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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-0-8117-2582-8Barry LewisRunning theTrans-America Footrace
1992978-0-8117-2584-2Shelby StantonU.S. Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War
  ''978-0-8117-2585-9Robert WegnerDeer & Deer Hunting: The Serious Hunter's Guide (Bk.1)
  ''978-0-8117-2586-6Robert WegnerDeer & Deer Hunting: Book 2 (Bk.2)
1995978-0-8117-2591-0GearyUsing a Map & Compass
1992978-0-8117-2592-7Stephen E. PeasePsywar: Psychological Warfare in Korea 1950-1953
1994978-0-8117-2595-8Capt. Shelby L. StantonU.S. Army Uniforms of World War II
  ''978-0-8117-2598-9Goerge WuerthnerVisitor's Companion to Yosemite: A Visitor's Companion (National Park Visitor's Companions)
1992978-0-8117-2599-6George Reiger Wanderer on My Native Shore and former Conservation Editor Field & StreamThe Best of Zane Grey, Outdoorsman: Hunting and Fishing Tales (Classics of American Sport)
2002978-0-8117-2604-7Glover S. Johns Jr.The Clay Pigeons of St. Lô
2001978-0-8117-2605-4Thomas J. McGuire · Craig A. Benner · Kyle R. WeaverBrandywine Battlefield Park: Pennsylvania Trail of History Guide
2002978-0-8117-2609-2Jeffrey C. BentonAir Force Officer's Guide: 33rd Edition
2001978-0-8117-2610-8Matthew BennettDictionary of Ancient & Medieval Warfare
2002978-0-8117-2614-6Ed KochFishing the Midge
  ''978-0-8117-2616-0Jay FullumFishy's Flies
2002978-0-8117-2617-7Ed MitchellFly Rodding the Coast
2003978-0-8117-2619-1Arthur MorrisShorebirds: Beautiful Beachcombers
  ''978-0-8117-2622-1Lorett TreeseRailroads of Pennsylvania: Fragments of the Past in the Keystone Landscape
2002978-0-8117-2624-5Sue DieffenbachCornwall Iron Furnace (Pennsylvania Trail of History Guides)
2003978-0-8117-2625-2John EastmanBook of Field & Roadside: Open-Country Weeds, Trees, and Wildflowers of Eastern North America
  ''978-0-8117-2626-9Mark ElbrochMammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species
  ''978-0-8117-2629-0Alison Duncan Hirsch · Kyle R. WeaverJoseph Priestley House (Pennsylvania Trail of History Guides)
2004978-0-8117-2632-0Kevin PatrickPennsylvania Caves & Other Rocky Roadside Wonders
2002978-0-8117-2634-4Linda Frederick YaffeeBackpack Gourmet: Good Hot Grub You Can Make at Home, Dehydrate, and Pack for Quick, Easy, and Healthy Eating on the Trail
  ''978-0-8117-2635-1Gregory J. DavenportSurviving Cold Weather: Greg Davenport's Books for the Wilderness
2003978-0-8117-2636-8Jim McLennanFly-Fishing Western Trout Streams
2003978-0-8117-2637-5Lydia Sloan ClineToday's Military Wife
  ''978-0-8117-2638-2Robert S. RushNCO Guide: 7th Edition
2002978-0-8117-2639-9Bill TarrantProblem Gun Dogs: How to Identify and Correct Their Faults
2003978-0-8117-2641-2C. Leonard Fergus · Charles FergusCommon Edible & Poisonous Mushrooms of the Northeast
  ''978-0-8117-2644-3Jon Rounds · Taina Litwak · Skip Brown · Wayne DickertBasic Canoeing: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics)
2002978-0-8117-2646-7John GookinNOLS Wilderness Wisdom: Quotes for Inspirational Exploration (NOLS Library)
