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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-8010-0000-3Evelyn McCullough AndersonIts a woman's privilege
  ''978-0-8010-0001-0Lola M Autry52 devotional programs for primary children
  ''978-0-8010-0002-7C. Reuben AndersonThe books of Ruth and Esther;: A study manual, (Shield Bible study series)
  ''978-0-8010-0003-4Hyman AppelmanSermon Outlines on Key Bible Themes
1969978-0-8010-0004-1Anderson EmDevotionals for Today's Women
1978978-0-8010-0007-2Billy ApostolonSpecial Days and Occasions (Sermon Outline Series)
1961978-0-8010-0008-9C. E ArnoldMissionary stories and illustrations (Minister's handbook series)
1963978-0-8010-0009-6Billy ApostolonThe Preaching of the cross (Pocket pulpit library)
1976978-0-8010-0010-2Michael Avi-YonahThe Holy Land, from the Persian to the Arab Conquests, 536 B.C. to A.D. 640: A Historical Geography (Baker studies in Biblical archaeology)
1961978-0-8010-0011-9Billy ApostolonOutlines for evangelistic sermons (Dollar sermon library)
1974978-0-8010-0013-3Gleason L. ArcherThe Epistle to the Hebrews: A Study Manual
1984978-0-8010-0015-7Leila T. AmmermanInspiring Devotional Programs for Women's Groups
1971978-0-8010-0017-1James R AdairUnhooked
1995978-0-8010-0019-5Donald SpencerHymn and Scripture Selection Guide
1971978-0-8010-0020-1Hyman AppelmanEvangelistic Sermons
1975978-0-8010-0021-8Billy Apostolon52 Evangelistic Illustrations
1995978-0-8010-0022-5Michael GreenIllustrations for Biblical Preaching 3.5
2015978-0-8010-0023-2Jenny SimmonsThe Road to Becoming: Rediscovering Your Life in the Not-How-I-Planned-It Moments (Good Morning, Lord)
  ''978-0-8010-0024-9Ken Sande · Kevin JohnsonResolving Everyday Conflict
1980978-0-8010-0026-3Hyman C. ApplemanSeeds for Sermons
2015978-0-8010-0027-0William Vanderbloemen · Warren BirdNext: Pastoral Succession That Works
1977978-0-8010-0028-7Archer Gleason L. Jr/The Epistle to the Romans (Shield Bible Study Series)
1973978-0-8010-0029-4Hyman AppelmanRevival Sermons
2015978-0-8010-0030-0John Stonestreet · Warren Cole SmithRestoring All Things: God's Audacious Plan to Change the World through Everyday People
2015978-0-8010-0031-7Mark BattersonIf: Trading Your If Only Regrets for God's What If Possibilities
  ''978-0-8010-0032-4Ewart A. Autry · Lola M. AutryBible Puppet Plays (Paperback Program Series)
1968978-0-8010-0033-1Edith B. AllenOne Hundred Bible Games (Baker Paperback Program Series)
2015978-0-8010-0034-8Eric MetaxasEverything You Always Wanted to Know about God (But Were Afraid to Ask): The Jesus Edition
1971978-0-8010-0035-5Jay Edward AdamsChrist and Your Problems
1996978-0-8010-0036-2Spenser Donald A.Sfw Hymn/Scripture
1972978-0-8010-0037-9Oswald T. AllisThe Old Testament: Its Claims and Its Critics
  ''978-0-8010-0038-6C. E ArnoldMissionary programs and ideas
1978978-0-8010-0039-3Billy ApostolonPreach the Word (Sermon Outline Series)
1976978-0-8010-0040-9   ''Soul-winning sermons (Dollar sermon library)
2015978-0-8010-0041-6Shilo Harris · Robin Overby CoxSteel Will: My Journey through Hell to Become the Man I Was Meant to Be
1978978-0-8010-0043-0Hyman AppelmanEffective Outlines and Illustrations
