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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-0-7868-0001-8Elizabeth LevySomething Queer in the Cafeteria
  ''978-0-7868-0011-7Jane Langton · Helena NyblomThe Queen's Necklace: A Swedish Folktale
  ''978-0-7868-0014-8Henrik DrescherThe Boy Who Ate Around
  ''978-0-7868-0022-3Kathryn LaskyDays of the Dead
1995978-0-7868-0060-5Rudolfo AnayaThe Farolitos of Christmas
1900978-0-7868-0065-0Kathryn LaskyShe's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head!
1996978-0-7868-0076-6Faith RinggoldBonjour, Lonnie
  ''978-0-7868-0081-0Stefan CzerneckiZorah's Magic Carpet
978-0-7868-0110-7Thierry DedieuBaby Ringmaster: A Pull-the-Tab Book
1995978-0-7868-0114-5Berthe AmossThe Cajun Gingerbread Boy
1996978-0-7868-0138-1Kate Jacobs · Nancy CarpenterA Sister's Wish
1997978-0-7868-0152-7Rudolfo A. AnayaMaya's Children: The Story of La Llorona
1999978-0-7868-0153-4Corinne Demas BlissThe Littlest Matryoshka
1996978-0-7868-0165-7Louise Erdrich · Jim LaMarcheGrandmother's Pigeon
1996978-0-7868-0168-8Jim HaskinsBayard Rustin: Behind the Scenes of the Civil Rights Movement
1999978-0-7868-0178-7Andrea Davis PinkneyDuke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra (Caldecott Honor Book)
1997978-0-7868-0216-6William WegmanWilliam Wegman's Farm Days
1996978-0-7868-0218-0William WegmanWilliam Wegman's Mother Goose
2002978-0-7868-0220-3Louise ErdrichThe Range Eternal
1996978-0-7868-0224-1Michael DorrisSees Behind Trees
  ''978-0-7868-0233-3Henrik DrescherKlutz
1999978-0-7868-0237-1Rudolfo AnayaFarolitos for Abuelo
2000978-0-7868-0254-8   ''Roadrunner's Dance
1997978-0-7868-0258-6Elizabeth LevySomething Queer in the Wild West
1996978-0-7868-0292-0Hugh BrewsterAnastasia's Album: The Last Tsar's Youngest Daughter Tells Her Own Story
1999978-0-7868-0300-2Louise ErdrichThe Birchbark House
1998978-0-7868-0311-8Carol GreeneCat and Bear
1999978-0-7868-0313-2Ann TurnerRed Flower Goes West
1998978-0-7868-0314-9Jean Craighead GeorgeDear Katie, the Volcano is a Girl
1997978-0-7868-0316-3Rosemary Wells · Susan JeffersMcDuff and the Baby
  ''978-0-7868-0317-0Rosemary WellsMcDuff Comes Home
1999978-0-7868-0318-7   ''McDuff Moves In
1997978-0-7868-0320-0William WegmanWilliam Wegman: Puppies
1999978-0-7868-0328-6Susan Taylor BrownCan I Pray with My Eyes Open?
1900978-0-7868-0331-6Pamela Duncan EdwardsThe Grumpy Morning
1998978-0-7868-0338-5Paul ZindelRaptor
2001978-0-7868-0340-8Paul ZindelNight of the Bat
1998978-0-7868-0346-0Robert D. San SouciFA Mulan: The Story of a Woman Warrior
2000978-0-7868-0350-7Doreen RappaportFreedom River (Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Books)
  ''978-0-7868-0355-2Laura GodwinBarnyard Prayers
  ''978-0-7868-0361-3Ann M. Martin · Laura GodwinThe Doll People
1998978-0-7868-0362-0Bill T. Jones · Susan KuklinDance! With Bill T. Jones
2008978-0-7868-0371-2Rosemary WellsYoko Writes Her Name (A Yoko Book)
1998978-0-7868-0377-4Carol Bierman · Laurie McGaw · Barbara HehnerJourney to Ellis Island
2020978-0-7868-0378-1Jean Craighead GeorgeCrowbar
1999978-0-7868-0386-6Rosemary WellsMcDuff's New Friend
1998978-0-7868-0390-3Keith HaringBig
1998978-0-7868-0391-0Keith HaringTen
  ''978-0-7868-0395-8Rosemary WellsYoko
2006978-0-7868-0396-5   ''Carry Me!