2003978-0-8117-2647-4Carl HurshBasic Composting: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics)
  ''978-0-8117-2648-1Jeff MitchellHiking the Endless Mountains: Exploring the Wilderness of Northeastern Pennsylvania
2002978-0-8117-2649-8Keith E. BonnArmy Officer's Guide: 49th Edition
1997978-0-8117-2652-8Joann WoyAccessible Gardening
2003978-0-8117-2654-2Gene KugachFishing Tips for Freshwater
1999978-0-8117-2657-3Tim ZurickArmy Dictionary and Desk Reference, Second Edition
1998978-0-8117-2662-7Robert E. BelkeArts & Crafts Woodworking Projects: 11 New Designs in the Stickley Tradition
1996978-0-8117-2665-8Lawrence P. CrockerArmy Officer's Guide: 47th Edition
1998978-0-8117-2666-5Glenn Scherer · Don HopeyExploring the Appalachian Trail: Hikes in the Mid-Atlantic States - Maryland Pennsylvania New Jersey New York
1999978-0-8117-2667-2Michael Kodas · Andrew Dr Weeger · Mark CondonHikes in Northern New England: New Hampshire Maine (Exploring the Appalachian Trail)
1998978-0-8117-2668-9Doris GoveExploring the Appalachian Trail: Hikes in the Southern Appalachians
  ''978-0-8117-2669-6David EmblidgeExploring the Appalachian Trail: Hikes in South New England
1998978-0-8117-2670-2David Lillard · Gwyn HicksHikes in the Virginias (Exploring the Appalachian Trail)
2002978-0-8117-2671-9Jim FutrellAmusement Parks of Pennsylvania
  ''978-0-8117-2672-6David LillardAppalachian Trail Names (Official Guides to the Appalachian Trail)
2000978-0-8117-2673-3Len CacuttBig-Game Fishing Handbook
1998978-0-8117-2676-4Edward J. Stackpole · Wilbur S. NyeThe Battle of Gettysburg: A Guided Tour
1999978-0-8117-2678-8Alan Bridgewater · Gill BridgewaterBuilding Doors & Gates: Instructions, Techniques and Over 100 Designs
  ''978-0-8117-2679-5Paul GerhardsBirdhouses & Feeders You Can Make: Complete Plans and Instructions for Bird-Friendly Nesting and Feeding Sites
1997978-0-8117-2680-1John EastmanBirds of Forest, Yard & Thicket
1999978-0-8117-2681-8   ''Birds of Lake Pond & Marsh: Water and Wetland Birds of Eastern North America
  ''978-0-8117-2682-5Joseph BalkoskiBeyond the Beachhead: The 29th Infantry Division in Normandy
2003978-0-8117-2684-9Ralph PetersFlames of Heaven
1997978-0-8117-2686-3Susan M. SmithWild Bird Guide: Black-Capped Chickadee (Wild Bird Guides)
1998978-0-8117-2687-0Alex L. A. MiddletonWild Bird Guide: American Goldfinch (Wild Bird Guides)
1999978-0-8117-2688-7Robert SargentRuby-Throated Hummingbird
2002978-0-8117-2689-4Dwight G. SmithWild Bird Guide: Great Horned Owl (Wild Bird Guides)
2003978-0-8117-2690-0Ralph PetersTwilight of Heroes
  ''978-0-8117-2691-7David Cole · Bruce HamptonNOLS Soft Paths: How to Enjoy the Wilderness without Harming It, 3rd Edition (NOLS Library)
2003978-0-8117-2692-4Ilja Schroeder · Jim ThompsonTrekking and Climbing in Northern Spain (Trekking & Climbing)
2001978-0-8117-2696-2Mark Elbroch · Eleanor Marks · C. Diane BoretosBird Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species
  ''978-0-8117-2697-9Mel BaughmanBirder's Journal
2000978-0-8117-2699-3John EastmanBirds of Field & Shore: Grassland and Shoreline Birds of Eastern North America
