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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-0-8015-0111-1Claire WeekesAgoraphobia
1972978-0-8015-0358-0CrosbyThe Art of Getting Your Own Sweet Way
1975978-0-8015-0490-7Bill ShannonThe ballparks
1974978-0-8015-0614-7Martin Caidin · Jay BarbreeBicycles in War
1978978-0-8015-1177-6Rudolf DreikursThe Challenge of Marriage
1979978-0-8015-1183-7Rudolf DreikursThe Challenge of Parenthood
1974978-0-8015-1405-0Marian Maeve O'BrienThe Collector's Guide to Dollhouses and Dollhouse Miniatures
1975978-0-8015-1456-2Robert LesserA Celebration of Comic Art and Memorabilia
  ''978-0-8015-1774-7Raymond Frank PiperCosmic art
1976978-0-8015-1781-5Douglas B GreenCountry roots: The origins of country music
1978978-0-8015-1784-6Janet R TernerThe courage to be imperfect: The life and work of Rudolf Dreikurs
1971978-0-8015-1880-5Edward R. Dewey · Og MandinoCycles: The Mysterious Forces that Trigger Events
1978978-0-8015-2019-8Mark Dittrick · Jeffrey FoxDesign Crochet
1975978-0-8015-2089-1Margaret MacDonald-TaylorDictionary of Marks: Ceramics, Metalwork Furniture, The Identification Handbook for Antique Collectors
1978978-0-8015-2128-7Albert GoldmanDisco.
1974978-0-8015-2138-6Cecil MunseyDisneyana: Walt Disney Collectibles
1977978-0-8015-2231-4Marion MeadeEleanor of Aquitaine
1974978-0-8015-2430-1Arthur MarxEverybody loves somebody sometime (especially himself): The story of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
1979978-0-8015-2671-8Florence LinFlorence Lin's Cooking with Fire Pots
1975978-0-8015-2674-9Florence LinFlorence Lin's Chinese Regional Cookbook: A Guide to the Origins, Ingredients, and Cooking Methods of Over 200 Regional Specialties and National Favorites by Lin, Florence (1975) Hardcover
1976978-0-8015-2816-3Bill SevernFrances Perkins: A member of the Cabinet
1975978-0-8015-2948-1Mary Jane ChambersGet me a tambourine
1978978-0-8015-3187-3Judy Ziek De Rodriguez · Nona M. ZiekWeaving on a Backstrap Loom: Pattern Designs from Guatemala
1979978-0-8015-3206-1Mark LaneThe Strongest Poison
1978978-0-8015-3279-5Mark DittrickHard Crochet
1977978-0-8015-3395-2Adelma Grenier SimmonsHerb Gardening in Five Seasons
978-0-8015-3940-4MunseyIllustrated Guide to Collectible Bottles
1972978-0-8015-3960-2Adelma Grenier SimmonsIllustrated Herbal Handbook
1976978-0-8015-3962-6John H. TowsenClowns
1979978-0-8015-4480-4Abram ChasinsLeopold Stokowski: A Profile
1974978-0-8015-4526-9Gilbert MaxwellHelen Morgan: Her life and legend
1990978-0-8015-4632-7Rudolf Dreikurs · Loren GreyA New Approach to Discipline: Logical Consequences
1980978-0-8015-4724-9ErlangerLucrezia: A Biography of Lucrezia Borgia
1985978-0-8015-4725-6Rachel ErlangerLucrezia Borgia: A Biography
1974978-0-8015-5184-0Whitney StineMother Goddam: Bette Davis
1979978-0-8015-5286-1Michael P. Hodel · Sean M. WrightEnter the Lion: A Posthumous Memoir of Mycroft Holmes
2002978-0-8015-5736-1Rudolf Dreikurs · Loren GreyParents' Guide to Child Discipline
1972978-0-8015-5804-7Claire WeekesPeace from Nervous Suffering
1977978-0-8015-6129-0Caroline Coon1988: The New Wave Punk Rock Explosion
1979978-0-8015-6436-9Bill HenkinThe Rocky Horror Picture Show Book
1975978-0-8015-6568-7Norma R FryattSarah Josepha Hale: The life and times of a nineteenth-century career woman
1976978-0-8015-6608-0Leslie LinsleyScrimshaw: A Traditional Folk Art, A Contemporary Craft
1974978-0-8015-6804-6William WellmanA Short Time for Insanity: An Autobiography
1977978-0-8015-7071-1Max AlthThe stain removal handbook
  ''978-0-8015-7527-3GreeneTennis Drills
978-0-8015-7554-9Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich Action Pack
1988978-0-8015-7560-0Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich Action Pack
1979978-0-8015-8196-0Stan FischlerUptown/Downtown: A Trip Through Time on New York's Subways
1975978-0-8015-8546-3Theodore · Stendahl, Krister RunyonWhat the Spirit is saying to the churches: Essays
1972978-0-8015-8634-7Basil Henry, Sir, Liddell HartWhy Don't We Learn from History?
1989978-0-8015-9006-1George S. ClasonThe Richest Man in Babylon: The Success Secrets of the Ancients
1988978-0-8015-9007-8Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich Action Pack
1973978-0-8015-9048-1SchullerYou Can Become Person

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