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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-0-8094-7703-6By the Editors of Time-life BooksLost Treasures (Library of Curious and Unusual Facts)
  ''978-0-8094-7707-4Time-Life BooksThe Mystifying Mind (Library of Curious and Unusual Facts)
  ''978-0-8094-7711-1Time-Life BooksA World of Luck (Library of Curious and Unusual Facts)
  ''978-0-8094-7715-9   ''Hoaxes and Deception (Library of Curious and Unusual Facts)
1992978-0-8094-7719-7By the Editors of Time-life BooksShadows Of Death - Library Of Curious And Unusual Facts
  ''978-0-8094-7723-4Time-Life BooksOdd and Eccentric People (Library of Curious & Unusual Facts)
1992978-0-8094-7727-2Time-Life BooksCrimes and Punishment (Library of Curious & Unusual Facts)
1993978-0-8094-7731-9   ''Manias and Delusions (Library of Curious and Unusual Facts)
1992978-0-8094-7735-7Time Life BooksAbove and Beyond (Library of Curious and Unusual Facts)
1993978-0-8094-7739-5Time-Life Books.All the Rage (Library of Curious and Unusual Facts)
  ''978-0-8094-7767-8Time-Life BooksOdd Jobs (Library of Curious and Unusual Facts)
1994978-0-8094-7808-8Debbi FieldsMrs. Fields I Love Chocolate! Cookbook: 100 Easy & Irresistible Recipes
  ''978-0-8094-7811-8Debbi FieldsMrs. Fields I Love Chocolate! Cookbook: 100 Easy & Irresistible Recipes
1989978-0-8094-7950-4Richard S. DruryMy Secret War (Wings of War)
1990978-0-8094-7955-9Eddie RickenbackerFighting the flying circus (Wings of war)
  ''978-0-8094-7958-0Saburō SakaiSamurai! (Wings of war)
1989978-0-8094-7962-7Pierre ClostermannThe Big Show: Some Experiences of a French Fighter Pilot in the R.A.F. (Wings of War) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-8094-8054-8Joseph Allen HynekThe UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry (Collector's Library of the Unknown)
1990978-0-8094-8058-6Harry PriceThe Most Haunted House in England: Ten Years' Investigation of Borley Rectory (COLLECTOR'S LIBRARY OF THE UNKNOWN)
1991978-0-8094-8087-6D. D HomeIncidents in my life (Collector's library of the unknown)
1992978-0-8094-8112-5Thomas SugrueThere Is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce (Collector's Library of the Unknown)
1991978-0-8094-8150-7Time-Life BooksThe Road to Stalingrad (The Third Reich)
1990978-0-8094-8311-2Time-Life Books.Body and Health (The Children's Treasury of Knowledge)
1990978-0-8094-8558-1H. J GiskesLondon calling North Pole (Classics of World War II. The Secret war)
  ''978-0-8094-8563-5Ewen MontaguThe Man Who Never Was
  ''978-0-8094-8567-3Sandor RadoCodename Dora (Classics of World War II the Secret War)
1991978-0-8094-8575-8Philippe De VomecourtAn Army of Amateurs (Classics of World War II the Secret War)
  ''978-0-8094-8581-9Richard DunlopBehind Japanese lines: With the OSS in Burma (Classics of World War II: The Secret War)
  ''978-0-8094-8591-8R. V. JonesMost Secret War (Classics of World War II the Secret War)
1992978-0-8094-8595-6Edward Van Der RhoerDeadly Magic: A Personal Account of Communications Intelligence in World War II in the Pacific (Classics of World War II: The Secret War)
1991978-0-8094-8601-4Editors of Time-Life BooksSpecial Forces and Missions: The New Face of War
1991978-0-8094-8608-3Thomas H. FlahertyThe Armored Fist (New Face of War)
  ''978-0-8094-8609-0No Author.The Armored Fist
  ''978-0-8094-8704-2Time-Life-BooksThe Armored fist (The New face of war)
  ''978-0-8094-8705-9The Armored fist (The New face of war)
1992978-0-8094-8729-5Lily SergueiewSecret Service Rendered (Classics of World War Ii. the Secret War)
  ''978-0-8094-8737-0Felix KerstenThe Kersten Memoirs, 1940-1945 (Classics of World War II. the Secret War)
1992978-0-8094-8741-7Hartvig AndersenThe dark city: Being an account of the adventures of a secret agent in Berlin (Classics of World War II. The Secret war)
  ''978-0-8094-8850-6Time-Life BooksArms and Equipment of the Confederacy (Echoes of Glory)
  ''978-0-8094-8851-3Time-Life Books Woodhead HenryArms and Equipment of the Confederacy
  ''978-0-8094-8854-4Time-Life BooksArms and Equipment of the Union (Echoes of Glory)
  ''978-0-8094-8855-1Arms and Equipment of the Union
1991978-0-8094-8858-2Editors of Time-Life BooksIllustrated Atlas of the Civil War (Echoes of Glory)
1991978-0-8094-8900-8Black ElkBlack Elk speaks: Being the life story of a holy man of the Ogalala Sioux (Native American voices)
1993978-0-8094-8925-1Jozef GarlinskiFighting Auschwitz: The Resistance Movement in the Concentration Camp (Classics of World War Ii. Secret War)
