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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-8010-9624-2Robert Dick WilsonStudies in the book of Daniel (Twin brooks series)
  ''978-0-8010-9627-3Brooke F. WestcottBible in the Church
  ''978-0-8010-9628-0Alexander WhyteThe best of Alexander Whyte (Summit books)
1980978-0-8010-9629-7Warren W. WiersbeBumps Are What You Climb on
  ''978-0-8010-9630-3Nancy S. WilliamsonOne Hundred Handy Ideas for Busy Teachers
1981978-0-8010-9632-7Ruth McRoberts WardDevotions, a family affair: A guide to family worship
  ''978-0-8010-9633-4Ruth WardWorship Is for Kids Too!
1979978-0-8010-9634-1Ruth WardEncouragement: A Wife's Special Gift
1980978-0-8010-9635-8Charles WesleyThe journal of Charles Wesley (2 vols) by Wesley, Charles (1980) Hardcover
1980978-0-8010-9636-5Warren N WilbertTeaching Christian adults
  ''978-0-8010-9637-2Albert WellsAs Touching the Holy
  ''978-0-8010-9638-9Catherine WeinaugPuppet parables for children's church
  ''978-0-8010-9640-2Brooke Foss WestcottA general survey of the history of the canon of the New Testament
  ''978-0-8010-9641-9Warren W WiersbeA basic library for Bible students
2017978-0-8010-9643-3Stefana Dan LaingRetrieving History (Evangelical Ressourcement)
1979978-0-8010-9644-0Brooke F. WestcottGospel According to St. John: The Greek Text With Introduction and Notes
1978978-0-8010-9645-7Benjamin Breckinridge WarfieldThe Works of Benjamin B. Warfield (10 Volume Set)
1981978-0-8010-9646-4Thomas WatsonA divine cordial: An exposition of Romans 8:28
1981978-0-8010-9647-1Alexander WhyteBunyan Characters: Bunyan Himself As Seen in His Grace Abounding (Summit Bks.)
  ''978-0-8010-9648-8Warren WiersbeGiant Steps
1983978-0-8010-9651-8John WesleyExplanatory Notes upon the New Testament (2 Vol. Set)
1982978-0-8010-9652-5Bobby W. Woods B. W. WoodsChristians in Pain: Perspectives on Suffering
  ''978-0-8010-9653-2Warren W. WiersbePriorities for the Pastor
  ''978-0-8010-9654-9Violet WhittakerGive Puppets Another Hand
978-0-8010-9655-6Income Tax Law for Ministers & Religious Workers: 1983 Edition for Preparing 1982 Returns
1983978-0-8010-9658-7Waldo J WerningVision and strategy for church growth
2015978-0-8010-9660-0C. Stephen EvansWhy Christian Faith Still Makes Sense: A Response to Contemporary Challenges (Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology)
1983978-0-8010-9661-7G. Clifton WislerA Special Gift
1983978-0-8010-9662-4David J WayneHome, love it and leave it: Teenagers' guide to surviving the best/worst years of your life
  ''978-0-8010-9663-1Donald E WilliamsThe healing of the nations: Peace-- God's final destiny for mankind
1984978-0-8010-9664-8Ruth McRoberts WardSelf-Esteem Gift from God
978-0-8010-9665-5Christ & the Bible
1984978-0-8010-9666-2Violet WhittakerPuppet people scripts (Teaching helps series)
  ''978-0-8010-9667-9Warren W. WiersbeVictorious Christians You Should Know
  ''978-0-8010-9668-6Warren W. WilbertStrategies for Teaching Christian Adults
1986978-0-8010-9672-3Ronald E WallSermons on prayer: Outlines and messages (Pulpit library)
  ''978-0-8010-9673-0Albert J D WalshReflections on Death and Grief: Insights for Pastors
2015978-0-8010-9674-7Abraham KuruvillaVision for Preaching: Understanding the Heart of Pastoral Ministry
1986978-0-8010-9675-4Warren W. Wiersbe · David W. WiersbeDevotional Talks for People Who Do God's Business
1986978-0-8010-9677-8Jim WilhoitChristian education and the search for meaning
1987978-0-8010-9678-5Warren W. WiersbeTurning Mountains into Molehills
1986978-0-8010-9679-2John C. WhitcombThe Early Earth: An Introduction to Biblical Creationism
1987978-0-8010-9682-2Ron WheelerCartoon Clip-Art for Yth Ldrs:
1988978-0-8010-9683-9Income Tax Law for Ministers and Religious Workers
  ''978-0-8010-9684-6Noah WebsterThe Webster Bible
  ''978-0-8010-9685-3Leland Ryken · James C. WilhoitEffective Bible Teaching
