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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-7868-8866-5Bharati MukherjeeThe Tree Bride
2004978-0-7868-8867-2David HalberstamThe Teammates: A Portrait of a Friendship
2003978-0-7868-8868-9Andrew GottliebIn the Paint: Tattoos of the NBA and the Stories Behind Them
2004978-0-7868-8869-6Laura RothenbergBreathing for a Living: A Memoir
  ''978-0-7868-8870-2Winston ChurchillNever Give In! The Best of Winston Churchill's Speeches
2003978-0-7868-8874-0Michael J. FoxLucky Man: A Memoir
2006978-0-7868-8876-4J. R. MoehringerThe Tender Bar: A Memoir
2005978-0-7868-8877-1Gary Small · Gigi VorganThe Memory Prescription: Dr. Gary Small's 14-Day Plan to Keep Your Brain and Body Young
  ''978-0-7868-8878-8Linda GreenlawAll Fishermen Are Liars: True Tales from the Dry Dock Bar
2003978-0-7868-8881-8Stephen C. Lundin · John Christensen · Harry PaulFish! Tales with DVD: Real-Life Stories to Help You Transform Your Workplace and Your Life
  ''978-0-7868-8882-5Stephen C. Lundin · Harry Paul · John ChristensenFish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results (Book & DVD)
1900978-0-7868-8883-2Stephen C. LundinFish! Sticks with DVD
2003978-0-7868-8884-9Editors of Don't Sweat PressThe Don't Sweat Guide to Keeping Your Home Clean: Stop the Clutter from Messing Up Your Peace of Mind (Don't Sweat Guides)
2004978-0-7868-8886-3Giuseppe GennaIn the Name of Ishmael
  ''978-0-7868-8888-7Deborah LowThe Quest for Peace, Love and a 24" Waist
2004978-0-7868-8893-1Gerry Brown · Michael MorrisonESPN Sports Almanac 2005: The Definitive Sports Reference Book
  ''978-0-7868-8895-5Bob GreeneKeep the Connection: Choices for a Better and Healthier Life
1995978-0-7868-8900-6James Lee BurkeDixie City Jam
1996978-0-7868-8901-3Edna BuchananSuitable for Framing
1995978-0-7868-8902-0Tim AllenDon't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man
1996978-0-7868-8904-4James Lee BurkeBurning Angel (Dave Robicheaux)
  ''978-0-7868-8905-1Robert CraisVoodoo River (Elvis Cole Novels)
1997978-0-7868-8908-2Ridley PearsonChain of Evidence
  ''978-0-7868-8909-9Laurence ShamesTropical Depression
1996978-0-7868-8910-5Leonard NimoyI Am Spock
  ''978-0-7868-8911-2Regis Philbin · Bill ZehmeI'm Only One Man
1996978-0-7868-8913-6Tsutomo Shimomura · John MarkoffTakedown: The Pursuit and Capture of Kevin Mitnick, America's Most Wanted Computer Outlaw - By the Man Who Did It
1997978-0-7868-8914-3Brett ButlerKnee Deep in Paradise
  ''978-0-7868-8915-0Robert CraisSunset Express: An Elvis Cole Novel
  ''978-0-7868-8918-1James Lee BurkeCadillac Jukebox (Dave Robicheaux Mysteries)
1996978-0-7868-8920-4Rand Miller · David WingroveThe Book of Ti'Ana (Myst, Book 2)
  ''978-0-7868-8922-8Rand MillerThe Myst: Book of Atrus
1997978-0-7868-8923-5Edna BuchananAct of Betrayal
  ''978-0-7868-8926-6Richard Woodley · Scott RosenbergCon Air Movie Tie-In
1998978-0-7868-8927-3Laurence ShamesVirgin Heat
1998978-0-7868-8928-0Ridley PearsonBeyond Recognition
  ''978-0-7868-8930-3James Lee BurkeCimarron Rose (Billy Bob Holland)
  ''978-0-7868-8931-0Edna BuchananMargin of Error (Britt Montero Mystery)
1997978-0-7868-8932-7Tim AllenI'm Not Really Here
  ''978-0-7868-8934-1James Lee BurkeThe Lost Get-Back Boogie
1998978-0-7868-8937-2Douglas KennedyThe Big Picture
1900978-0-7868-8939-6Drew CareyDirty Jokes and Beer: Stories of the Unrefined
  ''978-0-7868-8941-9Chris RockRock This!