1998978-0-8117-2701-3Curtis J. BadgerCarving & Painting a Pintail Drake with Jimmie Vizier
1997978-0-8117-2704-4Curtis J. BadgerCarving & Painting a Red-Tail Hawk with Floyd Scholz
  ''978-0-8117-2707-5Carson O. HudsonCivil War Williamsburg
1998978-0-8117-2708-2Jules OlderCross-Country Skiing For Everyone
1997978-0-8117-2710-5Steve BogaCaving
1998978-0-8117-2712-9Audie Lewis · Audie G. LewisCareer Progression Gd Soldiers (Career Progression Guide for Soldiers)
1999978-0-8117-2715-0Brian PohankaDon Troiani's Civil War
2001978-0-8117-2716-7Tim HerdDiscover Nature in the Weather: Things to know and Things to Do (Discover Nature Series)
1998978-0-8117-2717-4R. J. SecorDenali Climbing Guide
  ''978-0-8117-2719-8Elizabeth LawlorDiscover Nature in Winter (Discover Nature Series)
1997978-0-8117-2720-4Rebecca Lawton · Diana Lawton · Susan PanttajaDiscover Nature in the Rocks: Things to Know and Things to Do (Discover Nature Series)
1998978-0-8117-2722-8Dave HarrisonCanoeing (Canoe & Kayak Techniques)
  ''978-0-8117-2723-5Dave HarrisonWhitewater Kayaking (Canoe & Kayak Techniques)
1999978-0-8117-2724-2Gary RitchisonWild Bird Guide: Downy Woodpecker (Wild Bird Guides)
2002978-0-8117-2725-9David CurranCanoe Trip: Alone in the Maine Wilderness
2017978-0-8117-2726-6W. A. GrahamThe Custer Myth (Stackpole Classics)
2000978-0-8117-2729-7Brett A. StonebergerCombat Leader's Field Guide: 12th Edition
1999978-0-8117-2731-0Elizabeth Lawlor · Pat ArcherDiscover Nature in Water & Wetlands: Things to Know and Things to Do (Discover Nature Series)
2000978-0-8117-2735-8Heather Reynolds SagarClimbing Your Best: Training to Maximize Your Performance
2001978-0-8117-2738-9Oliver P. WilliamsCounty Courthouses of Pennsylvania
2001978-0-8117-2739-6John Bradley · Kyle R. WeaverConrad Weiser Homestead: Pennsylvania Trail of History Guide
2000978-0-8117-2745-7Gary RitchisonWild Bird Guide: Eastern Bluebird (Wild Bird Guides)
1997978-0-8117-2746-4Paul GerhardsEntertainment Centers You Can Make: Complete Plans and Instructions for Freestanding and Built-In Models
2000978-0-8117-2748-8Dave HughesEssential Trout Flies: Step-by-step tying instructions for 31 indispensable pattern styles and their most useful variations (Step-By-Step Tying Instructions for 31 Indispensible Pattern)
2002978-0-8117-2750-1Tony SweetFine Art Nature Photography: Advanced Techniques and the Creative Process
1998978-0-8117-2751-8Curtis J. BadgerCarving & Painting a Green-Winged Teal with Jim Sprankle
2002978-0-8117-2754-9Bradford AngierFeasting Free on Wild Edibles
2001978-0-8117-2755-6Michael D. ReynoldsFalling Stars: A Guide to Meteors and Meteorites (Astronomy)
2000978-0-8117-2758-7Ron LairdFast Walking
  ''978-0-8117-2759-4Gene KugachFly Fisher's Pattern Book
1999978-0-8117-2763-1C. Boyd PfeifferFly Fishing Saltwater Basics
1997978-0-8117-2765-5Gene KugachFreshwater Fishing Tips & Techniques: A Fully Illustrated Guide to Freshwater Fishing
1999978-0-8117-2766-2Rich OsthoffFly-Fishing the Rocky Mountain Backcountry
  ''978-0-8117-2767-9Bob BerryFish Carving
2000978-0-8117-2771-6David, Ph.D RossThe Fisherman's Ocean: How Marine Science Can Help You Find and Catch More Fish