1964978-0-8010-0045-4Hands Full of Honey
1972978-0-8010-0046-1Billy ApostolonChoice Sermon Outlines (Dollar Sermon Library Series)
1986978-0-8010-0047-8Jay Edward AdamsCompetent to Counsel
1976978-0-8010-0048-5   ''What to Do about Worry
1961978-0-8010-0049-2Nelson Searcy · Jennifer Dykes HensonThe Renegade Pastor: Abandoning Average in Your Life and Ministry
1972978-0-8010-0050-8Homiletic Outlines
  ''978-0-8010-0051-5Jay Edward AdamsChristian living in the home
1974978-0-8010-0052-2Jay E. AdamsChristian Living in the Home
1996978-0-8010-0053-9Green MichaelSfw Baker Illustrated Library
1973978-0-8010-0054-6James R AdairBrothers black (Direction books)
1974978-0-8010-0055-3E. C. AndrewsFifty New Devotional Programs
1977978-0-8010-0057-7Jay Edward AdamsGodliness Through Discipline
1973978-0-8010-0058-4Jay E. AdamsThe big umbrella;: And other essays on Christian counseling
1947978-0-8010-0059-1Margaret T. ApplegarthTwelve Baskets Full ~ Story Meditations On Stewardship
1990978-0-8010-0060-7Nave's Topical Bible
1974978-0-8010-0066-9Billy Apostolon52 simple invitation illustrations
1951978-0-8010-0067-6Topical Analysis of the Bible
1981978-0-8010-0068-3Hyman AppelmanSermons on Evangelism
1996978-0-8010-0070-6Walter A. ElwellEvangelical Commentary on the Bible CD-ROM
1973978-0-8010-0071-3Jay E. AdamsThe Christian Counselor's Manual
1974978-0-8010-0072-0Hyman AppelmanAppelman's Sermon Outlines and Illustrations (Pocket pulpit library)
1973978-0-8010-0073-7AllenLets Plan a Bridal Shower
1974978-0-8010-0075-1Jay E. AdamsThe Christian Counselor's Casebook
978-0-8010-0076-8Funeral Source Book (Pulpit Library)
1975978-0-8010-0077-5R. Earl AllenDays to remember: Sermons for special days
1974978-0-8010-0078-2Billy ApostolonHeart-touching sermon outlines (Dollar sermon library)
1975978-0-8010-0079-9R. Earl AllenGood morning, Lord: Devotions for hospital patients
2000978-0-8010-0080-5Joseph A. AlexanderPsalms Translated and Explained
1975978-0-8010-0081-2Hymab AppelmanSavior's Invitations & Other Evangelistic Sermons
  ''978-0-8010-0083-6Jay Edward AdamsThe Pastoral Life (Shepherding God's Flock)
1997978-0-8010-0084-3The Amazing Expedition Bible on CDROM
1975978-0-8010-0085-0Jay Edward AdamsPastoral counseling (Shepherding God's flock)
1975978-0-8010-0086-7Billy ApostolonHeart-Stirring Sermon Outlines (Dollar Sermon Library)
1977978-0-8010-0088-1Carl E. Armerding · W. Ward GasqueDreams, Visions, and Oracles: The Layman's Guide to Biblical Prophecy
1982978-0-8010-0089-8S E AndersonArmstrongism's 300 Errors Exposed with 1300 Bible Verses
1976978-0-8010-0091-1Jay E. AdamsPastoral Leadership (Shepherding God's Flock: Vol. 3)
1975978-0-8010-0092-8Jay Edward AdamsYou can defeat anger (Christian counseling aids)
978-0-8010-0093-5You Can Overcome Fear
1975978-0-8010-0094-2Jay Edward AdamsYou can conquer depression (Christian counseling aids)
1987978-0-8010-0096-6Jay E. AdamsYou Can Sweeten A Sour Marriage
  ''978-0-8010-0097-3Jay Edward Adams J. E. AdamsYou Can Stop Worrying (Christian Counseling AIDS)
1997978-0-8010-0098-0Baker Book HouseBibleland.Com: An Incredible Simulated World Wide Web Experience That Takes Kids Back to Bible Times!