1998978-0-7868-8942-6Rand Miller · David WingroveThe Book of D'Ni (Myst, Book 3)
1999978-0-7868-8944-0T. Jefferson ParkerWhere Serpents Lie
1965978-0-7868-8946-4James Lee BurkeHalf of Paradise
2001978-0-7868-8948-8Linda BarnesFLASHPOINT (Carlotta Carlyle Mysteries)
1999978-0-7868-8950-1James Lee BurkeLay Down My Sword and Shield
1999978-0-7868-8953-2Linda BarnesA Trouble of Fools: A Carlotta Carlyle Mystery
  ''978-0-7868-8954-9Douglas KennedyThe Job
1900978-0-7868-8955-6Ridley PearsonThe Pied Piper
2000978-0-7868-8957-0Patrick RedmondSomething Dangerous
2004978-0-7868-8959-4Paul PearsallWishing Well: Making Your Every Wish Come True
1900978-0-7868-8960-0Ridley PearsonMiddle of Nowhere
  ''978-0-7868-8961-7   ''Parallel Lies
2001978-0-7868-8962-4Tim CockeyThe Hearse You Came in On (Hitchcock Sewell Mysteries)
2002978-0-7868-8963-1Tim CockeyHearse of a Different Color: A Novel (Hitchcock Sewell Mysteries)
2000978-0-7868-8965-5James Lee BurkeConvict and the Other Stories, The
  ''978-0-7868-8966-2Ridley PearsonThe First Victim
  ''978-0-7868-8968-6James Lee BurkeTo the Bright and Shining Sun
2000978-0-7868-8969-3T. Jefferson ParkerThe Blue Hour
  ''978-0-7868-8970-9James Lee BurkeTwo for Texas
  ''978-0-7868-8971-6Donny Osmond · Patricia RomanowskiLife Is Just What You Make It: My Story So Far
2025978-0-7868-8974-7Jeffrey J. FoxUntitled Jeff Fox
2001978-0-7868-8975-4T. Jefferson ParkerRed Light
1999978-0-7868-8978-5Ph.d., Cameron WestFirst Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple
2002978-0-7868-8983-9Nancy Taylor RosenbergBuried Evidence
2003978-0-7868-8984-6Nancy Taylor RosenbergConflict of Interest
2001978-0-7868-8986-0Daniel J. BoyneThe Red Rose Crew: A True Story of Women, Winning, and the Water
1900978-0-7868-8987-7Loretta LynnStill Woman Enough: A Memoir
2001978-0-7868-8991-4Fran McculloughThe Low-Carb Cookbook
2000978-0-7868-8993-8Barbara De AngelisSecrets About Life Every Woman Should Know: Ten Principles for Total Emotional and Spiritual Fulfillment
2002978-0-7868-8994-5Barbara De AngelisWhat Women Want Men to Know
1900978-0-7868-8995-2Tim CockeyThe Hearse Case Scenario (Hitchcock Sewell Mysteries (Paperback))
2003978-0-7868-8997-6   ''Murder In the Hearse Degree
2005978-0-7868-8998-3   ''Backstabber: A Hitchcock Sewell Mystery
1900978-0-7868-9000-2Ridley PearsonThe Art of Deception
2005978-0-7868-9001-9   ''The Body of David Hayes (Boldt/Matthews)
1900978-0-7868-9002-6Ridley PearsonCut and Run
2002978-0-7868-9003-3T. Jefferson ParkerSilent Joe
2025978-0-7868-9004-0Glen GoldCarter Beats the Devil
2001978-0-7868-9005-7Randall WallacePearl Harbor
  ''978-0-7868-9006-4Ridley PearsonNo Witnesses
  ''978-0-7868-9007-1   ''Hard Fall
  ''978-0-7868-9008-8   ''The Angel Maker
2002978-0-7868-9011-8Rene FossAround the World in a Bad Mood!: Confessions of a Flight Attendant
1900978-0-7868-9012-5Liz SmithNatural Blonde
2003978-0-7868-9016-3T. Jefferson ParkerBlack Water: A Merci Rayborn Novel
2002978-0-7868-9033-0Candice DelongSpecial Agent
  ''978-0-7868-9037-8Kathleen De MarcoCranberry Queen
2003978-0-7868-9042-2Mark C. RossDangerous Beauty - Life and Death in Africa: Life and Death In Africa: True Stories From a Safari Guide
2002978-0-7868-9043-9Ellen Rimbauer · Joyce Reardon · Stephen KingThe Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red
2003978-0-7868-9044-6Cassandra KingThe Sunday Wife
2003978-0-7868-9048-4Joan CollinsStar Quality
  ''978-0-7868-9054-5Richard CarlsonThe Don't Sweat Guide for Newlyweds: Finding What Matters Most in the First Year (Don't Sweat Guides)
  ''978-0-7868-9056-9MICHAEL J. FOXTitle: LUCKY MAN
2006978-0-7868-9061-3Cassandra KingThe Same Sweet Girls
2002978-0-7868-9064-4Star Quality: A Novel
1900978-0-7868-9068-2Joan CollinsMisfortune's Daughters
2007978-0-7868-9069-9Deborah WearingSpeed of Light: A Memoir
1900978-0-7868-9070-5Cassandra KingThe Sunday Wife
2005978-0-7868-9072-9J. A. KonrathWhiskey Sour: A Jack Daniels Mystery (A Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mystery)
2007978-0-7868-9073-6J. A. KonrathRusty Nail (A Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels mystery)
2006978-0-7868-9074-3   ''Bloody Mary (Jack Daniels Mysteries)