  ''978-0-8117-2773-0Boyd Newman · Linda NewmanGreat Hikes in the Poconos: and Northeast Pennsylvania
1997978-0-8117-2775-4Mark FreemanBuilding Your Own Greenhouse (Greenhouse Basics)
1998978-0-8117-2776-1Mark FreemanGardening in Your Greenhouse (Greenhouse Basics)
2000978-0-8117-2778-5Stephen J. OstranderGreat Natural Areas of Western Pennsylvania
2003978-0-8117-2779-2William A. McIntoshGuide to Effective Military Writing
2001978-0-8117-2781-5Dan CraggGuide to Military Installations: 6th Edition
2007978-0-8117-2784-6Ernest F. FisherGuardians of the Republic
2001978-0-8117-2787-7Barry Kent MacKayBird Sounds: How and Why Birds Sing, Call, Chatter, and Screech
1998978-0-8117-2793-8Kenn OberrechtHome Book of Picture Framing
1996978-0-8117-2795-2Daniel DiehlConstructing Medieval Furniture: Plans and Instructions with Historical Notes
2000978-0-8117-2799-0Don Yoder · Thomas E. GravesHex Signs: Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Symbols & Their Meaning: Revised & Expanded
1998978-0-8117-2800-3Frank A. Garcia · Donald S. MillerDiscovering Fossils: How to Find and Identify Remains of the Prehistoric Past (Fossils & Dinosaurs)
2002978-0-8117-2805-8Ralph PetersFighting for the Future: Will America Triumph?
2003978-0-8117-2807-2Ed MitchellFly Rodding Estuaries: How to Fish Salt Ponds, Coastal Rivers, Tidal Creeks, and Backwaters
  ''978-0-8117-2808-9Paul BrandrathTrails of Enchantment (Sisters of the Hunt)
1997978-0-8117-2810-2Cecil KuhneInflatable Kayaking
2001978-0-8117-2811-9William Carey GrimmIllustrated Book of Trees: The Comprehensive Field Guide to More than 250 Trees of Eastern North America
2002978-0-8117-2814-0J. Lee HumfrevilleTwenty Years Among Our Hostile Indians (Frontier Classics)
2003978-0-8117-2815-7Greg DavenportSurviving Coastal & Open Water (Greg Davenport's Books for the Wilderness)
2003978-0-8117-2817-1Lew BrysonNew York Breweries (Breweries Series)
  ''978-0-8117-2818-8Ed GrayTrack Pack: Animal Tracks in Full Life Size
  ''978-0-8117-2819-5John Eberhart · Chris EberhartBowhunting Pressured Whitetails: Expert Techniques for Taking Big, Wary Bucks
  ''978-0-8117-2821-8Charles FergusWildlife of Virginia and Maryland: and Washington, D.C.
  ''978-0-8117-2822-5Robert S. RushEnlisted Soldier's Guide: 6th Edition
2003978-0-8117-2823-2Audie G. LewisCareer Progression Guide for Soldiers: A Practical, Complete Guide for Getting Ahead in Today's Competitive Army
1997978-0-8117-2839-3Squash Rackets Association · Football Association · Carolyn B. MitchellSquash (Know the Sport)
1999978-0-8117-2843-0Cecil KuhneKayak Touring & Camping
2001978-0-8117-2844-7Brian ButkoKlondikes, Chipped Ham, & Skyscraper Cones: The Story of Isaly's
2003978-0-8117-2846-1Eric Ebeling · Michael Johnston · Alan WycheckBasic Stained Glass Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics)
2000978-0-8117-2847-8Jim CooperLog Homes Made Easy, 2nd Edition
1999978-0-8117-2849-2Ellen Spector PlattLavender: How to Grow and Use the Fragrant Herb
1998978-0-8117-2850-8David HumeMarquetry
  ''978-0-8117-2853-9Pat AmentJohn Gill: Master of Rock (Climbing Classics)
