe: The French Volunteers of the Waffen-SS (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3582-7Rudolf PenczFor the Homeland: The 31st Waffen-SS Volunteer Grenadier Division in World War II (Stackpole Military History Series)
2009978-0-8117-3583-4Karl WeixlmannGreat Lakes Steelhead, Salmon & Trout: Essential Techniques for Fly Fishing the Tributaries
2009978-0-8117-3585-8Patty A. WilsonHaunted North Carolina: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Tar Heel State (Haunted Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3586-5Charles A., Jr. StansfieldHaunted Northern California: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Golden State (Haunted Series)
2010978-0-8117-3587-2Hans WijersThe Battle of the Bulge: Hell at B++tgenbach/Seize the Bridges (Stackpole Military History Series)
2009978-0-8117-3588-9Peggy HentzRescuing Wildlife: A Guide to Helping Injured & Orphaned Animals
2010978-0-8117-3589-6Hendrick C. VertonIn the Fire of the Eastern Front: The Experiences of a Dutch Waffen-SS Volunteer, 1941-45 (Stackpole Military History Series)
2009978-0-8117-3590-2David G. HendersonJob Search: Marketing Your Military Experience
  ''978-0-8117-3591-9Stephen M. RusieckiThe Key to the Bulge: The Battle for Losheimergraben (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3592-6Hans WijersThe Battle of the Bulge: The Losheim Gap/Holding the Line (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3593-3Norbert HanningLuftwaffe Fighter Ace: From the Eastern Front to the Defense of the Homeland (Stackpole Military History Series)
2009978-0-8117-3594-0Michael JohnstonMaking Stained Glass Boxes
  ''978-0-8117-3595-7Hugh V. ArcherMaking Tiffany Lamps: How to Create Museum-Quality Authentic Reproductions
2010978-0-8117-3596-4Loren Coleman · Bruce G. HallenbeckMonsters of New Jersey: Mysterious Creatures in the Garden State
2009978-0-8117-3597-1Nancy FloodThe Oriole Book
  ''978-0-8117-3598-8Bruno FriesenPanzer Gunner: A Canadian in the German 7th Panzer Division, 1944-45 (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3599-5Alexander V. Pyl'cynPenalty Strike: The Memoirs of a Red Army Penal Company Commander, 1943-45 (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3600-8Robert W. BlackRanger Dawn: The American Ranger from the Colonial Era to the Mexican War (Stackpole Military History Series)
2009978-0-8117-3602-2Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.Siegfried Line, The: The German Defense of the West Wall, September-December 1944 (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3603-9Ed OkonowiczTrue Crime: Maryland: The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases
  ''978-0-8117-3604-6Steve HickoffTurkey Calls & Calling: Guide to Improving Your Turkey-Talking Skills
  ''978-0-8117-3605-3Thorolf HillbladTwilight of the Gods: A Swedish Volunteer in the 11th SS Panzergrenadier Division "Nordland" on the Eastern Front (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3608-4Brian LockmanWorld War II Reflections: An Oral History of Pennsylvania's Veterans
2009978-0-8117-3609-1Tony Le TissierZhukov at the Oder: The Decisive Battle for Berlin (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3611-4Roger A. FreemanWolfpack Warriors: The Story of World War II's Most Successful Fighter Outfit (Stackpole Military History Series)
2010978-0-8117-3612-1Sherrye Landrum · Martin WebbBasic Mosaics: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics)
2009978-0-8117-3613-8Michael JohnstonMaking Stained Glass Lamps
2010978-0-8117-3614-5Robert S. RushNCO Guide
2017978-0-8117-3615-2Thomas GillsEnlisted Soldier's Guide
2010978-0-8117-3616-9Mike D. ReynoldsFalling Stars: A Guide to Meteors & Meteorites
2011978-0-8117-3617-6Elizabeth Letcavage · Alan Wycheck · William HollisBasic Leathercrafting: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started
2010978-0-8117-3618-3S. David Scott · Casey McFarlandBird Feathers: A Guide to North American Species