1981978-0-8010-9686-0WARREN W. WIERSBEGIANT STEPS
1988978-0-8010-9687-7Ruth McRoberts WardBlending Temperaments
2020978-0-8010-9688-4Joshua R. FarrisAn Introduction to Theological Anthropology: Humans, Both Creaturely and Divine
1988978-0-8010-9689-1B.J. WorthIncome Tax Law for Ministers and Religious Workers
  ''978-0-8010-9690-7John C. WhitcombThe World That Perished
1990978-0-8010-9692-1Ronald S WallaceCalvin, Geneva, and the reformation: A study of Calvin as social reformer, churchman, pastor, and theologian
1989978-0-8010-9693-8Ronald E. WallSermons for the Holidays: Outlines and Messages
1988978-0-8010-9694-5Tom WatsonSex and the Christian Teen
1989978-0-8010-9695-2Warren W. Wiersbe · David W. Wiersbe · Joe RagontMaking Sense of the Ministry/How to Apply Your Education to the Pastorate
  ''978-0-8010-9697-6Ruth McRoberts WardAppreciation: What Every Woman Still Needs
1989978-0-8010-9699-0Warren W. WiersbeWalking with the Giants: A Minister's Guide to Good Reading and Great Preaching
2012978-0-8010-9700-3David F. WellsTurning to God: Reclaiming Christian Conversion as Unique, Necessary, and Supernatural
1989978-0-8010-9701-0David F. WellsDutch Reformed Theology (Reformed Theology in America)
  ''978-0-8010-9702-7   ''The Princeton Theology (Reformed Theology in America)
  ''978-0-8010-9703-4   ''Southern Reformed Theology (Reformed Theology in America)
  ''978-0-8010-9704-1B. J. WorthIncome Tax Law for Ministers and Religious Workers
1990978-0-8010-9706-5   ''Income Tax Law for Ministers and Religious Workers
2015978-0-8010-9707-2Philip TurnerChristian Ethics and the Church: Ecclesial Foundations for Moral Thought and Practice
1990978-0-8010-9708-9Ronald S. WallaceCalvin, Geneva and the Reformation
1991978-0-8010-9709-6J. Dudley WoodberryMuslims and Christians on the Emmaus Road: Crucial Issues in Witness Among Muslims
2015978-0-8010-9710-2D. A. CarsonPraying with Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation
1991978-0-8010-9711-9James C. WilhoitChristian Education and the Search for Meaning
  ''978-0-8010-9712-6Linda WinderMy First Bible Dictionary (Activity & Coloring Books, Christian Ser)
1991978-0-8010-9713-3Linda WinderMy First Questions & Answers About the Bible (Activity & Coloring Books, Christian Ser)
  ''978-0-8010-9714-0Ron WheelerCartoon Clip-Art for Youth Leaders 2 (Reprobooks Series)
1992978-0-8010-9715-7Jeffrey A. WatsonCourage to Care: Helping the Aging, Grieving, and Dying
  ''978-0-8010-9716-4David W. WiersbeGone but Not Lost: Grieving the Death of a Child
  ''978-0-8010-9717-1Nancy S. WilliamsonCreative Bulletin Boards for Sunday Schools
  ''978-0-8010-9718-8Amos R. WellsA Treasury of Hymn Stories: Brief Biographies of 120 Hymn Writers With Their Best Hymns
1993978-0-8010-9719-5Everett L. WorthingtonPsychotherapy and Religious Values (Psychology and Christianity)
1993978-0-8010-9720-1Nancy S. WilliamsonThe Sunday School Ark: Learning Center Activities for Primaries and Juniors/Activity Reinforcement Kit
  ''978-0-8010-9721-8Warren W. WiersbeLiving With the Giants: The Lives of Great Men of the Faith
  ''978-0-8010-9722-5Lisa Hutchcraft-WhitmerLetters from the College Front
1994978-0-8010-9723-2Everett L. Worthington · Douglas McMurryMarriage Conflicts: Resources for Strategic Pastoral Counseling
2016978-0-8010-9724-9Bryan M. LitfinGetting to Know the Church Fathers: An Evangelical Introduction
1993978-0-8010-9725-6Warren W. WiersbePrayer Praise and Promises: A Daily Walk Through the Psalms
  ''978-0-8010-9726-3John WenhamEaster Enigma/Are the Resurrection Accounts in Conflict
1994978-0-8010-9727-0Everett L. WorthingtonValue Your Mate: How to Strengthen Your Marriage (Strategic Christian living)
  ''978-0-8010-9728-7Harold Wahking · Gene ZimmermanSexual Issues: Resources for Strategic Pastoral Counseling
1994978-0-8010-9729-4Robert WenzRoom for God?: A Worship Challenge for a Church-Growth and Marketing Era