1999978-0-8117-2854-6Daniel Diehl · Mark P. DonnellyMedieval Furniture: Plans and Instructions for Historical Reproductions
  ''978-0-8117-2855-3Alan Bridgewater · Gill BridgewaterMaking Marble-Action Games, Gadgets, Mazes & Contraptions: Designs for 10 Outlandish, Ingenious and Intricate Woodworking Projects
2000978-0-8117-2856-0George WuerthnerMount Rainier: A Visitor's Companion (National Park Visitor's Companions)
1997978-0-8117-2860-7National Outdoor Leadership SchoolNOLS Cookery: 4th Edition (NOLS Library)
2000978-0-8117-2861-4Phil PowersNOLS Wilderness Mountaineering (NOLS Library)
  ''978-0-8117-2864-5Todd Schimelpfenig · Linda LindseyNOLS Wilderness First Aid: 3rd Edition (NOLS Library)
2001978-0-8117-2866-9Daniel Diehl · Mark DonnellyMedieval Celebrations: How to Plan Holidays, Weddings, and Feasts with Recipes, Customs and Costumes
  ''978-0-8117-2867-6Chris BolgianoMountain Lion
2001978-0-8117-2868-3John SalmonOfficial Virginia Civil War Battlefield Guide
1999978-0-8117-2869-0George Wuerthner · Douglas W. MooreVisitor's Companion to Olympic (National Park Visitor's Companions)
1997978-0-8117-2870-6Steven BogaOrienteering: The Sport of Navigating with Map & Compass
1998978-0-8117-2871-3Duane RaleighKnots & Ropes for Climbers (Outdoor and Nature)
2000978-0-8117-2873-7ShenkOutdoor Careers (Outdoor Careers: Exploring Occupations in Outdoor Fields)
  ''978-0-8117-2875-1Michael BrightPrivate Life of Sharks
  ''978-0-8117-2876-8Jr. Miller Arthur P. · Marjorie L. MillerPennsylvania's Battlefields & Military Landmarks
  ''978-0-8117-2877-5Linda Jones McKee · Richard CareyPennsylvania Wineries
1999978-0-8117-2878-2Brian Butko · Kevin PatrickDiners of Pennsylvania
1997978-0-8117-2880-5Jere MartinPennsylvania Almanac
2003978-0-8117-2886-7Richard P. SmithDeer Hunting, 3rd Edition
  ''978-0-8117-2888-1Steve SmithHunting Ducks and Geese: Hard Facts, Good Bets, and Serious Advice from a Duck Hunter You Can Trust
2003978-0-8117-2889-8Dennis WalrodGrouse Hunter's Guide: 2nd Edition, Solid Facts, Insights, and Observations on How to Hunt Ruffled Grouse
  ''978-0-8117-2890-4David DixonBushy Run Battlefield (Pennsylvania Trail of History Guides)
  ''978-0-8117-2891-1Ellen Spector PlattGarlic, Onion, & Other Alliums
  ''978-0-8117-2892-8Don RussellOne Hundred & Three Fights: The Story of General Reuben F. Bernard (Frontier Classics)
2000978-0-8117-2894-2Eric JacksonPlayboating: Kayaking With Eric Jackson
  ''978-0-8117-2895-9Joseph K. LangePhotographer's Guide to Yellowstone & the Tetons
2000978-0-8117-2896-6Brenton G. Wallace · Gen. Brenton G. WallacePatton & His Third Army
  ''978-0-8117-2899-7Charles Fergus · Amelia HansenWildlife of Pennsylvania: and the Northeast
2001978-0-8117-2900-0Joseph K. LangePhotographer's Guide to the Grand Canyon & Northern Arizona
2000978-0-8117-2901-7Peter Le Fevre · Richard HardingPrecursors of Nelson: British Admirals of the Eighteenth Century
2003978-0-8117-2903-1Dan CupperCrossroads of Commerce: The Pennsylvania Railroad Art of Grif Teller
  ''978-0-8117-2904-8Robert J. TroutThey Followed the Plume: The Story of J. E. B. Stuart and His Staff