2009978-0-8117-3623-7Brian LovettHunting Tough Turkeys
2010978-0-8117-3624-4Noah Charney · Charley EisemanTracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species
  ''978-0-8117-3625-1Patty A. WilsonMonsters of Pennsylvania: Mysterious Creatures in the Keystone State
2009978-0-8117-3626-8Jeff MitchellPaddling Pennsylvania: Kayaking & Canoeing the Keystone State's Rivers & Lakes
2010978-0-8117-3627-5Mark Elbroch · Louis Liebenberg · Adriaan Dr LouwPractical Tracking: A Guide to Following Footprints and Finding Animals
  ''978-0-8117-3630-5Patricia A. MartinelliRain of Bullets: The True Story of Ernest Ingenito's Bloody Family Massacre
  ''978-0-8117-3631-2Brian ButkoShip Hotel, The: A Grand View along the Lincoln Highway
2012978-0-8117-3632-9Tony SweetFine Art Flower Photography: Creative Techniques and the Art of Observation
2010978-0-8117-3634-3Kim Derek PrittsGinseng: How to Find, Grow, and Use North America's Forest Gold
2010978-0-8117-3635-0Alan BrownHaunted South Carolina: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Palmetto State (Haunted Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3636-7Linda S. GodfreyHaunted Wisconsin: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Badger State (Haunted Series)
2012978-0-8117-3637-4International Dark-Sky AssociationFighting Light Pollution: Smart Lighting Solutions for Individuals and Communities
2010978-0-8117-3638-1Michael JohnstonMaking Stained Glass Panels
2011978-0-8117-3640-4Troy TaylorMonsters of Illinois: Mysterious Creatures in the Prairie State
2010978-0-8117-3641-1Lew BrysonPennsylvania Breweries (Breweries Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3644-2Dave HughesReading Trout Water
2018978-0-8117-3650-3Dee HardwickeKnit Your Story in Yarn: How to Design and Knit an Heirloom Quilt, Shawl, Bag, and More
2019978-0-8117-3651-0ZessCrochet for Girls: 23 Dresses, Sweaters, and Accessories
2018978-0-8117-3654-1Bernard B. FallStreet Without Joy: The French Debacle in Indochina (Stackpole Military History Series)
  ''978-0-8117-3655-8Stephen L. WrightThe Last Drop: Operation Varsity, March 24-25, 1945
2019978-0-8117-3664-0Ronald B. Frankum Jr.The Vietnam War (Battle Briefings)
2017978-0-8117-3665-7Horace J. LytlePoint! (Stackpole Classics)
  ''978-0-8117-3675-6James L. MitchellColt: A Collection of Letters and Photographs about the Man, the Arms, the Company (Stackpole Classics)
2017978-0-8117-3677-0John BakelessDaniel Boone: Master of the Wilderness (Stackpole Classics)
  ''978-0-8117-3680-0MacDonald HastingsRobert Churchill's Game Shooting: A Textbook on the Successful Use of the Modern Shotgun (Stackpole Classics)
  ''978-0-8117-3683-1Barney HartmanHartman on Skeet (Stackpole Classics)
2019978-0-8117-3709-8Rita Maassen30 Knit Ponchos and Capes: Easy-to-wear styles for any occasion
  ''978-0-8117-3710-4Lee GantKnits for Teens: 16 Contemporary Designs in Cascade Yarns for Junior Sizes 3 to 15
  ''978-0-8117-3718-0Pat DorseyTying & Fishing Tailwater Flies: 500 Step-by-Step Photos for 24 Proven Patterns
2019978-0-8117-3725-8Tom KniselyHuck Lace Weaving Patterns with Color and Weave Effects: 576 Drafts and Samples plus 5 Practice Projects
2018978-0-8117-3728-9J. O. BuckeridgeLincoln's Choice: The Repeating Rifle which Cut Short the Civil War (Stackpole Classics)
  ''978-0-8117-3765-4Sandy AllisonGreat Stained Glass Projects for Beginners
  ''978-0-8117-3773-9Gene Trantham · Darran WellsNOLS Wilderness Navigation (NOLS Library)
2019978-0-8117-3774-6Mark Elbroch · Casey McFarlandMammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species
  ''978-0-8117-3775-3Margaret StumpAdorable Beasts: 30 Pin Loom Animals + 4 Playscapes
2018978-0-8117-3780-7Craig W.H. LutherThe First Day on the Eastern Front: Germany Invades the Soviet Union, June 22, 1941
2019978-0-8117-3783-8Salena BacaTwo Simple Shapes = 26 Crocheted Cardigans, Tops & Sweaters: If you can crochet a square and rectangle, you can make these easy-to-wear designs!