2002978-0-7868-0397-2   ''Wingwalker
2000978-0-7868-0408-5Laura GodwinThe Flower Girl
1998978-0-7868-0410-8William WegmanMy Town
2003978-0-7868-0418-4Margie PalatiniBroom Mates
2001978-0-7868-0419-1Margie PalatiniThe Web Files
1998978-0-7868-0426-9Ben MikaelsenPetey
1999978-0-7868-0427-6bell hooksHappy to Be Nappy (Jump at the Sun)
  ''978-0-7868-0429-0Kevin LewisChugga Chugga Choo Choo
1998978-0-7868-0433-7Jim BuckleyAmerica's Greatest Game: The Real Story of Football and the NFL
1999978-0-7868-0434-4Della ReeseGod Inside of Me (Jump at the Sun Books)
  ''978-0-7868-0436-8Kim L. SiegelsonIn the Time of the Drums (Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award Winner)
  ''978-0-7868-0448-1William WegmanWilliam Wegman's Pups
1999978-0-7868-0449-8William WegmanWhat Do You Do?
2001978-0-7868-0450-4William WegmanWegmanology, Treasury Edition
2003978-0-7868-0453-5Kim L. Siegelson · Lisa Cohen · JATSDancing the Ring Shout!
2001978-0-7868-0458-0Eileen SpinelliKittycat Lullaby
  ''978-0-7868-0470-2Pamela Duncan EdwardsWarthogs Paint: A Messy Color Book
2000978-0-7868-0472-6Margaret Wise BrownBunny's Noisy Book
1999978-0-7868-0474-0Mary MorganGentle Rosie
2000978-0-7868-0476-4Mary MorganPatient Rosie: Patient Rosie Picture Book
2005978-0-7868-0490-0Julius LesterDay of Tears: A Novel in Dialogue
2004978-0-7868-0494-8Ann TurnerPumpkin Cat
2000978-0-7868-0495-5Eileen SpinelliNight Shift Daddy
  ''978-0-7868-0507-5Rosemary WellsEmily's First 100 Days of School
1900978-0-7868-0511-2Jef KaminskyPoppy & Ella
2002978-0-7868-0512-9Veronica ChambersDouble Dutch: A Celebration of Jump Rope, Rhyme, and Sisterhood
2007978-0-7868-0513-6Rosemary WellsMcDuff's Birthday: Canceled
1999978-0-7868-0514-3Julie Andrews EdwardsLittle Bo: The Story of Bonnie Boadicea
2003978-0-7868-0517-4Charlotte Zolotow · Diana Cain BluthenthalA Tiger Called Thomas
2001978-0-7868-0520-4Marilyn Singer · Gris GrimlyMonster Museum
2000978-0-7868-0532-7Ann RinaldiThe Education of Mary: A Little Miss of Color: 1832
2002978-0-7868-0533-4Ann RinaldiNumbering All the Bones
  ''978-0-7868-0534-1Kevin LewisMy Truck is Stuck!