  ''978-0-8010-9730-0Warren W. WiersbeGod Isn't in a Hurry: Learning to Slow Down and Live
  ''978-0-8010-9731-7Harold Wahking · Gene ZimmermanFulfilled Sexuality: How to Find Help and Hope for Difficulties (Resources for Strategic Christian Living)
  ''978-0-8010-9732-4Mark WardAir of Salvation: The Story of Christian Broadcasting
  ''978-0-8010-9733-1John WenhamChrist and the Bible
1994978-0-8010-9735-5Peter W. L. WalkerJerusalem: Past and Present in the Purposes of God
  ''978-0-8010-9736-2Debbie ButcherPrecious Moments Children's Bible Dictionary
1995978-0-8010-9737-9Edward T. Welch · Gary Steven ShogrenAddictive Behavior: Resources for Strategic Pastoral Counseling (Strategic Pastoral Counseling Resources)
2016978-0-8010-9738-6Beverly Roberts GaventaWhen in Romans: An Invitation to Linger with the Gospel according to Paul (Theological Explorations for the Church Catholic)
1995978-0-8010-9739-3Len WoodsI'm Outta Here!: Facing the Tough Choices After High School
2018978-0-8010-9741-6David A. deSilvaIntroducing the Apocrypha
2014978-0-8010-9742-3John H. DobsonLearn Biblical Hebrew
  ''978-0-8010-9743-0David R. BauerInductive Bible Study: A Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Hermeneutics
  ''978-0-8010-9744-7Craig G. BartholomewEcclesiastes (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms)
2016978-0-8010-9745-4Hans BoersmaSacramental Preaching: Sermons on the Hidden Presence of Christ
2015978-0-8010-9746-1Scott W. SunquistUnexpected Christian Century: The Reversal and Transformation of Global Christianity, 1900-2000
  ''978-0-8010-9748-5Peter EnnsInspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament
2015978-0-8010-9750-8Robert BarronExploring Catholic Theology: Essays on God, Liturgy, and Evangelization
2016978-0-8010-9751-5Jeffrey A. D. WeimaPaul the Ancient Letter Writer: An Introduction to Epistolary Analysis
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2020978-0-8010-9757-7Nijay K. GuptaA Beginner's Guide to New Testament Studies: Understanding Key Debates
  ''978-0-8010-9762-1John A. Cook · Robert D. HolmstedtIntermediate Biblical Hebrew: An Illustrated Grammar (Learning Biblical Hebrew)
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2015978-0-8010-9771-3Kevin J. Vanhoozer · Owen StrachanThe Pastor as Public Theologian: Reclaiming a Lost Vision
  ''978-0-8010-9772-0R. W. L. MoberlyOld Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture
  ''978-0-8010-9773-7Victor P. HamiltonHandbook on the Pentateuch: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
2016978-0-8010-9776-8Craig S. KeenerThe Mind of the Spirit: Paul's Approach to Transformed Thinking
2016978-0-8010-9778-2Darrell L. BockJesus the God-Man: The Unity and Diversity of the Gospel Portrayals
2018978-0-8010-9786-7David CapesDivine Christ (Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology)
2020978-0-8010-9792-8Constantine R. Campbell · Jonathan T. PenningtonReading the New Testament as Christian Scripture: A Literary, Canonical, and Theological Survey (Reading Christian Scripture)
2018978-0-8010-9793-5J. de Waal DrydenHermeneutic of Wisdom
2016978-0-8010-9794-2Cynthia Long WestfallPaul and Gender: Reclaiming the Apostle's Vision for Men and Women in Christ
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2017978-0-8010-9797-3Matthew W. BatesSalvation by Allegiance Alone: Rethinking Faith, Works, and the Gospel of Jesus the King
2019978-0-8010-9802-4Herman BavinckReformed Ethics: Created, Fallen, and Converted Humanity
2017978-0-8010-9808-6Darrell L. Bock · Benjamin I. SimpsonJesus according to Scripture: Restoring the Portrait from the Gospels
  ''978-0-8010-9825-3Gary A. AndersonChristian Doctrine and the Old Testament: Theology in the Service of Biblical Exegesis
2018978-0-8010-9830-7C. Hassell BullockEncountering the Book of Psalms (Encountering Biblical Studies)
2017978-0-8010-9831-4Joe E. Trull · R. Robert CreechEthics for Christian Ministry: Moral Formation for Twenty-First-Century Leaders