1984978-0-8010-0099-7Jay E. AdamsThe Use of The Scriptures in Counseling
1975978-0-8010-0100-0Jay Edward AdamsYour place in the counseling revolution
1970978-0-8010-0101-7Evelyn McCullough AndersonNew windows for women
1986978-0-8010-0102-4Jay Edward AdamsStudies in Preach 1: Sermons of Charles Spurgeon (Studies in Preaching; 1)
1976978-0-8010-0104-8Jay E. AdamsAudience Adaptations in the Sermons and Speeches of Paul
  ''978-0-8010-0105-5   ''The Homiletical Innovations of Andrew W. Blackwood (Studies in Preaching; No. 3)
1971978-0-8010-0106-2Jay E AdamsPulpit Speech
1977978-0-8010-0108-6Oswald T. AllisFive Books of Moses
1951978-0-8010-0109-3   ''God Spake by Moses: An Exposition of the Pentateuch
1977978-0-8010-0110-9Oswald T. AllisProphecy and the Church
  ''978-0-8010-0111-6   ''Unity of Isaiah a Study in Prophecy
1982978-0-8010-0112-3Jay E AdamsCoping with counseling crises: First aid for Christian counselors
1977978-0-8010-0114-7Jay Edward AdamsWhat about nouthetic counseling: A question and answer book with history, help and hope for the Christian counselor
  ''978-0-8010-0116-1   ''The Journal of Pastoral Practice
  ''978-0-8010-0118-5Saint AugustineConfessions of St. Augustine
1980978-0-8010-0119-2Jay E. AdamsThe Christian Counselor's New Testament: A New Translation in Everyday English With Notations, Marginal References, and Supplemental Helps
1978978-0-8010-0121-5Marvin Walter AndersonThe Battle for the Gospel: The Bible and the Reformation, 1444-1589
1986978-0-8010-0122-2Jay E. AdamsLectures on Counseling
1982978-0-8010-0123-9Thomas a KempisMeditations on the Life of Christ
1980978-0-8010-0124-6Joseph AlleineAn alarm to unconverted sinners in a serious treatise on conversion
1977978-0-8010-0125-3Jay Edward AdamsJournal of Pastoral Practice (Vol. 1, No. 1 - Winter, 1977)
1978978-0-8010-0126-0   ''How to overcome evil
  ''978-0-8010-0128-4AndersonHaitian Harvest
1978978-0-8010-0130-7Carl E. ArmerdingEvangelicals and Liberation
1920978-0-8010-0132-1New Testament in Everyday English
1979978-0-8010-0133-8Jay E. AdamsShepherding God's Flock: A Preacher's Handbook on Pastoral Ministry, Counseling, and Leadership (3 Books in one, The Pastoral Life, Pastoral Counseling, Pastoral Leadership)
1978978-0-8010-0135-2Carl E. Armerding · W. Ward GasqueHandbook of Biblical Prophecy
1979978-0-8010-0136-9R. AHeaven opened (Summit books)
1978978-0-8010-0139-0Gerrit and His Dog with The Royal Law
1979978-0-8010-0140-6Jay Edward AdamsFour weeks with God and your neighbor
978-0-8010-0141-3Power of Error
1979978-0-8010-0142-0Eberhard ArnoldThe early Christians after the death of the Apostles: Selected and edited from all the sources of the first centuries
1960978-0-8010-0144-4Billy ApostolonEvangelistic Sermon Outlines (Sermon Outlines (Baker Book))
978-0-8010-0145-1Jay E. AdamsTrust and Obey
1980978-0-8010-0146-8Joseph Addison AlexanderThe Gospel According to Matthew (Thornapple Commentaries)
  ''978-0-8010-0147-5William Menzies AlexanderDemonic possession in the New Testament: Its historical, medical, and theological aspects
1979978-0-8010-0149-9E. L. AustinGift of Christmas
1980978-0-8010-0150-5Joseph Addison AlexanderThe Gospel According to Mark (Thornapple Commentaries)
  ''978-0-8010-0153-6Jay Edward AdamsUpdate on Christian counseling
1967978-0-8010-0155-0Billy ApostolonQuotable poems for special days
1980978-0-8010-0156-7Jay E. AdamsHelps for Counselors: A mini-manual for Christian Counseling
1986978-0-8010-0159-8Jay Edward AdamsMore Than Redemption
1979978-0-8010-0161-1Jay E. AdamsPrayers for Troubled Times