2018978-0-8117-3786-9Vaishali Rastogi Sahni3D Quilling: How to Make 20 Decorative Flowers, Fruit and More From Curled Paper Strips
2019978-0-8117-3787-6Barbara BensonBig Yarn, Beautiful Lace Knits: 20 Shawls, Hats, Ponchos, and More in Bulky Yarn
2018978-0-8117-3791-3Arthur S. LefkowitzGeorge Washington's Indispensable Men: Alexander Hamilton, Tench Tilghman, and the Aides-de-Camp Who Helped Win American Independence
2019978-0-8117-3792-0Karen L. CohenThe Art of Fine Enameling
978-0-8117-3793-7Colorful Knit Soxx: 26 Sock Patterns for Warm, Happy Feet
2020978-0-8117-3794-4Susan Kesler-SimpsonShadow Weave Simply: Understanding the Weave Structure 25 Projects to Practice Your Skills
2019978-0-8117-3796-8Bob Orkand · Lyman DuryeaMisfire: The Tragic Failure of the M16 in Vietnam
  ''978-0-8117-3797-5Nicole F. CoxAmazing Loom Knits: Cables, colorwork, lace and other stitches * 30 scarves, hats, mittens, bags and shawls * Plus all the basics
2020978-0-8117-3799-9Noreen Crone-FindlayPotholder Loom Weaving: Techniques for multi-color patterns, shapes (not just squares!), and tapestry weaving
2019978-0-8117-3801-9Jay StoutAir Apaches: The True Story of the 345th Bomb Group and Its Low, Fast, and Deadly Missions in World War II
2019978-0-8117-3803-3David J. DaneloThe Border: Journeys along the U.S.-Mexico Border, the World's Most Consequential Divide
  ''978-0-8117-3809-5Nicholas A. VeronicoD-Day: The Air and Sea Invasion of Normandy in Photos
  ''978-0-8117-3821-7Tom KniselyThe Weaver's Surprise
  ''978-0-8117-3822-4Ayako OtsukaWhitework Embroidery: Learn the Stitches plus 30 Step-by-Step Projects
  ''978-0-8117-3823-1Naoko MinowaWoven Leather Bags: How to Craft and Weave Purses, Pouches, Wallets and More
2020978-0-8117-3826-2Tabetha HedrickSwitch & Knit Stitch Dictionary: Pick a stitch, choose a pattern, and make endless one-of-a-kind knits * Patterns are adapted for a wide range of gauges, making it easy to use any yarn in your stash
2019978-0-8117-3830-9Yuko Shimojima · Miki OnumaBoutique Wire Jewelry: Easy and elegant necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings
2019978-0-8117-3831-6Yasue TsuchihiraMaking Leather Bags, Wallets, and Cases: 20+ Projects with Contemporary Style
  ''978-0-8117-3833-0Harumi KageyamaCardboard Loom Weaving: 25 Fast and Easy Projects
2020978-0-8117-3838-5Kristi SimpsonAdorable Baby Crochet: 40 patterns for blankets, hats, toys & more
2019978-0-8117-3841-5Sarah PawlowskiCrochet for Play: 80 Toys for Make-Believe
  ''978-0-8117-3843-9James H. HallasSaipan: The Battle That Doomed Japan in World War II
  ''978-0-8117-3849-1James EllmanHitler's Great Gamble: A New Look at German Strategy, Operation Barbarossa, and the Axis Defeat in World War II