  ''978-0-8010-9839-0Michael J. GormanScripture and Its Interpretation: A Global, Ecumenical Introduction to the Bible
  ''978-0-8010-9846-8Andrew RootFaith Formation in a Secular Age: Responding to the Church's Obsession with Youthfulness (Ministry in a Secular Age)
2019978-0-8010-9847-5RootPastor in a Secular Age (Ministry in a Secular Age)
2018978-0-8010-9855-0W. Brian SheltonQuest for the Historical Apostles: Tracing Their Lives and Legacies
2017978-0-8010-9861-1Joel B Green · Lee Martin McdonaldThe World of the New Testament
2019978-0-8010-9863-5KuruvillaManual for Preaching
2017978-0-8010-9864-2William H. MartyThe Whole Bible Story: Everything That Happens in the Bible in Plain English
2019978-0-8010-9865-9RomanowskiCinematic Faith
2018978-0-8010-9869-7Scott M. Gibson · Matthew D. Kim eds.Homiletics and Hermeneutics
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2019978-0-8010-9874-1Matthew BarrettNone Greater: The Undomesticated Attributes of God
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  ''978-0-8010-9877-2MerkleExegetical Gems from Biblical Greek
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2019978-0-8010-9881-9RhodesFreedom under the Word
2017978-0-8010-9886-4Richard A. MullerDictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms: Drawn Principally from Protestant Scholastic Theology
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2019978-0-8010-9890-1FeskoReforming Apologetics
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1991978-0-8010-9897-0Ronald YoungbloodThe Book of Genesis: An Introductory Commentary
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978-0-8010-9911-3Giving & Living
1977978-0-8010-9912-0Davis A YoungCreation and the flood: An alternative to flood geology and theistic evolution
1983978-0-8010-9914-4Robert YoungThe Young's Concise Critical Bible Commentary
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1982978-0-8010-9918-2Edwin YamauchiFoes from the Northern Frontier: Invading Hordes from the Russian Steppes
1983978-0-8010-9919-9   ''Pre-Christian Gnosticism: A Survey of the Proposed Evidences
1986978-0-8010-9921-2Robert YoungYoung's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible
1987978-0-8010-9922-9Edwin M. YamauchiNew Testament Cities in Western Asia Minor
1989978-0-8010-9923-6Doyle L. YoungNew Life for Your Church: A Renewal Handbook for Pastors
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978-0-8010-9927-4Doctrine of Absolute Predestination
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1986978-0-8010-9932-8Helmut W. ZiefleTheological German
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  ''978-0-8010-9940-3   ''Teaching As Jesus Taught
1995978-0-8010-9941-0Roy B. ZuckLearning from the Sages: Selected Studies on the Book of Proverbs
2020978-0-8010-9947-2CroweHope of Israel
2019978-0-8010-9948-9SchreinerMatthew, Disciple and Scribe
2018978-0-8010-9951-9R. W. L. MoberlyThe Bible in a Disenchanted Age: The Enduring Possibility of Christian Faith (Theological Explorations for the Church Catholic)
2017978-0-8010-9956-4Richard S. HessSong of Songs (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms)
  ''978-0-8010-9959-5Kenton SparksAncient Texts for the Study of the Hebrew Bible
2018978-0-8010-9960-1Mark Allan PowellIntroducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary, and Theological Survey
2020978-0-8010-9969-4Mark Allan PowellIntroducción al Nuevo Testamento: Un estudio histórico, literario, y teológico (Spanish Edition)
2018978-0-8010-9970-0J. Gordon McconvilleBeing Human in God's World: An Old Testament Theology of Humanity
2020978-0-8010-9972-4James W. ThompsonApostle of Persuasion: Theology and Rhetoric in the Pauline Letters
  ''978-0-8010-9975-5Andrew T. Abernethy · Gregory GoswellGod's Messiah in the Old Testament: Expectations of a Coming King