1980978-0-8010-0162-8French L. ArringtonThe Ministry of Reconciliation: A Study of 2 Corinthians
1993978-0-8010-0164-2Saint, Bishop of Hippo AugustineBasic Writings of Saint Augustine
1980978-0-8010-0166-6Hans AltenaPlaybook for Christian Theater
1981978-0-8010-0168-0Jay Edward AdamsMarriage, Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible
  ''978-0-8010-0171-0   ''Ready to Restore
1985978-0-8010-0173-4French L. ArringtonDivine Order in the Church
1981978-0-8010-0174-1Charles F AlingEgypt and Bible history: From earliest times to 1000 B.C (Baker studies in Biblical archaeology)
  ''978-0-8010-0175-8R. Earl AllenSeven Words of Christ
1981978-0-8010-0176-5Alexander WhyteLancelot Andrewes and His Private Devotions
  ''978-0-8010-0180-2Jay E. AdamsUpdate on Christian Counseling
1986978-0-8010-0181-9Jay E. AdamsThe Language of Counseling and the Christian Counselor's Wordbook
1982978-0-8010-0184-0a Kempis ThomasImitation of Christ
  ''978-0-8010-0185-7Norman L. GeislerWhat Augustine Says
  ''978-0-8010-0188-8Jay E AdamsWhat to Do on Thursday A Layman's Guide to the Practical Use of the Scriptures
  ''978-0-8010-0189-5Duane W. H ArnoldThe way, the truth, and the life: An introduction to Lutheran Christianity
1983978-0-8010-0190-1Gleason L. Jr. ArcherThe Book of Job: God's Answer to the Problem of Undeserved Suffering
  ''978-0-8010-0191-8R. AllenGood Morning Lord: Devotionals for Times of Sorrow
1983978-0-8010-0192-5French L. ArringtonMaintaining the Foundations
978-0-8010-0193-2Preaching with Purpose: A Comprehensive Textbook on Biblical Preaching
1983978-0-8010-0194-9Robert L AldenProverbs: A Commentary on an Ancient Book of Timeless Advice
  ''978-0-8010-0195-6Henry AlfordNew Testament for English Readers
1986978-0-8010-0197-0Jay E. AdamsSolving Marriage Problems: Biblical Solutions for Christian Counselors
1983978-0-8010-0198-7Linda AndersenLove Adds the Chocolate
1984978-0-8010-0199-4Thomas A. Askew · Peter W. SpellmanThe churches and the American experience: Ideals and institutions
1986978-0-8010-0203-8John AdairFounding Fathers: The Puritans in England and America
  ''978-0-8010-0204-5Paul D. AckermanIt's a Young World After All
  ''978-0-8010-0205-2Linda AndersenSlices of Life: Perspectives on a Woman's World
  ''978-0-8010-0206-9James ArminiusThe Works of James Arminius: The London Edition (3 Volumes)
1987978-0-8010-0207-6Rolf E. AasengWhat's the Score: Devotions for Sports Lovers
1976978-0-8010-0208-3John AllanGospel According to Science Fiction
1987978-0-8010-0211-3Nancy I. AlfordWho, Me, Give a Speech?: Handbook for Christian Women
1987978-0-8010-0212-0John AllanShopping for a God: Fringe Religions Today
1988978-0-8010-0213-7The Church and pastoral care (Psychology and Christianity)
  ''978-0-8010-0214-4Leila T. AmmermanStewardship Talks and Resources
  ''978-0-8010-0216-8Robert L. AldenProverbs: A Commentary on an Ancient Book of Timeless Advice
1989978-0-8010-0217-5Zane AlexanderGood Lovers Make Great Parents: Pairing and Caring With Faith Hope and Love
  ''978-0-8010-0218-2Leroy Aden · David G. BennerCounseling and the Human Predicament: A Study of Sin, Guilt, and Forgiveness (PSYCHOLOGY AND CHRISTIANITY)
  ''978-0-8010-0219-9R. Earl AllenThe great "I ams" of Jesus (Pulpit library)
1989978-0-8010-0220-5John D. AllanThe Evangelicals: An Illustrated History
  ''978-0-8010-0221-2John AllanPoor Is No Excuse: The Story of Jun Vencer
1990978-0-8010-0222-9Leroy AdenTurning Points in Pastoral Care: The Legacy of Anton Boisen and Seward Hiltner (Psychology and Christianity, 4)