  ''978-0-8117-2905-5Will FeyArmor Battles of the Waffen SS, 1943-45 (Stackpole Military History Series)
2002978-0-8117-2907-9Thomas GoodrichScalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879
2003978-0-8117-2909-3Harrison R. Steeves IIITying Flies with Foam, Fur, and Feathers
  ''978-0-8117-2911-6Otto CariusTigers in the Mud: The Combat Career of German Panzer Commander Otto Carius (Stackpole Military History Series)
1999978-0-8117-2912-3R. Lee HaddenReliving the Civil War
1998978-0-8117-2913-0Pat AmentRoyal Robbins: Spirit of the Age (Climbing Classics)
2000978-0-8117-2914-7Charles R. PrestonWild Bird Guide: Red-Tailed Hawk (Wild Bird Guides)
1996978-0-8117-2915-4R. Lee Hadden · Robert Lee HaddenReliving the Civil War: A Reenactor's Handbook
1999978-0-8117-2918-5David JablonskyRoots of Strategy: Book 4
2001978-0-8117-2919-2George WuerthnerRocky Mountain: A Visitor's Companion (National Park Visitor's Companions)
1998978-0-8117-2920-8Ken FolkFolk Toys: Patterns & Projects for the Scroll Saw
2000978-0-8117-2926-0Walter J. JacksonSoldier's Study Guide: 4th Edition (Soldier's Study Guide: A Guide to Promotion Boards & Advancement)
1998978-0-8117-2929-1Larry J. AndersonSoldier's Guide to a College Degree (Service Member's Guide to a College Degree)
1997978-0-8117-2930-7Robyn Erbesfield · Steve BogaSport Climb with Robyn Erbesfield (Climbing Specialist Series)
1999978-0-8117-2933-8Stackpole BooksSpirit of the Mountains
1998978-0-8117-2941-3Lydia Sloane ClineToday's Military Wife: 4th Edition
1999978-0-8117-2942-0Ed JawrowskiTroubleshooting the Cast
1999978-0-8117-2943-7Sam FadalaTraditional Archery
2001978-0-8117-2946-8Charles FergusThornapples
  ''978-0-8117-2947-5Steve RazettiTrekking and Climbing in Nepal (Trekking & Climbing)
  ''978-0-8117-2949-9Greg GoldmanEssential Guide: Snowboarding
1998978-0-8117-2950-5Shelby StantonU.S. Army Uniforms of the Cold War
2002978-0-8117-2952-9   ''U.S. Army Uniforms of the Korean War
2001978-0-8117-2953-6Harish KapadiaTrekking and Climbing in the Indian Himalaya (Trekking & Climbing)
2002978-0-8117-2954-3Hilary SharpTrekking and Climbing in the Alps (Trekking & Climbing)
  ''978-0-8117-2958-1Ann McIntoshTrout Fishing Near American Cities
  ''978-0-8117-2959-8Harold W. AurandAnthracite Heritage Museum (Pennsylvania Trail of History Guides)
2002978-0-8117-2961-1Kate Harper · Val PitkethlyTrekking and Climbing in the Andes (Trekking & Climbing)
2005978-0-8117-2962-8Ellen ShenkCareers with Animals: Exploring Occupations Involving Dogs, Horses, Cats, Birds, Wildlife, and Exotics
2004978-0-8117-2963-5Lang ElliottKnow Your Bird Sounds, Volume 1: Yard, Garden, and City Birds
  ''978-0-8117-2964-2Lang ElliottKnow Your Bird Sounds, Volume 2: Birds of the Countryside
2005978-0-8117-2965-9Robert CurrinPennsylvania Lumber Museum (Pennsylvania Trail of History Guides)
1999978-0-8117-2966-6Annemarie Kohler · Danja KohlerThe Underwater Photography Handbook
1998978-0-8117-2967-3Thomas C. GrubbWild Bird Guide: Tufted Titmouse (Wild Bird Guides)
2004978-0-8117-2968-0Lang ElliottThe Calls of Frogs and Toads