  ''978-0-8094-9012-7Time-Life BooksRamses II: Magnificence on the Nile (Lost Civilizations)
1994978-0-8094-9016-5   ''Rome: Echoes of Imperial Glory (Lost Civilizations)
978-0-8094-9017-2Rome: Echoes of Imperial Glory (Lost Civilizations Series)
1994978-0-8094-9020-2Time-Life BooksGreece: Temples, Tombs, & Treasures (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9025-7   ''Africa's Glorious Legacy (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9029-5Dale BrownCelts: Europe's People of Iron (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9037-0Time-Life BooksAncient India: Land of Mystery (Lost Civilizations)
1995978-0-8094-9041-7Dale M. BrownMesopotamia: The Mighty Kings (Lost Civilizations)
1995978-0-8094-9045-5Dale BrownEtruscans: Italy's Lovers of Life (Lost Civilizations)
1992978-0-8094-9054-7Time-Life BooksComets, Asteroids, & Meteorites (Voyage through the universe)
1995978-0-8094-9100-1Time-Life BooksEarly Europe: Mysteries in Stone (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9104-9   ''Persians: Masters of the Empire (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9108-7Dale BrownAnatolia: Cauldron of Cultures (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9112-4Time-Life BooksSoutheast Asia: A Past Regained (Lost Civilizations)
1996978-0-8094-9246-6Gregory BridgesStars and Planets (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries)
1994978-0-8094-9250-3Time-Life Books.The Family Tree
1991978-0-8094-9254-1Muff Singer · Time-Life for ChildrenThe Great ABC Treasure Hunt: A Hidden Picture Alphabet Book (Time-Life Early Learning Program)
1990978-0-8094-9258-9Muff Singer · Time-Life Books · Time-Life for ChildrenHow Many Hippos?: A Mix-And-Match Counting Book (Time-life Early Learning Program)
1991978-0-8094-9262-6AlexanderPurple Parrots Eating Carrots (Time-Life Early Learning Program)
  ''978-0-8094-9266-4Time-Life BooksBalderdash the Brilliant: A Hole-In-The-Page Color Book (Time-life Early Learning Program)
1991978-0-8094-9270-1Time-Life BooksThe Bumbletown Detectives: A Critical-Thinking Book (Time-life Early Learning Program)
1992978-0-8094-9295-4Robert H. SmithVoyage of the Micronauts (Time-Life Early Learning Program)
1994978-0-8094-9311-1Mr. Boggle's Peculiar Day (Time-Life Early Learning Program)
1990978-0-8094-9366-1Dennis BardensThe Ladykiller: The Life of Landru, the French Bluebeard (Chronicles of Crime)
1996978-0-8094-9370-8David Edtellyard · David EllyardWeather: Nature Company Discoveries Library (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries)
978-0-8094-9377-7Total Golf Binder-Volume 1
1997978-0-8094-9378-4Time-Life Books · Denise DersinWhat Life was Like on the Banks of the Nile: Egypt 3050 - 30 BC
1993978-0-8094-9417-0Thomas H. FlahertyThe Way of the Warrior
1994978-0-8094-9454-5Time Life BooksInventions (A Child's First Library of Learning)
  ''978-0-8094-9458-3Patricia DanielsAmazing Facts (A Child's First Library of Learning)
  ''978-0-8094-9459-0Jean Crawford · Time Life BooksAmazing Facts (A Child's First Library of Learning)
  ''978-0-8094-9462-0Geography (A Child's First Library of Learning)
  ''978-0-8094-9466-8Patricia DanielsEcology (A Child's First Library of Learning)
1994978-0-8094-9470-5Time-Life Books EditorsSimple Experiments (A Child's First Library of Learning)
1995978-0-8094-9474-3Time-Life BooksMusic & Art (A Child's First Library of Learning)
1996978-0-8094-9479-8Time-Life for ChildrenHealth & Safety: A Child's First of Learning (Child's First Library of Learning)
  ''978-0-8094-9480-4unknownDangerous Animals: A Child's First Library of Learning
1997978-0-8094-9483-5Time-Life BooksFeelings and Manners (Child's First Library of Learning)
1994978-0-8094-9504-7Pierre Home-DouglasMaster Woodworker (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9508-5Pierre Home-DouglasShop-Made Jigs and Fixtures (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9512-2AwwTables and Desks (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9516-0John JordanWood Turning (Art of Woodworking)
1994978-0-8094-9520-7Karl MarcuseFinish Carpentry (Art of Woodworking)
1995978-0-8094-9525-2Time-Life BooksBuilding Chairs (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9533-7   ''Shaker Furniture (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9541-2Pierre Home-DouglasAdvanced Routing (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9542-9   ''Classic American Furniture (Art of Woodworking)