  ''978-0-8010-0223-6Paul D. AckermanIn God's Image After All: How Psychology Supports Biblical Creationism
1991978-0-8010-0224-3Boston Museum of Fine ArtsAnd the Angels Sing: A Song Book of Classic Christmas Carols
1992978-0-8010-0225-0Leroy Aden · David G. Benner · J. Harold EllensChristian Perspectives on Human Development (PSYCHOLOGY AND CHRISTIANITY)
  ''978-0-8010-0226-7William M. AlnorUfo's in the New Age: Extraterrestrial Messages and the Truth of Scripture
  ''978-0-8010-0227-4Clinton E. ArnoldEphesians: Power and Magic: The Concept of Power in Ephesians in Light of Its Historical Setting
1993978-0-8010-0228-1George W. Knight · Dwight AllenBiblical Cartoons for Church Publications
1993978-0-8010-0230-4Michael J. AnthonyThe Effective Church Board: A Handbook for Mentoring and Training Servant Leaders
  ''978-0-8010-0231-1Win Arn · Charles ArnCatch the Age Wave: A Handbook for Effective Ministry With Senior Adults
1994978-0-8010-0233-5Michael J. AnthonyThe Short-Term Missions Boom: A Guide to International and Domestic Involvement
1995978-0-8010-0240-3Tim Atkins · Patty AtkinsMusic Worth Talking About: A Guide for Youth Leaders
1998978-0-8010-0243-4Baker Book HouseBaker Digital Reference Library: Level One: Introductory
  ''978-0-8010-0244-1   ''Baker Digital Reference Library: Level Two: Intermediate
  ''978-0-8010-0245-8Baker Publishing GroupBaker Digital Reference Library, Level 3: Advanced
  ''978-0-8010-0246-5Kids Point & Play: Bible on Cd-Rom
1999978-0-8010-0247-2Baker Book HouseMy Bible Coloring Book
1999978-0-8010-0248-9Baker Book HouseBible Activities (Bible Fun)
  ''978-0-8010-0249-6   ''My 100 All-Time Favorite Bible Stories: To Read and Hear! (Bible Basics)
  ''978-0-8010-0250-2Not AvailableBible Baseball (Bible Fun)
1998978-0-8010-0253-3Baker Book HouseThe Baker Bible Encyclopedia on Cd-Rom for Kids: A Comprehensive Bible Encyclopedia for Kids
  ''978-0-8010-0254-0Not AvailableThe Beginners Bible Noah's Ark: Activity Center
  ''978-0-8010-0255-7The Beginners Bible the Story of Easter: Ages 3-6
1998978-0-8010-0256-4Not AvailableThe Beginners Bible the Birth of Jesus: Activity Center
1999978-0-8010-0264-9Bill T. Arnold · Bryan BeyerEncountering the Old Testament: A Christian Survey (Encountering Biblical Studies)
2000978-0-8010-0265-6John KoesslerHow to Preach a Sermon: An Electronic Guide from Formation to Delivery
1999978-0-8010-0266-3My Favorite Bible Verses
  ''978-0-8010-0267-0My Bible Creativity Center (Bible Fun)
  ''978-0-8010-0268-7Bible Dictionary for Kids on Cd-Rom (Bible Reference)
  ''978-0-8010-0269-4Bible Basketball on Cd-Rom: Quiz Game With Hundreds of Questions (Bible Fun)
  ''978-0-8010-0273-1The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Bible Champions (Baker))
1999978-0-8010-0274-8Not AvailableBible Champions David: The Life of David (Bible Champions (Baker))
  ''978-0-8010-0275-5Mary HollingsworthThe Amazing Expedition Bible CD-ROM (Bible Basics on CD-ROM)
  ''978-0-8010-0276-2Bibleland.comBible Basics
  ''978-0-8010-0277-9The Life of Moses (Bible Champions (Baker))
  ''978-0-8010-0278-6Baker Book HouseSeeking Sammy: Old Testament (Bible Fun)
1999978-0-8010-0280-9Baker Book HouseSeeking Sammy: New Testament (Bible Fun)
  ''978-0-8010-0281-6   ''Bible Champions: The Birth of Jesus (Windows and Mac Compatible)
  ''978-0-8010-0282-3   ''Bible People for Kids on Cd-Rom (Bible Reference)
1999978-0-8010-0283-0Baker Book HouseBooks of the Bible on Cd-Rom (Bible Reference)

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