2004978-0-7868-9075-0Cecelia AhernPS, I Love You
2006978-0-7868-9076-7Cecelia AhernLove, Rosie
  ''978-0-7868-9081-1Randall WallaceLove and Honor
2004978-0-7868-9082-8Frank ThompsonThe Alamo
  ''978-0-7868-9083-5Frank ThompsonKING ARTHUR
2005978-0-7868-9087-3Candace BushnellTrading Up
2005978-0-7868-9089-7Cecelia AhernRosie Dunne
1900978-0-7868-9090-3Cathy HapkaEndangered Species (Lost)
  ''978-0-7868-9091-0Cathy HapkaLost: Secret Identity - Novelization #2
  ''978-0-7868-9092-7Frank ThompsonLost: Signs of Life - Book #3
2005978-0-7868-9093-4Cecelia AhernPS, I Love You
  ''978-0-7868-9094-1Marcie Walsh · Michael MaloneThe Killing Club
2006978-0-7868-9095-8Maria Dahvana HeadleyThe Year of Yes
2005978-0-7868-9096-5Candace BushnellLipstick Jungle
1900978-0-7868-9098-9ph.d., Phillip C. McgrawLife Strategies: Doing What Works, Doing What Matters
  ''978-0-7868-9099-6Mark NykanenSearch Angel
2006978-0-7868-9100-9HyperionLost: Novelization #4
2006978-0-7868-9101-6HyperionLost: Novelization #5
  ''978-0-7868-9102-3Linda GreenlawThe Hungry Ocean: A Swordboat Captain's Journey
  ''978-0-7868-9104-7Cecelia AhernIf You Could See Me Now
  ''978-0-7868-9107-8Steve MartinShopgirl: A Novella
2005978-0-7868-9108-5Cecelia AhernLove, Rosie
2007978-0-7868-9109-2Cassandra KingThe Same Sweet Girls
  ''978-0-7868-9110-8ph.d., Phillip C. McgrawRelationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting with Your Partner
1900978-0-7868-9112-2George CarlinBrain Droppings
2007978-0-7868-9113-9Cecelia AhernIf You Could See Me Now
2007978-0-7868-9116-0Plum SykesThe Debutante Divorce
  ''978-0-7868-9117-7Mitch AlbomFor One More Day International Edition
  ''978-0-7868-9118-4Cecelia AhernP. S. I Love You (Movie Tie-In Edition)
  ''978-0-7868-9119-1Cassandra KingMaking Waves
2008978-0-7868-9120-7Plum SykesThe Debutante Divorcee
2007978-0-7868-9121-4Elizabeth BeckaTrace Evidence
2009978-0-7868-9122-1Mark FrostThe Second Objective
2008978-0-7868-9123-8Linda GreenlawSlipknot (Jane Bunker Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7868-9124-5Christopher AndersenAfter Diana: William, Harry, Charles, and the Royal House of Windsor
2008978-0-7868-9125-2J. A. KonrathDirty Martini (Jacqueline)
  ''978-0-7868-9126-9Duane Dog ChapmanYou Can Run But You Can't Hide
  ''978-0-7868-9127-6Cassandra KingQueen of Broken Hearts
2009978-0-7868-9129-0J. A. KonrathFuzzy Navel (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7868-9130-6Christopher AndersenSomewhere in Heaven: The Remarkable Love Story of Dana and Christopher Reeve
  ''978-0-7868-9131-3Cecelia AhernThere's No Place Like Here
2010978-0-7868-9132-0Nancy GraceThe Eleventh Victim
2010978-0-7868-9133-7J. A. KonrathCherry Bomb (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7868-9134-4Mitch AlbomHave a Little Faith International Edition
2011978-0-7868-9135-1Duane Dog ChapmanWhere Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given
  ''978-0-7868-9136-8Richard CastleNaked Heat (Nikki Heat)
  ''978-0-7868-9137-5Nancy GraceDeath on the D-List (Hailey Dean)
  ''978-0-7868-9138-2Maureen CallahanPoker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga
2011978-0-7868-9139-9Michael Waltrip · Ellis HenicanIn the Blink of an Eye: Dale, Daytona, and the Day that Changed Everything
2012978-0-7868-9140-5Diane MillerThe Secret Life of Damian Spinelli
2011978-0-7868-9141-2Richard CastleHeat Wave, Premium Edition (Nikki Heat, Book 1)
2012978-0-7868-9142-9   ''Heat Rises (Nikki Heat)
2013978-0-7868-9143-6Richard CastleFrozen Heat (A Castle Book)
  ''978-0-7868-9144-3Mitch AlbomThe Time Keeper
  ''978-0-7868-9145-0Jonas JonassonThe 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
2014978-0-7868-9147-4Richard CastleStorm Front: A Derrick Storm Thriller
  ''978-0-7868-9148-1   ''Deadly Heat (Nikki Heat)
2007978-0-7868-9392-8Dave FreedmanNatural Selection
  ''978-0-7868-9393-5John StosselMyths, Lies and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel - Why Everything You Know is Wrong
2007978-0-7868-9396-6Candace BushnellLipstick Jungle: A Novel
2005978-0-7868-9666-0Anthony Kiedis[(Scar Tissue)] [Author: Anthony Kiedis] published on (November, 2005)