1996978-0-8094-9543-6   ''Outdoor Furniture (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9544-3Time-Life BooksWood Carving (Art of Woodworking)
1996978-0-8094-9545-0Time-Life BooksKitchen Cabinets (Art of Woodworking)
1992978-0-8094-9620-4Eino LuukkanenFighter over Finland: The Memoirs of a Fighter Pilot (Wings of War)
  ''978-0-8094-9650-1Time Life BooksSpace & Planets (Understanding Science & Nature)
  ''978-0-8094-9654-9Time-Life BooksHuman Body (Understanding Science and Nature)
  ''978-0-8094-9658-7Patricia Daniels · Karin Kinney · Mark Galan · Elizabeth Thompson · Louisa PotterAnimal Behavior (UNDERSTANDING SCIENCE AND NATURE)
  ''978-0-8094-9662-4Time-Life BooksStructure of Matter (Understanding Science & Nature)
1996978-0-8094-9663-1Structure of Matter (Understanding Science and Nature)
1993978-0-8094-9666-2Time-Life BooksPlanet Earth (Understanding Science & Nature)
1992978-0-8094-9675-4Time-Life BooksPhysical Forces (Understanding Science & Nature)
  ''978-0-8094-9679-2Patricia Daniels · Allan Fallow · Karin Kinney · Mark Galan · Elizabeth ThompsonUnderwater World (Understanding Science and Nature Series)
1993978-0-8094-9683-9Time Life BooksWeather and Climate (Understanding Science & Nature)
  ''978-0-8094-9687-7ICEInsects & Spiders (Understanding Science & Nature)
  ''978-0-8094-9691-4Time-Life BooksGeography (UNDERSTANDING SCIENCE AND NATURE)
1992978-0-8094-9700-3   ''Transportation (Understanding Science & Nature)
1993978-0-8094-9704-1   ''Machines and Inventions (Understanding Science and Nature)
2002978-0-8094-9708-9   ''Ecology (Understanding Science and Nature)
1993978-0-8094-9712-6ICEPlant Life (Understanding Science & Nature)
1994978-0-8094-9758-4Walter D. EdmondsThey Fought With What They Had (Wings of War)
1993978-0-8094-9766-9Alan C. DeereNine Lives (Wings of War)
1992978-0-8094-9850-5Time-Life BooksEgypt: Land of the Pharaohs (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9854-3Dale BrownAztecs: Reign of Blood and Splendor (Lost Civilizations)
1992978-0-8094-9862-8Dale BrownPompeii: The Vanished City (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9866-6Time-Life BooksThe Holy Land (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9870-3Dale BrownIncas: Lords of Gold and Glory (Lost Civilizations)
1993978-0-8094-9875-8   ''Wondrous Realms of the Aegean (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9879-6Time-Life BooksThe Magnificent Maya (Lost Civilizations)
1993978-0-8094-9887-1Time-Life BooksSumer: Cities of Eden (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9891-8   ''China's Buried Kingdoms (Lost Civilizations)
  ''978-0-8094-9895-6Thomas H. FlahertyVikings: Raiders from the North (Lost Civilizations)
1992978-0-8094-9900-7Pierre Home-DouglasWoodworking Machines (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9904-5   ''Cabinetmaking (The Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9912-0   ''Wood Finishing (Art of Woodworking)
1993978-0-8094-9916-8   ''Encyclopedia of Wood (Art of Woodworking)
1993978-0-8094-9917-5Encyclopedia of wood (The Art of woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9937-3Pierre Home-DouglasRouting and Shaping (Art of Woodworking)
1994978-0-8094-9941-0Pierre Home-DouglasHandbook of Joinery (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9945-8   ''Cabinets and Bookcases (Art of Woodworking)
  ''978-0-8094-9950-2Neil KaganHow Do Octopi Eat Pizza Pie? Pizza Math (I Love Math)
1993978-0-8094-9954-0Not AvailableThe Case of the Missing Zebra Stripes Zoo Math (I Love Math)
1994978-0-8094-9958-8City MathLook Both Ways: City Math (I Love Math)
1992978-0-8094-9962-5Time-Life BooksRight in Your Own Backyard: Nature Math (I Love Math)
1994978-0-8094-9966-3Time Life BooksFrom Head to Toe, Body Math (I Love Math)
1993978-0-8094-9970-0Time Life For ChildrenPlay Ball: Sports Math (I Love Math, No 6)
  ''978-0-8094-9974-8See You Later, Escalator!: Mall Math (I Love Math)
  ''978-0-8094-9978-6and David McCoy Editors Susa Beth GroutAlice in Numberland (I Love Math/Fantasy Math)
1993978-0-8094-9982-3Jean B. (editor) Time-Life Books EditorsThe Search for the Mystery Planet: Space Math (I Love Math)
  ''978-0-8094-9990-8Jean B. Crawford · Time-Life for ChildrenPterodactyl Tunnel: Amusement Park Math (I Love Math, No 10)
  ''978-0-8094-9994-6Sara Mark · Time-Life for ChildrenThe Mystery of the Sunken Treasure: Sea Math (I Love Math)