2000978-0-7868-0539-6Henry David Thoreau · John Dugdale · Frank CrocittoNew Suns Will Arise: From the Journals of Henry David Thoreau
2002978-0-7868-0540-2Toni Morrison · Slade MorrisonThe Book of Mean People
  ''978-0-7868-0542-6Bill Nye · Ian G. SaundersBill Nye the Science Guy's Great Big Dinosaur Dig
2005978-0-7868-0543-3Bill NyeBill Nye the Science Guy's Great Big Book of Tiny Germs
2000978-0-7868-0544-0Ellen LeroeDisaster: 3 Real-Life Stories of Survival
1999978-0-7868-0546-4Laura James · Jay LeiboldThe Winning Attitude: What it Takes to Be a Champion
1999978-0-7868-0549-5William WegmanLittle Red Riding Hood Mini Book (Fay's Fairy Tales)
  ''978-0-7868-0550-1   ''Cinderella Cinderella Mini Book: Mini version (Fay's Fairy Tales)
2001978-0-7868-0557-0Matthew Reinhart · Robert SabudaYoung Naturalist's Pop-Up Handbook: Beetles - Book #1 (Young Naturalist's Handbook)
  ''978-0-7868-0558-7Matthew Reinhart · Robert SabudaYoung Naturalist's Pop-Up Handbook: Butterflies
2003978-0-7868-0559-4Matthew ReinhartYoung Naturalist's Handbook: Insect-lo-pedia
2000978-0-7868-0561-7Hilari BellSongs of Power
  ''978-0-7868-0562-4Joyce Carol ThomasHush Songs
  ''978-0-7868-0567-9Margie PalatiniMooseltoe
2002978-0-7868-0568-6Andrea PinkneyElla Fitzgerald: The Tale of a Vocal Virtuosa
2000978-0-7868-0569-3William NicholsonThe Wind Singer (The Wind on Fire, Book 1)
2001978-0-7868-0570-9William NicholsonSlaves of the Mastery (The Wind on Fire, Book 2)
2002978-0-7868-0571-6   ''Firesong - Book Three of the Wind on Fire Trilogy (Nicholson, William. Wind on Fire, Bk. 3.)
2000978-0-7868-0585-3William WegmanSurprise Party
2000978-0-7868-0590-7Babette ColeHair in Funny Places
  ''978-0-7868-0594-5GriffShark-Mad Stanley Shark-Mad Stanley Grouth (Strange Relations)
2001978-0-7868-0596-9Kevin LewisThe Lot At the End of My Block
2002978-0-7868-0597-6Marian Wright EdelmanI'm Your Child, God
2003978-0-7868-0606-5William WegmanChip Wants a Dog
2000978-0-7868-0608-9Clement C. MooreThe Night Before Christmas
  ''978-0-7868-0609-6Julie Andrews Edwards · Emma Walton HamiltonDumpy the Dumptruck
  ''978-0-7868-0610-2Julie Andrews Edwards · Emma Walton HamiltonDumpy at School
  ''978-0-7868-0614-0Kitty CrowtherJack and Jim: Picture Book
2002978-0-7868-0620-1Jacqueline WoodsonOur Gracie Aunt
2004978-0-7868-0625-6Kathleen Krull · HBFCA Pot O' Gold: A Treasury Of Irish Stories, Poetry, Folklore, And (of Course) Blarney
2001978-0-7868-0628-7Margaret Wise BrownMouse of My Heart: Picture Book
978-0-7868-0632-4Diaries of a Light Skinned Colored Boy
2002978-0-7868-0643-0bell hooksHomemade Love: Picture Book
2002978-0-7868-0644-7Rosemary WellsMcDuff Saves the Day
2001978-0-7868-0647-8   ''McDuff Goes to School
2000978-0-7868-0651-5Shelley TanakaIn the Time of Knights (I Was There)
  ''978-0-7868-0653-9Lynne EwingGoddess of the Night (Daughters of the Moon 1)
  ''978-0-7868-0654-6Lynne EwingInto the Cold Fire (Daughters of the Moon #2)