  ''978-0-8117-3852-1Eric H. Schnitzer · Don TroianiDon Troiani's Campaign to Saratoga - 1777: The Turning Point of the Revolutionary War in Paintings, Artifacts, and Historical Narrative
2020978-0-8117-3857-6Arthur S. LefkowitzColonel Hamilton and Colonel Burr: The Revolutionary War Lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
2020978-0-8117-3859-0Toby Roxane BarnaEasy Knits for Beautiful Yarns: 21 Shawls, Hats, Sweaters & More Designed to Showcase Special Yarns
  ''978-0-8117-3860-6Lucia FörthmannCrochet for Play: 90 Patterns for Food and Kitchen
  ''978-0-8117-3861-3Marisa Nöldeke50 Knitted Wraps & Shawls
2019978-0-8117-3862-0Dee HardwickeKnits from Nature: Sweaters and Accessories with Garden-Inspired Motifs
2020978-0-8117-3868-2Margaret HolzmannGeometric Knit Blankets: 30 Innovative Designs with Options to Knit in One Piece or Blocks
  ''978-0-8117-3869-9Nele Braas · Eveline Hetty-BurkartThe Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 440 Patterns for Textures, Shells, Bobbles, Lace, Cables, Chevrons, Edgings, Granny Squares, and More
  ''978-0-8117-3870-5Salena BacaBuild Your Skills: Crochet Tops: 26 Simple Patterns for First-Time Sweaters, Shrugs, Ponchos & More
2020978-0-8117-3872-9Noreen Crone-FindlayInnovative Weaving on the Frame Loom
  ''978-0-8117-3873-6Rohn StrongThe Punch Needle Handbook: Easy Guide to Punching plus 19 Projects
  ''978-0-8117-3874-3Rita MaassenMix and Match Knit Sweater Designs: Choose your favorite neckline, sleeve length, fit and style, stitch patterns, & so much more * Over 70,000 possible combinations
  ''978-0-8117-3883-5Sascha Blase Van WagtendonkCrochet Ragdolls: 30 Animals and Friends to Snuggle
  ''978-0-8117-3887-3Hal Elliott WertHoover the Fishing President
2020978-0-8117-3896-5John D. McDermottCircle of Fire
  ''978-0-8117-3909-2Steven MulakGood Shot: A Guide to Using Clay Target Skills in the Field
  ''978-0-8117-3910-8Chris BathaThe Instinctive Shot: The Practical Guide to Modern Wingshooting
  ''978-0-8117-3911-5Peter F. BlakeleySuccessful Shotgunning: How to Build Skill in the Field and Take More Birds in Competition
  ''978-0-8117-3918-4Caroline WarynSimple & Chic Embroidery: Easy to learn stitches plus 39 patterns and projects
2020978-0-8117-3940-5William Bruce JohnsonLincoln's First Crisis: Fort Sumter and the Betrayal of the President
  ''978-0-8117-3951-1Tabetha HedrickQuick Bulky Knit Wraps & Cowls
  ''978-0-8117-3963-4Darin WippermanFirst for the Union: Life and Death in a Civil War Army Corps from Antietam to Gettysburg
2017978-0-8117-6368-4Mary Beth TempleBath Knits: 30 Projects Made to Pamper
  ''978-0-8117-6541-1Barbara BensonMosaic & Lace Knits: 20 Innovative Patterns Combining Slip-Stitch Colorwork and Lace Techniques
  ''978-0-8117-6563-3Michael D. WilliamsIdentifying Trees of the East: An All-Season Guide to Eastern North America