2002978-0-7868-0658-4Julie Andrews EdwardsLittle Bo in France
  ''978-0-7868-0662-1George McClementsJake Gander, Storyville Detective: The Case of the Greedy Granny
2001978-0-7868-0666-9Rosemary WellsMcDuff & Friends Friendship Box
2003978-0-7868-0670-6Laurence YepSkunk Scout
2001978-0-7868-0672-0Julie Andrews Edwards · Emma Walton HamiltonDumpy's Friends on the Farm
2008978-0-7868-0676-8Rosemary Wells · Susan JeffersMcDuff Comes Home
2000978-0-7868-0677-5Julie Andrews EdwardsLittle Bo
2004978-0-7868-0693-5Sharon FlakeWho Am I Without Him?: Short Stories About Girls and the Boys in Their Lives (Coretta Scott King Author Honor Books)
2000978-0-7868-0697-3Rosemary WellsThe McDuff Stories
2007978-0-7868-0700-0Joachim FriedrichFour and a Half Friends Book #3
2001978-0-7868-0706-2Lynne EwingThe Sacrifice (The Daughters of the Moon, No. 5)
  ''978-0-7868-0707-9   ''The Lost One (Daughters of the Moon 6)
2001978-0-7868-0708-6Lynne EwingNight Shade (Daughters of the Moon)
2001978-0-7868-0709-3Lynne EwingThe Secret Scroll (Daughters of the Moon)
  ''978-0-7868-0714-7Doreen RappaportMartin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
2002978-0-7868-0716-1Geoffrey HayesThe Adventures of Patrick Brown: Patrick at the Circus
2001978-0-7868-0717-8Geoffrey HayesPatrick and the Big Bully (Adventures of Patrick Brown)
2003978-0-7868-0719-2   ''Patrick And The Get-well Day
2001978-0-7868-0736-9Shelley TanakaAttack On Pearl Harbor
  ''978-0-7868-0737-6Rosemary WellsYoko's Paper Cranes
2002978-0-7868-0742-0Julie Andrews Edwards · Emma Walton HamiltonDumpy and the Big Storm
2001978-0-7868-0743-7   ''Dumpy: Dumpy Saves Christmas Dumpy Saves Christmas
2002978-0-7868-0744-4Margaret Wise BrownBunny's Noisy Book
2001978-0-7868-0745-1Rosemary WellsMcDuff's New Friend
  ''978-0-7868-0749-9Julie Andrews Edwards · Emma Walton HamiltonDumpy and His Pals (Dumpy, Book 1)
  ''978-0-7868-0750-5Joyce Carol ThomasJoy!
2003978-0-7868-0753-6Harriette Cole · John PinderhughesComing Together: Celebrations for African American Families
2001978-0-7868-0755-0Laura Malone ElliottUnder a War-Torn Sky
2001978-0-7868-0756-7Bell HooksHappy to Be Nappy
  ''978-0-7868-0760-4Kevin LewisChugga-Chugga Choo-Choo
2003978-0-7868-0766-6Andrea Davis PinkneyFishing Day
2009978-0-7868-0767-3   ''Sojourner Truth's Step-Stomp Stride
2002978-0-7868-0770-3Mary Pope OsborneMary Pope Osborne's Tales from the Odyssey The One-Eyed Giant
  ''978-0-7868-0771-0Mary Pope OsborneMary Pope Osborne's Tales from the Odyssey The Land of the Dead
2003978-0-7868-0772-7   ''Odyssey #3: Sirens and Sea Monsters Tales from the Odyssey: Sirens and Sea Monsters - Book #3
2003978-0-7868-0773-4Mary Pope OsborneOdyssey #4: The Gray-eyed Goddess
2004978-0-7868-0774-1   ''Tales from the Odyssey: Return to Ithaca - Book #5: Mary Pope Osborne's Tales from the Odyssey
  ''978-0-7868-0775-8   ''Tales from the Odyssey: The Final Battle - Book #6: Mary Pope Osborne's Tales from the Odyssey
2005978-0-7868-0777-2Doreen RappaportThe Secret Seder
2007978-0-7868-0791-8Patricia StoraceSugar Cane: A Caribbean Rapunzel
2003978-0-7868-0793-2Esme Raji CodellSahara Special
2005978-0-7868-0796-3Christopher Myers · E. E. CummingsLove: Selected Poems by E.E. Cummings
2001978-0-7868-0801-4Eoin ColferArtemis Fowl
  ''978-0-7868-0805-2Julie Aigner-ClarkBaby Einstein: Van Gogh's World of Color (Baby Einstein Books)
  ''978-0-7868-0806-9Marilyn Singer · Julie Aigner-Clark · Nadeem ZaidiBaby Einstein: Neighborhood Animals
  ''978-0-7868-0807-6Julie Aigner-ClarkBaby Einstein: Poems for Little Ones
2001978-0-7868-0808-3Julie Aigner-ClarkBaby Einstein: See and Spy Counting
  ''978-0-7868-0809-0   ''Baby Einstein: See and Spy Shapes
  ''978-0-7868-0810-6   ''Baby Einstein: Language Nursery
2002978-0-7868-0814-4Bell HooksBe Boy Buzz
2008978-0-7868-0816-8Bell HooksGrump Groan Growl
2004978-0-7868-0817-5Doreen RappaportJohn's Secret Dreams: The John Lennon Story
2007978-0-7868-0818-2Kristina EvansCherish Today: A Celebration of Life's Moments
2003978-0-7868-0821-2Joyce Carol ThomasLinda Brown, You Are Not Alone: The Brown vs. Board of Education Decision
2006978-0-7868-0822-9Susan KuklinFamilies
2002978-0-7868-0824-3Georgie AdamsThe Three Little Witches
2004978-0-7868-0825-0bell hooksSkin Again
2002978-0-7868-0828-1AviCrispin: The Cross of Lead (2003 John Newbery Medal Winner)
2005978-0-7868-0829-8AviThe Book Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic
2008978-0-7868-0832-8Kadir NelsonWe Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball
2004978-0-7868-0833-5Rosemary WellsMY KINDERGARTEN (Booklist Editor's Choice. Books for Youth (Awards))
2002978-0-7868-0837-3Julie Aigner-ClarkBaby Einstein: Birds
  ''978-0-7868-0838-0   ''Baby Einstein: Babies
  ''978-0-7868-0839-7   ''Baby Einstein: Dogs
  ''978-0-7868-0840-3   ''Baby Einstein: Cats
  ''978-0-7868-0841-0   ''Baby Einstein: Jane's Animal Expedition
2002978-0-7868-0842-7Julie Aigner-ClarkBaby Einstein: Bard's Rhyme Time
  ''978-0-7868-0843-4Disney Book Group · Julie Aigner-ClarkBaby Einstein: Mirror Me!
  ''978-0-7868-0844-1Julie Aigner-ClarkBaby Einstein: Puzzling Shapes
  ''978-0-7868-0845-8Fleur BealeI Am Not Esther
  ''978-0-7868-0846-5Clare CrespoThe Secret Life of Food
2002978-0-7868-0849-6Lynne EwingDaughters of the Moon: Moon Demon - Book #7
2002978-0-7868-0850-2Lynne EwingPossession (Daughters of the Moon #8)
2003978-0-7868-0851-9   ''Daughters of the Moon: The Choice - Book #9 (Daughters of the Moon)
2002978-0-7868-0855-7Eoin ColferArtemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (Artemis Fowl, Book 2)
  ''978-0-7868-0870-0Sue MayfieldDrowning Anna
  ''978-0-7868-0871-7Julie Aigner-ClarkWhat Does Violet See? Raindrops and Puddles (Baby Einstein)
  ''978-0-7868-0872-4   ''What Does Violet See? Snowflakes and Icicles (Baby Einstein)
  ''978-0-7868-0873-1   ''What Does Violet See? Sand and Sea (Baby Einstein)

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